[ROM][13][AOSP][UNOFFICIAL] Pixel Extended 5.8 for Redmi Note 7 [LAVENDER]

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Jun 4, 2023
Works very well, but when I root it (Magisk), I have a strange bug at startup, At the end of the boot, the screen starts flashing without giving me control


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Nov 2, 2013
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7
This is great! Battery life feels better, overall responsiveness great! I am glad you did this.
Clean installed as described.
1. known issue with Pixel 5 loud notifications & ringer. Any recommendations on this?
2. camera integrated into other apps (like whatsapp camera and such) will most frequently not work, less frequently the main camera app might fail too. By not working I mean it will not take pictures, even though it will be active and showing everything just fine.

Let me know if I can help with anything on this.


Nov 6, 2019
I have an issue which is not related to the rom, but maybe you know the solution... I replaced the battery and now fingerprint is not working. I tried flashing again de ROM (without clearing the data), I tried clearing all caches, tried reinstalling fingerprint service, but no luck

The fingerprint service is not installed as it sais that there is a problem with other package, but it doesnt show the fingerprint service as installed...

Any suggestion is much appreciated, thanks in advanced

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    PixelExtended ROM (or PEX for short), We are Combining Pixel Goodies with some essential features you were missing in Pixel Experience, delivering a ROM that promise you stabilty and being feature-rich at the same time . TBH this ROM will keep it's Pixel' idea intact and won't be bloat with unwanted features .

    Installation :

    ⚠️ Your bootloader needs to be unlocked

    First Time Install / Clean Flash
    1. Reboot to fastboot mode
    2. Download the PixelExtended-5.8-lavender.zip
    3. Flash Pixel Experience recovery.img with the command fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
    4. Reboot to recovery
    5. Factory reset > Format Data/Cache/System
    6. Flash the ROM with apply update > adb sideload and the command adb sideload PixelExtended-5.4_lavender-13.0-XXXXXXXX-UNOFFICIAL.zip
    7. Reboot system and enjoy !

    Update / Dirty Flash
    1. Reboot to Lineage Recovery
    2. Download the PixelExtended-5.8-lavender.zip
    3. Flash the ROM with apply update > adb sideload and the command adb sideload PixelExtended-5.4_lavender-13.0-XXXXXXXX-UNOFFICIAL.zip
    4. Reboot to System

    Download here

    What's working :

    • Everything (if you find something that not works - tell me)

    Build informations :

    Don't hesitate to contact me if you need any help/have any issue/find any bug

    Donations are welcome if you want to support my work !
    I did a dirty flash of unofficial 5.6 versión over oficial 5.2 version and Is working like a charm. Than you developer
    Just update from the 5.2 version of shizukachanwa and seems to works well with a dirty flash.
    Anyway, I have the 3Gb ram device, do you know any tweak to improve performance on this device? Android 13 is a bit laggy...
    Is this app or UI that is laggy ? Because I know there are some issues with the Pixel App Launcher. If so I recommend you to use a third party launcher. If you are rooted with Magisk and wants to keep a launcher that looks like the stock Pixel App launcher you should see Pixel Launcher Extended that is really good and optimized
    It coul'd be LSPosed. I'll keep it disable for a while, and then I'll update you. Thanks.
    Okay thanks. If you have any logs don't hesitate to send them to me. I'll take a look at them
    Dirty flashed 5.8 over 5.2 official. No issues at the moment. I think battery lasting is even better.