Development [ROM][13.0_r20][UNOFFICIAL] Evolution X 7.5 [01/02/23][NT Cam]

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Changelog for the latest (23/01/2023) update

Device specific:
  • Spacewar: Enable NT Camera
  • Spacewar: Fix auto brightness
  • Spacewar: Small change for screen brightness

Glyph specific:
  • Glyph: Code cleanup

ROM specific:
  • Sync to latest Evolution X source
Does mic inconsistency fixed in video calls and in normal calls? Video recording working in all apps?

shin jae ho

Apr 2, 2013
Xiaomi 13
The Rom does not have root/Magisk in build, you seem to be using Magisk !
You need to enable zygisk, deniallist in Magisk then you can configure in the deniallist to enable ,your banking app there.
i know the rom has root/magisk build but some app in korea check test key or release key


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As I mentioned earlier, the people I talk to do not complain about not being able to understand me.
Possibly, if there is a lot of background noise, there may be problems with the microphone.
But as I said, my conversation partners say they understand me well.
It depends where you having conversation. If it is silent room - everything is ok. When it is loud street - quality is awful. Because of phone using microphone at the top of phone (which should reduce noises) as main.

Tested like "tell me, now I sound better?" and talking in top mic 🥴


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Oct 17, 2010
Near Münster
Changelog for the latest (01/02/2023) update

Device specific:
  • Spacewar: Update Nothing OS blobs to 1.1.8
  • Spacewar: Add Powershare (Reverse Charging)
  • Spacewar: Change perms to hide Magisk in banking apps
  • Spacewar: Enable video pause for video calling
  • Spacewar: vAB: Move GSI AVB keys to /vendor_boot
  • Spacewar: Kill IMS logspam

ROM specific:
  • Sync to latest Evolution X source

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    Evolution X 7.5 for the Nothing Phone (1) - [Spacewar]
    * Your warranty is void. Or valid, probably?
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, Ebolation X,
    * thermonuclear war, or the current economic crisis caused by you following
    * these directions. YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point your finger at me for messing up your device, I will LMAO at you.


    Keep Evolving
    Pixel UI, customization, and more, we are Evolution X!

    - Team Evolution X -
    @joeyhuab (Founder/Lead Developer)
    @RealAkito(Project Manager/Co-Founder)
    @AnierinB (Project Specialist/Co-Founder)

    Reach us on Twitter! @EvolutionXROM


    Just flash and check "The Evolver". We have tons of features combined together from different ROMs.

    What are our features?
    - Vivid Theme (Black theme/Vibrant monet)
    - Dark Theme Schedules
    - System Fonts (53 Styles)
    - SB Icon Packs (10 Styles)
    - SB Signal Icon Packs (14 Styles)
    - SB WiFi Icon Packs (10 Styles)
    - System Icon Packs (16 Styles)

    - System SB UI Tuner
    - Clock Styles (Right, Center, Left)
    - Clock & Date Configs (Auto Hide, Seconds, AM/PM, Date Postion/Case/Format)
    - Network Traffic Indicators
    - Battery Icon (10 Styles, 3 Percentage Options)
    - SB Logo Pack (28 Styles)
    - Data Disabled Icon (On/Off)
    - Old Style Mobile Data
    - 4G Instead Of LTE
    - VoLTE/VoWiFi icon

    - Alert Slider Notifications (OnePlus Only)
    - ReTicker
    - Heads Up
    - Notification Count
    - Notification Sound If Active
    - Notification Headers
    - Kill App Button
    - Blink Flashlight For Incoming Call
    - In-Call-Vibrations (Connect, Waiting, Disconnect)

    Quick Settings
    - Date
    - Secure QS
    - Battery Estimates
    - Quick QS Pulldown
    - Smart Pulldown
    - Album Art Media Background (Blur, Transparency)
    - Brightness Slider (Bottom, Hidden, Auto Icon)
    - QS Footer Warnings
    - User Account
    - Edit Icon
    - Power Menu Shortcut
    - Running Services Shortcut
    - Settings Shortcut
    - Clear All Button (9 Styles, 4 Backgrounds)

    Power Menu
    - System Settings ( Hold PWR Assistant + Hold Duration)
    - Power
    - Restart
    - Advanced Reboot Options
    - Screenshot
    - On-The-Go Mode
    - Flashlight
    - Settings
    - Lock Down
    - Emergency
    - Device Controls
    - Users
    - Logout
    - Bug Report

    - AOSP Gestures
    - Swipe To Screenshot
    - Brightness Control
    - PWR Button Torch
    - Double Tap To Sleep Status Bar
    - Double Tap to Sleep Lockscreen
    - Double Tap to Wake On Doze
    - Back Gesture Animation Toggle
    - IME Space Disabler
    - Swipe To Invoke Assistant
    - Left/Right Sensitivity
    - Back Gesture Height Region
    - Pill Length

    - UDFPS Haptic Feedback
    - Ambient Edge Lighting
    - LS Charging Info
    - Hide SB
    - Hide QS
    - Media Cover Art
    - UDFPS Ripple Effect

    - On-Screen NavBar
    - Arrow Keys While Typing On 3 Button Layout
    - Compact 3 Button Layout
    - Invert 3 Button Layout
    - Show Vol Panel On Left Side
    - Per App Vol Control
    - Volume Steps Configs (Alarm, DTMF, Media, Notification, Ringer, System, Voice Call)
    - Volume Rocker Wake
    - Keyboard Cursor Control

    - Game Space (Custom)
    - Launch Music App On Headset Connect
    - Screen Off Animation (Default, CRT, Scale)
    - Unlimited Photos Storage
    - Unlock Higher FPS In Games
    - Jitter Test
    - Show Tempature Warning
    - Ignore Secure Window Flags
    - Ignore Window Secure Flags
    - Show CPU Info
    - Toast App Icon
    - Default USB Configuration
    - Radio Info

    - Glyph Interface
    - Nothing Camera


    * You tell me



    1. Download the boot.img and vendor_boot.img

    2. Reboot to fastboot

    3. Flash this using this command:
    fastboot flash boot boot.img
    fastboot flash vendor_boot vendor_boot.img

    4. Reboot in to recovery

    5. Factory reset > Format data/factory reset

    6. Back to recovery home page & Apply update > Apply from ADB

    7. Open command prompt & sideload rom
    adb sideload <>

    8. Reboot to System and #KeepEvolving

    1. Download the update for your device

    2. Reboot in to recovery

    3. Apply update > Apply from ADB

    4. Open command prompt & sideload rom
    adb sideload <>

    5. Reboot to System and #KeepEvolving


    TG Group

    - chandu078
    - aswin7469
    - mukesh22584
    - xboxfanj
    - Exodusnick
    - and all other i forgot.
    Changelog for the latest (23/01/2023) update

    Device specific:

    • Spacewar: Enable NT Camera
    • Spacewar: Fix auto brightness
    • Spacewar: Small change for screen brightness

    Glyph specific:
    • Glyph: Code cleanup

    ROM specific:
    • Sync to latest Evolution X source
    Changelog for the latest (19/01/2023) update

    Device specific:
    • Spacewar: Nothing Camera disabled for now.
    • Spacewar: Function built in to prevent display flickering
    • Spacewar: hwc: Disable SF composition prediction model on 5.4 and lower
    • Spacewar: Force pre-5.10 devices to treat 170M as sRGB in SF
    • Spacewar: Add HDR Configs for microphone tuning
    • Spacewar: Add missing camera extension libs
    • Spacewar: Add system verient of libarcsoft libs
    • Spacewar: Cleanup unused sensor libs
    • Spacewar: configs: fix audio in voip calls
    • Spacewar: Update audio policy configuration
    • Spacewar: Fix low volume mic issue while calling

    Glyph specific:
    • Glyph: Move Glyph Interface in the startpage from Settings
    • Glyph: Notification animation works now on all situations
    • Glyph: Call animation works now when device is in Vibrate mode
    • Glyph: Create a new ExecutorService for each animation
    • Glyph: Remove unused ExecutorService from NotificationService
    • Glyph: Rework ignoring notifications handling
    • Glyph: Revert back to old CallReceiverService method for calls

    ROM specific:
    • Sync to latest Evolution X source
    Hey guys,

    The Evolution X repository has been updated on the January 2023 13.0_r20 security patch.
    So there will be an update in the near future.
    Changelog for the latest (14/01/2023) update
    Device specific:
    • Add missing NFC permissions
    • Clean up NFC stuff
    • Add glyph from AOSPA. (WIP)
    • Use RSA4096 for builds
    • Disable vsync for CPU rendered Apps
    • Use FUSE passthrough by default
    • Enable UXE
    • Disable kpti
    • Enable debug performance tuning
    • Stability improvements and bug fixes
    ROM specific:
    • Sync to latest Evolution X source