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Oct 6, 2009
Is the camera working fine? Since the camera that I used in Evolution X is having a blur quality and just wanted to change the ROM


May 17, 2022
New build

Device changes:
  • Copy powerhint.xml from power HAL
  • Copy snapdragon color libs config from display HAL
  • Drop QTI camera device usage
  • Drop audio_configs.xml
  • Make fastrpc_shell_3 publicly available
  • Remove deprecated biometrics soong conditionals
  • Set max_retry_alloc_output_timeout to 0
  • audio: Don't advertise vorbis offloading support
  • configs: Add Stereo config channel support to usb surround sound
  • gpt-utils: Do fsync after writing partition entries
  • gpt-utils: Drop unused sparse_crc32
  • hal: audio: Update gain to 84 for WSA MCS devices
  • hal: set valid and supported channel mask for earpiece
  • overlay: Add support for doze auto brightness
  • overlay: Set preferred refresh rate on keyguard to 60
  • overlay: Switch to vendor-defined color modes
  • replace libavservices_minijail_vendor with libavservices_minijail
  • sepolicy: Label camera props
  • sepolicy: Label more wakeup nodes
  • sepolicy: Let tee setting mlipay props

* frameworks/base
bd7b292 NavigationBarEdgePanel: Make the gesture duration always valid [LibXZR]
5eecb4c EdgeBackGestureHandler: Change back gesture height intervals [Anushek Prasal]
2103865 base: navigation mode settings [1/2] [maxwen]

* frameworks/libs/systemui
961ed52 Make members in BaseIconFactory overridable [Pranav Vashi]
5437888 Implement changes for icon pack support [Pranav Vashi]

* packages/apps/DerpLauncher
0eb1621 DerpLauncher: UI elements color palette changes [str-br]
152f4cb DerpLauncher: Allow hiding top shadow on statusbar [Adithya R]
c6d43b5 DerpLauncher: Use font configs instead hardcoded fonts [Pranav Vashi]
7b0253b DerpLauncher: Add ripple animation to task menu items [Danny Lin]
67f8f8d DerpLauncher: Adapt iconpack UI to Android 12 style [Pranav Vashi]
31d65d2 DerpLauncher: Fix NPE with swipe down [Ali B]
6e6d941 DerpLauncher: Refresh icon config on icon change [Pranav Vashi]
51b1ac5 DerpLauncher: Add icon and icon text size customizations [Pranav Vashi]
db60c81 DerpLauncher: CustomSeekbarPreference: Improve layout [Anushek Prasal]
784116d DerpLauncher: Import CustomSeekBarPreference from crdroid [Pranav Vashi]
f2c005a DerpLauncher: Make icon preview with 8 icons [Pranav Vashi]
afc29ec DerpLauncher: Use a custom icon factory to decide icon wrapping [Anay Wadhera]
7e92bda DerpLauncher: Add support for icon packs [Joey]
f8d0379 DerpLauncher: pull screenshot drawable from frameworks-res [Omkar Chandorkar]
62b777c DerpLauncher: Add WallpaperManager check to support WSA [Peter Njeim]
6596cec DerpLauncher: Return if launcher is null in notifyRecentsOfOrientation [Pranav Santhosh]
6527279 TaskViewUtils: Add valid check for SurfaceControl [Col_or]
24c7bc5 IconPlatte: Don't crash when the app gives us an invalid color [Ido Ben-Hur]
24b3913 DerpLauncher: Fix crash on notification icon contrast calculation [Nauval Rizky]
122d9d9 DerpLauncher: Ability to toggle themed icons for all apps [Trishiraj]
a253e22 DerpLauncher: Display themed app icon all the time [SakuraiLH]
e4983fd DerpLauncher: Fix all apps view not dismissing [Timi Rautamäki]
a921acc DerpLauncher: Fix header protection height calculation [Danny Lin]
a08936b DerpLauncher: SystemShortcut: abort uninstall action if package name is null [jhonboy121]
76659d7 quickstep: return if recentsView is null [Pranav]
dd3a75f DerpLauncher: Add uninstall button to system shortcuts [Ali B]
b94b6fe DerpLauncher: Add kill action to app shortcuts popup [ezio84]
d58d9ad quickstep: RecentsView: add null check for invocations mFirstFloatingTaskView [jhonboy121]
1488d52 DerpLauncher: Don't vibrate while scrolling [Pranav]
29af4ef Enable local colors for popup menu items [Danny Lin]
ffa4581 LocalColorExtractor: Disable local colors when using system presets [Danny Lin]
c279359 LocalColorExtractor: Adapt for 12L changes [Anay Wadhera]
d65e6b2 DerpLauncher: Implement LocalColorExtractor using monet theme engine [Danny Lin]
44fad5f DerpLauncher: device_profiles: catch up to 13 [Anay Wadhera]
7dbfaef DerpLauncher: Move searchbar toggle out of recents category [Adithya R]
8025705 DerpLauncher: Add a toggle to disable hotseat searchbar [Pranav Vashi]
7233b4c DerpLauncher: Add restart action for toggling settings [hundeva]
929066c DerpLauncher: Add un-themed icons to google search bar [Adithya R]
f94116c DerpLauncher: Make recents lens button optional [Adithya R]
2410549 DerpLauncher: Add Google Lens scan button to recents [Suphon Thanakornpakapong]
b469f33 DerpLauncher: Make lens available without lens package [Pranav Vashi]
852bdd4 DerpLauncher: Enable lens icon for dock searchbar [Pranav Vashi]
4cb29ae DerpLauncher: Rearrange home settings layout [Adithya R]
04e80eb DerpLauncher: Re-organize settings [Omkar Chandorkar]
c8a15f0 DerpLauncher: Adapt home settings UI to Android 12 style [Adithya R]
3f50b14 DerpLauncher: add toggle for desktop and drawer labels [Joey]
6a834a5 DerpLauncher: allow disabling workspace edit [Joey]
34dfa54 DerpLauncher: Don't show move layer when editing isn't allowed [Michael W]
0d4382d DerpLauncher: Allow changing app suggestion settings. [Alexander Koskovich]
16dc464 DerpLauncher: No Calendarwidget 4x4 widget displayed [ningl]
d985528 DerpLauncher: Stability NullPointer issue [yingrenw]
b3fab7a DerpLauncher: Edit Google feed strings to be inline with Pixels [Andrew Thomas]
b99a565 DerpLauncher: Better hotseat searchbar colors [Maitreya29]
ed30a6d DerpLauncher: Implement Hotseat searchbar [Suphon Thanakornpakapong]
eb71fb0 DerpLauncher: Fix crash when placing widgets [Suphon Thanakornpakapong]
0809fa2 DerpLauncher: Add 5x6, 5x7 and 6x6 default workspaces [dwardo]
e514cc7 DerpLauncher: Add 2x2 workspace grid option [Danny Lin]
09f8464 Replace 4x4 grid option with a 4x5 one [Arne Coucheron]
7e5ef65 Workspace: Allow resizing any widget [Nebojsa Cvetkovic]
a98f3db Revert "Don't allow starting DeveloperOptionsFragment on non-debug builds" [palaych]
8a01474 DerpLauncher: Use regular body font for app labels [Adithya R]
8b618c5 DerpLauncher: Avoid NPE in TaskOverlayFactory [Adithya R]
63c1109 DerpLauncher: Show clear all button in recents overview [jhonboy121]
cd35c75 DerpLauncher: Map oneplus camera to camera icon [NurKeinNeid]
22055d8 DerpLauncher: Import updated Pokemon Unite vector [kubersharma001]
42e21a7 DerpLauncher: Import some themed icons [Sarthak Roy]
d6af61d DerpLauncher: Update and import new themed icons [Adithya R]
d4aaebd DerpLauncher: Specify hour index for clock themed icon [Adithya R]
10fa632 DerpLauncher: Update themed icons [Sonal Singh]
2f5ba8c DerpLauncher: Add support for themed icons [TheScarastic]
fac63d7 DerpLauncher: Reduce app label text size [Danny Lin]
954631b DerpLauncher: Fix Personal/Work profile tab colors in All Apps [Danny Lin]
015741f DerpLauncher: Fix all apps header color in dark mode [Danny Lin]
d50c986 DerpLauncher: Switch back to tertiary color for search hint [alk3pInjection]
cb53ce9 DerpLauncher: Fix search bar UI in All Apps [Michael Bestas]
d9ce4d3 DerpLauncher: Update search icon to match Settings [Michael Bestas]
71eedbb DerpLauncher: Improve search bar UI in All Apps [Danny Lin]
4a33f12 DerpLauncher: Fix gesture navigation fail to move to bottom [Yingren Wang]
3f03b43 DerpLauncher: Make DT2S follow system settings [cjh1249131356]
2e516d5 DerpLauncher: Double tap on home screen to turn off screen [Thecrazyskull]

* packages/apps/DerpSpace
48ab964 DerpSpace: Add horizon light settings [2/2] [Chris Crump]

* packages/apps/Settings
22bb88b Settings: Change back gesture height intervals [Anushek Prasal]
13ae06a Settings: Fix gestures saving parameters [timjosten]
c3fe5b0 Settings: navigation mode settings [2/2] [maxwen]
48cf346 Settings: Add toggle to switch between AOSP/Google battery graphs [DennySPb]
f78abc9 Settings: Add missing summary for Display size and text [PainKiller3]
74c5903 Changelog: Use NestedScrollView instead of ScrollView [DennySPb]
95eab88 Changelog: Rework with Activity [xyyx]
7f7f20a Changelog: fix possible title pattern mismatches [Vol Zhdanov]
b930c40 Changelog: use normal font instead of italic for commiter name [Vol Zhdanov]
14e1701 Changelog: Add left padding [xyyx]
b6f68cd Settings: update changelog activity [dadi11]
0ac6b6f Changelog: Fix text selection with dot [xyyx]
daa5dcb Changelog: clean and make themeable [xyyx]
ae63fa7 Changelog: prettify [pcarenza]
52a9eb3 Settings: Changelog [david]
f77e8bc Udfps: Fix NPE in getAvailabilityStatus() [Chenyang Zhong]
c568df1 Settings: gestures: Add page for Screen-Off UDFPS [Cosmin Tanislav]


* build/make
8de094a Makefile: Generate changelog [xyyx]

* build/soong
c9e0697 soong: installclean: Delete generated changelog files too [SagarMakhar]
fba3713 soong: Add equivalent for LOCAL_EXPORT_CFLAGS [Alessandro Astone]

* frameworks/base
f422ef1 styles: Use user fonts for Material UI themes [Danny Lin]
52aeec8 RingtoneManager: Set an default ringtone for the SIM 2 [micky387]
97185e5 base: Phone ringtone setting for Multi SIM device [1/3] [Ting Yu]
b2f9d40 SystemUI: Use max Display.Mode in AuthController as well [LuK1337]
acba233 Save user preferred resolution into persistent data store [LuK1337]
0d4a199c SystemUI: Allow Configuring Navbar Radius [1/2] [spkal01]
8e4d231 base: Long press power button to toggle torch [1/2] [ezio84]
d48a2db SystemUI: add Pulse and Ambient notification bars [1/2] [kldoc]
4ffddde SystemUI: Follow light/dark theme in SplitShade Header [ReallySnow]
308e63e SystemUI: Reset to textColorPrimaryInverse for light theme [Xayah]
5d5053d base: AudioService: bail out if ringer mode is not recognized [jhonboy121]
671f015 SystemUI: Name Cellular Tile based on carrier [Manojkumar Murugeshan]
be1ad5f SystemUI: Fix crash in cast tile for non-carrier wifi [Chris Crump]
dd7e7e0 CastTile: Fix availability of Cast Quick Setting Tile [Indranil]
0b89510 Make sensor block package list configurable [1/2] [Hikari-no-Tenshi]
e3041bf base: Add Accelerometer and Linear Acceleration sensors in blocking list [HolyAngel]
cd747a2 Settings: make SensorBlock readable by non-system apps [Ali B]
401829b FWB: Sensor block per-package switch (1/2) [LorDClockaN]
c2032b3 SystemSensorManager: sensor block per-package [Simao Gomes Viana]
a6f79d2 SystemUI: QuickQSPanelController: update slider visibility when panel is attached [jhonboy121]
3e5dada Add DerpSpace CategoryKey [XlxFoXxlX]
5927d3f Privacy Indicators: Follow light/dark theme settings [minarypenguin]
149ba1f fixup! SettingsLib: Fix switch bg state on color [str-br]
5dd95e4 Improve dark mode switch color transition [str143]
94d2aa9 Avoid Settings app NPE on broken packages [t-m-w]
81c97b0 SystemUI: fix black qqs on keyguard in light theme [jhonboy121]
7b2e696 core: Fix menu popup ripple [timjosten]
8e88b7a SystemUI: Fix QS tile view active tint [str143]
dbf1cdb GameSpaceManager: Update TaskStack listener usage [Nauval Rizky]
7d9e2b8 GameSpaceManager: restrict broadcast to MANAGE_GAME_MODE holders only [Nauval Rizky]
dfb49fc SystemUI: Update gamespace for A13 [Genkzsz11]
f40c427 SystemUI: Add support for GameSpace [Nauval Rizky]
ea98788 SystemUI: Export RecordingService for External Usage [cjybyjk]
bbc1f7f [SQUASH] SystemUI: Forward-port notification counters [1/2] [Steve Kondik]
45aec56 base: wm: Follow rounded corners by split divider corner size [ReallySnow]
7621d14 SystemUI: QuickStatusBarHeaderController: Remove ColorExtractor listener [Col_or]
0fe4e0a Don't skip theme application if it's already current [Michael Bestas]
5b72e1a SystemUI: support black theme for dark mode [1/4] [althafvly]
d624913 ThemeOverlayApplier: Apply wifi and signal icon styles last [Pranav Vashi]
abc0632 ThemeOverlayApplier: Catch a potential NPE [spezi77]
d158761 Bring back ThemeUtils for Theming [sb6596]
86b7e16 SystemUI: Allow customizing footer text [1/2] [Ido Ben-Hur]
c445947 base: Allow toggling QS footer text [1/2] [Ido Ben-Hur]
22db4b0 Allow to disable qs footer warnings [1/2] [ezio84]
bd0e97a Dark Theme "TURN ON UNTIL SUNRISE" is not retained after reboot [Sameer Zalke]
420c1c2 base: overlays: Add Xperia overlays [AndroBuddy]

* frameworks/native
790de18 Fix the shadow problem caused by layer parent switching [xinying1]
1e38586 libbinder: O_CLOFORK [Steven Moreland]
32317dc [Optimization] It's no need to start the dispatch cycle going if the outbound queue was not previously empty. [hongzuo liu]

* frameworks/opt/telephony
4b3c3d4 Reintroduce 'public void TelephonyMetrics.writeRilSendSms(int, int, int, int)'. (#8) [ironydelerium]
0746e9c RIL: Fix manual network selection with old modem [faust93]
4a9d477 Update external card state based on current app [Wileen Chiu]

* manifest
f838adb manifest: Track linux-x86 clang prebuilts from android-13.0.0_r0.5 [Kujou Yuko]
25dcd80 manifest: Fix AOSP remote URL [Danny Lin]
f14761f manifest: Initial setup for DerpFest 13 [NurKeinNeid]

* packages/apps/Settings
5c6aec4 Settings: Allow user configurable fingerprint wake-and-unlock [althafvly]
b34aaad Settings: Fix ringtone selection for devices with e-SIM [jhenrique09]
db7a6b7 MSIM Ringtone: Improve on devices with ESIM [jhenrique09]
5670c77 Settings: Use AOSP translations for MSIM ringtone [jhenrique09]
a7d008e Settings: enable SIM card ringtone only if slot not empty [maxwen]
30c41f4 Settings: Phone ringtone setting for Multi SIM device [2/3] [Ting Yu]
a1bb8be Revert "[Wi-Fi] Remove 'Do not validate' option in CA certificate spinner" [TogoFire]
5a424b3 Settings: Allow Customizing Nav Bars Radius [2/2] [spkal01]
3be73e4 Settings: QuickTorch: Use new material-you illustration preference [Akash Srivastava]
eb740df Settings: Long press power button to toggle torch [2/2] [Chris Crump]
01bd6cd DarkMode Settings: Use List Preference rather ugly Drop Down [Pranav Vashi]
2af583c Settings: Utilize our AppListPreference with Sensor Blocking pref [calebcabob]
b3cb4af Settings: BlockSensors: Fix/update the way Footer info is added [calebcabob]
680d747 Settings: Make sensor block package list configurable [2/2] [Hikari-no-Tenshi]
a5baf9a Settings: Sensor block per-package switch [2/2] [LorDClockaN]
d1803e6 Settings: Hide power menu on secure lockscreen [2/2] [Altaf-Mahdi]
f5b636b Settings: Add Game Space support [Nauval Rizky]
fcef6de Settings: Allow to hide arrow for back gesture [2/2] [Nebrassy]
0bceb63 Settings: Good news, `encryptable=footer` is broken [Michael W]
ca57ad6 Settings: Follow system theme for SD card activities [Michael W]
0eac620 Settings: support black theme for dark mode [2/4] [Jesse Chan]
211b85a Settings: Randomize DerpSpace's summary [Ido Ben-Hur]
a3c3e80 Add Glide library [SagarMakhar]
6b5fe67 Clean expandable bottombar bits [Shubham Singh]
6e81a1b Add CollapsingToolBar and and AppBar return methods [SagarMakhar]
66cd0e4 Build DerpSpace into Settings [maxwen]
b9d36e8 Settings: Live Volume Steps [2/2] [Meticulus]
7fd9c21 Settings: Statusbar brightness control [2/2] [Danesh M]
bb41fe7 Settings: Volume key cursor control (2/2) [Konsta]
d09f358 Settings: Add missing animations for gestures and features [Jason Edson]
c7e21fa Settings: Add DND & Rate settings to flash on call [3/3] [Ido Ben-Hur]
de86698 Settings: Allow to flash on call only when entirely silent [3/3] [Ido Ben-Hur]
197938a Settings: Add Flashlight blink on incoming calls [3/3] [PMS22]
76a678f Settings: Update all classes which inherit from TogglePreferenceController (12.1.0_r1) [spezi77]
2313da8 Settings: Add preference for one shot auto-brightness [Cédric Bellegarde]
33fd9e2 Settings: Improve force fullscreen settings fragment [jhonboy121]
f639320 Settings: [2/2] Implement cutout force full screen [jhenrique09]
58ef0e8 Settings: Allow to always show settings in volume dialog [2/2] [cjh1249131356]
d4f177b AppVolumeSlice: Allow querying icon of apps installed by any user [cjybyjk]
ea93330 Settings: support per-app volume [3/3] [cjybyk]
4ef7153 AdaptivePlayback: Rename it to 'Smart Pause' to keep a better fluency [Mesquita]
e449061 Settings: Move "Adaptive Playback" option to Sound Settings. [Mesquita]
2aeb6d4 AdaptivePlayback: Add a intro text to the fragment [Mesquita]
412adc7 Settings: Introduce Adaptive Playback [2/2] [Chris Crump]
40d4507 Add option to scramble pin layout when unlocking (1/2) [Adnan]
f1f283b Settings: Toast icon switch [2/2] [LorDClockaN]
14ef137 Settings: Add kill button to notification guts [2/2] [SpiritCroc]
f38489d Less boring heads up option [2/2] [ezio84]
4444cd0 Settings: Long press to copy wifi password [Ido Ben-Hur]
b250170 [SQUASH]Settings: Allow scheduling always on display [2/2] [Ido Ben-Hur]
0754e6c Settings: add option to enable AOD on charging only [2/2] [darkobas]
52076b9 Settings: Volume Rocker Wake [2/2] [rascarlo]
83e3437 Settings: VolumeMusicControl: Use new material-you illustration preference [Akash]
1fbe993 Settings: Forward Port Volume Long Press Skip Tracks [2/2] [Chris Crump]
f054998 Settings: Align user avatar with homepage title [jhonboy121]
8fd66a5 Show user's Google avatar on the homepage [Jason Edson]
6bb9bca Settings: incall vibration options [3/3] [beanstown106]
b99e1cd Allow to suppress notifications sound/vibration if screen is ON [2/2] [ezio84]
cb98b07 Settings: Add toggle for 3-button navbar inversion [2/2] [Adithya R]
7c6d737 Settings: DevicePicker: Adapt to S style [ReallySnow]
2ce7ca7 Settings: Added missing icons in network and internet menu [kleidione Freitas]
adde7b5 Settings: Add option to cycle through ringer modes [2/2] [rituj]
9d6d6f8 Settings: Add volume panel on left toggle [2/2] [ganeshi4u]
896d369 Settings: use mIsBatteryPresent for visibility of top level battery setting [maxwen]
39123c8 Settings: dont disable ls device controls based on secure lock [maxwen]
d4ec960 Settings: check isVoiceCapable for Calls&SMS category [maxwen]
298d1ae Settings: Add a preference to battery optimization page [jhonboy121]
59af095 Battery: Show unavailable instead of 0.0℃ for battery temp [cjh1249131356]
e2d2972 Battery: show battery temp on power summary [DennySPB]
c2632ac Settings: Make NetworkScanHelper max search time customizable [LuK1337]
73fdc03 Settings: Optimize the selected WFD route preference summary [hoffc]
1c86432 Disable "SIM card lock" when the SIM card is PUK-blocked [Mattias Nilsson]
45190b3 Settings: Update wallpaper dashboard summary to be inline with Pixels [NurKeinNeid]
c6c0f6a Settings: Remove divider from Battery Manager [Akash Srivastava]
6605706 NightDisplay Settings: Use List Preference for NightLight settings [Akash]
09ce42d Settings: move app compatibility preference to apps and notifications [rohan]
de84b18 AppInfo: Fix crash of settings if there is no play store installed [00day0]
59c6dc3 Settings: Add missing android title for top_level_settings [Renlord]
e7f07ea Drawables: Dark mode support for app installation restriction icon [Your Name]
e941417 WifiDisplaySettings: Fix some NPE [Ido Ben-Hur]
2be0347 Settings: Drop custom preferenceFragmentCompatStyle [LuK1337]
982cf3d Settings: Address a memory leak [dragonGR]
96b8351 Desktop backup password: Tint buttons to match system theme [Alex]
62438be SystemSettings: Remove all system / ota update items [spezi77]
cd553f2 Settings: Make dashboard icons monetable [NurKeinNeid]
1d7039a Settings: Add support to open device maintainer's telegram [marshmello61]
cadf9a4 Settings: OverlayCategoryPreferenceController: Sort overlays by name [Ido Ben-Hur]
e633068 Settings: Improve link ring & notification volume switch [Ido Ben-Hur]
ce51a05 Settings: Add back increasing ring feature (2/3) [Danny Baumann]
066201a Settings: Add switch for linked ring and media notification volumes [Bruno Martins]
941afb0 Settings: Add hotspot setting to allow VPN upstreams [Sam Mortimer]
ce46364 Settings: Expose radio info (*#*#4636#*#*) [xyyx]
82bac1e Don't reset A2DP offload when disabling developer settings [Michael Bestas]
4c76b3d Settings: Fix the failing strings [Michael Bestas]
b7b3cc6 fingerprint: hide link icon when there's no link [Timi Rautamäki]
42d8799 Settings: Add setup UI for minimum delay between an app's notification sounds [Danny Baumann]
46dbb5d Don't change nouns in summaries to lower case for German [Danny Baumann]
7f16d37 BatteryPercentagePreferenceController: Force hide for all devices [jhenrique09]
e22f1f9 Settings: remove LiveDisplay if not supported [Ali B]
a402be1 Battery led light: hide color options if no multicolor led [ezio84]
b878a74 Move battery light settings under Battery menu [ezio84]
d8715c7 System dashboard: add Battery light options [ezio84]
789f504 Allow to customize notification led light [1/2] [ezio84]
66bad9d Enable notifications led light by default [2/2] [ezio84]
10a8725 Settings: display: Add wake on plug switch [Jon Evans]
1eca18f Gestural: Improvement [2/2] [703joko]
ba31cec Settings: Improve gesture bar length [2/2] [cjh1249131356]
318449b Settings: allow changing the length of gesture navbar [2/2] [jhonboy121]
d4822cd Settings: allow hiding navbar [2/2] [jhonboy121]
3e9225f Remove useless USB page header [Michael Bestas]
cdb141f Settings: Allow to disable DT2S in landscape mode [2/2] [cjh1249131356]
1ee0d0b Settings: Use DT2W toggle for lockscreen DT2S [ganeshi4u]
631875a Settings: Double tap to sleep on lockscreen [2/2] [ezio84]
ba122b7 Settings: Double tap to sleep on statusbar [2/2] [ezio84]
cd8b618 Settings: Add a toggle for QS quick pulldown [2/2] [Adithya R]
c2fa1a1 Settings: Rearrange and categorize gestures [Adithya R]
4763340 Settings: GestureSettings: Add preference categories to make a classification for gestures and keys settings [Col_or]
85b1045 Settings: Implement lockscreen quick unlock [2/2] [Hikari-no-Tenshi]
5071e00 Settings: Move touch prefs to correct folder [jhenrique09]
2ad921c Settings: fix the incorrect key value for high polling rate [Chenyang Zhong]
881a415 Settings: Display: Add High Touch Polling Rate Support [Ramii Ahmed]
8c2063d Settings: Add high touch sensitivity and touchscreen hovering toggles [LuK1337]
b7ea765 Settings: Rework fingerprint enrollment screen [Bruno Martins]
47ca7c9 Settings: check wifi direct feature for showing preferences [maxwen]
27a1e0b Settings: Enable Quick Wallet settings for all devices with NFC [xyyx]
d291aae Settings: Whitelist WRITE_DEVICE_CONFIG permission [saikiran2001]
46e1a43 Remove the "About phone" avatar. [Alex Cruz]
05fd162 InstalledAppDetails: fix refreshing storage summary after force stop [Altaf-Mahdi]
53b6bd8 Settings: add more controllers to calc gesture visibility [maxwen]
4cecdb9 Settings: fix dark theme coloring of panels [maxwen]
27ef63d Settings: stop logspill from ProcessStats [maxwen]
054d9e5 Settings: buttons text should no longer be allCaps [maxwen]
0a0d35d Settings: Show me more than 4 items in the menus! [Dan Cartier]
8918777 Notification log improvements [maxwen]
ed91b5a Expose the notification log [Alex]
9b497aa firmwareversion: Hide Mainline module version [kubersharma001]
79d4b64 Settings: Use MD2 icon for Playstore [AshutoshSundresh]
fbee38d AppInfo: Only add Playstore action if Playstore is installed [AshutoshSundresh]
fa13382 InstalledApp: show link to Google Play [George G]
48e704e Open app when clicking on icon in App Info [deadman96385]
f077323 Settings: Improve code for time spent in app [Jyotiraditya Panda]
943ed91 AppInfo: Add time spent in app from Wellbeing [Jason Edson]
adbbd56 SELinux info: Set settings:enableCopying to true [Subhajeet Muhuri]
ba9d13a Add back SELinux info [Stephen Smalley]
3a0490a Settings: Observe auto brightness mode changes [Ido Ben-Hur]
fd6c841 Settings: Display auto rotate settings instead of toggle [Adithya R]
83811ce Settings: Add missing icons in Network and Internet [Adithya R]
f51ffd0 Settings: Fixup start padding for battery usage graph [Adithya R]
2dea186 Settings: Add three-fingers-swipe to screenshot [2/2] [ghbhaha]
ffab637 Settings: Add toggle for advanced reboot [2/2] [Adin Kwok]
3a90545 Settings: Add toggle for proximity check on wake [2/2] [Bruno Martins]
16611a5 AmbientDisplay: Add custom pref for devices with custom doze packages [jhenrique09]
cbd9aa5 Toast insulter: Add more insults [Joey Huab]
6f7560c Developer options toast insulter [Alex Cruz]
635ff75 Settings: Fix loading iconpack-based Wellbeing icon [Adithya R]
2bffbe4 Settings: Fix Android Beam switch bar content [LibXZR]
b476b4c Settings: Allow using legacy VPN types [Alessandro Astone]
f4f5632 Settings: Get outer NFC preference to listen for changes [inthewaves]
c8b9145 DisplaySettings: font size in 5% steps from 80% to 130% [Jean-Pierre Rasquin]
c57edf9 Settings: Build vendor-support libs [ezio84]
2abaec4 Settings: Add preferences for min/max/preferred refresh rate [LuK1337]
d85e2c6 Settings: Use seekbar to allow setting arbitrary animation values [Steve Kondik]
0174bd6 Settings: Fixup color_mode_preview according to 7f8e775754a55121e4d8147fdcc54560baa19052 [NurKeinNeid]
d6586a1 Settings: Ditch parentActivityName and custom configChanges [jhonboy121]
32d9104 Settings: Changes for LiveDisplay [Henrique Silva]
6038ed2 Settings: Add permissions for lineagehw [jhenrique09]
6717251 Settings: Import missing lottie animations [Adithya R]
4cbc034 Make kernel version clickable [SagarMakhar]
a897af9 Settings: Change kernel preference behavior [Alex]
347944f Settings: Show full proc/version information [xoomdev]
2faa7d1 Use BUILD.VERSION.INCREMENTAL for search index check [maxwen]
a85b26e Settings: Allow sorting Applications by size [Roman Royer]
62a9da4 Settings: Remove duplicate build number from firmware dialogue [Josh Fox (XlxFoXxlX)]
4e607bb Settings: Disable all bugreport settings [maxwen]
02e1211 Ignore custom app space management activities [Danny Lin]
3c2a99a Settings: remove the double divider in "Store" category in "App info" page [jhonboy121]
ca095f2 Add package name to installed app details [Luca Stefani]
bd1fb02 Remove app uninstall and disable confirmation dialogs [Danny Lin]
3a42efa Fix inconsistent USB preference screen title [Danny Lin]
bca4175 Unlock mobile network settings when airplane mode is on [Danny Lin]
4f014d9 Expand abbreviation in average memory usage string [Danny Lin]
a5bb2b2 Settings: Comment out Legal/Regulatory category [jhenrique09]
927d1b4 Settings: IS_DEBUGGABLE -> IS_ENG [jhenrique09]
318b49e Add back arrow to Desktop backup password [Alex Cruz]
54a8d69 QS dev tiles: Don't set them to active area [Alex Cruz]
7dec872 Settings: Check if we have any color modes declared in overlay [Luca Stefani]
2872abe WiFi: Remove country code checking [xyyx]
534e31d Remove feedback and bug report stuff [ezio84]
affc157 Remove the Automatic ota check option but be sure it's disabled [ezio84]
e5a93b5 Comment out Legal/Regulatory info [Corey Edwards]
13a2c30 Settings: Hide unsupported USB modes automatically [Wang Han]
3cff45c Disable notification channel warnings by default [Bruno Martins]
f47e9aa Settings: Hide|disable "Phone number" from About phone information [kubersharma001]
19eb866 Settings: Protect sensitive data on the about phone [althafvly]

* packages/modules/Wifi
9f5f684 Wifi: Ingore miracast scan from connectivity manager [Xin Deng]

* packages/services/Telecomm
328fc87 Telecomm: Phone ringtone setting for Multi SIM device [3/3] [Ting Yu]
0919ec5 Telecomm: Squashed phone_type switch support [Bruno Martins]

* system/core
c01d9a4 LockscreenCharging: squashed (2/3) [xyyx]
57a53c0 Add wrapped key support [dianlujitao]
ec70627 init: Spoof more props [jhenrique09]
97143d2 core: Don't spoof props in recovery mode [Jarl-Penguin]
46c6a23 init: Check for fastbootd before spoofing safetynet props [Danny Lin]
48b95de core: Add more props for snet spoofing [jhenrique09]
7236b72 init: Only set safetynet props if not eng build [jhenrique09]
4af4e45 init: Weaken property override security only when spoofing safetynet [jhenrique09]
c8faa38 init: add vendor.* keys to spoof safetynet [Chris Renshaw]
c9c442c init: workaround SafetyNet check [Park Ju Hyung]
141f8f2 init: Weaken property override security for the init extension [Alex Naidis]

* vendor/derp
470e85e apns: Clean up Austrian carriers [Georg Veichtlbauer]
9cda1ac Hookup GRALLOC_HANDLE_HAS_RESERVED_SIZE [Chirayu Desai]
5532a81 QCOM: RIP pre-UM families [Michael Bestas]

* vendor/qcom/opensource/commonsys-intf/display
1bba6d5 Hookup GRALLOC_HANDLE_HAS_RESERVED_SIZE [Chirayu Desai]


* frameworks/base
cd26e54 overlays: Introduce Outline iconpack [Niklas Schnettler]
d894da9 acherus: Add settings overlay [Genkzsz11]
1b1a308 acherus: Wrap a few icons with inset [Pranav]
919957a overlays: Add acherus icon pack [Pranav]
52f0873 overlays: Introduce PUI iconpack [spkal01]
79fc9fd overlays: oos: Import stock oos settings icons [RedSkulHYDRA]
5fe0b8a overlays: declare the right overlay category [jhonboy121]
20f5cec overlays: oos: Add dummy icons to fix preview [Pranav Vashi]
f5921ec overlays: oos: Adjust width and height for dnd and vibrate icons [jhonboy121]
c4d17a8 overlays: oos: Add statusbar bluetooth icons [imjyotiraditya]
543924d overlays: oos: Fix edit icon color in Settings [AshutoshSundresh]
8b94884 overlays: Add an OxygenOS icon pack [AshutoshSundresh]
93f7edf overlays: fixup themepicker package name for IconPacks [Omkar Chandorkar]
7e0a8a1 overlays: fixup launcher package name for P20 icons [Omkar Chandorkar]
94d1fd7 IconPackKaiAndroidOverlay: fix for carriers using 5 bars of signal [Anay Wadhera]
47cc40e IconPackRounded: Use correct icon for notification and ring volume [Arian]
7952bad overlays: Add unlinked ringtone and notification volume icons [Adnan Begovic]
62cf3c5 IconPack{Kai,Victor}: Fix clock icon [DarkJoker360]
f2cb4b8 IconPack{Sam,Victor}: Inverse vol collapse/expand anim path data [Dhina17]
fd9b4cd SystemUI: Fix size of icon of vibrate ringer mode for additional icon packs [Volodymyr Zhdanov]
9273776 overlays: Unify icon packs category name [Adithya R]
6ef3bd3 overlays: bring back icon packs [jhonboy121]
279477d InputMethodService: Volume key cursor control (1/2) [Konsta]
4bd3b4e QuickSettings: Allow changing vibration duration [1/2] [Jason Edson]
cc613ed Add interpolators to qs tiles animation [1/2] [Nico60]
7904b2e Add animations to quick settings tiles [1/2] [Nico60]
339d793 QuickSettings: Add Haptic Feedback to tiles [1/2] [Evisceration]
dd8e014 SystemUI: match brightness slider track height with the progress drawable [jhonboy121]
f0f8fcf SystemUI: QSTileImpl: bail out early in handleLongClick if getLongClickIntent retuend null [Alfred Mathew]
2cc73e3 SystemUI: brightness slider customisations [1/2] [jhonboy121]
6991f69 Skip less boring notification check when reTicker mode is active [Pranav Vashi]
87860da reTicker: Do not jump to app when clicked in games [cjh1249131356]
80a2c3d reTicker: Cleanup [cjh1249131356]
3bf4058 reTicker: Do not show when content/icon is null [cjh1249131356]
d8379e6 reTicker: Allow to only show in Landscape mode [1/2] [cjh1249131356]
7b8d1ff Properly update view for reTicker [Pranav Vashi]
99fc038 Feature: reticker [1/2] [Dil3mm4]
4bcf7bc SystemUI: Update QuickStatusBarHeader click actions [Ido Ben-Hur]
2af9b65 SystemUI: Redo circle battery style [althafvly]
d689c7f SystemUI: Bring back good ol' circle battery style [Luca Stefani]
895c2dc SystemUI: Drop style TextAppearance.QS.Status in dark mode [Col_or]
1a3b334 SystemUI: Only apply tuning changes when the fragment is attached [LibXZR]
d1ac5c8 SystemUI: Make center clock follow paddingTop [cjh1249131356]
d4f9be4 SystemUI: Add tunables for clock AM/PM style [Michael Bestas]
90e5db8 SystemUI: Add tunables for clock position [Luca Stefani]
d12fcce PreviewInflater: Fix issue with google dialer widget on keyguard [Pranav Vashi]
aa438fc SystemUI: Remove unnecessary showVoLTEIcon config. [spezi77]
33f4dd4 Allow to hide arrow for back gesture [1/2] [Ali B]
9fc677b TwilightService: Save and use last fetched location [Ido Ben-Hur]
305bd36 TwilightService: Use temporary TwilightState when location is not available [rituj]
f657124 QuickStatusBarHeader: Fix clickability issue with privacy indicator [Pranav Vashi]
670a476 SystemUI: Switch notification background to monet on heads up [DillerOFire]
88771203 SoundSearchTile: Extend the use [El Dainosor]
f392567 Add Google Sound Search tile [ezio84]
40af0bf SystemUI: Fix double unlock sound issue [timjosten]
66fe6a3 Fix screen flickering when using one handed mode [timjosten]
c316ae8 MediaArtworkProcessor: Use less blur, zoom & alpha on keyguard [Ido Ben-Hur]
9b0ee85 Lockscreen no blur option: fix SysUI FC [ezio84]
7a2f60c Lockscreen art blur: smaller seekbar range and allow no blur [1/2] [ezio84]
05b7509 Losckreen blur level: code fixes [ezio84]
79dc49e base: configure lock screen media artwork blur level [1/2] [Marko Man]
12733b9 SystemUI: Allow to enable Lockscreen Media Art [beanstown106]
3c5cf60 Call setBrightness when user stops swiping on statusbar [jhenrique09]
9e11d01 SystemUI: unify statusbar manual & auto brightness code [Chenyang Zhong]
dd37228 SystemUI: migrate statusbar manual brightness to float [Chenyang Zhong]
075efd8 SystemUI: Statusbar brightness control [1/2] [Alberto97]
c5c48c5 base: Option to Display Data Disabled Indicator Icon [1/2] [varund7726]
02dac06 Allow using 4G icon instead LTE [1/2] [Pranav Vashi]
7718f99 SystemUI: Fix QS expand lag when VoLTE/VoWiFi icons are enabled [timjosten]
efae92c SystemUI: Fix issues with VoWiFi icon [Adithya R]
ef51cca SystemUI: Introduce dynamic VoLTE & VoWiFi icons [SagarMakhar]
5e5e789 SystemUI: support VoWIFI icons [Weijie Wang]
a803562 SystemUI: Add support for displaying Volte icon [SQUASH] [Weijie Wang]
61df0bb SystemUI: improve mobile data style switch logic [jhonboy121]
0b9d814 SystemUI: old style mobile data indicators [1/2] [maxwen]
1b232e3 SystemUI: allow disabling qs on secure lockscreen [1/2] [jhonboy121]
4d44f41 SystemUI: Improve Secure QS tile behavior toggle [1/2] [Pranav]
10fc3d3 Make "Require unlocking to use sensitive QS tiles" optional [1/2] [SagarMakhar]
774106c base: Hide power menu on secure lockscreen [1/2] [Altaf-Mahdi]
6c85ac8 KeyguardUpdateMonitor: Destroy our settings observer when necessary [jhenrique09]
f8b9f26 Keyguard: Allow user configurable fingerprint wake-and-unlock [althafvly]
2d93aea Keyguard: Allow disabling fingerprint wake-and-unlock [Steve Kondik]
0d80001 Avoid casting network traffic to StatusBarIconView to prevent crash [SpiritCroc]
53a7948 SystemUI: NetworkTraffic: Minor refinements [Adithya R]
6aa71fa NetworkTraffic: Follow status bar texts' text appearance [ReallySnow]
473928e NetworkTraffic: Make sure tint is updated on decor color change [LibXZR]
6beb789 NetworkTraffic: Fix excessively high reading on screen wakeup [LibXZR]
cd260d3 NetworkTraffic: General improvements [LibXZR]
eea1f22 fw/b: Squash import NetworkTraffic [Jon Haus]
478eefe FingerprintManager: Fix NPE due to sensorProps [alibei]
979f31a base: Live Volume Steps [1/3] [Meticulus]
1672df4 Udfps: Disable Night Light on keyguard [SuperDroidBond]
c40b03b SystemUI: AuthController: Fix NPE due to isPowerbuttonFps() [Adithya R]
ee5d150 SystemUI: AuthController: Fix ripple animation for side fp devices [Adithya R]
d6e3d42 SystemUI: Allow overlaying max notification icons [LuK1337]
218525ff SystemUI: Fix an NPE in KeyguardMessageArea [Dominik Procházka]
f296928 SettingsProvider: Handle WRITE_DEVICE_CONFIG permission denial for gms [cjh1249131356]
b343e86 NavigationModeController: Silence log spam [tejasvp25]
7ce762f DisplayPowerController: Fix incall proximity not turning off display [sooti]
185eb4c [SQUASH] BatteryService: add dash charging support [thecrazyskull]
37c755a LockscreenCharging: squashed (1/3) [xyyx]
8cbd756 SystemUI: Enable statusbar burn-in protection by default [Adithya R]
071db06 SystemUI: BurnInProtectionController: offset less aggressively [jhonboy121]
efbbf27 [SQUASH] SystemUI: Implement burn-in protection for status/navbar [Park Ju Hyung]
a5e0f20 base: add API for disabling gestural navigation [ezio84]
0198606 base: Add DND & Rate settings to flash on call [1/3] [Ido Ben-Hur]
2437f9d base: Allow to flash on call only when entirely silent [1/3] [Ido Ben-Hur]
97b1f5c Add Flashlight blink on incoming calls [1/3] [PMS22]
639b75f AutoBrightness: Add support for one shot auto-brightness [Cédric Bellegarde]
6fdd696 KernelCpuUidActiveTimeReader: Do not spam log with negative active time [cjh1249131356]
bc0876e base: Force fullscreen for Google Dialer [cjh1249131356]
4db4fd8 base: Implement cutout force full screen [1/2] [jhenrique09]
99d757a SystemUI: Introduce Adaptive Playback [1/2] [Jyotiraditya]
c223f2f SystemUI: Allow to always show settings in volume dialog [1/2] [cjh1249131356]
35e80e4 base: support per-app volume [2/3] [cjybyjk]
db43435 SystemUI: Avoid NPE in volume dialog [Christian Hoffmann]
69fa0d8e VolumeDialog: Display default row when active row is notification [Jesse Chan]
91e9010 VolumeDialog: notifyVisible after the volume panel is fully hidden [Jesse Chan]
02f85df SystemUI: Show notification row when it's unlinked to ringer volume [Mesquita]
03025d7 SystemUI: VolumeDialogImpl: Change bg tint for inactive rows [Arian]
c03d5df7 SystemUI: VolumeDialogImpl: Fix inactive rows tint [strwbrry143]
be73b7a SystemUI: Make the volume dialog expandable [Arian]
5efc4c6 VolumeDialogImpl: Fix cuttered layout when on setup or lock task mode [jhenrique09]
0c491a6 VolumeDialogImpl: Don't hide the default stream when adjusting the music stream [Arian]
bfe7f8b VolumeDialogImpl: Respect multiple visible rows in landscape [Arian]
b480173 VolumePanel: Add long click for expand icon [ProchyGaming]
8ac1449 SystemUI: runtime configurable audio panel location [a.derendyaev]
0ff80c9 VolumeDialogImpl: Don't vibrate when volume dialog is not visible [LuK1337]
4b74dc4 ActivityThread: Remove Failed to find provider info logspam [Immanuel Raj]
8d3bb46 Reduce NotificationHistoryDatabase logspam [SpiritCroc]
47a203a PowerUI: Mute logcat spam. [spezi77]
d9d3ca6 base: Set ic_avatar_user and ic_avatar_guest_user to follow system accent [elpaablo]
c377791 GpsNetInitiatedHandler: Disable more debugging [Chet Kener]
54560f5 ListView: Disable dividers by default [Pranav Vashi]
f4e389b AOD: Sleep when proximity is covered for 3 secs [PMS22]
df683c0 base: TtsEngines: fix yet another NPE [jhonboy121]
0985147 TtsEngines: avoid crashes caused by null engine name [Oliver Scott]
18aea55 telephony: show ICCID by default for all [Omkar Chandorkar]
23c9791 Screenrecord: Drop low quality switch [NurKeinNeid]
96c81bd Screenrecord: Allow to select AVC codec profile level [iusmac]
f88ea32 Screenrecord: Allow to reduce 3 second screen record timer [maitreya29]
25145e5 Screenrecord: Update layout to the new spec [Nauval Rizky]
2b3cb88 Screenrecord: Update custom settings dialog drawables [Ido Ben-Hur]
42792e4 Screenrecord: Add an option to record for longer [Ido Ben-Hur]
20a3b95 Screenrecord: Save and load set preferences [Ido Ben-Hur]
ac005d7 Screenrecord: Make low quality bitrate scalable per device [Ido Ben-Hur]
a74ee61 Screenrecord: add blinking stop dot and low quality options [ezio84]
a2c05c0 SystemUI: Update keyguard indication margin when fod is in use [Chris Crump]
e4694cf Fix black screen issue due to wallpaper decoding exceptions [Weijie Wang]
e7cc89e ParcelFileDescriptor: Stop the panic [Simao Gomes Viana]
91a329d6 Fix NPE when AOSP ambient display preference is removed [Alex Cruz]
60f1634 SQLite: Do integrity_check only once [yi.jang]
b60cb32 SQLiteDatabase: Catch corrupt exception during transaction []
4c1f9c0 Permissions: Grant Download Provider access permissions to external storage [Sagarrokade006]
9f33352 Permissions: Grant Personal Safety perms [Joey Huab]
a86c12d DefaultPermissionGrantPolicy: Silence harmless errors [Pranav Vashi]
bda6b7b Permissions: Grant missing Gapps perms [Stallix]
a5932bb Permissions: Grant Google Markup perms [DennySPB]
11dd113 Permissions: Grant Google Sound Picker storage perms [shagbag913]
07c05ad Permissions: Grant Mediascanner access permissions to external storage [Ali B]
6049184 Fix Google dialer FC due to missing permissions [Alex Cruz]
10e1e88 Allow chromium to sign in [spaceman860]
19ac228 Fix Google Calendar FC [Josh Chasky]
3f84f60 Fix permissons for ContactsProvider2 [Kshitij Gupta]
b612019 Fix Android 7.0 GApps permisions which were causing F/C [Alex Naidis]
357d54e SystemUI: Enable smart replies for apps that target APIs lower than 28 [Diab Neiroukh]
af78c7b Add option to scramble pin layout when unlocking (2/2) [Adnan]
5bb592c QS: LocationTile: make it cycle modes [ezio84]
e0f0eac EnhancedEstimates: Get estimates from Device Health Services [Jason Edson]
7a92422 CarrierConfigManager: Enable payphone call blocking option [Jason Edson]
46da6a1 AutofillManager: Turn off logging by default [Jason Edson]
b9991cf PackageInstaller: Remove side padding from the dialog [Anushek Prasal]
6b8c971 PackageInstaller: show current/new version on sideload [ezio84]
efc5aac Add product board in the log [Dil3mm4]
bb3be0f More infos uploaded to Memochō [Dil3mm4]
bf50e5a core: Switch to ``Memochō``. [Jyotiraditya Panda]
60e92d6 Add button to AppErrorDialog to upload crash information to dogbin [Till Kottmann]
84d02d4 SystemUI: Display a toast when a screenshot is deleted [Alex Cruz]
a10ee30 AutoFillUI: Don't show a "null" toast [Ido Ben-Hur]
13900e1 Fixup legacy toast icon visibility [SagarMakhar]
a2c6a65 Toast icon switch [1/2] [LorDClockaN]
c9690b0 Match legacy toast view with SystemUI [SagarMakhar]
2cf0689 SysUIToast: Remove restrictions on toast app icon [SagarMakhar]
e61d554 Show icon of package associated with Toast [d34d]
5419f81 Add kill button to notification guts [1/2] [Daniel Koman]
7660379 Less boring heads up option [1/2] [ezio84]
8211ce6 [SQUASH]base: Allow scheduling always on display [1/2] [Ido Ben-Hur]
5926d28 SystemUI: AODTile: Use MD2 Icon [Anushek Prasal]
49313d7 AODTile: use an enum class to represent modes and refactor [jhonboy121]
43e399c AODTile: update long click intent to match with Settings [Alfred Mathew]
7cb5702 AODTile: disable when power save mode is on [shagbag913]
a6018f8 AODTile: Open LS display settings on long click [shagbag913]
5d2d1d3 AODTile: cycle through AOD states [shagbag913]
ee1a4b1 AODTile: Add back config check for aod available [maxwen]
5d33ec0 AODTile: add option to enable AOD on charging only [1/2] [darkobas]
28def9a base: SystemUI: add qs AOD tile [Marko Man]
e7694be base: add option to enable AOD on charging only [1/2] [darkobas]
be230ac base: Volume Rocker Wake [1/2] [rascarlo]
af7a87d base: Forward Port Volume Long Press Skip Tracks [1/2] [Austin T. Conn]
c96f251 Add deep sleep info to uptime preference [maxwen]
a1c09f1 frameworks: Exempt location packages from location indicators [Chirayu Desai]
4b2f105 base: Incall vibration options [1/3] [beanstown106]
f1fcf83 NavigationModeController: Mute debug logging. [spezi77]
e39bb11 Conditionally disable uncrypt for ota [Henrique Silva]
4c7ea01 Allow to suppress notifications sound/vibration if screen is ON [1/2] [ezio84]
c2d761d SystemUI: allow to limit the max framerate of built-in screen recorder [Kuba Wojciechowski]
12662c6 core: Add config to control handling of audio direction changes. [Quallenauge]
efbcf15 QuickStatusBarHeader: don't disable estimate mode for centered notch devices [Volodymyr Zhdanov]
1f80d50 SystemUI: Make battery & clock clickable again in QuickStatusBarHeader [Marc K]
7756b0d SystemUI: Add navbar layout inversion tuning [1/2] [LuK1337]
87ca9f5 SystemUI: Fix QS mobile icon disappearing on theme switch [Adithya R]
83c3bf9 SystemUI: Re-evaluate system theme on UI mode change [althafvly]
9c43e72 SystemUI: Follow light/dark theme in power menu [Danny Lin]
5e14aa3 SystemUI: Calculate paged QS tiles height properly [Adithya R]
99a8cce SystemUI: Fix QS clock overlapping on UI mode change [Adithya R]
be460e2 SystemUI: Add dual-tone light and dark themes for QS [Danny Lin]
55c1271 SystemUI: Initialize QS tiles in inactive state [Danny Lin]
3b8be3b SystemUI: Follow light/dark theme in quick settings [Danny Lin]
6131632 Revert "Do not re-inflate QS and SB when CONFIG_UI_MODE" [Danny Lin]
67ac0fb SystemUI: Make QS panel change on UI mode changes [Danny Lin]
1a93652 SystemUI: Add left padding for keyguard slices [LuK1337]
ab57f74 SystemUI: Fix the unlock sound played repeatedly [Shufeng Hou]
4f5e1eb2 Sharesheet: Display two rows of max ranked targets [LuK1337]
88dcb34 AudioService: Remove Analog Dock from fixed-volume devices [Vachounet]
adbc860 SystemUI: Remove nav bar background in QS customizer [Danny Lin]
40f7733 WifiDisplayController: handle preexisting p2p connection status [Li Sun]
5b9f1ce Merge changes for launching wifidisplay from system settings [Indranil Chakraborty]
7f038fa Revert "Remove dependency on IME subtype from TSMS" [Michael Bestas]
a3d4f2b SystemUI: doze: add config for long press sensors that need a proximity check [Cosmin Tanislav]
1040c75 SystemUI: doze: add config for double tap sensors that need a proximity check [Cosmin Tanislav]
27a796e Partially revert "Assume sensors perform prox check" [Cosmin Tanislav]
bb8cfa3 BootAnimation: Check for resolution override [Aaron Kling]
eff4f0e [SQUASH] base: Add option to cycle through ringer modes [1/2] [rituj]
43533db Remove navbar inset for UDFPS BiometricPrompt [LuK1337]
9a6d702 SystemUI: add missing initial call to updateResources in brightness mirror [maxwen]
eb18715 SystemUI: disable keyguard screen off animation if we use split notification shade [maxwen]
3ece841 Add back increasing ring feature (1/3) [Danny Baumann]
bd69b74 frameworks: Add unlinked ringtone and notification volumes [Adnan Begovic]
f7c66cf SystemUI: screenshot: Always show screenshot dismiss button [NurKeinNeid]
8df231a SystemUI: Remove spaces from screenshot app filename [Adithya R]
8f8f87c SystemUI: Require unlocking to use Reboot tile [NurKeinNeid]
4fa608a Add bootloader option to 'Reboot' tile [Alex]
33b6503 SystemUI: Extend reboot tile to add power off [Pranav Vashi]
0b43004 SystemUI: Add Reboot/Recovery QS Tile [fusionjack]
7dcb3d9 SystemUI: Add AmbientDisplay tile [Adnan Begovic]
d948a2f SystemUI: Add Sync QS Tile [Altaf-Mahdi]
f534956 SystemUI: Update icon for Heads up tile. [Jyotiraditya]
e14c7f9 SystemUI: Add heads up tile [Michael Bestas]
8b9fd4e SystemUI: Improve powershare strings [Henrique Silva]
dff91e6 SystemUI: Add powershare QS tile [Linux4]
f8619fa SystemUI: Add anti flicker tile [Arian]
922ea70 SystemUI: Add reading mode tile [Joey]
7d04566 SystemUI: Add LiveDisplay tile [Steve Kondik]
8397bfb fw/b: Add capability to allow tethering to use VPN upstreams [Sam Mortimer]
49e19ba Support enforcing a minimum delay between notification sounds of an app. [Danny Baumann]
c82c1c2 SystemUI: Require unlocking to use Internet quick tile [flawedworld]
f1458d8 Battery led light: add back support for devices with white led only [ezio84]
411ec1b Led lights: don't skip dialer and other ones [ezio84]
554c57b Enable notifications led light by default [1/2] [ezio84]
399e3aa Allow to customize notification led light [2/2] [ezio84]
19e9a3f Battery light customization [1/2] [Sam Mortimer]
526adc5 PowerManagerService: Wake on plug (1/2) [Jon Evans]
1b14b4c DSU: Only try to install on sdcard if the filesystem in use is vfat [Tim Zimmermann]
1574d18 SystemUI: Always disable rotation on lockscreen [jhenrique09]
e82e2cf Add back button to demo mode fragment [Alex Cruz]
fc0396b TunerService: Prevent NPE with tunable [Pranav Vashi]
3d038a8 systemui: Don't allow the end user to disable SystemUI Tuner [Sourajit Karmakar]
eba14c2 Revert "Fix SysUI Demo Mode activity so it doesn't crash." [Adithya R]
25ee760 SystemUI: Bring in drawables for statusbar icon toggles [althafvly]
dedce15 SystemUI: Add statusbar switch for data saver icon [xyyx]
cb07fcd SystemUI: Add roaming indicator to statusbar tuner [Adithya R]
81c2390 SystemUI: Add VPN to the icon blacklist in tuner [maxwen]
7357329 SystemUI: Adapt tuner prefs to S settings style [SagarMakhar]
769eea9 SystemUI: Bringup statusbar icons tuner [1/2] [Rashed Abdel-Tawab]
c20c006 SystemUI: Add USB tethering QS tile [BestPig]
c068070 SystemUI: Introduce Data Switch QS Tile [Christian Oder]
5c78250 SystemUI: Add caffeine QS tile [Keith Mok]
561a9d5 base: SystemUI: add custom qs tiles overlay [RENAMBATZ Laurent]
1c91898 derpUtils: Add isVoiceCapableMethod for in-call vibrations [sb6596]
6f7a12d derpUtils: Use Display.getCutout() to check if we have a center notch [LuK1337]
84a0bc3 derpUtils: Add new cutouttype method [Ali B]
8ae9d81 derpUtils: Update notch check logic [Anushek Prasal]
7dc277d derpUtils: Method to detect a notch'd device [Alex Cruz]
f31a743 derpUtils: Adapt WiFi only check to A12 [AshutoshSundresh]
0b6dbc7 Add more Utils helpers [Alex Cruz]
db8affc derpUtils: Add method to turn off the screen [ezio84]
13a13ab SystemUI: NavigationBar: disable secondary handle [Ido Ben-Hur]
b50e763 SystemUI: Update additional navbar dimens for Android 13 [NurKeinNeid]
bb17b68 Gestural: Improvement [1/2] [703joko]
edf42ff SystemUI: Improve gesture bar length [1/2] [cjh1249131356]
4b5d86f SystemUI: allow changing the length of gesture navbar [1/2] [jhonboy121]
8d966d5 base: allow hiding navbar [1/2] [jhonboy121]
c246244 SystemUI: ic_brightness_*: drawables get surface color [Harsh Pal]
a2371a1 DisplayModeDirector: Make sure we apply refresh rate on startup [Ido Ben-Hur]
3fe1264 services: Whitelist Nfc Service from clipboard toasts [AshutoshSundresh]
77512c1 SystemUI: Use same NFC icon as that in QS tile [Pranav Vashi]
0a6ece6 SystemUI: Add statusbar NFC icon [xyyx]
49a57c6 SystemUI: Add NFC tile to default [Adithya R]
6e8dc47 SystemUI: Update NFC tile drawable [mydongistiny]
a0f9314 SystemUI: Enable NFC tile [Tim Schumacher]
86a27e7 base: get the most of the media artwork colors [El Dainosor]
018df5f SystemUI: Use proper Resolver background color [elluzion]
ebd40c1f base: add zen mode off hook to prevent problems with ringer mode [maxwen]
983347c SystemUI: Apply monet to fingerprint authentication ripple animation [SagarMakhar]
7c37488 Fingerprints: Increase MAX_FAILED_ATTEMPTS [xyyx]
29ac697 FingerprintManager: return "Try again" by default [Park Ju Hyung]
2505aa1 Cellular tile: don't show disable confirmation dialog [xyyx]
47340e4 base: Enable DT2W by default [cjh1249131356]
d0bec73 base: Allow to disable DT2S in landscape mode [1/2] [cjh1249131356]
1f2f135 base: Enable DT2S on status bar based on DT2W [cjh1249131356]
25a7b41 SystemUI: Use DT2W setting also to wake from AOD [maxwen]
d54536c base: Enable DT2S on lockscreen based on DT2W [Adithya R]
ca5b09f SystemUI: Remove unnecessary check on status bar for DoubleTapEnabled [cjh1249131356]
1ba7970 base: Double tap to sleep on statusbar [1/2] [maxwen]
381c157 base: Double tap to sleep on lockscreen [1/2] [ezio84]
f5ad409 base: Allow toggling screen off FOD [1/2] [jhonboy121]
ff68db9 udfps: Add support for udfps on aod without dedicated sensor [TheScarastic]
4e01cbe udfps: Make pressed udfp view configurable [TheScarastic]
9961794 udfps: Change window type to TYPE_DISPLAY_OVERLAY [TheScarastic]
ab64d0b udfps: Implement default udfps hbm provider [LuK1337]
cc5a341 udfps: Trigger onFingerDown with regular action down events too [Arian]
0cbcf11 udfps: Restore illumination dot for global hbm [Arian]
5245788 SystemUI: Allow tri-state dialog extra padding to be overriden [Chris Crump]
348d81b Alert Slider: Improve layout [Pranav Vashi]
07b2265 Alert Slider: Add toggle to disable notifications [1/2] [Pranav Vashi]
73f7fd5 Alert slider: Use default position behaviour if position not specified in intent [Hikari-no-Tenshi]
8f459fc Alert slider: Do not hardcode slider position based on ringer mode [Pranav Vashi]
fb15ca5 Alert slider: Work better with Key Handlers [Pranav Vashi]
e1ebb82 SystemUI: Make tri-state SystemUI dialog dimensions conditional [ZVNexus]
c778ac3 SystemUI: Improve alert slider dialog [Anushek Prasal]
1c87cbc SystemUI: Introduce user interface for Alert Sliders [Chris Crump]
191f411 policy: Add support for device alert sliders [thecrazyskull]
49e3f2b PixelPropsUtils: Spoof props for Samsung apps [jhenrique09]
6787b82 PixelPropsUtils: Spoof Nexus 6P for GMS unstable process [Alexander Winkowski]
aa594ac PixelPropsUtils: Fix up GMS workaround logic [Alexander Winkowski]
99ee008 Import PixelPropsUtils [jhenrique09]



* hardware/lineage/compat
51e834f libcutils_shim: jstring: Import strcpy8to16 definition [Nolen Johnson]
c3f5168 libgui/libui: Switch to SPDX license identifiers [LuK1337]
8c9cff2 libgui/libui: Add and run clang-format [LuK1337]
039f813 libgui: Remove `namespace android` [LuK1337]
edf122e Add missing commas to Android.bp [LuK1337]
12973d5 Provide a shim for libui [Nolen Johnson]
20c7906 Provide shim for android_memset32 [Jan Altensen]
004fc53 Provide shim for libcutils strdup8to16/strdup16to8 [dianlujitao]

* packages/resources/devicesettings
a6f7c19 Automatic translation import [Michael Bestas]
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    #Derpfest #Unofficial #ROM #T #Venus
    DerpFest - Unofficial | Android 13
    Updated: 5/11/'22

    ▪️Download: ROM | Boot image
    ▪️Flashing instructions (

    ・Userdebug build
    ・In-built Gapps
    ・SELinux Enforcing
    ・Passing CTS out of the box
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    This is a small project based on AOSP. We try to be a platform for beginners and support the Custom ROM community with our own unique contributions as well. This ROM exists thanks to inspiration of AOSiP, Thank you! #StayDerped

    /* Your warranty is now void.
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.


    GApps included!

    Device-specific features

    SELinux Enforcing
    Pass SafetyNet out of the box

    What's broken?

    You tell me!



    Guide for flash ROM:
    1. Flash provided boot.img using the command - fastboot flash boot_ab boot.img
    2. Reboot to recovery​
    3. Factory reset​
    4. Apply Update using adb sideload​
    5. Reboot system now​


    Google for Android and AOSP
    Cory Collins
    Any others we may have forgotten to credit
    And last but not the least, all our testers, who have helped us to squash many bugs so that we can try to release builds that as are flawless as possible

    ROM source:
    Kernel source:

    DerpFest July 25 2022 update changelog​

    Source changes:
    - Update notification count overlay
    - reTicker: Allow to only show in Landscape mode
    - PixelPropsUtils: Use Pixel 5a model to GMS for all devicess
    - Add Settings to location indicator excludelist
    - Force fullscreen for Google Dialer
    - Make sure we are getting proper value for skip confirmation in biometric auth dialog switch
    - Grant INTERACT_ACROSS_USERS_FULL permission for smartspace
    - KernelCpuUidActiveTimeReader: Do not spam log with negative active time
    - Make sure to always trigger fullscreen type screenshot for three-fingers-swipe gesture
    - InCallController: use click & double click effect for connect and disconnect
    - Bluetooth: Redesign bluetooth transfer dialog layout
    - Settings: Battery: Add some missing summaries
    - Settings: Battery: Show unavailable instead of 0.0℃ for battery temp
    - DerpLauncher: Fix NPE on getRecentTasks
    - DerpLauncher: Map Oneplus Camera to Camera icon
    - Update GrapheneOS Camera

    Device Changes:
    - Added Clear speaker feature

    Download link
    new build:

    Changelog :
    -Merged July security patch
    -Add FOD animation and icons
    -Add blur

    First Derpfest 13 build for Mi 11:

    *Right now the ROM pretty much featureless.
    Much smoother than arrowos 13. The launcher ist better and YouTube is not hanging like arrowos.
    Good Work and more fromm this