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[ROM][15/07/16][LP][5.1.1] CyanogenMod 12.1 for One Mini (M4) - CM12.1 Kernel

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Sep 22, 2012
Thanks bro, works like the others...
The only thing i recognize so far is that settings crashes once at boot, the rest i'll see...
Does anybody know if there'll be an official cm12.1 built?


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I don't think we will get one since HTC won't update the Mini to Android Lollipop...


Aug 30, 2014
Not that much i guess since there are numerous devices with cm12/12.1 discontinued by manufacturers...

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Jul 24, 2013
Just flashed the latest, comming from InsertCoin 4.06. The flash was really smooth, no issues at all. I've also flashed minimal Gapps.
At first boot it only once said in a pop up menu (at the language selection menu): "Unfortunately settings has stopped" but that's about it.
I'm gonna configure stuff now and install apps, see how my Moto 360 works and my car's bluetooth headset etc etc..
I'll report back in soon! 5.1.1 is a hell lot better than 4.4.4 already though :)


So far so good, everything works except for the 3G, it keeps toggling my data off somehow. After some search it turns out to be CM and the settings app.
See this link:

Edit 09-09-2015: Issues with 3G toggling seem to have resolved themselves, don't know how or why but it works like it should. Maybe it was just me? I don't know.

I think we have the same here. Therefore it also says 'settings have stopped' at boot every time!

@AndroGeek974 Is it possible for you to take a look at that package that is mentioned below?
to be included in next nightly:
Settings: fix mobile network switch being unchecked (android_packages_apps_Settings)

I've found a workaround a for the 3G issue [if you have it], and I've also found the reason why the settings stop (I think)
There's an option for vibration intensity in the settings menu, I think the kernel you provided does not support custom vibration mV settings.. So at boot, it tries to set this value and then crashes. If you press it the settings also 'have stopped working.'

So, the workaround for 3G (if you have issues):
1. Disable 3G
2. Enable 3G via the dropdown menu, confirm with the OK button on the dropdown menu
3. Go to the mobile data settings
4. Enable the 'mobile data limit' for about 15 seconds
5. Disable the mobile data limit

6. You're done, enjoy!
Note: it is very important that you use the dropdown menu, else I could not get it to work!

Bluetooth reporting:
Once I've reset my Moto 360 to the factory settings my watch paired flawlessly with this ROM. It popped up immediately in the Android wear app and pairing worked like a charm!
I seem to have a stable Bluetooth connection with the watch. Apps and notifications are being sent and received properly. (and fast)

I'll try n figure out some more about the battery life with a full day bluetooth on.

Edit 09-09-2015: Well I seem to have a full day of battery with bluetooth on! It really eats my battery if I leave it on constantly but I'm able to get a full day (07:00 - 23:00) out of the phone with medium usage.
I've also installed Xposed for 5.1.1 and installed Amplify and BetterBatteryStats. I found out that the sync wakeloop (the service that syncs email and whatever) really keeps the phone awake a lot. For some reason BetterBatteryStats also says that my WiFi is on 100% of the time when I have bluetooth on.. maybe thats because they're in the same chip? I dunno.

Anyways, with Xposed framework installed and amplify I'm able to get a super decent amount of battery life with this ROM without losing performance! I'm using the conservative governor all the time but don't seem to get any lags. I love it!

By far this is the most stable custom ROM I've ever flashed on my HTC one mini (m4)! Compliments on that! I use your latest version of the ROM (with the stagefright fix) every day now and can't use my phone without it anymore! I now realise that I prefer CM much more than sense because the ROM is so simple. Sense is an awesome skin etc, but consumes a lot of memory! With CM I can now multitask loads better than with sense.

One thing though, that sometimes bothers me about this great ROM is that the RAM usage of hungry apps, such as google maps or so, lock up the phone sometimes. Apps stop responding because of shortage of RAM. For instance, today when I wanted to navigate to somewhere I had to kill all apps first that were active with ES Task Killer before I could even work with a responding UI in Google Maps.. That was quite annoying.

I know that 1GB of RAM is not much at all and that this is a bit of a budget phone but I'd still like to see this differently. I don't know how to make the RAM performance better though. I can't just go ahead and solder a different amount of memory on the main board or something, although I'd like to try that once. (yes I know someone with those skills)

What would be the best way to optimize RAM usage in this phone? (CM 12.1 and 1GB of RAM)
Is there a specific setting in MinFree control which I have to set? At the moment the settings are:
Foreground app: 48 MB
Visible app: 60MB
Secondary server: 72 MB
Hidden app: 84 MB
Provider content: 96 MB
Empty app: 120 MB
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Jul 24, 2013
would you say the one m4 (with a moto 360) runs better with this rom than with the stock sense 6 rom ?
Yes definitely. The stock sense 6 ROM was eating a lot more battery, I'd say I've gained 5 hours more of battery if you would compare them.
Note that my report on the full day with bluetooth on was without Xposed installed. Now that I've installed Xposed and Amplify I'm able to reduce the wakelocks / sync frequencies of android wear. I'll do a new test and report back in with the new values.


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Oct 25, 2007
Hi guys
Did someone test voice ip on this rom, like webex or skype ... Thanks in advance

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Jul 24, 2013
For me it works perfectly! No bugs.. Sometimes I notice that the phone has some difficulties processing stuff with 1 GB of RAM but no bugs..

If you want xposed, go to the official thread and install the .arm version!

Honestly I think that I should have installed this ROM from day 1. It's awesome! And lots and lots faster than sense!

Only BT car audio does not work so well..

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Jul 24, 2013
Any kernel for tap2wake or sweep2wake ?

No don't think so! The only kernel for the M4 5.1.1 Cyanogen mod is the team EOS one (that's included already) and the stock Cm 12.1....

I've been experimenting with Trickstermod's Minfree settings because I thought the performance was lacking in games as wel in Google Maps. I have found myself in several situations where I had to navigate and was unable to, because of the memory management in CM 12.1 by default.

After some experimenting and using some scripts to calculate optimal values, I now use these values every day, they work awesome. Google maps finally works like it should and games also run fluidly. Multitasking is still possible.

Foreground app 8MB
Visible app 14 MB
Secondary server 132 MB
Hidden app 148 MB
Content provider 164 MB
Empty app 179 MB

I'm gonna stick with these settings for a while, if that don't work, im gonna install this script:

Please try out these settings and report back in! Maybe there's something to improve still
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Dec 12, 2012
hey guys
how about mic volume ? internet calls ? and audio in general

Edit: actually voip calles not working
Edit2: smooth rom good performance weird bugs like unable to install facebook ,voip calls only viber worked for me

great work thanks @AndroGeek974
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    CyanogenMod is a free, community built distribution of Android 5.1 (Lollipop) which greatly extends the capabilities of your phone.

    Here is unofficials builds of CyanogenMod 12.1 for HTC One Mini (m4).​

    How to get this ?
    You need the last .zip package (15/12/11) : https://www.damien-boyer.com/downloads.html
    And the 5.1 gapps : https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=95916177934550851

    Progress of the Project:
    26 Dec 2014: Initial Release
    19 Jan 2015: Fix Camera and lot of other things.
    27 Jan 2015: Sources updated. New CM bootanimation.
    06 Apr 2015: CyanogenMod 12.1 - Android-5.1.0_r3
    15 Apr 2015: Updated.
    08 Jun 2015: Updated by @Wingman2K
    11 Jun 2015: Updated by @Wingman2K
    15 Jun 2015: Updated by @Wingman2K
    21 Jun 2015: Updated by @Wingman2K. Check the changelog.
    27 Jun 2015: Re-sync + CM12.1's MSM8960
    16 Jul 2015: Re-sync + TeamEOS kernel source
    13 Oct 2015: Re-sync by @Wingman2K.
    11 Dec 2015: Last CM12.1 Build

    Memory leaks and other lags.

    How can I install it ?
    1. Copy the ROM and the Gapps in your device
    2. Reboot in recovery (TWRP or CWM)
    3. Wipe
    4. Flash the ROM
    5. Flash the Gapps
    6. Reboot
    7. Enjoy the ROM

    Don't forget to contribute
    Donate with Paypal

    XDA DevDB Information
    CyanogenMod 12.1 for HTC One Mini - m4, ROM for the HTC One Mini.

    Source Code: https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android/tree/cm-12.1
    Kernel Source: github.com/TeamEOS
    Blobs: https://github.com/TheMuppets

    ROM OS Version: 5.1.1 Lollipop
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x

    Version Information
    Status: Beta

    Created 2014-12-26
    Last Update 2015-12-11

    Special thanks to @mattplo & @Wingman2K
    For the moment i can't build roms and keep the m4 up-to-date. Sorry for this but stay tune.
    The thing is that i've built TeamEOS 5 to test if all AOSP based rom has the same bugs on the HTC One Mini. After that, testers said that TeamEOS rom is in certain type, better, less bugs. So the fact is I'm going to build a new CM12.1 rom with TeamEOS kernel to see if it's better than the previous one.

    In parallel, I'm going to open up a thread for TeamEOS rom because I'll continue the development of this rom.
    New build out.
    Check first page, new build fix camera and a lot of others things.