[ROM][16 NOV 12] CyanogenMod 10 Beta Builds [4.1.2][ANDROMADUS 3.x][Frontcam]

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Aug 12, 2011
OnePlus X
Please, which gapps for flinny's 10.1? 2012.12.12?
Also which gapps work best for stable cm7.2?
Thank you very much and sorry for off-topic. My friend's phone is junk right now, really bad touch problems with Rom :( (not sure if is Rom related)

Xperia S

List of gapps

Also try a sense rom coz sense rom don't have touch issue

Edit: this is an official 1

still a noob ;)
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Oct 14, 2012

Can you help in this?

'Finally after trying more than 100 times I finally managed to mod the Phone.apk.
from now I can atleast see the pic clear enough not behing half transparent black layout.
so i decided to share it.
I moded the 6th build Phone.apk so any1 using 6th build can try it out.
all though make back up of your Phone.apk first. than push my moded apk.
or atleast don't forget to make nandroid

on my device phone and contacts working fine. data and network also.
try it on your own it's not like its gonna explode your device or something'


Mr. Death

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Sep 12, 2007
Sometime I have problems with sound blackout after one call, on second call I can't hear anything and I need to reboot. It's clean install of latest build. :(
hm, 10.1 sounds nice, have you got a link? I hope it is 100% working. (including front and rear camera)

check this link

read the first post, the ROMs are available on here. Look for saga zip files. There is builld 19 available, but some poeple report some problems, so I guess you should try build 18 first....
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Jul 3, 2009
I'm running this ROM for a while now. Though I really like it, I have a very annoying problem with the touch screen. The upper part of the screen does not respond very often. I have to rotate the screen to pull down the status bar or to push a button in the upper corner.

Does anyone know if there is a fix for this issue? If not, what other ROM do you recommend?
I'm running this ROM for a while now. Though I really like it, I have a very annoying problem with the touch screen. The upper part of the screen does not respond very often. I have to rotate the screen to pull down the status bar or to push a button in the upper corner.

Does anyone know if there is a fix for this issue? If not, what other ROM do you recommend?

Since there is plenty of ROMs newer then this one you have a lot of possibilities... Try Flinny's Andromadus build 20 (which is based on cm10.1), PACman etc. Just check the date in ROM's thread...

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    CyanogenMod 10 Desire S builds by nk111
    Updated: 16 November 2012

    These builds can contain experimental features which may, or may not, ever be merged into
    CyanogenMod 10, or code which is highly untested.


    Known bugs / Not working:
    - preview in panorama mode has glitches
    - If you are stuck at boot screen then maybe you have not a sony panel (there are 2 different panels out there). We are working on multi panel support.
    - maybe more


    16 November 2012
    - fixed reboot on install of certain apps
    15 November 2012
    - lots of CM [URL="http://changelog.bbqdroid.org/#saga/cm10/next"]changes[/URL]
      MMs Auto retrieval
      Fix profiles insecure lock screen not working
      Long Press actions from hardware keys
    - new libgemini for hopefully faster picture saving in camera
    30 October 2012
     - switched to [COLOR="Red"]"wip-htc-saga-port" branch of ANDROMADUS Kernel[/COLOR]
       credits and thanks to Flinny, Flemmard and whole andromadus crew for this!
       This is still andromadus kernel 3.0 with all the new fb stuff. But Flinny and Flemmard ported the original HTC board configs
       over to the kernel. This solved some problems and maybe made the cam progress possible. Go and say thank you to Flinny! 
     - CM [URL="http://changelog.bbqdroid.org/#saga/cm10/next"]changes[/URL]
       for instance circle battery mode layout update and "expaned desktop" power menu setting
     - [COLOR="Red"]Front cam[/COLOR] finally working including face detection. Face unlock also working.
       Video on ffc does not work yet.
    17 October 2012
     - switched to [COLOR="Red"]ANDROMADUS Kernel 3.0.46[/COLOR]
     - android [COLOR="Red"]4.1.2[/COLOR]
     - CM [URL="http://changelog.bbqdroid.org/#saga/cm10/next"]changes[/URL]
     - lots of display patches
     - now with circle battery option
    07 October 2012
     - CM [URL="http://changelog.bbqdroid.org/#saga/cm10/next"]changes[/URL]
     - CRT screen off animation is back!
     - auto button light working
    05 October 2012
     - CM [URL="http://changelog.bbqdroid.org/#saga/cm10/next"]changes[/URL]
     - Disable HW overlay for optimal UI performance!
    23 September 2012
     - CM [URL="http://changelog.bbqdroid.org/#saga/cm10/next"]changes[/URL]
     - low ringtone after first call hopefully fixed
     - manufacturer added to build.prop
     - video controls in youtube etc. are not overlayed by the video anymore
    17 September 2012
     - CM [URL="http://changelog.bbqdroid.org/#saga/cm10/next"]changes[/URL]
     - cleanup (switched almost all repos to pure cm now)
     - cam partly working (no FFC, no video, has glitches, fc's sometimes) 
       [COLOR="Red"]don't switch to FFC! If you did accidentially clear data of gallery apk[/COLOR]
     - known bug: for some users ringtones have a very low volume from time to time independent from volume settings
    16 Augst 2012
     - CM changes
     - Wifi tether (hopefully) fixed
    13 August 2012:
     - all CM changes
     - new JellyBean Adreno libs included
     - massive code cleanup
    25 July 2012:
     - mic works in calls
     - voice search and google now should recognize speech right out of the box (it still needs a second attempt for voice keyboard input)
     - nasty rmt_storage error spamming the logs and probably draining battery is fixed (i ported some kernel 3 code over for that... who needs HTC?)
     - errors about "excessive time" for setting screen brightness are fixed
     - camera is NOT working yet!  It actually starts and you can even tap to focus but no preview and no picture is taken. After a few seconds it crashes. I will keep working on it.
     - Lot's of fixes and additions from CM
     - Mounting of the sdcard changed to /storage/sdcard0 as it is supposed to be in jb. The old mountpoints still exist for compatibility
     - Mediascanner should not crash anymore (well at least not so often). And so you should also see all the ringtones and also your images in  gallery and music files in apollo. Please give it some time after rom flash. It could crash media scanner when you open gallery to early. If you don't see you images pls just wait a little. If it's still not working try to reboot and wait again :)
     - I'm not sure if the battery drain is gone. I fixes some possible issues but it could be there's something missing. I suspect wifi to drain too much now...
     - I did the first full wipe for ages for this. The feeling is great. Maybe it's the lesser app count and ram usage or all the fixes. Rom feels smoother than ever ;)
     - button lights fixed
     - all i forgot
    CyanogenMod 10 Beta for HTC Desire S

    We are not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear
    war, or the current economic crisis caused by you following these directions.
    YOU are choosing to make these modificiations, and if you point the finger at 
    us for messing up your device, we will laugh at you.
    These are Beta quality builds and are very much still in development.
    Features may not work, or may crash, they may alternate between functioning
    and non-functioning between builds. Please look over the lists below before
    reporting suspected bugs.
    Please note: Currently only the included kernel is supported. Other AOSP
    kernels may not be fully compatible with JB and may cause issues.

    Credits & Thanks:
    KanocX for the very generous hosting of these ROMs.

    Also, a big thank you to everyone who has donated and supported our work!

    the very first front cam picture under cm10 on the saga has just been taken... :cool:

    i don't promise anything but flinny is working hard on merging the proper htc board configs to andromadus kernel and i try to fix that cam libs.

    If this goes well we might have a cool rom withount sound bug and working cam. My progress is based on serious hacking so please don't expect a quick release.
    back in business :)

    thanks to nexx i have adb now working on kernel 3. This makes life much easier. Expect new builds this week :good:

    Orientation fixed. Face unlock working... Hell yeah! How long did this take?

    Build is underway...