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Apr 4, 2012
Hi, Fingerprint Sensor not working while Screen off. Setting does not stick.


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Jan 2, 2016
What do you mean "kinda"?

I remember reading something somewhere that because this feature isn't supported on the factory ROM, it would be way too much effort to implement in custom ROMs. Maybe I'm misremembering though.
Atleast for the text what that should do and what calyx one is doing is that, so i can unlock my phone just using my finger without turn the screen on 😅

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    looks like corupt download. try to download again. if this doesnt fix it, update platform tools (adb)

    0218 gapps is working fine
    thanks! i finally installed crdroid.
    just curious, what this icons mean?
    Shows up when you have auto-rotate turned off. You can turn off the icon in the statusbar settings.
    Great work @stebomurkn420
    Have just installed
    I patched the boot image in magisk first and added back to the zip
    Simply installed magisk manager later.

    Quite close to vanilla build, filesize alot smaller than other gapps versions. The bare minimum required - perfect. Anything else such as gcam installed from playstore, pixelefy used for dialler and such. Battery life is great, its currently 4% but we've got a broadband outage, so have had 3 devices sharing my 4G+ and H+ all day. No performance issues.


    Extremely happy now I'm all setup. Google wallet works after using safetynet fix mod

    Anyway... Custom kernel time
    Yeeah, they buggy asf. All videos just cant be played and just crash the phone. Aswell as hooking system in lspsed and much more.
    Make sure you're on the correct firmware. Being on an older version causes this issue.
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    *** Disclaimer
    I am not responsible for any damage you made to your device.
    You have been warned.

    crDroid is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android. You will find many custom features implemented from the Android custom ROM community over the years. Enjoy!

    Flashing Instructions:

    • You must be coming from latest Google factory image
    • Reboot into bootloader mode
    • From a terminal run "fastboot -w update" Do not use quotes and replace with the actual name of the zip you are going to install
    • There are two versions GApps and Vanilla

    Known Issues:

    • You tell me




    ROM OS Version: Android 13
    ROM Kernel: Linux 5.10.x

    Visit official website @
    NugTowersHQ Telegram
    Hey thanks for sharing. Xda isn't what it once was, but it's still nice to see roms and kernels for bluejay popping up here.
    Hello everyone! Updating the build again tonight. This build will address the adaptive connectivity FC when making calls on some carriers and fixes monet. I have also started compiling user builds. I would suggest a clean flash in any situation. Thank you.
    Sorry about a double post but noticed an issue today using the rom

    Wireless hotspot is greyed out. I can't enable it. On my old phone I could enable it. My previous phone, up until last week was a OnePlus 7 Pro 5G on stock oxygen os. Wireless hot spot worked on that phone, but doesn't on the pixel 6a. Could it be rom related?

    edit: idiot moment, data saver was turned on