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Sep 20, 2014
Hà Nội
im currently in a12 8.10 build (i selected update to 8.11 but it still at 8.10 when i reboot and re-flash gapps)
can i dirty flash a13 and reflash gapps like usual ? or i have to do a clean flash cause i dont want to lose my current setting and apps
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Apr 27, 2013
no issue here and using that feature daily

You are correct! I figured out the problem with DND, but does bedtime mode (from Digtal Wellbeing) function correctly for you? It enables but doesn't actually turn the screen black and white for me. When I go to the screen options at bedtime setting page, it's blank. I'm on a clean flash.

Figured it out! Digital Wellbeing had to be installed as a system app.
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Jan 23, 2014
System volume and notification are very load.
I flashed c63 and the latest build on my op9 pro eu.
Any suggestion?


Jul 27, 2014
yes, it should be updated, your right but that's why I mentioned it. No reason to waste a lot of time updating stock.
Actually I tried this (MSM to A11, unlock BL and use C63 flasher) with another phone over the weekend and it didn't work that way. The flasher bricked the phone, but MSM easily restored it. 2nd go around I did unlock BL, update to some A12 build via inbuilt updater and then used the flasher to C63. That did work, just an FYI in case anyone has the same problem. Maybe some phones need to be on OOS12 for the C63 flasher to work.


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Apr 27, 2013
Guys make sure to have proper firmware (C.63 - also linked on op), and hope you didn't change kernel (that can also cause boot loop)
In case of any boot issues via OTA, just flash gapps again

no issue here and using that feature daily
In reference to the DND bug, I think there is a bug. If I am in an active DND schedule time and I reboot my phone, the DND mode does not reactivate automatically. I have to go into that schedule and toggle a day for it to reactivate.
1 week of use: would NOT recommend this ROM, absolutely horrendous battery life that leaves me charging my phone 3 times a day.

Recommendation: back up your apps and data, format the data partition, clean flash, and restore apps/data. I daresay your experience is not the norm, because if it was, this forum and others would likely be swamped with complaints. I'd speculate that something went wonky that's causing a process to run continuously in the background and/or prevent the phone from going into deep sleep for you to have to charge it three times a day.
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Nov 12, 2009
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Aug 10, 2004
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You are in the minority. Either you are trolling or you have a nonstandard configuration killing your battery. OOS is a notorious background killer, so check your apps, you probably have something rogue that AOSP doesn't kill.
The oos stock is better battery life because it's a notorious background killer. I generally get slightly worse battery life on aosp roms. I notice it mostly while I'm sleeping. The oos roms seem to handle that a little better. But I'm still getting 5-7 hrs screen time with Crdroid which is really good. And this phone charges from zero to 100 in 30 mins so who cares? Crdroid is awesome.
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What part of, stop being an a-hole through the keyboard did you not understand?

Anyways, I'll try another CLEAN install again and hope for the best.
Just wanted to give an update. I did another clean flash install. Hulu and Netflix are working.

However, within a 24hr time period, Google services get stuck. Play store won't load my profile and subsequently won't allow me to update my apps unless I restart the system. Is anyone else experiencing this? I understand that this could be a Gapps issue and not necessarily a ROM issue.

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