[ROM][13][UNOFFICIAL][redfin] Evolution-X | 7.6.1 Adobo |TQ1A.230205.002 UPDATED Feb 9-2023

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Oct 11, 2011
Google Pixel 3
Google Pixel 5
I would like to start off by stating what a beautiful job you've done on this rom. I absolutely love all the options & the stability.

I do have a question, though. It seems that I am unable to select & copy words while in recent apps view. Is there an option to enable it?

This rom using other launcher, if you need that feature you have to flash stock launcher to get that back. Use magisk module is the easiest way, like pixelify.


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Why there isn't a official one? please make it a official.
It's not official in the sense that I ported this ROM to the pixel 5 on my own; I'm not affiliated with the EvolutionX team. But if you load the ROM, it will say everything is official on your phone, for example on the "about" screen it says it's "official."
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Feb 12, 2023
Google Pixel 5
Hi, so I tried installing this ROM, but I got many bootloops, no matter what I tried....
I did the usual fastboot -w, flash boot, flash vendor_boot, then boot to recovery then adb sideload... but i still get a bootloop.
However it looks like some of you managed to get it working, so...
Can anyone here give me a clue on how to install this ROM (coming from stock) please ?

EDIT : after some research, i tried the latest lineage OS vendor_boot and it booted just fine ! : )
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Aug 15, 2018
Is there any way to get the stock google camera on evo 7.6.1? Lineage camera lacks a LOT of features..
Currently downgrading back to 7.2


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Nov 27, 2013
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A big THX for this nice ROM, light and smooth :)

FYI, in my case LED color settings don't work for me, nothing at all / no light.
Additionnally, I want to deactivate weather display on screenlocked display, didn't find the setting, any thoughts ?

For default camera, try the latest Gcam suggested one for Android 11+ on this https://www.celsoazevedo.com/files/android/google-camera/dev-suggested/, it works perfectly for me.

EDIT: However, I didn't get Data Mobile keep working during more than 15 seconds, whatever 5G related magisk modules (rooted). I tried each radio profiles, no help. I event tried to dirty flash, reroot, still no help
Sadly, Flashing another worked for me solving data mobile issues.
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Jul 10, 2013
is dirty flashing from 7.3 supported? has anyone tested this?

also, is there an archive to download older versions of this rom, so i would be able to dirty flash each version step by step
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    A big THX for this nice ROM, light and smooth :)

    I just hoping that the developer fix the spoof for gphotos. It doesn't work at least for mine. It doesn't provide option to choose whether to pick storage saver or original quality. Hence, it only can backup using original quality which will bother my Google account storage.

    So in order to solve that, I installed magisk module pixelify for gphotos just to get the option for storage saver, so that it won't bother my Google account storage. Because Pixel 5 got unlimited backup on storage saver option.

    So I hope in the future update, you can fix this issue.

    Other than that, overall this is a awesome ROM you can try!

    Sorry for my bad English.

    Cheers :)
    Hi, the ROM is indeed excellent apart from the fact i also suffer from the same problem with the GPhotos spoof : even though it displays unlimited backup with original quality, it still counts in my Account Storage.
    Do voLTE working without root?
    If you're from unsupported country, you have to have root in order to get VoLTE :)

    I ask because he said volte module was added to this rom
    Yes he did. I've tried it before I installed root on my phone but it doesn't work since im from unsupported country. So i have to have root then, install my usual magisk module to enable VoLTE. Hope that's clear the things. Cheers.
    It used to drain my battery too. I did research and it actually is the program that regulates "high brightness" (a post from M.Rahman → ). I straight up uninstalled it via adb (adb shell pm uninstall -k --user 0 com.android.hbmsvmanager) it's been around a month now and i haven't encountered any issues that could be caused by removing it, and it doesn't show up in battery usage.
    i was put them battery restrict list and force closed it. No more battery drain and no need uninstall by ADB
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    I am not affiliated with the official Evolution-X team.

    link to kernel source: https://github.com/HubertVonJass/vendor_google_redfin_13
    my other repos for the device and vendor are there as well.

    flash the vendor_boot and the boot imgs. Then adb sideload the zip file in recovery.

    I added bromite webview support (does not require you to be rooted)

    THIRD UPDATE (23-02-09)
    I rebuilt the ROM with the latest updates, it now passes safety-net.

    thanks to user saxmydix, I was able to add back in turboadapter. I apparently was missing a couple of sepolicy items related to battery and high brightness. Oh, and now auto brightness works again! Hopefully this also addresses other battery-drain complaints. Thanks again, SAXMYDIX

    I added wireguard support to the kernel
    I added btrfs filesystem support to the kernel because I have some USB drives in that format I like to connect to my phone.
    I essentially added the "volte" magisk module to the ROM to enable wifi-calling (and whatever else that module does, I only cared about the wifi calling so that's all can say about it)

    I dirty flashed the 3 files onto my phone running the previous version of this ROM and retained all my data


    Lots of new stuff in this version
    new launcher packed with lots of new customization options
    lock screen clock fonts
    shortcut presentation options
    ...and more!

    I added bromite webview
    I deleted turboadapter/device health services because it kept crashing and presentiting an an screen alert indicating such that required user action to dismiss each instance (only occurred every 5-10 min but still annoying)
    I added wireguard support to the kernel
    I noticed it no longer passes safety net. It's possible I didn't inlcude something in porting this ROM that is needed to pass this (aka the right fingerprint). If I fix that I'll update this post. Otherwise I leave you to your own devices to address this if passing is important to you.
    If someone else can vouch that they were able to flash ontop of their previous version, that would be appreciated. Until someone indicates it works, I can't say for sure whether or not you will lose data flashing this. (I signed it with the same keys as before so I think it will be ok but someone on here needs to verify)

    I didn't update last month because I switched my laptop from linux mint to QubesOS. There was a bit of a learning curve for me in adopting QubesOS but am back on track now. I built this ROM in a paravirtualized debain 11 system on this laptop (AMD processor and 32GB RAM by crucial)

    February 2023 update is available now, see first post.
    If someone got high battery drain in 7.3 check at first the battery usage in the settings app.
    I found that the connectivity thermal power manager used most of the battery. See screenshots attached.

    I disabled it in termux with root permissions. Without root I couldn't execute the pm command.
    I know their is a way to disable it with adb but I was to lazy to find it out.
    So if you have the same using the most battery and you have root on your phone follow this:
    Open termux or other terminal client for Android.
    Execute this commands:
    pm disable com.google.android.connectivitythermalpowermanager

    In Version 7.2 I disabled the HBMVS Manager because it sucked much Battery in 7.2. On 7.3 it's alreay disabled on my side, because I made a dirty upgrade, without issues.
    to disable it with root execute this 2 commands:
    pm disable com.android.hbmsvmanager

    After you charged the phone completly up to 100 % this both apps shouldn't appear in the battery consumption list and your battery discharge will last much more time.
    Aospmods magisk module will add some stuff you guys need 👍🏻

    I want to say that I tried to install it on the unbound evolution x rom and it didn't work I ended up in a bootloop, have you tried it on this rom yet

    Edit: It works on this rom