[ROM][13][pdx206] LineageOS 20 for Sony Xperia 5 II [OFFICIAL]

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May 12, 2013
XQ-AS52 here, unfortunately I'm also having the issue with non-functional loudspeakers (earpiece for calls works). Latest build as well as 2023-03-17, same issue, and the patched 2023-03-16 build linked above also behaves the same way in my case.

Here's a full logcat from moment of power-on, in case it helps: xq-as52-logcat.txt

My model number also changes to XQ-AS72 after flashing this ROM, and going back to stock using Newflasher is finicky at best - the only thing that worked last time is relocking the bootloader and restoring using Xperia companion.
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I have to update it every week, so I can’t sync the address book today
Sync with the Google account I use, okay. There are also a lot of bugs in the weekly night version, it is better to flash a usable version and wait for stability. This is what I think. And if ota has to wait for a long time for weekly updates, I can only sleep and hang up. It will be troublesome if you have to repaint the mask after recovery


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Jul 26, 2013
Installed rom nightly on my XQ-AS72, using Nikgapps Omni package, everything working fine for now. Something that I've noticed is the automatic brightness adjustment is very aggresive, maybe it'll learn in some days; also the stock camera .apk has a brief "stutter" when taking photos, the images come out fine though. Battery seems very similar to stock, haven't noticed any difference.

Currently using ACC, Dolby and Universal SafetyNet Fix Magisk modules, all working no problems.


Aug 24, 2021
After yesterday update auto brightness again resets after restart, and there is no apparent way to fix it.

It seems the extra dim kicks-in also if it is disabled! :mad:

EDIT: no, it's not the extra dim, see

XQ-AS72:/ $ settings get secure reduce_bright_colors_persist_across_reboots                                            
XQ-AS72:/ $ settings get secure reduce_bright_colors_activated                                                        
XQ-AS72:/ $ settings get secure reduce_bright_colors_level                                                            

(restarted and brightness changed to desired)

XQ-AS72:/ $ settings get system screen_auto_brightness_adj                                                               

(restarted again but no manual brightness changed)

XQ-AS72:/ $ settings get system screen_auto_brightness_adj
XQ-AS72:/ $

Clearly the auto brightness setting does not survive the restart. :mad:
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Feb 11, 2023
I found 2 problems on 0324 build:

1. Failed to use a live wallpaper

2. Pixel launcher of NikGapps crashes once opened recent items


Feb 11, 2023
UPDATE: don't use NikGapps, there are too many compatibility issues, starting from google assistant, MindTheGapps only

With NikGapps FULL version pixel launcher works, but Themes don't, Gboard also does not shows up during first setup! BTW I don't recommend to use Live wallpapers at all... for many obvious reasons, starting from battery usage...

So I had to wipe the entire device completely because after the 0324 update, many things got irreparably broken. I downloaded and installed the latest version with NikGapps BASIC version. Now hopefully seems to be stable enough, auto brightness "works" but it still pushes the screen too DIM in dark, so it's not fixed, I'll see if possible to change the minimum brightness in the screen configuration file (if someone know where is it kindly let me know), I think is the only way to avoid this issue, a minimum brightness slider in the settings will be enormously appreciated!
Are you one of the developers? Well, that's not the answer that I expect from a developer.
MindTheGapps obviously doesn't meet many users' need. If you agree that Gapps are necessary , so is pixel launcher. At least for someone.
People love live wallpapers, that's why live wallpapers exist. Or their smartphones becomes boring.


Aug 24, 2021
Are you one of the developers? Well, that's not the answer that I expect from a developer.
MindTheGapps obviously doesn't meet many users' need. If you agree that Gapps are necessary , so is pixel launcher. At least for someone.
People love live wallpapers, that's why live wallpapers exist. Or their smartphones becomes boring.
Very helpful 👍


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Aug 26, 2017
hello guys, i bought the phone but its japanese variant, i was wondering if i can flash los and if something goes wrong how can i revert back to stock, im new to the sony phone family


Apr 23, 2014
Sony Xperia 1 II
I have just installed this ROM on my phone :)

First impressions are very good.

  • Wifi, Bluetooth, mobile network (5G)
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Flashlight
  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • microSD
  • Camera shutter button
  • Banking app (SafetyNet)
  • All other apps tried for now

Not working:
  • 120Hz refresh rate (setting not available) - Fixed with lineage-20.0-20230124-UNOFFICIAL-pdx206
  • NFC does not turn on (adb logcat does not show anything strange) - Fixed with lineage-20.0-20230124-UNOFFICIAL-pdx206

Working with issues:
  • Sony Photography Pro app (more of a general issue with the app than with this ROM): had to install version com.sonymobile.photopro_1.3.1.A.0.11_patched.apk from https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/patched-photo-pro-1-2-for-non-official-systems.4345185/ as:
    • Version com.sonymobile.photopro_1.4.A.0.20-2621460_minAPI31(arm64-v8a)(nodpi)_apkmirror.com.apk from that thread crashed when selecting the 70mm lens
    • Version com.sonymobile.photopro_1.5.1.A.0.14-2760718_minAPI31(arm64-v8a)(nodpi)_apkmirror.com.apk from apkmirror could not install due to error during install:
      adb: failed to install com.sonymobile.photopro_1.5.1.A.0.14-2760718_minAPI31(arm64-v8a)(nodpi)_apkmirror.com.apk: Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_MISSING_SHARED_LIBRARY: Reconciliation failed...: Reconcile failed: Package com.sonymobile.photopro requires unavailable shared library com.sony.device; failing!]
    • Note: I could not get the shutter button to open the app (selecting it in the app settings makes the app crash). I also tried the macro from https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/fixed-camera-button-after-photo-pro-update.4368295/ but this also did not work. I think it it because the standard camera app also does not open when holding the shutter button. Maybe this is something that can be fixed?
      The macro does work after having enabled the setting "System" -> "Buttons" -> "Launch camera"
  • The app switcher can be buggy (this was always buggy for me even on stock ROM). One time one of the apps in the app switcher "froze" on top of the screen and I had to lock and unlock the screen to fix this.

If I can test something else, let me know.
I also installed LineageOS on my xperia 1ii it works like a charm the only thing I miss is the camera pro app and the banking app wireless payment does not work.

Does somebody already have a solution for the full working camera pro app in lineageOS 20 and a way to install the banking app so I can do my shopping with my fingerprint.

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    Has anyone else had this problem where the lock screen does not appear properly, and is overlayed on what ever screen you were on before turning the screen off?
    This happens to me intermittently seemingly at random, andI am unable to unlock the phone.
    Only way to exit the screen is to reboot the phone.

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    LineageOS is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 13, which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device.

    LineageOS is based on the Android Open Source Project with extra contributions from many people within the Android community. It can be used without any need to have any Google application installed. You will need to provide your own Google Applications package (gapps). LineageOS does still include various hardware-specific code, which is also slowly being open-sourced anyway.


    Please read 'Install LineageOS on pdx206'.
    • Flash Gapps (MindTheGapps-13.0.0-arm64 is recommended) as add-ons. That is, after flushing LOS, reboot into recovery and flush Gapps.




    LineageOS team

    ROM OS Version: Android 13
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.19
    Based On: LineageOS
    Status: Stable

    Created 2023-01-07
    Last Updated 2023-02-11
    Now Xperia 5 II (pdx206) becomes official!
    Notification LED bug was fixed.
    Thank you!

    Finally looks like this phone will be in use for a bit longer.

    Installed yesterday on daily driver and everything is working this far.
    Passes safetynet with and without magisk.
    Tested microg and it also works.

    Only thing this far that's not working is the assistant button,

    Any plans on keeping this rom updated in the future?
    Would love to help out with testing if it gets updated

    EDIT! I have not tested if dual-sim works correctly
    We are trying to make pdx206 official:
    Hi, are you interested in making this official? We can collaborate on this.
    I uploaded the new build (lineage-20.0-20230124-UNOFFICIAL-pdx206.zip).
    - Add 120Hz refresh rate support.
    - Fix NFC.

    You can use Stock Camera && Cinema Pro && Photo Pro (See NOTES in the first post).