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Radioactive works, but you should use version 2.0.5 because it's aligned with the November's version of CrDroid. If you flash the 2.0.5 with EXKM you should be able to maintain root.
If you like to use last Radioactive then you should wait for next CrDroid update for December.
I ended up jumping ship to AICP ROM(Android 12) and using Radioactive Kernel on that instead... And as a bonus ViPER4Android works!


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Can't set backups folder in EXKM, only get this screen


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Oct 27, 2015
flashed the latest build and having system ui crashing. it also wont log into my instagram and keeps saying turning on wifi calling says to try again later.


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Jan 24, 2009
I've never installed Gapps separately. Do you just download from source and sideload in recovery? Is there any preparation to the file needed?

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    latest kiri kernel works perfectly on my pixel 6 pro base on letest(01.15.23) version of crdroid till now(i just flashed it dirty through kernel flasher instead of using adb cmd, just few sec ago, FHD is working great, other features will be test in few hours)
    View attachment 5855351hey i fastboot update crdroid gapp 30323, i can't use the map. Need help
    Noticed the same thing with a few apps. You need to give maps access to mobile data and wifi.

    Settings>Apps>Maps>Mobile data & wifi>allow network access
    Something I've been meaning to ask you mate.

    What GAPPS are recommended for the non-gapps version? Is it still Mind The Gapps?
    And how would I flash them? ADB sideload?

    (yes, I know I can just flash the gapps version and be done with it, but I'm geeky and want to give it a shot with the non-gapps version ;) )
    Use the Gapps recommended for LOS. I believe that it's still MTG. I have also used NikGapps successfully just make sure you use a smaller package due to partition space available.
    I think that I was using nikgapps omni on this rom
    Is FHD persisting reboots for you?

    I'm on stock February for the time being (will be flashing cr soon), but noticed it doesn't seem to persist...
    yes, it'll keep on, no need to open it again after reboot.
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    *** Disclaimer
    I am not responsible for any damage you made to your device.
    You have been warned.

    crDroid is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android. You will find many custom features implemented from the Android custom ROM community over the years. Enjoy!

    Flashing Instructions:

    • You must be coming from latest Google factory image
    • Reboot into bootloader mode
    • From a terminal run "fastboot -w update" Do not use quotes and replace with the actual name of the zip you are going to install
    • There are two versions GApps and Vanilla

    Known Issues:

    • You tell me




    ROM OS Version: Android 13
    ROM Kernel: Linux 5.10.x

    Visit official website @
    NugTowersHQ Telegram
    Builds for the P6 series have been updated... Enjoy!

    • Huge improvements related to Wifi, Battery and performance.
    • Switched to AOSP Wifi Display
    • Audio optimizations
    • Fix display animation while AOD on/off
    • Updates for Wifi 5 GHZ band
    • Fixes for video calls
    • Huge optimizations and under the hood improvements
    • Kernel updates
    • Source updates
    • January security patch (Android 13-R20)
    • StatusBar and UI fixes
    • SystemUI crashes fixed
    • Other misc fixes and improvements.
    • Upstreamed with source
    • UI updates
    December build uploaded. I went back to vanilla builds. OP updated with flashing instructions. This will need clean installled.
    Hello everyone! Updating the build again tonight. This build will address the adaptive connectivity FC when making calls on some carriers and fixes monet. I have also started compiling user builds. I would suggest a clean flash in any situation. Thank you.
    Builds will include gapps from here on out.