[ROM][15/09][STABLE][Sense2.1+3.0GB]InsertCoin CM7 HBOOT/STOCK 1.1.4-Kernel Update #2

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Jul 22, 2010
I flashed this last night but I don't think A2SD worked because I had about 10mb space for apps. Anyone help? Stock hboot with a full wipe.


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Jan 23, 2009
AW: [ROM][15/09][STABLE][Sense2.1+3.0GB]InsertCoin CM7 HBOOT/STOCK 1.1.4-Kernel Updat

You need a 1gb ext4 partition on sd-card and the cm7r2 hboot.
Than works good

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May 13, 2008
If you're running 1.1.2 on CM7 HBOOT like your sig says, you can use the UOT mod I cooked yesterday. It's a simple stock battery icon with a battery percentage overlay, like this:

Flash attached zip in recovery. You're welcome. ;)

Link dead, anyone has a good one ?

Thanks in advance!


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Jan 23, 2009
AW: [ROM][15/09][STABLE][Sense2.1+3.0GB]InsertCoin CM7 HBOOT/STOCK 1.1.4-Kernel Updat

Go to uot kitchen and create your own.
It is verry simple and do 5mins to finish

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Apr 3, 2012
Have tried this rom? Its flawless, solid fast. Maybe he dont want sense 3.5

I do not know what fissikela wants until he/she denounces.
I think, You also do not know.
Here is a discussion forum.
A long time ago I tried InsertCoin, but did not return my attention. Perhaps it is as you write.
Not this is a problem that ROM is better, but in this, that ROM is available.
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Apr 3, 2012
I do not know what fissikela wants until he/she denounces.
I think, You also do not know.
Here is a discussion forum.
A long time ago I tried InsertCoin, but did not return my attention. Perhaps it is as you write.
Not this is a problem that ROM is better, but in this, that ROM is available.

Yes i do know what he wants... A working link for stock hboot version. My point was u told to try another rom "what do u want more" i didnt say what rom was best or he should use. U did tell him try another rom when he asked a simple question asking for a working link. End of..
@fissikela i have insertcoin on my laptop but i think its the cm7 hboot version, il check later.
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    Thanks skrippi for banner!


    Rom is provided as is, without warranties or official support. You flash it because you want to, nobody forces you to do this.
    It is provided for free and without any obligations for either the user or the developer(me). If you paid for it (except donations made by you from the goodness of your heart ) ask for refund.
    You are free to use the whole rom or parts of this rom without asking for my permission for every reason you want/need as long as you post some credits for my work and all the other devs
    involved in this project and a link to either my website: http://insertcoin-roms.org/ or here. Optional you can send me a link with your work to baadnwz at gmail dot com .
    If you are using this rom you are not making me any favors and I have no obligations to customize the rom to your liking , modify it to fit better your needs
    or resolve bugs you encounter - however constructive feedback made in a civilized manner is always welcomed

    > 100 000 DOWNLOADS

    Thanks obyn for hosting

    Used RCSMix Roms as base for start. all credits to them.


    Downloads can only be done through http://insertcoin-roms.org/

    Splitted in 2 version. Stable (this thread) and Nightly - the one with shinny new things but UNSTABLE.
    This rom should be your daily driver!

    Final AutoBackUp Script for ALL VERSIONS - TESTED and WORKING for Apps ONLY (not app data) - thanks tlex

    Don't do any wipes before using the script! Just follow the steps WITHOUT any wiping and you WILL HAVE a CLEAN FRESH ROM Installed with all your apps on boot every time you flash!

    A2SD CM7 HBOOT - cm7 hboot from alpharev.nl - the one with 130 mB for /system
    - 1 gB ext2/3/4 partition
    A2SD+ STOCK HBOOT - stock hboot - the one with 250 mB for /system
    - 1 gB ext2/3/4 partition

    You get:

    • [*] Latest ACE S 2.50
      [*] Official Android 2.3 from HTC
      [*] Rooted
      [*] Deodexed
      [*] Busybox - Latest
      [*] Bash
      [*] Nano
      [*] LZMA Compressed Kernel - thanks snq-
      [*] Hacked OC/UV kernel. - thanks snq-
      [*] Full EXT2/3/4 Support thanks snq-
      [*] Full Working Camera including 720p - huge thanks snq-, he is a god
      [*] CRT TV Animations - thanks capychimp & robocik
      [*] Super Big More Quick Settings, with Task Manager - thanks robocik and capychimp
      [*] Sense 3.0 insertions - thanks capychimp & robocik
      [*] Sense 3.0 Weather Sounds
      [*] Sense 3.0 Lockscreen with ICONS
      [*] Sense 3.0 Weather with vids and sounds
      [*] Sense 3.0 lookalike Rosie - translucent
      [*] Sense 3.0 Wallpapers
      [*] Sense 3.0 Streak Live wallpaper
      [*] Sense 3.0 Usb Menu

      [*] Sense 3.0 Task Managerk manager, Brightness Level, Audio Level - thanks robocik
      [*] Latest Market Apps Version
      [*] Adfree
      [*] More Locale
      [*] Market Access
      [*] optimization for speed and less memory usage


    Thanks to the following developers (not in a specific order)

    capychimp, robocik, snq-, ownhere, coutts, melethron, Leedroid, Sub501, NeoPhyTe.x360, coolexe, obyn, Racle, sibere, droidzone, ClassicalDude, Benee, Muxeu, AlphaRev Team and all others who contributed somehow to Desire community.​

    Thanks alot to donors- don't forget to mention ur xda username
    If i forgot anyone please PM ASAP:

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    If you like the rom and use it every day, give it a start here on thread
    Also if you like the rom so much you can also use this as your avatar :D

    Froyo InsertCoin had over 100 000 downloads, GB InsertCoin has more that 25 000.
    I am very grateful for every donation you make

    Thank you all!

    - Addons Folder

    - IRC Channel for better help, ideas, chat, you name it irc.freenode.net #baadnwz-roms

    - WIKI: http://docs.insertcoin-roms.org please experienced users and fans bring your contribution to the WIKI

    - My blog with some tutorials and Android related stuff http://insertcoin-roms.org

    Before complaining about 720p recording, try using cm7 version of InsertCoin with FAT32 Alignment

    Recent Apps are lame

    Hi Guys,

    I don't like recent apps, so with MrLuje's help i have created a mod for this ROM.
    If you too want to remove Recent apps from your notification pull down bar, grab one of the files below (depending on whether you're running the cm7 or A2SD+ version of the rom), and flash it.

    If you want to have no recent apps with a custom (UOT) theme, you can do that too. download THIS FILE, extract the 3 APK files from it, and then in the File Upload section of the UOT kitchen page upload the 3 files manually (instead of choosing InsertCoin from the dropdown list). it will edit those files and let you have the best of both worlds :) by the way, UOT re-packs the SystemUI.apk file with the resources.arsc file zipped in "deflate" mode, which is bad. it also doesn't zip align any of the apks. so if you want your ROM to be the best:

    1) extract the apk's from the UOT file
    2) extract all the files from the SystemUI.apk file (use 7-zip for example)
    3) re-zip (using 7-zip with deflate mode, normal compression zip file) all the files except the resources.arsc file
    4) right click on the resources.arsc and go 7-zip -> add to archive...
    5) in the archive field choose the zip file you created in step 3, in the compression level choose STORE. you will now have a new SystemUI.zip (rename it to .apk) with all the files compressed with the deflate method, EXCEPT the resources.arsc file, which will be using the STORE method.
    6) zipalign this new SystemUI.apk and the other apks you took from the UOT file
    7) copy the new apks back into the UOT file, and flash it.

    please note i won't provide support on this procedure, do a bit of googling and you should work it out :) good luck!

    These files will work with v17, 18, 19, 20.
    For v22 i have uploaded two new flashable zips (CM7 and A2SD+). they have "-v22" in the file name below.

    if you use this and are happy with it and want to reply in the thread saying so, please just click the "Thanks" button instead of clogging the thread.
    stop with the lockscreen already, THIS IS HOW Doubleshot lockscreen works, noone can make it better without heavy modifications to framework. You don't like it get stock 2.1.
    You can't have stock functionality with new lockscreen ATM. Accept it and stop crying is either one or the other atm. As soon as we find a proper solution for kingdom lockscreen (the one with shortcuts and idle animations) will be implemented. Don't start with ETA's and request, roms are provided "as is" you don't like it don't use it, you can't find one rom to fits all you needs, make u'r own, or mail htc and ask them to give you sense 3.0 for bravo

    @ Shadamehr i offered you a solution, you seem to be the only one with "alot of bugs" do us a favor and use another rom, YOU CAN'T HAVE ALL ON YOUr DESIRE ATM. LIVE WITH IT OR SHOW US YOU ARE BETTER AND RELEASE A ROM THAT HAS EVERYTHING WORKING AS IS SUPPOSED TO WORK ON KINGDOM OR SENSATION.

    I'm so sick of these arrogant users. dude i'm not fu*** htc.i don't have access to their source code ,i don't get paid for my work, i do it on my free will and on my free time and i don't do requests or deadlines, or offer you in the rom whatever you dream and want. if you don't like it use what htc offers you as official rom
    and thousands of users can confirm I always tried my best to offer latest stuff, speed and stability. but everything is a compromise like in real life. you can't have it all.
    i got two crash logs that seem to be related to swap support (it was added because of a feature request)
    here's a build w/o it:

    (callrec readded and vdd levels restored, as they - according to your reports - aren't the reason for lockups)
    (+smartass completely dropped in favor of smartassv2 (default))

    optional wifi-n addon: