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[ROM][16MAR10]Gen.Y D2X R2.6[WM6.1 21056][UC][SENSE2.5.2012][WWE|NLD|GER|ITA|FRA|SPA]

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Jan 7, 2009
Main Wallpaper Needed

Can you send the wallpaper that we load the rom in the first time? I changed the main wallpaper but I can not turn back it again.


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Jan 30, 2008
Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact
hello, nice rom,i've installed on htc diamond p3700, but after one day it's reset automatically, and then i got this error:

Something went wrong while flashing, you should try the MTTY method on your device. I didn't wanted to do it because it's complicated and requires time to setup but my Diamond went totally crazy (hard resetting after a reboot, error messages, no softwares...) and now works properly. ;)


Mar 7, 2009


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Oct 22, 2010
i really really like this rom... think it's very good for everyday usage, and love how the screen rotate function works like a charm, but i have a few questions:

when inputing text (sms, email, browsing) the input is very laggy, with bad responsiveness. i have the same problem while pressing start key and taskmanager key (lags for a couple of seconds). i had similar issues with enery rom, but for that rom it's obvious ram consumption is the main culprit. and yes if u were wondering i did mtty before flashing and hardreset before first usage.

secondly, is it possible to add programs shortcut tab to sense, the way it's setup in tf3d 1.1 (original mda compact 4 rom).

is it possible to add support for zooming in with touch sensitive wheel in opera 10, and going through menues with it?

and if none of the above is possible to fix can u point me in direction of cab which adds full autorotate function to the whole gui?

thanks in advance... bought the damn thing a couple of days ago so i'm still learning.


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Jul 6, 2008


Feb 3, 2010
Great ROM.
One thing, width Gen.Y Portugal Time-Zone fix for D2 R5.5 & D2X R2.6 I can´t fix the problem to put the hours on 24H type.


Sorry, i see on de first post:
Trick: select another city (US region), check 24H box, DONE, select your city, DONE
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May 26, 2006
VOIP issue

Hello all,

I've been using this rom for few days and I think it's the best sense rom for diamond.

Thanks so much yozgatg. However i've been trying to use it with VOIP using the cabs from this thread . And I'm not able to setup my voip configuration, the voip setup tool crashes. Anyone has been successfull to use voip with this rom?.



Aug 23, 2008


Jul 7, 2009
there is now. when i release a new version, i will only release it in WWE. if you want it in some other language you have to request it, and i'll build it for you.
i have also added the latest google maps to this version (, let me know how it goes.


hi omniwolf!!

tranks for your work!!

could you make rom in spanish???

thanks in advance!!!!

happy new year!


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Jan 13, 2005
some releases

I have uploaded a spanish GTX and CHT ROM, and a new WWE GTX theme.
There's not much changed on the GTX theme, just a few updated apps. GTX with CHT 2.0.0 isn't out yet, so i wouldn't say it's worth upgrading to if you're currently using the GTX ROM.

GTX link

CHT link

i think i might have screwed up (put the GTX today theme) for the CHT ROMs.. can anyone confirm? i'll do them again if it's not right.
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    Gen.Y D2X 2.6.1e with CHT

    Hi Guys,

    Here's another slightly different version of Yozgatg's Gen.Y D2X 2.6 ROM for WWE. Of course all credit goes to him, the amount of work i put into this compared to him is minescule.

    Screenshots (everyone loves screenshots). These SS's are from CHT 1.8.0, but it looks pretty much the same (the analog clock is just an example, check out the CHT link below for other options):

    genY CHT 261c.jpg

    What have I changed?

    + Co0kie's Home Tab v2.0.0 - LINK
    + Dark Ninja's Android taskbar (modded for 6.1 by longice) - LINK
    + Total Commander
    + Pocketwit v0.85
    + Fingerkeyboard 2.1 (EzInput 2.1 is still default)
    + CHT Editor v2.0.0 - LINK
    + CleanRAM v2.2 - LINK
    - Gen.Y DualBOOT (you can still boot into android from haret.exe)

    * 65% RAM used on startup

    -- New Version: 2.6.1e --
    + Co0kie's Home Tab 2.0.0
    + CHT Editor 2.0.0
    + PockeTwit 0.85
    + GoogleMaps

    -- Old Versions --
    + Co0kie's Home Tab 1.8.5
    + CHT Editor
    + CHT WM6.1 lockscreen (disabled by default)

    + Co0kie's Home Tab 1.8.0
    + CHT Editor

    + Co0kie's Home Tab 1.7.1
    + CHT Editor

    + fixed cleanRAM shortcuts
    + added VGA fix for CHT - LINK

    -- Known Bugs --

    -- Current Version Download --
    2.6.1e - FRE noTaskbar
    2.6.1e - SPA

    -- Old Downloads --
    2.6.1d - Video Call (Rhodium)
    2.6.1d - NLD
    2.6.1d - GER
    2.6.1d - FRE noTaskbar
    Build your own custom Gen.Y D2X ROM? Now you can with the Gen.Y R5.5 MultiLANG MultiDEVICE Kitchen

    First of all, credits go to ervius for his amazing VisualKitchen, makeaveral for his wonderful G-Config app, schaps for his very useful Advanced Config v3.3 app and Captain_Throwback for his YouTube v2.5 VGA port. Another big thank u goes to amarullz & others who have made the Sense 2.5.2012 VGA port possible.


    This ROM is based on my latest Gen.Y D2 R5 build. They share the same base kitchen, so stability etc. should not be an issue.

    However it does feature 2 major updates:
    - TouchFlo3D 2.1 is replaced with HTC Sense 2.5 VGA (and all additional packages)
    - EzInput 2.0 is replaced with EzInput 2.1
    - Opera 9.5 has been replaced with Opera 9.7
    & some other minor adjustment to make it fit for sense 2.5

    Manila Footprints has been removed since it's not functional on our devices.

    FULL ROM (few stuff removed like Customer Feedback, Transciber)

    Radio (download below) or newer recommended for optimal performance

    Rilphone.dll: v1.13.25.24
    Pagepool: 10MB

    Free Storage Space: ~75MB (R2)
    Memory in use on startup: ~55% (R2)

    Known issues:
    - Can not select 24H in Locale&Text. (Trick: select another city (US region), check 24H box, DONE, select your city, DONE.)
    - Twitter Tab: tapping on a tweet does not work
    -> maybe a WM 6.1 problem?
    -Downloading files in Opera to Internal Storage is impossible: Opera limits the Path to 15 characters (Opera 9.7 BUG!)
    -> rename your "Internal Storage" in the Registry (Thx @ Olfason)
    "Name"="moviNAND Card"
    -> may break some functions of Manila!!!

    To all of you experiencing random soft and hard resets and other strange behavior with this ROM:

    Have you tried this??? CLICK HERE



    I would like to express my thanks to all of you who have provided me with feedback, bug reports and donations.
    This ROM wouldn't have been the same without you.

    If u like my work and would like to thank me for the time spent, you can always donate
    To revert to the old windows start menu, change this registry key:
    "Programs.EnableStartMenuReplacement"=dword:00000000 (default = dword:1)


    Changelog R2.6
    - Changed standard pagepool to 12MB
    - Connectivity updates:
     [+] CMBandSwitching_2_2_2_0
     [+] CMBluetooth_1_2_0_0
     [+] CMCallBarring_1_3_4_0
     [+] CMCallerID_1_5_1_0
     [+] CMCallForwarding_1_4_B_0
     [+] CMCallWaiting_1_3_1_0
     [+] CMPhone_1_6_B_0
     [+] CMPhoneVMSetting_1_8_0_0
     [+] CMPin_1_5_3_0
     [+] CommManager_2_9_T_1
     [+] HTCFDN_1_8_2_0
     [+] PhoneSetting_1_64_0_0
     [+] Wi-FiWizard_1_24_2_0
    - OEM package updates:
     [+] HTCMessage_1_09_281_2
     [+] InvokeSIMMgr_1_12_0_2
     [+] SIM_Mgr_6_76_0_1
     [+] SimLock_4_28_0_0
     [+] STK_Service_4_93_0_0
     [+] STK_UIPPC_4_74_0_2
     [+] USSD_Service_4_38_0_0
    - Minor under-the-hood enhancements
     > Rechecked and tweaked notifications registry keys

    Gen.Y D2X R2.6

    * Update: omniwolf released a GTX version of the D2X R2.6 rom, check it out here (WWE only)

    Gen.Y Portugal Time-Zone fix for D2 R5.5 & D2X R2.6

    Gen.Y Notification Hotfix for D2 R5.5 & D2X R2.6

    Previous Versions

    Gen.Y D2X R2.1

    * Gen.Y DualBOOT VGA v1.0.4.1 HotFIX for D2X.cab (96.8 KB)

    Gen.Y D2X R2

    + Gen.Y Icons HotFix cab

    Gen.Y D2X R1.1
    R1.XA includes the Tachi dialer (native VGA, no videocalling)
    R1.XB includes the Rhodium dialer (not 100% ported to VGA, videocalling supported)

    *Gen.Y D2X WM6.5 R1A WWE can be found in this post
    Hi yosgatg, I have a problem with this nice ROM; I can no longer use the chinese handwriting recognition input (still can read chinese) which was working fine in R4.3. I just can't have the option of that input method in the input list.
    Any solution? Thanks in advance!!
    Really hope u can continue in development of this line of ROM, really great work!

    Same problem here. I'm going to try the chinese package from the satas rom and see if it works:
    Gen.Y D2X 2.6.1e (GTX Sense 1.8.5 Theme)

    Hi Guys,

    Here's my slightly different version of Yozgatg's Gen.Y D2X 2.6 ROM for WWE. Of course all credit goes to him, the amount of work i put into this compared to him is minescule.

    Screenshots (everyone loves screenshots). It looks like this:


    you can also have the standard digital clock, there are many different styles thanks to co0kie's home tab

    What have I changed?

    + GTX Sense 1.8.5 Theme (VGA) - LINK. Thanks [ElCondor] and Kamill
    + Dark Ninja's Android taskbar (modded for 6.1 by longice) - LINK
    + GTX style 6.1 theme
    + Total Commander
    + Pocketwit v0.85
    + Fingerkeyboard 2.1
    + CHT Editor v1.8.5.1
    + cleanRAM v2.2 - LINK
    - Gen.Y DualBOOT (you can still boot into android from haret.exe)

    -- New Version: 2.6.1e --
    + Google Maps
    + PockeTwit 0.85
    + Calendar fix for yearly view (need confirmation this works)

    -- Old Versions --
    + GTX Sense 2.5 (with CHT 1.8.5 built in)
    + CHT Editor
    + cleanRAM v2.2
    + fix for previous button in the music player tab (re-download if you have this bug - i didn't change the version number for this fix)

    + New GTX version with co0kie's home tab 1.7.1 built in
    ++ clock stretched zero's fix
    ++ music player previous button fix
    ++ twitter tab fix (SP1)
    + CHT editor 1.7.1

    + Keyboard should auto register now
    + Landscape and other things fix - LINK

    + GTX Sense 2.5 SP3
    + Music tab fix for GTX Sense 2.5

    -- Known Bugs --
    - Email graphics corruption - this was slightly fixed with 2.6.1b, there's no corruption anymore, but there is a misalignment. As of 2.6.1d this may have been fixed, I'm not sure :)
    - CHT doesn't seem to work at first glance - you can't swipe up or down to see the other home tab screens. You can fix this easily by going into the editor (on the home tab press the menu button, and select "Co0kie's Home Tab Editor"), changing any setting (I turned off the "show lock button" in the Lockscreen Settings), pressing the Menu button, pressing "Apply changes", then exiting the editor. Sense will reload and all should be working again.

    -- Current Version Download --
    2.6.1e - WWE
    2.6.1e - SPA (0C0A)

    -- Old Downloads --
    2.6.1d - WWE
    2.6.1d - GER (0407)
    2.6.1d - FRE (040C)
    2.6.1d - WWE (No FingerKeyboard)
    2.6.1c - Rhodium (video calling)
    2.6.1c - GER (0407)