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Dec 14, 2019
Redmi K20 Pro


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Mar 29, 2020
After install latest ota, rom kick me to recovery with :
I use ofox with supported decrypt


Jan 21, 2019
For some reason fingerprint reader stopped working. It was working all day after update but now the bright light from under the screen doesn't light up. Re flashed but problem persists. Anyone else have this issue? Or could it be a hardware problem?
Rebooted in safe mode and FOD worked> Hardware works, must be an app.

Turns out it was FNG, the third party gesture app I use. Luckily I can disable the gestures when screen is locked. Thought I'd share incase others had same issue. 🙂


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Nov 5, 2012
Xiaomi Mi A1
Redmi K20 Pro
After install latest ota, rom kick me to recovery with :
I use ofox with supported decrypt
Clearly you haven't read anything I've said or warned. Only OFFICIAL Ofox and TWRP are supported. You have to flash DFE zip separately.
Rebooted in safe mode and FOD worked> Hardware works, must be an app.

Turns out it was FNG, the third party gesture app I use. Luckily I can disable the gestures when screen is locked. Thought I'd share incase others had same issue. 🙂
You can use FNG if you disable Navbar in Evolver> Buttons FYI.

DFE has been attached for everyone asking.


  • Disable_Dm-Verity_ForceEncrypt_11.02.2020.zip
    4.8 MB · Views: 289


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Jun 23, 2017
a big problem. if you open google camera. and just watch. phone gets very hot. charge is wasted. Loss in 36 minutes 23%. Didn't take photos. The camera app is stable. All versions. The phone continues to get very hot!⚠️


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Nov 29, 2022
whelp, I updated and well, the update sends me to TWRP, until now every other update worked for me..
now its boots every time into TWRP, and I can't find the files to install or flash..

can some help me? what do i need to do next :)? Download the newest update again on the pc and than dirty flash it? if yes how do i do it again? it was a while ago that flashed something 😅 so i forgot everything


May 11, 2015
whelp, I updated and well, the update sends me to TWRP, until now every other update worked for me..
now its boots every time into TWRP, and I can't find the files to install or flash..

can some help me? what do i need to do next :)? Download the newest update again on the pc and than dirty flash it? if yes how do i do it again? it was a while ago that flashed something 😅 so i forgot everything
Format data and then reboot system.


May 11, 2015
As a little fix and to avoid ejecting the card slot, there's an option to disable the sim pin in the settings
I have another workaround: press power button to switch off the screen as soon as it begins to fail. Then keep screen off until startup ends (many seconds or maybe one minute). After that, you can press power button again to switch on the screen and type SIM pin.
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Apr 21, 2015
I have two noob questions guys 🙂

1. Why are recoveries no longer able to request password decryption and show files normally?

2. I don't want to use DFE I prefer to stay encrypted. I flashed Magisk right after the ROM using ofox official recovery.

but now that i am no longer able to decrypt files in recovery mode, will i lose magisk/root if i do OTA update? Does that mean a rooted phone will require a clean flash with every update?


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Nov 5, 2012
Xiaomi Mi A1
Redmi K20 Pro
Final update for November just to alleviate some issues. Kernel has been updated once again. Pixel Launcher has been updated to fix the high CPU usage issue. NothingDot Headline font has been removed.

Changelog for the latest (11/30/2022) update

Device changes:
  • Update to latest Soviet kernel
  • overlay: Cleanup pinner list
ROM changes:
  • fixup! PixelPropsUtils: Get package name from context instead of app
  • gms: Update Pixel Launcher to Nov patch version
  • themes: fonts: Remove FontNothingDotHeadlineOverlay


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Nov 13, 2011
Google Nexus 5
why my phone won't boot but always goes back to the recovery partition on latest roms?

works fine on rom 11/14/2022

clean flash

Sorry guys for mine stupid post.

I just forgot about the format data.

Everything works fine on 11/30/2022.

Great ROMs.

Thank you.
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    My phone is not rooted too and I have the same issue when I tried to pay with NFC, error message on Google Wallet/Pay saying that the smartphone is using root. On previous ROM it worked fine, without any issue.
    Google is messing with safetynet through their servers. Several users have been having the same issues since yesterday. Both rooted and unrooted users. Switch to Cloudflare DNS for now.
    Hello @joeyhuab
    I often use Google Earth. However, I notice with the Rom that the app often jerks pretty blatantly in 3D views and the system can't keep up with the rendering.
    If I set the render quality to "Very fast", I still have the problem.
    Could you take a look at the problem? Thanks in advance for the help!
    How can I really check the issue, honestly?
    How can I really check the issue, honestly?

    Stay cool. It could have something to do with the scheduler or the GPU clock speed not keeping up with the rendering...
    You'll probably need a clean flash.
    Just wanted to update if anyone was curious.
    Did in fact need a clean flash with data wipe coming from A12 EvoX.
    Used Swift backup and it worked for 95% of apps.

    ROM running smooth, no issues, thank you again!
    Pretty minor but necessary update. Google absolutely wreaked havoc again changing how they check Play Integrity. This update fixes that and now passes without problems. No need to change DNS servers either. Parallel space has been removed as it has been seen to be an included feature in the upcoming Android 14 and the current implementation breaks several features. Enjoy this quick fix.

    Changelog for the latest (02/09/2023) update

    Device changes:
    • Rework Display configuration
    ROM changes:
    • Remove Parallel space support (causing issues + App cloning will back properly in A14)
    • SystemUI: Support smartspace animation for Pixel Launcher (for those using modules)
    • Update gms/prebuilt Google apps
    • Updater: Disable A/B perf mode by default
    • core: Make CTS/Play Integrity pass again
    • version: Update to 7.6.1 (Adobo)
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    The latest update is out! Several changes such as the move back to Aperture camera as default (due to lack of system space for GCam GO), lockscreen shortcuts may now be disabled or replaced with different shortcuts, the return of Battery health entries, QS tile layout settings, QS data usage footer and tons of other additions and improvements. I hope you guys enjoy the latest update and continue to support the project by donating!

    Changelog for the latest (01/17/2023) update

    Device changes:
    • Fix display animation while AOD on/off screen
    • Move IMS ringback workaround prop to system_ext
    • Restore libipanat
    • Switch default camera to Aperture (due to lack of system space)
    • Use [email protected]
    • overlay: Disable color inversion preference
    • overlay: Further address aux camera for Aperture
    • overlay: Hide Battery health section
    • telephony: Disable handling audio directing changes between call states
    • uprev keymaster to 4.1
    ROM changes:
    • Bring back SimpleDeviceConfig and update to A13
    • Enable pulse on new tracks by default
    • Evolver/Settings: Use proper grammar/check correct spelling
    • Evolver: Add an ability to blink flashlight for notifications
    • Evolver: Add back missing setMax method in CustomSeekBarPreference
    • Evolver: Add support for GMS switch
    • Evolver: Allow setting bottom keyguard shortcuts
    • Evolver: Allow to change QS tile label text size
    • Evolver: Bring back QS footer data usage
    • Evolver: Bring back QS tile layout settings
    • Evolver: Bring back notification counters
    • Evolver: Configurable lockscreen clock color
    • Evolver: Extend DashboardFragment instead of SettingsPreferenceFragment
    • Evolver: HUN importance selector
    • Evolver: LockScreen: Avoid joining strings with + in a loop
    • Evolver: Move AOD schedule back to Lockscreen fragment
    • Evolver: Preference: Add CustomSecureSettingMainSwitchPreference
    • Evolver: Remove Power menu flashlight option
    • Evolver: Remove QS footer text customization
    • FPSInfoService: Revamp FPS counter
    • Fix PermissionHelper NullPointerException
    • Fix exception caused by system app setting wallpaper
    • GCamGOPrebuilt: Override GoogleCamera from gms
    • GameSpace: Hide icon from launcher
    • KernelCpuUidTimeReader: Always check if remove_uid_range file exists
    • Launcher3: Adjust suggestions row vertical padding
    • Launcher3: Do not limit the number of search results
    • Launcher3: Do not skip search animation for app icons
    • Launcher3: Keep hotseat bottom spacing for taskbar devices
    • Launcher3: Remove ugly 4x4 grid option
    • ParallelSpace: Allow/block essential apps without overlay
    • ParallelSpace: Enable google services by default
    • QS: Add and use Bluetooth Panel instead of full Settings
    • Remove QS transparency feature
    • Settings: Add sliders for color balance adjustment
    • Settings: Align the long press behavior on secondary sim
    • Settings: Allow customizing default notification vibration pattern
    • Settings: Allow disabling color inversion pref via overlay
    • Settings: Allow setting wake for notification separately from doze
    • Settings: Allow the user to change the BackupTransport
    • Settings: Allow toggling NFC sounds
    • Settings: Allow toggling in-call notifications
    • Settings: Fix NPE crash in UwbPreferenceController and optimize the lifecycle observer adding condition in page
    • Settings: Fix NullPointerException when renaming a fingerprint
    • Settings: Fix always return first package for mock location app in developer options
    • Settings: Fix crash when input illegal proxy port number
    • Settings: Fix crash when showing error dialog in NetworkRequestDialogActivity
    • Settings: Fix permissions for internal links
    • Settings: Fix potential NPE crash in ConversationHeaderPreferenceController
    • Settings: Fix the IllegalArgumentException from RecyclerView
    • Settings: Follow Accent color on search button
    • Settings: Introduce automated Sleep Mode
    • Settings: Mark DataUsageState as nullable to avoid potential NPE risk
    • Settings: Re-arrange and add ordering in battery preferences
    • Settings: Remove Quick Mute gesture
    • Settings: Show current value of color balance sliders
    • Settings: Update battery temp & health strings
    • SystemUI: Don't force small clock when media isn't allowed on keyguard
    • SystemUI: Fix default data SIM resetting after reboot
    • SystemUI: Hide notifications when quickly expanding QS
    • SystemUI: Implement sleep for pickup gesture
    • SystemUI: Redesign lockscreen bottom buttons
    • SystemUIGoogle: Add missing permission for Smartspace
    • SystemUIGoogle: Power: disable some debug services
    • SystemUIGoogle: Use system font for smartspace
    • ThemePicker: Unify font & icon label sizes, scroll the text
    • ThemePicker: grid_section_view: Center it like the rest
    • UdfpsResources: Add Genshin Impact Character icons
    • Update translations
    • WifiDisplaySource: allow overriding max wfd resolution with prop
    • WifiDisplaySource: raise supported resolution to 1920x1080p60
    • apex: Allow overriding prefer and add required frameworks
    • base: fix list style alert dialog to use system font
    • base: styles: Use user fonts for Material UI themes
    • base: treewide: Disable debug logging
    • clockfont: Copy all fonts for lockscreen clock font
    • config: Enable QR scanner shortcut on lockscreen
    • config: Make building TouchGestures optional
    • device_config: Enable smart actions in the clipboard overlay
    • device_config: Globally enable the new photo picker
    • fix NullPointException when pkg is null
    • fixup! camera: Skip HFR checks for privileged apps
    • fwb: guard power calculator spam with debug
    • gms: GoogleCamera: Adjust make file and delete unneeded stub apk
    • graphics: Override system fonts with user-selected overlays
    • java_sdk_library_import: Copy all prebuilt properties to child modules
    • overlay: SettingsLib: No longer override headline font family
    • packages: Build Seedvault
    • permissions: Grant ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION to some system apps
    • rro_overlays: Enable Safety Protection
    • rro_overlays: Update face unlock configuration
    • soong: Add support to set vendor tag with client package name
    • udfps: Allow devices to pulse onFingerDown instead of waking the screen
    • vendor: Add permissions for lineagehw
    • vendor: Update CarrierSettings database
    • vendor: fix check for picking up partner_modules
    The final update for January is out! FM radio is back, FOD flickers have been fixed, screen off FOD unlock has been improved. Regarding FOD unlock, it no longer times out when the device is sleeping, so screen-off unlocking is more accurate/responsive. Those are the most significant changes for this one. I hope you like the latest update and continue supporting by donating!

    Changelog for the latest (01/25/2023) update

    Device changes:
    • Adapt for CSC DC Dimming (fixes FOD flickers)
    • Bring back FM Radio support
    • Bring in CSC DC Dimming kernel changes
    • Checkout NFC to LOS sm8150-common tree (fixes remaining NFC issues)
    • Disable display color inversion
    • Support UDFPS on AoD (fixes unlocking FOD while screen is off)
    • fingerprint: update for new implementation
    ROM changes:
    • BLASTBufferQueue: Limit logspam
    • Bluetooth: Disable robust caching for client side (fixes BT issues with most devices)
    • Evolver: Add warning for Navbar visibility toggle
    • Fix custom_apns script
    • Fix stuck screen from display change timeout
    • PixelPropsUtils: Get package name from context instead of app
    • PixelPropsUtils: Use Xiaomi 11T for Clash of Clans
    • PixelPropsUtils: Use actual device model name
    • PixelPropsUtils: Use spoofBuildGms for FP and model alteration
    • Services: Boost gesture flings
    • Settings: Allow disabling color inversion support
    • Settings: Match contextual card dimensions with search bar
    • base: Add `@Readable` for RINGTONE2 and RINGTONE2_CACHE (fixes crash when setting 2nd SIM ringtone)
    • gms: Disable dexpreopt for most Google apps
    • gms: Remove unneeded Pixel-specific vendor stuff
    Feb patches are now included in the latest update. Leica camera issues have been resolved while UI flickers were eliminated as well. Kindly press on FOD for now to access ambient display until we find an implementation to make dt2w work with ambient display again. Enjoy and thanks for all recent donations!

    Changelog for the latest (02/07/2023) update

    Device changes:
    • Allow camera to skip high frame rate checks
    • Build sensors.raphael_double_tap
    • Build sensors.raphael_udfps
    • Fix Leica camera issues
    • Switch to common phase offset
    • Update kernel
    • fingerprint: Call extCmd function directly
    • fingerprint: Disable fod_status on fod_ui changes
    • remove legacy dt2w handling
    • sensors.raphael_udfps: Adapt for our needs
    • sensors: Implement UDFPS sensors 1.0 sub-HAL
    • sepolicy: Add misys support
    • sepolicy: miuicamera: Address sepolicy denials
    ROM changes:
    • AppOpsService: Don't log stack traces for isolated processes
    • Change mODICaptionsTooltipView null check occasion to avoid potential crash
    • Evolver: Disable lockscreen album art by default
    • Fix NPE when finishing remote animation
    • Fix disabling power menu completely on secured lock screen
    • Launcher3: Add toggle for memory info view
    • Launcher3: Allow widgets to have 1 row as minimum size
    • Launcher3: Clean up AssistantIconView
    • Launcher3: Enable local colors for popup menu items
    • Launcher3: Improve spacing above and below dock searchbar
    • Launcher3: Multiple work profile badge colors for Launcher3
    • Launcher3: Open running services activity when clicking meminfo view
    • Launcher3: Rework MeminfoView available ram calculation
    • Launcher3: themedicons: Update LMC8.4 themed icons
    • Merge February 2023 security patches (13.0_r30)
    • NotificationChannel: Correctly restore flashlight pattern enablement
    • ParallelSpace: Blocklist FM Radio apps
    • ParallelSpace: Switch to our setup wizard
    • PixelPropsUtils: Refactor
    • PixelPropsUtils: Update fingerprints to February 2023 release
    • Remove Seedvault
    • Ringer: Rewrite flashlight blink on incoming calls
    • Settings: Allow making Navigation Pill thinner
    • Settings: CustomScreenResolution: Update RESOLUTION_METRIC_SETTING_KEY
    • Settings: Give "Double tap to trigger doze" better strings
    • Settings: Remove BackupTransport changes
    • Settings: Show/hide TouchGestures preference via res boolean
    • ShutdownThread: flag off debug logging
    • SystemUI: Do not show dismiss button on headsup
    • SystemUI: Fix expanded QS clock color
    • SystemUI: Grant additional permissions for smartspace
    • SystemUI: Let screenshot window ignore screen decorations
    • SystemUI: Open google weather on tapping smartspace
    • SystemUI: Re-evaluate theme when adjusting status bar clock text size
    • SystemUI: Update smartspace to 13-QPR1
    • SystemUI: fix duplicated creation of KeyguardStatusBarViewController
    • Telecomm: ignore JVM IDE stuff
    • UdfpsUtils: Use config_supportsUdfps to check for all Udfps devices
    • Update translations
    • WifiDisplaySource: allow overriding max wfd resolution with prop
    • WifiDisplaySource: raise supported resolution to 1920x1080p60
    • base: Add `@Readable` for RINGTONE2 and RINGTONE2_CACHE
    • core: Fix suspend failure for privileged system components
    • core: Whitelist misc system apps
    • device_config: Add back ml back gesture
    • device_config: Force enable Gboard assistant typing and suggestions
    • device_config: Update smartspace flags to QPR1
    • fixup! Camera: Skip stream size check for whitelisted apps
    • use max_adj to control process final adj
    • vendor: Expose TouchGestures preference via rro overlay
    • version: Update to 7.6 (Sinigang)
    The final follow-up, for now, is with a major change. ANX with Leica Camera support has been added to the ROM. This, in turn, causes system space issues wherein we had to remove a handful of prebuilt apps (they may still be installed via Play Store).

    Changelog for the latest (01/19/2023) update

    Device changes:
    • Add MiuiCamera
    • Drop some prebuilt packages (DevicePolicyPrebuilt, Photos, PixelLiveWallpaperPrebuilt, PixelWallpapers2022, SoundAmplifierPrebuilt)
    • overlay: Set config_defaultPeakRefreshRate to 102Hz
    • parts: Add Dirac logo
    • parts: Improve refresh rate settings
    • parts: Replace icons for doze
    • sepolicy: Address xiaomiparts denials
    • sepolicy: Remove more duplicate wakeup labels
    ROM changes:
    • ParallelSpace: Add Android Auto to block list
    I get your frustration, but a bug report is a bug report and not nitpicking. Just because you may or may not be able to replicate it, it doesn't make it nitpicking but it's a courtesy to let you know of that issue and ask the community of any workarounds, until you may find the time and priority to fix the issue.

    My suggestion: have you thought of an issue tracker (e.g. issues in GitHub)? This way it's easier to keep an overview. I don't think spamming everything in one thread is a good idea, especially not personal installation issues.
    1. MIUI camera isn't even supposed to be included in the first place but was added due to demand. Any issues that come along with it, including issues with instantaneous access via lockscreen, will be ignored.
    2. Emergency dialer issues? How can I honestly debug that without alerting our own emergency hotline? Do I just have to guess or any plans on actually sending logs?
    3. Issue trackers never work as users never include complete information on their issues, let alone any logs for us to check.

    Like I said, my issue is with new users in general and not a single issue. I'm the ROM developer, not just a maintainer for this device. I'm not focused on eliminating issues from this device alone, but for all Evolution X devices in general as well as devices I maintain (Mi 11 and Mi A1).

    Just because I'm most active here, doesn't mean I'll address every single thing, especially if all the info is either available within the previous pages or in the main post. It's annoying having to repeat everything over and over again.

    Before anyone forgets, THIS IS A HOBBY. I'm being paid by NO ONE to fix all the issues users mention here in this thread.

    This will be my final response until the next update.
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    Evolution X 7.6.1 for the Xiaomi K20 Pro / Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro [raphael]
    * Your warranty is void. Or valid, probably?
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, Ebolation X,
    * thermonuclear war, or the current economic crisis caused by you following
    * these directions. YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point your finger at me for messing up your device, I will LMAO at you.


    Keep Evolving
    Pixel UI, customization, and more, we are Evolution X!

    - Team Evolution X -
    @joeyhuab (Founder/Lead Developer)
    @RealAkito(Project Manager/Co-Founder)
    @AnierinB (Project Specialist/Co-Founder)

    Reach us on Twitter! @EvolutionXROM


    Just flash and check "The Evolver". We have tons of features combined together from different ROMs.

    What are our features?

    - Theming Settings (Style, Color Source, Accent Color, Accent Background, Background Color, Luminance, Chroma, Tint Background)
    - Custom Themes (Black, Clear, Vivid, Paint In The Snow, Espresso)
    - Dark Theme Schedules
    - Lock screen Clock Fonts (16 Fonts)
    - Headline/Body Fonts (53 Fonts)
    - SB Icon Packs (10 Styles)
    - SB Signal Icon Packs (14 Styles)
    - SB WiFi Icon Packs (10 Styles)
    - System Icon Shape Packs (16 Styles)
    - 3 Button Navbar Styles (10 Styles)

    Status bar

    - Status Bar Lyrics
    - Clock Styles (Right, Center, Left)
    - Clock & Date Configs (Auto Hide, Hide Duration, Show Duration, Seconds, AM/PM, Font Size, Date Position/Case/Format)
    - SB Logo Pack (20 Styles, Right/Left)
    - Network Traffic Indicators
    - Battery Icon Styles (19 Styles)
    - Battery Percent (Hidden, Inside Icon, Next To Icon)
    - Battery Bar (Thickness, Alignment, Blend Colors, Reverse Direction, Colors, Animation)
    - System SB UI Tuner
    - Data Disabled Icon (On/Off)
    - Old Style Mobile Data
    - 4G Instead Of LTE
    - Roaming Indicator
    - WiFi Type Icon
    - Colored Icons
    - Notification Count
    - Bluetooth Battery Status
    - Mic/Camera Privacy Indicator
    - Location Privacy Indicator
    - Media Projection Privacy Indicator


    - ReTicker
    - App Colored Background For Reticker
    - Heads Up (Time Out, Importance Threshold, Less Boring, Stoplist/BlockList)
    - Force Expand Notifications
    - Notification Sound If Active
    - Kill App Button
    - Blink Flashlight For Incoming Call (When Ringing, When Silent, When Entierly Silent, Always)
    - Blink Flashlight For Notifications
    - In-Call-Vibrations (Connect, Waiting, Disconnect)

    Quick Settings

    - Clock
    - Clock Font Size
    - Date
    - Battery Style (15 Styles)
    - Battery Percent Location (Hidden, Inside Icon, Next To Icon)
    - Battery Estimates
    - Secure QS Tiles Requires Unlocking
    - Quick QS Pulldown (Disabled, Right, Left, Always)
    - Brightness Slider (Never, Expanded, Always)
    - Brightness Slider Position (Top, Bottom)
    - Auto Brightness Icon
    - Hide Labels
    - Label Text Size
    - Smart Pulldown
    - Vertical Layout
    - Columns In Portrait (2-5)
    - Columns In Landscape (2-6)
    - QS Tile Animation Style (3 Styles)
    - QS Tile Animation Druations (3 Speeds)
    - QS Tile Animation Interpolator (8 Styles)
    - Vibration On Touch
    - Vibration On Touch Duration
    - QS Footer Warnings
    - Show Data Usage
    - User Account Icon
    - Edit Icon
    - Power Menu Shortcut
    - Running Services Shortcut
    - Settings Shortcut
    - Clear All Button (10 Styles, 5 Backgrounds)

    Power Menu

    - System Settings (Hold PWR Assistant + Hold Duration)
    - Disable Power Menu On LS
    - Power
    - Restart
    - Advanced Reboot Options
    - Screenshot
    - On-The-Go Mode
    - Settings
    - Lock Down
    - Emergency
    - Device Controls
    - Users
    - Logout
    - Bug Report


    - System Settings
    - Quick Tap
    - Volume Button Playback Control
    - Swipe To Screenshot
    - Brightness Control
    - PWR Button Torch
    - Double Tap To Sleep Status Bar
    - Double Tap To Sleep Lock screen
    - AOSP Gestures
    - Pill Length
    - Pill Radius
    - Hide IME Button Space
    - Back Gesture Animation

    Lock screen

    - Edge Light
    - Always On Fingerprint
    - UDFPS Icon Picker (55 Styles)
    - UDFPS Animation Picker (38 Styles)
    - Lock screen Charging Info
    - Hide Status Bar
    - Hide QS During Secure Lock screen
    - Media Cover Art (5 Filters)
    - Ripple Effect
    - Fingerprint Authentication Vibration
    - Fingerprint Error Vibration


    - Navigation Bar
    - Compact Layout
    - Invert Layout
    - Show Vol Panel On Left
    - Per App Vol Control
    - On-Screen NavBar
    - Reorient Volume
    - Volume Rocker Wake
    - Keyboard Cursor Control
    - Alert Slider Notifications
    - Alert Slider Pulse
    - Block Alert Slider In Pocket Mode
    - Click To Partial Screenshot


    - Screen Off Animation (3 Styles)
    - Power Menu Animations (11 Styles)
    - Android P Animation Style


    - AOD Display Schedule
    - Google Services
    - Parallel Space
    - Game Space
    - Smart Pixels
    - App Lock
    - Launch Music App On Headset Connection
    - Unlimited Photos Storage
    - Unlock Higher FPS In Games
    - Netflix Spoof
    - Pulse Music Visualizer (Navbar, LS, Ambient)
    - Volume Panel Timeout
    - Jitter Test
    - Ignore Secure Window Flags
    - Show CPU Info
    - Toast App Icon
    - Sensor Block Per Package
    - Wakelock Blocker
    - Alarm Blocker
    - Default USB Configuration
    - Radio Info

    Evolution X Launcher

    - Icon Packs
    - Notification Dots
    - Icon Size
    - Icon Font Size
    - Max Lines For App Label
    - Lock Layout
    - Add App Icons To Home
    - Dark Status Bar
    - Double Tap To Sleep
    - Wallpaper Scrolling
    - Wallpaper Zooming
    - At A Glance
    - Swipe To Access Google Feed
    - Hide/Show Status Bar
    - Top Shadow
    - Icon Labels On Desktop
    - Hotseat Background
    - Google Search bar
    - Themed Icons
    - Corner Radius
    - Themed Icons In App Drawer
    - App Drawer Search bar
    - Icon Labels In App Drawer
    - App Drawer Row Height
    - App Drawer Background Opacity
    - Recents Background Opacity
    - Recents Scroll Vibration
    - Recents Screenshot
    - Recents Google Lens
    - Recents Clear All
    - Suggestions In All Apps List
    - Suggestions On Home
    - Blocked Suggestions
    - Parallel Space
    - Taskbar
    - Rotation
    - Hidden & Protected Apps


    Nothing MAJOR at the moment.


    First Time Install / Clean Flash from MIUI

    1. Reboot to Fastboot
    2. Download your desired recovery for your device
    3. Flash whichever recovery you desire and make sure you're on latest A11 firmware.
    If not, flash
    A11 firmware.
    4. FORMAT data. (Requires full backup of internal storage)
    5. Flash the ROM
    6. Reboot to System and #KeepEvolving
    7. Don't restore DEVICE SETTINGS during Setup Wizard.

    Update / Dirty Flash
    1. Reboot to Recovery
    2. Download the update for your device
    3. Flash the ROM
    4. Reboot to System and #KeepEvolving

    Donate to me! / Official Chat / Device Support

    XDA: DevDB Information
    Evolution X, ROM for the Redmi K20 Pro


    ROM OS Version: Android 13
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.14.304
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information
    Current Stable Version: 7.6.1
    Stable Release Date: 2022-08-17

    Created 2022-08-17
    Last Updated 2023-02-09
    New update is out. November patches have been merged, the kernel is now updated and Face Unlock is now available! I hope you enjoy the new changes! Other fixes in the changelog below.

    Changelog for the latest (11/09/2022) update

    Device changes:
    • Add default alarm and media vibration intensity settings
    • Add faceunlock package to aux cam list
    • Add location bypass package overlay
    • Audio Policy: Drop maxOpenCount & maxActiveCount
    • Audio Policy: Drop unneeded FM Tuner
    • Audio: Build [email protected]
    • Checkout Wifi configs
    • Checkout other configs
    • Don't build FM targets
    • Migrate vendor.camera.aux.packagelist to overlay
    • Remove Zygote sepolicy directory
    • Remove libhidl
    • Remove references to a2dp module
    • Set correct path for sm8150-tavil-snd-card_Button_Jack.kl
    • Setup wifi symlinks
    • Update Audio HAL Interface
    • livedisplay: Drop unsupported PictureAdjustment
    • overlay: Configure aux camera for Aperture
    • overlay: FaceUnlockService: Define front camera id
    • overlay: Improve face unlock for popup camera
    • overlay: Improve pinner configuration
    • overlay: Update multiple vibration strength levels overlay for 13
    • selinux: Fixup hal_power_service denialEnable IncrementalFS support
    • sepolicy: Fix faceunlock denial
    • sepolicy: Remove duplicate wakeup labels
    ROM changes:
    • AlertWindowNotification: Correctly load app label
    • Allow screen unpinning on devices without navbar
    • AmbientIndicationContainer: Fix possible NPE
    • AudioService: catch RuntimeException for IServiceManager.getService
    • AuthRippleController: Always finish the LightRevealScrim
    • AuthRippleController: Only update sensor location when necessary
    • BatteryService: Switch Dash charging status path to an overlay
    • BatteryStatsImpl: Guard against OOB
    • BrightnessController: Don't update slider from DisplayManager callback if user is changing brightness
    • Camera: Allow skipping input configuration check
    • Camera: Expose aux camera if packagename is null
    • CameraDeviceImpl: Don't crash when checking input configuration failed
    • Change the default value of sync mode to NORMAL
    • CutoutFullScreenController: force full screen important apps
    • Enable backup service by default for all users
    • EventLog: Disable event writing in production builds
    • Evolver: Bring back 9 more battery styles
    • Evolver: Controllable squiggle animation
    • FaceUnlockService: Set default front camera id to 1
    • Fix DozeLogger NPE crash when DozeMachine.State is null
    • Fix NPE when finishing remote animation
    • Fix crash when init QrCamera to start preview
    • Fix crash when trying to dismiss dialog
    • Fix screen unpinning text on devices that have gestures on fp sensor
    • GameSpace: Long click Settings icon to open Settings Dashboard
    • GameSpace: Notify in-coming call number when receiving/rejecting call
    • GameSpace: Port auto answer/reject calls feature
    • Link dialog radius to config_dialogCornerRadius
    • ListView: Disable dividers by default
    • Merge November 2022 security patches
    • PixelPropsUtils: Don't spoof euicc
    • PixelPropsUtils: Get package name from context instead of app
    • PixelPropsUtils: Update fingerprints to November 2022 release
    • Re-implement Face Unlock from PE
    • Remove Safety Center tile from default tiles
    • Set callback before hal connection to avoid NPE on startup
    • Settings: Add an activity for saved Bluetooth devices fragment
    • Settings: Add fallback summary text if there is no matching screen timeout value
    • Settings: Add quick mute gesture
    • Settings: Add vibration patterns from OOS
    • Settings: Adjust gesture navigation settings title
    • Settings: Allow choosing a custom vibration pattern
    • Settings: Allow disabling clipboard overlay
    • Settings: Ambient Music Ticker - Allow to pulse on new tracks
    • Settings: Custom vibration pattern per notification channel
    • Settings: Fix NPE crash in TextToSpeechSettings
    • Settings: Fix NPE crash in UwbPreferenceController and optimize the lifecycle observer adding condition in page
    • Settings: Fix compile warnings due to non-varargs call of varargs method
    • Settings: Fix crash when input illegal proxy port number
    • Settings: Fix crash when showing error dialog in NetworkRequestDialogActivity
    • Settings: Fix incorrect switch status when user stay in NightDisplaySettings page while scheduled night lights on
    • Settings: Fix potential NPE crash in ConversationHeaderPreferenceController
    • Settings: Fix show system status lost when switching dark theme
    • Settings: Fix the IllegalArgumentException from RecyclerView
    • Settings: Mark DataUsageState as nullable to avoid potential NPE risk
    • Settings: Move custom vib pattern to its own preference
    • Settings: Protect sensitive data on the about phone
    • Settings: Remove broken LTE only mode
    • Settings: Remove offsets from Evo X logo
    • Settings: Use ListPreference instead of DropDownPreference
    • Settings: add animation to dark mode preference
    • Settings: buttons text should no longer be allCaps
    • Settings: drop divider in dark mode screen
    • SettingsGoogle: Update resources from cheetah
    • StrictMode: Enable by default only in ENG builds
    • Sync hardware/xiaomi changes from LOS
    • Sync sepolicy-legacy-um and sepolicy_vndr-legacy-um changes from LOS
    • SystemUI: Add VPNTethering tile
    • SystemUI: Add charging icon to the charging animation
    • SystemUI: BurnInProtectionController: offset less aggressively
    • SystemUI: Check whether the selected WFD route is available
    • SystemUI: Darken circle battery background on expanded QS
    • SystemUI: Disable all-caps for smart reply button text
    • SystemUI: Enable status bar burn-in protection by default
    • SystemUI: Improve charging animation's color palette
    • SystemUI: Improve fp ripple animation color
    • SystemUI: Limit keyguard charging stats updates
    • SystemUI: Logo: Avoid NPE
    • SystemUI: Play all charging animator sets at the same time
    • SystemUI: Properly set onclick listener for battery
    • SystemUI: Re-implement burn-in protection for status/navbar
    • SystemUIGoogle: Update resources from cheetah
    • TrafficStats: Stop the spam
    • Update various corner radiuses to align with AOSP apps
    • apns: Added IA APN types to all default type APNs
    • apns: Format xml spacing
    • base: Disable some DEBUG log spill
    • base: Don't send interaction hint for unnecessary events
    • base: Reduce horizontal spacing around location icon
    • base: Stop the spamming of background start not allowed
    • base: TtsEngines: fix yet another NPE
    • camera: Allow extending aux list/excludelist
    • config: Disable remote keyguard animation until it's fixed
    • config: Downscale task snapshots to 80%
    • core: Treat reboot boot mode same as normal one
    • fixup! Do not dismiss keyguard after SIM PUK unlock
    • fixup! biometrics: allow to disable unused fingerprints cleanup
    • kernel: Only add GCC to PATH when using GNU binutils
    • kernel: Override LD_LIBRARY_PATH only on <5.10
    • kernel: Remove TARGET_KERNEL_MODULES error
    • kernel: Remove darwin support
    • kernel: Support copying modules to vendor_kernel_boot
    • lmkd: fix the cgroup attribute name to MemCgroupEventControl
    • reTicker: Do not jump to app when clicked in games
    • telephony: Provide a default executor
    • themes: UdfpsResources: Add more resources from Realme RMX3392
    • themes: UdfpsResources: Remove Aurora and OP Cosmos
    • vendor: apex: Update from TD1A.221105.001
    • vendor: rro_overlays: Update from cheetah
    • version: Uprev to 7.3
    This is for everyone in general:
    1. Most features that haven't been included are either pending or aren't really possible to work on right now.
    2. If features are included in early builds, there's likely a chance that they might still include some bugs.

    With both said, the latest security patches from Google are out, and here's the September patch update! Tons of features come back including per-app volume support, GameSpace making its return, lock screen charging info, Battery and Clock customization, and tons of others featured in the changelog below. We hope you enjoy your stay on Android 13 with our latest release and keep supporting the project by donating. Thanks!

    Changelog for the latest (09/07/2022) update

    Device changes:
    • sepolicy: Remove debugfs related rules
    ROM changes:
    • Add various system packages to indicator exemptions
    • AudioService: Remove Analog Dock from fixed-volume devices
    • BootAnimation: Check for resolution override
    • Bring back additional Screen recorder options
    • Bring back per-app volume feature
    • Camera: allow camera to use power key as shutter
    • Cellular tile: don't show disable confirmation dialog
    • Don't pass repeated back key events to app if custom action is set up
    • Don't skip theme application if it's already current
    • Download: Add support to manually pause/resume download
    • Evolver: Add back Lockscreen Charging info
    • Evolver: Add back support for window ignore secure
    • Evolver: Allow disabling QS battery estimates
    • Evolver: Bring back Battery light customization
    • Evolver: Bring back GameSpace
    • Evolver: Bring back HW Keys customization
    • Evolver: Bring back LED light options
    • Evolver: Bring back click to take partial screenshot
    • Evolver: Bring back daily data usage in QS footer
    • Evolver: Bring back reTicker feature
    • Evolver: Bring back status bar battery styles
    • Evolver: Bring back status bar clock options
    • Evolver: Bring back volume rocker wake
    • Evolver: Introduce status bar and QS clock size feature
    • Evolver: Re-introduce Smart Pulldown
    • FingerprintManager: return "Try again" by default
    • Fingerprints: Increase MAX_FAILED_ATTEMPTS
    • Keyguard - Treat messages to lock with priority
    • Keyguard: allow large clock on tablets
    • Keyguard: don't use large clock on landscape
    • Merge September 2022 security patches
    • NavigationModeController: Mute debug logging
    • PixelPropsUtils: Fix up GMS workaround logic
    • PixelPropsUtils: Update fingerprints to September 2022 release
    • QS: LocationTile: make it cycle modes
    • Settings: Add back increasing ring feature
    • Settings: Add option to cycle through ringer modes
    • Settings: Add preference for one shot auto-brightness
    • Settings: Add switch for linked ring and media notification volumes
    • Settings: Add toggle to enable ADB root
    • Settings: Align user avatar with homepage title
    • Settings: Apply SUW button theming to WiFi page
    • Settings: Bring back IME space feature
    • Settings: Check isVoiceCapable for Calls&SMS category
    • Settings: Don't reset A2DP offload when disabling developer settings
    • Settings: Don’t disable ls device controls based on secure lock
    • Settings: Enable notifications led light by default
    • Settings: Fingerprint: hide link icon when there's no link
    • Settings: Fix duplicated baseband string on all devices
    • Settings: Follow navbar color in base
    • Settings: Forward port lock pattern grid size
    • Settings: Forward port pattern visibility settings
    • Settings: Improve gesture bar length option
    • Settings: Make FRP go through ChooseLockPatternSize if needed
    • Settings: Make NetworkScanHelper max search time customizable
    • Settings: Make setup wizard go through ChooseLockPatternSize if needed
    • Settings: Network setup UI changes for SUW
    • Settings: Only show gesture navigation if device has a software nav bar
    • Settings: Remove hardcoded extras from ChooseLockPatternSize
    • Settings: use Glif themed button bar
    • Sharesheet: Display two rows of max ranked targets
    • SystemUI: Add AOD QS tile
    • SystemUI: Add bootloader option to 'Reboot' tile
    • SystemUI: Add support for persistent usb drive notification
    • SystemUI: Allow privileged system apps to access screenshot service
    • SystemUI: Allow snoozing SD card notification unconditionally
    • SystemUI: Always disable rotation on lockscreen
    • SystemUI: Don't store pending ControlAction if the device is locked
    • SystemUI: Fix QS mobile icon disappearing on theme switch
    • SystemUI: Introduce Data Switch QS Tile
    • SystemUI: Make isTablet() use correct API for getting window metrics
    • SystemUI: NavigationBar: disable secondary handle
    • SystemUI: Only add GarbageMonitor tile to default tiles on ENG builds
    • SystemUI: Redraw display cutout on overlay changes
    • SystemUI: Remove Music QS Tile
    • SystemUI: Remove spaces from screenshot app filename
    • SystemUI: Require unlocking to use Reboot tile
    • SystemUI: Show notification row when it's unlinked to ringer volume
    • SystemUI: Update Bluetooth battery level assets
    • SystemUI: Update additional navbar dimens for Android 13
    • SystemUI: add FloatingRotationButton for hw-key devices
    • SystemUI: disable keyguard screen off animation if we use split notification shade
    • SystemUI: ic_brightness_*: drawables get surface color
    • SystemUI: screenshot: add extra crop boundaries
    • SystemUI: screenshot: remove duplicate clamping on move action
    • SystemUI: screenshot: remove misplaced call to set crop view padding
    • Utils: Adapt WiFi only check to A12
    • base: ChooserActivity: Don't show image edit button on multiple targets
    • base: Prevent NPE for Demo mode
    • common: Add a system property for System UI compiler filter
    • core: Add telephony stack to allowed service state packages
    • overlay: Update Immersive Navigation values
    • rro_overlays: Remove PixelConfigOverlay2021
    • version: Uprev to 7.1
    • webkit: SystemImpl: Make systemIsDebuggable() check IS_ENG as well
    Idiotic comments aside, the new update seems to have remedied the Zygote app crashes. Several other fixes/additions have been included such as local changelogs, Battery Health section returning, and other QOL changes for the total improvement of the ROM.

    Changelog for the latest (10/07/2022) update

    Device changes:
    • Switch to legacy sepolicy_vndr
    ROM changes:
    • BackupAgent: Add backup shared mode
    • BatteryMeterView: Fix NPE that occurs when onDensityOrFontScaleChanged() is called
    • BluetoothControllerImpl: fetch battery level from any device
    • BluetoothControllerImpl: synchronize mConnectedDevices access
    • Don't enable memory-mapped coverage for child zygote
    • EvoEgg: Update Launcher icon and use monet colors
    • EvolutionUtils: Add support for changing dpi
    • Evolver: Add toggle for media projection indicator
    • Evolver: Bring back privacy indicators toggles
    • Evolver: Changelog: Rework with Activity
    • Fix MtpDatabase multithreading NullPointerException
    • Fix incorrect context classloader initialization in system_server
    • InputWrapper: Opt out early if session == null
    • LayoutInflater: remove less frequently used apps
    • PackageManager: Add configuration to specify vendor platform signatures
    • ProcessList: Silence lmkd retries logspam
    • ServiceRegistry: Don't throw an exception if OEM_LOCK is missing
    • Settings: Add a preference to battery optimization page
    • Settings: Add summary to daily battery usage charge toggle
    • Settings: Adjust playback control gesture preferences
    • Settings: Allow choosing volume key music control activation delay
    • Settings: Bring back optional Battery Health section
    • Settings: Change dpi on changing screen resolution
    • Settings: Convert one-handed mode to a PrimarySwitchPreference
    • Settings: Default to GlifV3Theme
    • Settings: Don't hardcode playback control delay unit
    • Settings: Randomize The Evolver's summary
    • Settings: Use monet colors for Evolution X Unbound Logo
    • Settings: Use separate primary switch title for Playback control
    • SettingsGoogle: Sync with Evolution X changes
    • SystemUI: AOD Tile: Register battery observer in main thread
    • SystemUI: Avoid altering page indicator layout when hiding qs footer icons
    • SystemUI: BatteryMeterView: Set white tint in darkmode
    • SystemUI: CustomTile: add a null check before loadDrawable invocation in default icon
    • SystemUI: Fix SystemUI Crash
    • SystemUI: Fix issue that log can't be enabled in MobileSignalController
    • SystemUI: Integrate Google Lens into Screenshot UI
    • SystemUI: Kill old privacy indicator icons completely
    • SystemUI: Remove spacer in QS footer
    • SystemUI: UdfpsAnimation: Don't run scaleFactor on mAnimationSize
    • SystemUI: screenrecord: Add an option to use HEVC
    • SystemUI: screenrecord: Use sdcard icon for file size limit toggle
    • Updater: Allow starting activities from background
    • Updater: Don't show thousands of days
    • Updater: No need to install every update
    • Updater: Open Local changelog instead of URL
    • Updater: Replace jcenter with mavenCentral
    • Updater: Use monet colors
    • Updater: We don't do upgrades
    • WallpaperService: Fix half black wallpaper after rotating quickly
    • base: Suppress telephony crashing platform
    • base: Update ic_doc_folder drawable to MD2
    • base: get the most of the media artwork colors
    • biometrics: Fix udfps races
    • build: execute changelog generator script
    • config: Allow gms to access persistent data partition
    • core: Fix toast background color not changing with theme
    • development: Address NPE when removing preferences out of developer options
    • fix error com.google.android.gms.persistent
    • privapp-permissions: Grant missing TelephonyProvider perm
    • tools: Copy Changelog.txt to /system/etc
    • view: add null check for dispatch touch view
    • wm: Passing a new ArraySet instance to avoid crash
    • zygote: Enable USAP by default
    Changelog for the latest (02/09/2023) update

    Device changes:
    • Rework Display configuration
    ROM changes:
    • Remove Parallel space support (causing issues + App cloning will back properly in A14)
    • SystemUI: Support smartspace animation for Pixel Launcher (for those using modules)
    • Update gms/prebuilt Google apps
    • Updater: Disable A/B perf mode by default
    • core: Make CTS/Play Integrity pass again
    • version: Update to 7.6.1 (Adobo)