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Feb 25, 2022
Xiaomi Mi 11

CherishOS v4.2 has been deployed for Xiaomi Mi 11!

Check original message for more!
Click here to look at it!
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Apr 30, 2019
New update my mi 11 fingerprint sensor not working. Otherwise all is stable and smooth
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Dec 6, 2010
Hi, I´m on the last unofficial release and flashed the new boot.img. Then I tried to sideload the new release but I always get the error
"adb: failed to read command: No error"
How to solve this ? It´s the same fastboot/adb that I used before successfully ......
I found the problem. Some ADB versions are glitched.
With the last version works fine! You can download it here:

Minimal ADB and Fastboot -

Thanks me later! :)


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Feb 25, 2022
Xiaomi Mi 11
打扰一下what's in this version bug ! intend to use the rom
There is a little bug where a [ character may show on the Lockscreen, but you just need to reboot in order to fix it.
There is also another bug where the custom lockscreen date themes where the notifications may get in the way, just restart too and it will be fixed.

I don't list these bugs because they're source-based!

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    CherishOS is an AOSP based rom focusing on Unique and Smooth UI with handy features.

    Your warranty is now void, or not... I have no idea it depends... ・ I'm not responsible for bricked devices, thermonuclear war or alarm app fails. ・ If it's your first time or you're unexperienced with flashing ROMS, please do some search before flashing! ・ YOU are choosing to make these modifications, you're the only responsible guy for messing up if you do so.


    Build Date : 28th of November 2022
    ROM Developer : Hungphan2001
    Maintainer : kota
    Latest v4.2 Sources.
    Selinux State : Enforcing
    Running latest Security patch! (November)
    Passes CTS by default.
    Donations :
    Used Kernel : Here!


    ・ WIFI
    ・ RIL
    ・ Mobile Data
    ・ GPS
    ・ Camera
    ・ Flashlight
    ・ Camcorder
    ・ Bluetooth
    ・ FM Radio
    ・ Fingerprint Reader
    ・ Face Unlock
    ・ NFC
    ・ Lights
    ・ Sound / vibration


    You tell me!


    Initial flash :

    ・ Make sure that you are on MIUI 13.0.X or an A12 AOSP, MIUI 12.x or any A11 AOSP will just EDL Brick. ・ Reboot to Bootloader and follow the next steps! (They're different if you have TWRP) ・ Flash the Boot Image you downloaded by doing "fastboot flash boot_ab boot_cherish.img". (Recovery) ・ Reboot into Recovery Mode by doing this command "fastboot reboot recovery". ・ Once in Recovery, go into "Format Data/Factory Reset". (DOING THIS STEP WILL WIPE YOUR DATA) ・ Then go back into the main menu, and go into Apply Updates -> Apply from ADB. ・ Check if the device is connected by doing "adb devices", it should be in Sideload Mode. ・ Finally, Sideload your ROM by performing this command : "adb sideload" and reboot.

    Sideload Update : (dirty flashing)

    ・ Make sure that you're not making a downgrade! 🙈 ・ Reboot into Recovery Mode and select Install Update -> ADB Sideload. ・ Once done, Sideload your ROM by performing this command : "adb sideload" . ・ Finally, Quit Sideload Page and reboot. Enjoy the new release!

    You also want to root? Here are some steps.
    Installing Magisk : (optional)

    ・Download the latest provided boot image to your Internal Storage on your device. ・Second, download and install Magisk. Once done, Click Install and patch the image you downloaded. ・Then send the new magisk image (that should be in /Downloads) to your ADB directory in your PC. ・Finally, reboot to Fastboot Mode and perform this command : "fastboot flash boot magisk_file.img"


    ROM : Click me!
    Boot Image : Here!

    Follow @CherishOS
    Have a nice day!
    New CherishOS Build is out!

    Running early 3.9 Sources with latest July patches

    With all the new expected changes and a bit more :)
    (Pre-Release, It just means that it's not listed on CherishOS groups and website + not fully on XDA yet!)

    Can be found on CherishOS Sourceforge here!


    New Update for CherishOS on Xiaomi Mi 11!

    A new release is up!
    Informations :

    Was built on the 12th of July 2022.
    Passes CTS By default, Selinux Enforcing.
    Want to donate?

    Changelog :

    - Updated 3.9 Sources (improvements and fixes)

    + Changes from 8th of July.

    - Switched Vendor Blobs to Global MIUI.
    - BT Audio is now fixed.
    - Fixed Landscape mode Status Bar (Google messed it twice ^^)
    - Clear Speaker feature bring up. (From MIUI 12)
    - AnxCamera bring up! (Removed Stock Camera)
    - Overall Stability Improvements.

    What's broken ?

    - You tell me!

    Download :

    ROM : Click me!

    Follow @CherishOS
    Join @CherishOS_Chat
    Have a nice day!
    it's me or genshin impact crash with this version of cherish ?

    I got freeze after 5 minute genshin

    Working on it with other fixes too.
    Most glitches happening on latest CherishOS are related to Vendor Blobs issues.
    The issue seems to be related to two changes :

    - Latest Firmware not being provided with the ROM (to not risk EDL Bricking)
    - Vendor blobs being updated, but with an older firmware.

    I'm still in vacation right now, but i'm also working on new plans for CherishOS and Mi 11 development in general.

    For now, i already worked on a pre-release of what the next update should bring up :)
    Lets quacking go, congrats dude :)