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Feb 15, 2017
NEW Build is UP:-


==== 17 February 2023 ====

+ Used latest WCS kernel
+ Fixed Anx Cam front and potrait cam issue
+ Update blobs from mojito qssi-user 12 RKQ1.210614.002 V14.0.1.0.SKGMIXM release-keys
+ Revert "sm6150-common:Add 300Mhz scaling_min_freq for CPUBigClusterMinFreq and CPULittleClusterMinFreq"
+ sm6150-common: Disallow aux cam usage for Telegram / Telegram X / Nekogram
+ sm6150-common: Fix mic in 3rd party apps
+ Fix some sepolicy denials
+ Improved Overall stability.
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Jun 17, 2021
Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite
FEB build... few issues.

often reboots (at least 1 reboot /day) automatically.

Statusbar icons sometimes shift to much left or right. clock and battery icon gets partially hidden.

battery life is not as good as it used to be.
This happened to me as well. The device reboots every morning and it's kind of annoying. I wanted the system and kernel to settle but the daily reboots were too much so I uninstalled it and flashed other ROM instead.


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Aug 30, 2020
Redmi Note 10
can you run me through all these types: omni, basic, full, stock, core, go? I've never flashed gapps before so this is all new to me.
they are multiple packages each one with a number of gapps included

i recommend you to choose core which contains only the necessary apps to get Play Store running... after flashing you can install other apps on the Play Store

you can see the included apps on each package on NIKGApps site


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May 16, 2023
It seems that the status bar is broken and getting push aside to the far corners, is there anyway to fix? I'm using the latest version of crdroid



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    *** Disclaimer
    I am not responsible for any damage you made to your device
    You have been warned

    * Encrypted by default
    * Selinux enforcing and Safety net passes by default
    * More info - Click here

    First Time Installation:
    * Backup before you begin
    * Reboot to TWRP-based recovery / Ofox
    * Clean Flash (Via adb sideload / via sd card)
    * Reboot to recovery after switching slot (For flashing gapps).(If needed).
    * Reboot

    Update Installation:
    * Backup before you begin
    * Reboot to TWRP-based recovery
    * Flash ROM update
    * Reboot to recovery after switching slot (For flashing gapps).(If needed).
    * Reboot

    Redmi Note 10

    Known issues:
    * 48MP mode doesn't works
    * OTA is not tested.

    As of now twrp is not pre included
    Screenshots :-


    Visit official website @
    Redmi Note 10 CR Support group
    Donate to help me in development
    crDroid Community Telegram
    Donate to help CrDroid team pay server costs
    Highlights & Device Specific Changes:
    Build type: Monthly
    Device: Redmi Note 10 (mojito/sunny)
    Device maintainer: Anush Madathumkara (Anush02198)

    ==== 14 September, 2022 ====
    + Based on New Rebased WCSF Kernel
    + Fixed NFC Spams.
    + Fixed MTP related issues.

    ==== 22 July, 2022 ====
    + Based on New Rebased WCSF Kernel
    + sm6150-common: libinit: Override odm_dlkm and vendor_dlkm props
    + sm6150-common: sepolicy: Address WFD prop denial
    + sm6150-common: Drop atrace HIDL service
    + sm6150-common: Remove TARGET_ENABLE_MEDIADRM_64
    + sm6150-common: set debug.sf.latch_unsignaled to 1
    + Update Blobs from Stock MIUI release-keys
    + sm6150-common:Fix mi_thermald related sepolicies
    + Fix gc related logspam's
    + Re-implemented F2fsRecessModeEnable
    + Improved R/W performance.
    + Improved overall stability.

    ==== 13 June, 2022 ====
    + Update Blobs from MIUI
    + Uses Rebased WCSF Kernel.
    + mojito: overlay: Set fps location on x-axis
    + mojito: overlay: Configure side fps properties
    + mojito: vAB: Move recovery resources to /vendor_boot
    + sm6150-common: sepolicy: Add vendor prefix to camera persist file type
    + sm6150-common: overlay: Enable config_forceMultiResolution
    + sm6150-common: vAB: Move GSI AVB keys to /vendor_boot
    + sm6150-common: Fixup Vulkan deQP permission copy
    + sm6150-common: Fix display animation while AOD on/off screen
    + sm6150-common: overlay: Decouple suspend from screen state
    + sm6150-common: Build power-off charging daemon dependency
    + sm6150-common: editorconfig: Add EditorConfig configuration
    + sm6150-common: configs: Add interaction boosts
    + sm6150-common: configs: Set 1 second timeout for interaction boosts
    + sm6150-common: overlay: Drop display STATE_DOZE
    + sm6150-common: powerhint: Enable F2FS background GC
    + sm6150-common: powerhint: Use generic F2FS path provided by init
    + sm6150-common: sepolicy: Add F2FS sysfs permission

    ==== 26 April, 2022 ====
    + Based on rebased WCS Kernel.
    + sm6150-common: overlay: Disable wallpaper zooming
    + sm6150-common: Update surfaceflinger props
    + sm6150-common: Disable partial FB excl rect
    + sm6150-common: audio: extend buffer size to 256kb for offload playback
    + sm6150-common: Enable support for protected content GPU composition
    + sm6150-common:Remove Display framebuffer flag
    + sm6150-common: props: Fix rank of OMX audio codec components
    + sm6150-common: media: Add swap width and height feature
    + sm6150-common: audio: Remove dynamic attributes from APS config
    + sm6150-common: audio: Add Stereo config channel support to usb surround sound
    + sm6150-common: Enable call recording
    + sm6150-common: use armv8-2a-dotprod
    + sm6150-common: Symlink libvndfwk_detect_jni.qti for CneApp
    + sm6150-common: overlay: Enable haptic text cursor
    + sm6150-common: overlay: Disable proximity usage during doze
    + sm6150-common: overlay: Enable burn-in protection
    + sm6150-common: rootdir: Add recovery label
    + mojito: Inherit vAB makefile from new dir
    + mojito: Inherit launch_with_vendor_ramdisk for vAB
    + mojito: fix deprecated power profile items
    + Removal of ANX camera

    ==== 02 March, 2022 ====
    + Update blobs from MIUI 13.0.5
    + Based on rebased WCS Kernel.
    + Added Thermal Profiles
    + Added Dirac Audio
    + sdm6150-common: Disable triple buffering
    + sm6150-common: Make fastrpc_shell_3 publicly available
    + sm6150-common:Update Some Blobs from LA.UM.9.1.r1-11500.02-SMxxx0.QSSI12.0
    + sm6150-common:Add missing zram writeback props
    + sm6150-common: Use proper dynamic partition size for AB
    + sm6150-common: prop: Checkout with latest miui13 release
    + sm6150-common: audio: Remove FM Tuner from input devices
    + sm6150-common: wifi: Relax WiFi re-association RSSI thresholds
    + sm6150-common: wifi: Disable RX wakelock feature
    + sm6150-common: Update surfaceflinger pin for A12
    + sm6150-common: parts: Increase BootCompletedReceiver priority
    + sm6150-common: Use to vendor C2 manifest entry
    + sm6150-common: overlay: Don't pin renderscript
    + sm6150-common: Build extphonelib libs
    + sm6150-common: sepolicy: Address xiaomi parts denials.
    + sm6150-common: sepolicy: Add mlstrustedsubject attribute to parts.
    + sm6150-common: sepolicy: Label bootanim color props
    + sm6150-common: sepolicy: Label more imei props
    + sm6150-common: sepolicy: Address vendor_dataservice_app denies
    + sm6150-common: sepolicy: Address telephony denies
    + sm6150-common: sepolicy: Allow recovery to access pstore
    + sm6150-common: Don't inherit
    + sm6150-common: cmdline: Disable kpti
    + sm6150-common: Add hardware/qcom-caf/wlan to namespaces and wpa_supplicant
    + sm6150-common: Adding developer GSI keys
    + mojito:Update Touch Improve blobs from LA.UM.9.1.r1-11500.02-SMxxx0.QSSI12.0

    ==== 31 January, 2022 ====
    + Update blobs from MIUI 13
    + Updated WCS Kernel.
    + Fixed few sepolicy denials and wakeup nodes.
    + sm6150-common: prop: Optimise dex flags
    + sm6150-common: prop: Import commonized audio pcm voip
    + sm6150-common: overlay: Update config_safe_media_volume_index
    + sm6150-common: overlay: Drop unused/useless overlays
    + sm6150-common: prop: Set media vol steps to 25
    + sm6150-common: Build media Codec2 modules
    + Moved to Vanilla build

    ==== 14 January, 2022 ====

    + Initial Beta build.
    + Minimal gapps are prebuilt.
    + ANX cam preincluded.
    New Build is UP:-

    ==== 22 January 2023 ====
    + Used latest WCSF
    + Update Blobs from mojito qssi-user 12 SKQ1.210908.001 V13.0.11.0.SKGMIXM release-keys
    + sm6150-common: Switch to legacy sepolicy_vndr
    + sm6150-common:Remove vendor_debugfs_clk
    + sm6150-common: Kill IMS logspam
    + sm6150-common: Clean debug properties for graphics layer
    + sm6150-common: props: Use HintManager for HWUI
    + sm6150-common: Enable config_avoidGfxAccel
    + Alter Partitions to Fit bit larger gapps
    + sm6150-common: Disable blur on app launch
    + sm6150-common: Disable Async MTE on System Server
    + sm6150-common: Switch to SkiaGL
    + sm6150-common: props: Disable Skia tracing by default
    + sm6150-common: Compile HWUI for performance
    + sm6150-common: overlay: Compact cached app heaps in the background
    + sm6150-common: overlay: Allow more cached apps in the background
    + sm6150-common: overlay: Offload WM shell to another thread
    + Enable F2FS Compression
    + Initial User build
    New build is up:-



    * initial CR 9.X release
    New build is up