[ROM][15-aug-2011] FolioNotion v3.0.1 for Toshiba Folio100 - Based on Eden 1.5

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    Hi all..

    This is Notion Ink Adam Eden 1.5 ported for Toshiba Folio 100...

    This is the new interface version from Notion.. Fixes A LOT problems with the old one... probably introduces new ones as well...

    Regards goes to Dexter for a lot of help and to roebeet for the ViewSonic GTab version, on which this ROM was based.. And of course to everybody who I forgot...

    What doesn't work:

    Panels added is not persistant over reboot... (Apparently the same problem exist on the Real Notion???)

    G-sensor working.. seems up-side-down in some games.. Working on fixing this...

    Probably a lot more :D... Please keep reporting back..

    And now for the files you want:

    FolioNotion 3.0.1

    FolioNotion 3.0

    FolioNotion 2.0

    FolioNotion 1.2

    FolioNotion 1.1 - Buggy.. use 1.0 og 1.2 instead..

    FolioNotion 1.0.1


    FolioNotion 1.0

    FolioNotion 0.5

    FolioNotion 0.4

    FolioNotion 0.3

    FolioNotion 0.2.1

    FolioNotion 0.2

    FolioNotion 0.1

    Have Fun


    Twitter: martinjuhl



    Permission issues fixed...


    New Release, based on Notions Gingerbread (Android 2.3) release...


    Updated to latest Notion Ink Software...

    Added bb2k's cifs modules for Samba/CIFS support :D.. Thanks for the good work..

    Quadrant about 2800....


    Fixes some permission errors on v.1.1..

    Now updated with libraries from FolioMod v1.4. Thanks Dexter...

    v1.1 - Buggy... Doesn't start....

    USB Network Adaptors now supported.. Configuration for bootup done in: /system/etc/init.d/98usbnetworkconfig..

    If adaptor is connected/reconnected after boot, just run "netsetup"..

    I know this is a bit manual and I hope I will have time to develop a little app for configuration in the future...

    There can be some conflicts in routes if wifi is enabled at the same time as an USB adaptor...

    /etc/resolv.conf might need to be deleted when going back to WIFI..


    Forgot the Superuser Application... Just install the apk or from market if you're already on v1.0


    Updated to new Notion Ink Software from the 14/2.. Seems more stable.. Status bar is changed a little.. So is the Settings Menu..

    Finally got the Market bug fixed, so now all apps should be enabled..

    Quadrant up to 3100 and a bit..

    Added the Toshiba Media Player and the CIFS manager

    Thought this release is now stable enough to get to version 1.0... :D..


    Updated to the new Notion Ink Software from this weekend.. Seems like some bugs are fixed.. and maybe a bit smoother too??

    Updated Google Maps..

    Still getting about 2900 in Quadrant..


    App2SD Fixed.. now working :D


    Added the TapNTap IME from FolioTNT. (Because I like it better :D )
    Added Toshiba Market.
    Fixed Media Player Panel/Widget Thingy...


    Added Notion Boot Animation.
    Might have fixed missing g-sensor support.
    Status bar now semi-transparent.
    Slight performance improvement.. just under 3000 in Quadrant.


    Fixed boot flashing
    Resigned apks and framework with test keys.
    Calendar and Contact sync now working, both from Google and Exchange.
    Fixed mounting for SDCard
    Performance tuning and cleanup, Quadrant now gives 2885
    Android standard Latin Keyboard added as NI has no support for special characters (a shame :( )


    First Release
    Quadrant reported to give about 2000









    New Release


    I haven't given up on this project.. But right now I'm using all of my spare time getting honeycomb to work...
    Solution to loop

    Hi guys..

    I found the problem...

    Quick fix: Please do:

    chmod 644 /etc/dbus.conf
    chmod 644 /system/etc/dbus.conf

    that should fix it...

    I will upload an update as soon as possible...
    hmmm,, nice to see more devs for the folio. i havent tried your rom yet, but thumbs up for caring enough to port the nption ink rom.
    one question though, what kernel version is this rom using? is it the modded kernel by notion ink?

    It's using the Dexters kernel from FolioMod and FolioTNT..
    I think one of the biggest disappointment of mine with this mod is the Root capability. Superuser is there, but I think it was somehow not correctly installed, so I end up spending hours to fix that by manually re-install. It's quite a painful process.
    Finally, in order to avoid future bugs which may come, I decided to switch back to FolioMod, and install all the nice Adam apps in FolioMod, which looks kinda cool now :D

    What problems did you have with root????