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gius db

Jan 4, 2018
Is this going to be maintained or should we not flash ?
From Install guide
5. PixelExperience is provided as-is with no warranty. While we attempt to verify everything works you are installing this at your own risk!

Non-commercial projects and/or projects developed in free time are maintained at a time and manner preferred by the developer.

The project is not abandoned, but there may be problems that will not be resolved or in the timeframe that the developer sees fit.


Jul 18, 2011
anyone encountered call/video call issue using loud speaker? i was told by the other party that the sound coming out was noisy so they cannot hear me clearly unless i switch off loud speaker.
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Senior Member
Aug 27, 2012
Volte and vowifi can only be used with Vodafone in Turkey. It cannot be used on Turkcell operator. Modem settings need to be optimized. When I inserted Turkcell sim card into mi11, volte worked. Then I inserted Vodafone sim card into A2 and his volte worked.
Jan 2, 2022
the installation process of this android 13 ROM is very complicated and confusing, hopefully the next versions will simplify it


New member
Nov 14, 2014
Hey @Immanuel Raj , I am thinking of installing your rom. Is the installation guide available at: https://wiki.pixelexperience.org/devices/jasmine_sprout/install/
is up to date and complete, or should I follow the instructions/workarounds suggested by the community in this thread?
I would like to know your opinion on this, because from the beginning of the discussion you did not address the problems with the installation ;)

BTW, will the installation process be simplified or changed in the near future?


New member
Mar 10, 2011
After this last update made OTA, with Pixel Experience Plus on a Xiaomi A2 (Jasmine_sprout) always gives the error "This device isn't supported and phone calls may not work correctly", always rings when receiving a call, most of the time it doesn't ring/calling tone when placing a call, and when it does, the volume is excrutiating loud and can't lower the volume anywhere I searched. Also when talking, the volume is way over the top, and the volume setting is always hit & miss, when most of the time doesn't save the last call volume, and the volume is no linear with the slider, up until 10% it's manageable, after that, it's incredibly loud regardless of the slider value.
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gius db

Jan 4, 2018
In the last update I have battery drain.

For everyone, if you have problems after an update, reinstall as if it were a new distribution, with data backup and factory reset and following the installation guide exactly (the android stock installation in my opinion can be skipped).

If problems remain, report bugs as requested and hope they will be fixed in a future release.

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    Same as you, I have tried many times to boot or flash boot then reboot to recovery. Whatever method I tried I still can't boot into this recovery.
    And I tried to flash this rom by Twrp, failed.
    Now I give up and using ArrowOS w/ A13.
    No, you probably didn't follow the guide, and you probably haven't updated the android tools to the latest version, and you probably just overlooked it

    To flash Super_Empty.img head over to THIS link and download the super_empty.img.
    1. Boot up PixelExperience recovery
    2. Go to “Advanced” -> “Enter fastboot”
      Warning: The “Enter fastboot” option may not be present on older PixelExperience recovery builds and it cannot be substituted with “Reboot to bootloader”.
    3. And then in fastbootd [NOT FASTBOOT/BOOTLOADER] fastboot wipe-super <super_empty>.img . Now continue to flash the zip file normally
    and/or you probably skipped some steps.
    Tried this a few days ago, seems to have fixed it. Thanks.
    From what I've seen you have installed a kernel compiled for wayne (MI 6X) in sprout (MI A2), quite reckless.
    Hi bro, Thanks for helping me.

    Actually I already tried this method and it doesn't work...

    and I hope @gborisz will find a way to fix it

    Sorry man, already back on stock, I need my phone working, can't bang my head against the wall for a week
    If you read the OLD comments you will have the answer.
    Thank you, found it and its now working.
    I read quite a few guides but none worked, so a very big thanks to the detailed guides in this thread that actually do work.
    What is the best kernel for this rom?
    Only one I have used is the scarlet kernel. Seems to work fine, your mileage might vary. Use the osscam + qti + dynamic version.
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    PixelExperience for Mi A2 [jasmine_sprout]

    What is this?
    PixelExperience is an AOSP based ROM, with Google apps included and all Pixel goodies (launcher, wallpapers, icons, fonts, boot animation)

    Our mission is to offer the maximum possible stability and security, along with essential and useful features for the proper functioning of the device

    Based on Android 13

    Whats working?
    Mobile data
    FM radio
    Fingerprint reader
    Face unlock

    Known issues
    Nothing yet
    You tell me

    Download from PixelExperience website

    Liked my work? Give me a beer

    Help with project translation

    Stay tuned
    Our Telegram channel
    Our blog

    Hi !

    Hope Everyone is doing good, Since the PixelExperience Team hasnt merged the December Patch yet i am unable to build the previous month security patch also . For official release i have to wait for PixelExperience to Build on its server . So on seeing the present situation i dont think it is possible to release on December 25. If it is possible i will surely release. If not informing here in prior so that you guys dont get disappointed. THanks for waiting and understanding and supporting

    Edited on 22 Dec 12:40 IST
    @Immanuel Raj bro it's been more than a month since you've declared about this rom. We are eagerly waiting for quite a long time. We understand it takes time to make a good product, but we cannot check the website every single day to check whether you've uploaded or not (which btw some of us are doing). So if you need time take as much as you want, but please give us an estimated time when we can expect the file to be uploaded so we don't have to check every day. Chears bro!
    perfect, any estimated time to when upload?
    Yes...but i dont want to tell...expect the unexpected XD
    Thank you very much for the work. This phone still has great hardware that can be taken advantage of. I do not understand that the same "Lineage OS" has abandoned it. I will now resume updates thanks to this project.

    A SIMPLE QUESTION. what is the difference between the "normal" version and the "Plus edition"?

    Thank you very much.
    Plus has more features where as normal is clean and stock near to pixel.