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Feb 2, 2010
battery life so far today. installed a few days ago


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View attachment 5725443View attachment 5725445I installed the ROM because it said it was built off of lineage andand I noticed that this is an issue for movies on Facebook.
This is an issue on rice, asked about it in their telegram chat however someone responded they are not having that issue on another device. I did however see a post online that some people have that issue on stock as well and google reported it's a Facebook issue.

It's actually a Facebook issue but weirdly I don't get that issue on other roms.
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@mods please remove if am not allowed to post links to apps.

Proper for Facebook is to delete the downloaded app from the play store and download this version. No more video issues.

This was the version available that worked.


Thanks for your patience on this.
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Thanks from me also for your ROM builds. The only things I would say that could be improved going by at least the ArrowOS builds is having some kind of version/dating system so each build can be identified more easily along with updating the main post with the new build.

Also from what others have mentioned flashing Radioactive or any other kernels on your ROMs isn't working. I believe that's an SELinux issue but I could be wrong maybe? Maybe someone could fill in better on this issue.
I can do a build with it included with the permission of the dev of course.

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    Future builds once I get my phone up and running will be unofficial, all previous builds prior to 10 beta was unoffical, the devs was OK with that. The purpose for the official tag was due to me testing the updater app, absolutely no need for it for anything else. Not pissed off just wondering why report something you claim to enjoy using. Our device gets blocked, eol for us with rice. Also no more builds until devs say it is ok to build.
    Builds will be done weekly or bi-weekly depending on updates pushed.

    Issues fixed with storage, just to verify what app are you guys using so I can verify it's truly fixed. Background blur added to fix QS transparency. Face unlock works as well now.

    Weather to be worked on.
    Hi All,

    Weirdly my phone died two days ago, not sure how. I was extremely tired, flashed a test build, did not wait to verify the phone fully boots up, i woke up and saw it in bootloader mode, then went back to sleep. Woke up in the morning and the phone is not coming on. Figured the battery went dead but its not showing that it is taking any charge.

    Ricedroid source changed.

    It is now

    Please stop the dead rumor.

    I will upload the build with fixes tonight or tomorrow however I am not sure of the future development until i get my phone replaced or whenever I purchase a P7P.
    As promised

    I was not able to test this however all should be ok.

    In case anyone has bootloop i already know it would be because of the Updater app i modified in hopes of pushing ota updates in the future. Let me know so i can revert the change and also should this build fail you can easily revert to previous build.

    Please report back any other bugs and if i missed fixing any.

    # Download

    Also test if the Updater works or if it said error please.
    But you actually receive more help on telegram.
    Not in my experience. I've found people on there to be quite rude and pedantic. There's a hell of a lot of nonsense that one has to wade through too.
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    riceDroid for the Google Pixel 6/6 Pro [raven][oriole]

    What is riceDroid?
    * Ricedroid is an operating system based on lineage/crdroid, that aims to provide necessary "ricing" for android while being fast and stable.

    * The rice in the project name can be referred to "rice" (food) itself, but in a sense it is indeed the term "ricing" in linux.

    Based on Android 13

    Screen Shots

    Whats working?

    Known issues
    Nothing yet
    You tell me

    Gapps = PIXEL
    Vanilla = AOSP




    Install Instructions
    Reboot to bootloader
    fastboot update 'path to downloaded zip file'
    Data wipe can be done by adding -w (fastboot update -w 'path to downloaded zip file')

    Good News!!!

    Facebook issue is now fixed.

    8 is gonna be great.
    Hey Everyone. Finally free from some crazy working hours. Please forgive me as it's really busy in Nov & Dec.

    I need some testers for RiceDroid 10 Beta if anyone is interested.
    Have been off for a bit, will follow up later after work. For the person complaining about building a new build, rice has not made any changes since that build, what exactly should i build a new build for?, also the other roms has multiple builds except evo-x due to me not getting a chance to look at the camera bug. Not sure why some users are getting a battery drain, i am not getting any whatsoever, also someone else that tested prior to me uploading also is not getting any battery drain. Will look at the other responses later.
    Don't let anyone discourage you, you're doing a good job contributing with your time and effort to the community, just ignore trolls and keep doing what makes you happy.
    New Builds in OP,

    Rice 8 with FaceUnlock amongst many other features added, 5G prop hacks thanks to hurt and the person that shared the link to his repo.

    Enjoy :D