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Mar 25, 2012
patch bootimage and install
can you show me step by step how to patch boot image, please. I did these steps and the screen is untouchable and recovery boot was lost after reboot.

1.booting into fastboot
2. fastboot flash boot_a magisk_patched-25200_oQWWe.img
3. fastboot flash boot_b magisk_patched-25200_oQWWe.img
I installed the last version today., it works verry good. But i can't connect my phone via USB and Android Auto to the car system. I dont know if this a problem with the phone or with the Renault car. Did someone check Android Auto?
I installed the Magisk Pakage Android Auto 4 microG v0.3-a13 (for A13)

Can the required packages possibly be added with the next update? With some apps I get a SaveNet error despite correct settings in Magisk.

Ashwin Kale

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Jun 26, 2016
The rom is great so far, battery life is also great. However below are the bugs I have noticed in latest build -

1. Bluetooth devices start acting up when connected in this build, the sensors does not work after few minutes of use. Tried on Youtube, YT Music and VLC, after few minutes of hearing, the sensors stops working I keep squeezing the stem my TWS and the music/video does not pause/play, even when I remove my TWS, the content does not stop.

2. After few minutes of usage, ROM starts to frame drop while actively using it, the frame rate drops to 10-15 FPS. This makes the device very laggy while daily usage as well as average gaming.

Just to let u know, I have magisk and Lsposed installed with Iconify and AOSP Mods apps. However, on previous ROM(PixelDust) I didn't faced these issues particularly...

Hope u find this helpful for next build @dhinesh_cool

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