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Apr 18, 2018


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Jul 27, 2008
I just upgraded my Poco F3 to the 17/11/2022 version of this rom and it's running fine, great job on that !
I discovered wifi calling is not working like the older 12.1 rom by cristianvaz and I also have a problem when I enable VoLTE calling I don't see the callers number, it shows private. I don't care that much about the VoLTE calling, but the wifi calling is a nice feature. It was working with my old Nokia 6.2 (same provider).
My provider is Youfone (KPN) The Netherlands. Wifi calling should work by an ipsec tunnel to ( for my provder.
When I use tcpdump om my router, I can see my old Nokia connect to, the Poco F3 doesn't even try to make the ipsec tunnel.

Using my Nokia 6.2 with same Youfone sim
[email protected]:~ # tcpdump -i igb0 host
tcpdump: verbose output suppressed, use -v or -vv for full protocol decode
listening on igb0, link-type EN10MB (Ethernet), capture size 262144 bytes
14:11:02.541203 IP > isakmp: parent_sa ikev2_init[I]
14:11:02.562717 IP > isakmp: parent_sa ikev2_init[R]
14:11:04.539530 IP > isakmp: parent_sa ikev2_init[I]
14:11:04.558612 IP > isakmp: parent_sa ikev2_init[R]
14:11:05.658577 IP > NONESP-encap: isakmp: child_sa  ikev2_auth[I]
14:11:05.690747 IP > NONESP-encap: isakmp: child_sa  ikev2_auth[R]

I found this artilce about No caller id on VOLTE/VOWifi calls. Didn't yet tried this on my phone. Maybe it's the solution ?
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    Zeetaa seems to be on the ball and more than capable, but I think we need to do more to support the maintainer/dev.

    So many posts in this thread seems to be asking when the next update will be coming. Since when was this accepted on the forum? Do you guys not realise that the maintainer does not respond to you?

    Before posting, have a think about how these requests affect devs who are providing their time for free and how that would make you feel. Do you think it's pressuring them to work faster? At best it's ignored, at worst, you're pissing them off and providing even more reasons for them to step down from a project.

    Also, we need fewer feature requests and more constructive feedback. Just my opinion.

    New Jun sec patch release!

    - Merged 4.19.269
    - Fixed rounded corners
    - Added aperture lens and aditional videos framerates
    - Switch to Vulkan render
    - Added high touch polling rate
    - Fixed AOD flicking
    - Disabled kpti
    - Enabled zygote critical window
    - Added blkio tuning from sunfish
    - Imported userdata tuning from oriole
    - Set GPU idle timeout to 58 ms
    - And alot more stuff on kernel side...

    Rom Changelog:
    Can I downgrade FW and flash ROM again without formatting internal storage? I do not want to do the whole process again.
    Yes, you can downgrade FW without formating data
    Thank you very much Zeetaa. I sincerely appreciate your effort, your commitment and time dedicated to support this rom, the patience with some impatient users and the great value of working for the community. Thank you.
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    PixelOS is an AOSP based ROM, with Google apps included and all Pixel goodies (launcher, wallpapers, themed icons, google sans fonts, Monet color based system wide theming, boot animation), a fork of OG Pixel Experience with improvements on the top of it. Huge respect to Pixel Experience team for their work, thanks to them for making this ROM possible.
    In short a fully functional Pixel Experience with just the right amount of essentials.

    /* Your warranty is now void.
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

    Improvements over PixelExperience

    Device Specific Issues:

    FW EU

    Get the latest PixelOS Build for Alioth:
    Magisk (optional)
    Note: GApps are included, don't flash separately.

    • Encryption is enabled by default
    • SELinux is enforcing
    • Nexus Kernel Kernel Included

    PixelOS Recovery is recommended.
    Flashing Instructions
    Clean flash (coming from a different ROM):

    • Download ROM from the link above
    • Format data, wipe data/cache/metadata
    • Flash FW from the link above
    • Flash ROM
    • Reboot recovery
    • Flash magisk (Optional)
    • Format data and reboot

    Updating to a newer build (dirty flash):
    • Flash ROM zip
    • Reboot recovery (Optional if u want to flash magisk)
    • Flash magisk (Optional)
    • Reboot and voila!

    Join our Telegram Group
    Buy me a Coffee

    Source Code
    Device Tree and Vendor Tree
    Kernel Tree

    ROM OS Version: Android 13
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.19.265
    Stable Release Date: 22/01/2023
    Latest Release Date: 22/01/2023
    November Update is ready!
    Also got official, soon official release.

    Forgot to mention that the december security patch update will take time and probally will need clean flash, sorry for it but source needs to be rebased to fix other issues and to merge december security patch.
    You know, i'll write my own instructions. Since the Installation instructions aren't really that documented (as pixel experiences ones, for example) this is how i did it:

    Make sure the bootloader is unlocked!


    1. I started with clean installing the latest MIUI. Here are the instructions to do that:
    1a. Download Mi Flash Tool from
    1b. Install the drivers. Can be done from Mi Flash Tool or Mi Unlock Tool.
    1c. Download the latest MIUI ROM from here
    (pick the latest one for your country that has a fastboot option, for example:
    POCO F3 EEA Stable Fastboot V13.0.9.0.SKHEUXM)
    1d. Download the latest firmware from
    (again, pick the latest one for your country.)
    1e. Enter Fastboot mode, turn off your F3 and hold the volume down with the power button, once you see the poco logo, release the power button and when the fastboot logo appears, release the volume down button.
    1f. Open Mi Flash Tool (Warning! It may crash while installing the drivers! To fix this, create a folder named "log" in the directory you launched the Flash tool.)
    1g. Select the MIUI ROM folder, (extracted, it goes like this -> tar.gz -> tar -> folder, recommend using 7zip/winrar!)
    1h. Select flash-all.bat, DO NOT select flash-all-lock, that will lock your bootloader. And flash!
    1i. Complete the MIUI 13 Setup, DO NOT set a pin/fingerprint scanner.
    1j. Enable USB Debugging. And we can finally get to flashing the rom!

    2. Download platform-tools from
    2a. Extract it and open cmd.
    2b. While in the platform-tools directory, type "adb devices"
    Your device should ask to enable usb debugging on this computer, click yes.
    2c. Type "adb reboot bootloader" check if it detected it by using "fastboot devices" and if yes, we are getting to flashing it!
    2d. Now, download the latest build and recovery from
    2e. Flash the recovery using "fastboot flash boot <recovery_filename>.img
    (replace the things i type in <> with proper file names)
    2f. Reboot using "fastboot reboot-recovery"
    2g. Bootloop? Doesn't work? Try using orangefox recovery. For that, you have to flash twrp. Here are the instructions:
    1. Download TWRP from
    here. (Select 3.6.1 for proper function!)
    2. Type "fastboot boot <TWRP_xxx>.img"
    3. In TWRP, go to Wipe, and Format Data. Type yes.
    4. Download OrangeFox from
    5. Type "adb push <OrangeFox_recovery.img> /sdcard
    6. Go to install, and install OrangeFox!

    3. Now, the problem is i dont know how the PixelOS Recovery is, soooo, uhhh i dunno.

    4. Meanwhile OrangeFox:

    1. Go to Wipe, and erase:
    Dalvik, Metadata, Data, Internal Storage
    2. Well again. Type "adb push <>"
    3. Flash it by clicking on it.
    5. Flash the firmware. Type "adb push <xiaomi-firmware>.img" and flash it.
    6. After flashing, restart, if the SLOT is A, and it said B, switch to B and reboot. The same for the opposite, if it said A, and it's A, just restart.

    Dirty Flashing is simple tho:
    1.Boot to orangefox
    2.Flash the ROM

    Done! This took me so long, ugh why did i do this to myself.
    Also, uh you can flash magisk after the firmware or something i dont use it so i dont know the process :)