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Feb 18, 2012

Its with a really, really heavy heart that I have to say that this project is pretty much cancelled. I'm upgrading to an S3 in the coming weeks, so that means I have to sell my incredibly beloved Desire HD. I might (an emphasis on MIGHT) be able to continue it, but I'll need some willing testers, as I won't have the device.

Thank you for the support though it is really appreciated, helped me boost my confidence a lot! :thumbup::D

Sent from my REVOlutionary DHD!
thanks don't hurt ya know? :)


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Apr 2, 2009
Its with a really, really heavy heart that I have to say that this project is pretty much cancelled. I'm upgrading to an S3 in the coming weeks, so that means I have to sell my incredibly beloved Desire HD. I might (an emphasis on MIGHT) be able to continue it, but I'll need some willing testers, as I won't have the device.

Thank you for the support though it is really appreciated, helped me boost my confidence a lot! :thumbup::D

Sent from my REVOlutionary DHD!
thanks don't hurt ya know? :)

Always here to test as I've hit a wall with my development also.

Sent from my HTC Desire HD using xda premium


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Apr 22, 2012
Central Valley, CA
Its with a really, really heavy heart that I have to say that this project is pretty much cancelled. I'm upgrading to an S3 in the coming weeks, so that means I have to sell my incredibly beloved Desire HD. I might (an emphasis on MIGHT) be able to continue it, but I'll need some willing testers, as I won't have the device.

Thank you for the support though it is really appreciated, helped me boost my confidence a lot! :thumbup::D

Sent from my REVOlutionary DHD!
thanks don't hurt ya know? :)

Always here to test as I've hit a wall with my development also.

Sent from my HTC Desire HD using xda premium

I'm here to support you two guys! Developing AOKP has been an awesome experience, but with my internet being off at my place right now has me stopped dead in my tracks.

But anyway, good luck to you both!

Android Open Kang Project / Android 4.2.2
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Feb 18, 2012
Might be a chance of my version after all :D

"Two types of people: Those who buy iPhones; and those who are intelligent. I'm intelligent."
- Guy
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Dec 3, 2009
Disable Screen off (TV) Animation

I have a short question: How can I disable the screen off (TV) animation?

Best regards


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Jan 19, 2012
Something 'more stable'?
Excus you, IceCold happens to be the most stable ICS ROM available for Desire HD

I helped you? HIT THANKS!
Galaxy Note 10.1 (Big Bad Wolf)
Galaxy S3 (Daily Beast)
Desire HD (Dev Phone)

CyanogenMOD unofficial is the best stable rom I ever use for my DHD (It's JB and not ICS but it's one of the most stable Roms I've seen and I use it daily - more details look at my signature)

Where have you been hiding? In a cave? Clearly, you don't know Lord's C. work.

Sent from a dream.

When I was using this rom, yes I've use the IceColdSandwich from the first versions and the last ones, it wasn't fully functional. Camera wasn't proper and some minor glitches were there. I might not remember right as it's been a while but it was far from perfect that's for sure


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Feb 18, 2012
CyanogenMOD unofficial is the best stable rom I ever use for my DHD (It's JB and not ICS but it's one of the most stable Roms I've seen and I use it daily - more details look at my signature)

I'll be honest IceColdSandwich is THE most stable ICS ROM out there (version 8.8 in the best, and ultimately the last unfortunately)

> Sent from Guy's tablet
> Galaxy Note 10.1 Stock (GT N8010)
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    Video reviews by Flow-Wolf
    Resurrected edition 8.7:
    Tablet mod:

    All credits goes to dh.harald, twistedumbrella, existz, CM crew, Evervolv, synergye, AOKP team and all other that have contributed... and me of course :) This is not MY product, it's a combination of team work and sharing!!!

    We are all here to learn, take from community and give back to community!!!
    I know there will be a lot of reports about bugs, well... we are all here to kill as many bugs as possible, just don't expect that all will be fixed in a short time
    FAQ is HERE read it before posting.

    ROMS should contain everything you need to enjoy ICS. You are not required to install any Add Ons, simply download the latest ROM, flash it, and go!
    You are STRONGLY recommended to fully wipe your device before flashing, and if possible avoid restoring system apps and system data with Titanium Backup - these can cause stability issues that are very hard to debug. If you believe you know what you're doing - then fine, go ahead, but please don't complain if you experience strange behaviour.

    THIS IS NOT A SUPPORT FORUM - it's designed for Devs to exchange critical information.
    If you wish to comment / report on this ROM then you MUST do so here:

    Latest Stable Release
    Version: 8.8 AOKP OMG, it's alive Edition - 19-10-2012

    What's New

    • updated zlib
    • updates to fwb compiling
    • Added Lockscreen Vibrate option - ported from AOKP JB
    • Added Scroller option to RC - ported from AOKP JB
    • Added Menu UI Overflow Toggle to RC - ported from AOKP JB
    • updates to fwb, libcore
    • updated Browser, Mms and Contacts app
    • Contacts app patched with security patchto fix reported leak
    • Calculator from JB
    • updated qcom_display libs, bionic
    • Functions ported from JB by Luca Silingardi - Flat Eric:
    • - Added Group ringtone
    • - Show only mobile number when adding a contact
    • - Enabled to use nickname to choose a contact
    • - Turning on the screen when a message arrive
    • Updated kernel to 10.1 BFS:
    • - TUN and CIFS modules as default
    • - updated some drivers from vivo kernel (akm8975, bma150, cm3628)
    • - updated genlock
    • - updated kgsl and vidc driver
    • - wlan: Allow low wifi signals to be seen
    • - updated binder
    • - updated netfilter: xt_qtaguid and ipv6
    • - updated shmem
    • - added new jhash implementation with new lookup3() code

    What's Working

    • FM Radio (with Spirit FM app from play store, select ICSPlus in settings)
    • Everything else "should" work
    • AlienMind Overlay Script
      To have your apps and scripts etc automatically installed during ROM flash place them in:
      sdcard/overlay/system/app/ (for system apps)
      sdcard/overlay/system/etc/init.d/ (for scripts)

    What's Broken

    • MMS (doesn't work for some users)

    Changelog for older versions:
    [COLOR=DimGray]8.7 AOKP The REALLY Last Nocturnal Edition
    [*]updates to external packages: dnsmasq, openssl, dalvik, bionic, chromium, bluez...
    [*]updated frameworks_base, systen_core, build, omx_video...
    [*]updated hosts file
    [*]updated gps.spade module from 2.50.405.2 base
    [*]build sqlite3 with -O3 optimizations
    [*]used new toolchain built from Linaro from existz
    [*]updated Google Maps to 6.12.0
    [*]updated Youtube to 4.1.23
    [*]Settings: Fix crash seen when setting the radio band
    [*]updated apps: Phone, Mms, Browser, Contacts
    [*]patched Contacts app with fix for that exploit that all were yelling about
    [*]all these updates are here thanks to existz!
    8.6.1 AOKP The Resurrection before real death Edition - 31-08-2012
    8.6.1 changes:
    [*]updated kernel to 10.0 BFS - 720p ready - thanks to existz and his associates
    [*]allow answering incomming call with HOME button (in case of hardware HOME buttom it is useful during winter time) - CM (Settings/accesibility)
    [*]updated some apps
    8.6 changes:
    [*]updated hosts file
    [*]updates to dalvik, bionic and libcore
    [*]updated Youtube, Gmail, Maps, StreetView and GalleryGoogle
    [*]updated qcom_display and frameworks_base with fixes
    [*]fixed Camera app issues
    [*]removed BOARD_USES_LEGACY_TOUCHSCREEN build flag due to updated touchscreen driver in kernel
    [*]fixed issues with latest Google Play Music and YouTube - thanks Existz for the tip
    [*]updates to Email, Mms, Music, Settings, DeskClock and Browser apps
    [*]updated kernel to 9.9
    [*]- updates to touchscreen driver to be 100% compatible with ICS
    [*]- updates to kgsl driver
    [*]- updates to genlock driver
    [*]updates to jpeg, zlib and gtest
    [*]small fixes all around
    [*]Removed precompiled Phone and QuickSearchBox, added back GoogleSearchBox because of REL incident
    [*]I hope tablet mod UI isn't compromised with Phone FC
    [*]ROM should be 720p rec ready, but not the kernel, so you can test existz's or synergie's 3.0 kernels
    [*]Unfortunately AOKP stopped whole development for ICS so no new features added
    [*][B]download and flash 10.0 kernel after flashing this: [url] - it could/should fix 720p recording, not tested LOL[/url][/B]
    Version: 8.5 AOKP The Final Final Edition (rom name courtesy goes to the Final Resting place of this ROM - RIP)[/URL] - 04-08-2012
    [*]change log is unknown
    [*]still the same issues with camera
    [*]still the same issues with CFS
    [*]no one works for new features for ICS...
    [*]you tell me...
    [*]BIG BIG thanks goes to TUN_SD for taking up with all my crap about ROM testing/debugging and always being on-line and ready to build/test!!
    [URL=""]Version: 8.4 AOKP The End Edition (rom name courtesy goes to The Doors + big tear in my eye... Big era finishes here and now.. I hope it's not the last version, but how things are looking, it probably is, at least from me :( :( :( )[/URL] - 22-07-2012
    [*]updates to stock Browser
    [*]updates to dalvik
    [*]updates to Messaging.apk
    [*]fixes to source all over the place
    [*]new icons for ROMControl - AOKP
    [*]mms: added ability to hide sender and/or message body in notification
    [*]updated Trebuchet
    [*]fix to system_bluetooth
    [*]REVERTED all ISO C++11 build fixes for toolchain 4.7.1 because we aren't using it - existz
    [*]updated bionic
    [*]updated vendor_qcom_opensource_omx_mm-core
    [*]updated hardware_qcom_display
    [*]updated external_freetype
    [*]updated libstagefright lib
    [*]added back BFS kernel as default
    [*]don't know if mic is fixed.. I think not :(
    [URL=""]Version: 8.3 AOKP Rossi Edition (rom name courtesy goes to Valentino Rossi because I want him to get better in races...)[/URL]
    [*]add 2G, Tether and AP toggles
    [*]fixed ON/OFF toggles for Portugese locale
    [*]added CFS kernel as default
    [*]updates to audio driver, libxml2, busybox, zlib, wpa_supplicant_8, dalvik, libcore, bionic...
    [*]fixed delayed wifi shutdown
    [*]torch: catch all exceptions to avoid SysUI fc - AOKP
    [*]systemUI: Fix visual bug in EDGE network indicator
    [*]CFS tweaks added to 98tweaks script
    [*]used stock heavily patched Music player
    [*]updated Trebuchet
    [*]camera: Fix controls on tablets without zoom support
    [*]small updates to Contacts.apk
    [*]returned back orange color for selecting in Messaging app
    [*]more clock style when adding AOKP analog clock widget - AOKP
    [*]email: Add option to allow the download/upload of "potentially" insecure attachment - "a user" will be thrilled!!
    [*]fixed tethering and hotspot FC and reboot
    [*]fixed Power Saver not showing in Tablet UI mod
    [*]display when the weather was last updated in the notification area - AOKP
    [*]camera: prevent camera from running away with itself when taking multiple pictures - [url][/url]
    [*]updated hosts file - existz
    [*]libcopybit: Fix UI blur with C2D composition - really interested what does this fix?? - [url][/url]
    [*]lockscreen: refactor layout for all lockscreen types - AOKP
    [*]fix automatic timezone failing on some GSM networks
    [*]updated FileManager finally
    [*]updated Nova (some great features lookingat change log) and Apex
    [*]updated Messaging app a LOT
    [*]updates from AOKP regarding ROMControl and frameworks_base bugfixes
    [*]updated su and superuser
    [*]updated maps and youtube
    [*]Bulgarian provider APN is updated and MMS should work for them
    [URL=""]Version: 8.2 AOKP Summer Edition (rom name courtesy goes to hot summer nights...)[/URL] - 01-07-2012
    [*]fixed camcorder rec in 480p mod - thanks to existz for his patched toolchain
    [*]enable Led notifications by default in ROMControl
    [*]updated Apex to 1.2.3
    [*]fixed LED notification issues - BIG thanks to claude96 and a little thanks to pnoire for testing!!
    [*]fixed torch toggle FC, without logcat and device!
    [*]used new toolchain compiled by existz that has numerous fixes and optimizations so that we don't have to use any precompiled libs
    [*]updated qcom proprietary libs (Adreno libs)
    [*]updates to libcore, webkit and frameworks_base - existz
    [*]weather: make cardinal directions translatable (wind direction) - AOKP
    [*]now finally we don't have prebuilt audio libs and
    [*]new bootanim from Kenny94, well it's old but redesigned a little, also smaller than previous by 2MB
    [URL=""]Version: 8.1.1 AOKP WTF Edition (rom name courtesy goes to SoB source and trouble fixing it...)[/URL] - 25-06-2012
    [*]lockscreen: Add weatherpanel to lockscreen - AOKP
    [*]reorganized Settings/About and added more info about device - AOKP, modified by LorD ClockaN
    [*]fixed Google search box FC on Tablet UI mod - LorD ClockaN
    [*]compiled with Linaro 4.6.3 toolchain to fix BT issue
    [*]include AOKP theme Achromatic for theme engine
    [*]added prebuilt all-DPI ready Phone.apk - by LorDClockaN
    [*]tablet UI mod ready - to use it, set dpi to 120, font size to Huge and enable Dual Pane in settings/Display
    [*]added -O3 optimizations trough out the rom, not yet all built with them, but gives a good speed improvement (how fast can you unlock your phone :P ) - thanks to Existz!!!
    [*]updated GoogleMaps to 6.8.1
    [*]fixed netflix - BIG thanks to existz for pinpointing the culprit
    [*]fixes to external_openssl
    [*]move weather images to framework-res - AOKP (makes SystemUI.apk smaller)
    [*]Mms.apk updates from CM:
    [*]- Invalidate the contacts cache if contacts DB is modified
    [*]- Added Greek characters to Strip Unicode
    [*]- Fix contact lookup for email addresses
    [*]- Make notifications consistent with the Gapps - [url][/url]
    [*]- added the option to change the soft keyboard type when composing messages - [url][/url]
    [*]updated Bluetooth.apk 
    [*]added UI option to disable Data Statistics - CAF
    [*]added setting to automatically toggle speaker in-call in landscape (Phone) - AOKP
    [*]finally fixed DSPManager's loud volume in Music - also now it's actualy in use
    [*]telephony: Add support for choosing a default APN - CM
    [*]updated Trebuchet
    [*]added increase ring option to Phone - CM
    [*]more optimizations in frameworks regarding ARMv7
    [*]lockscreen: toggle music layout - AOKP
    [*]added Linaro optimizations to whole source (where is needed of course) - existz is THE MAN
    [*]optimized weather toast notification code - AOKP
    [*]updates to Contacts.apk
    [*]powersaver: don't switch network mode if the phone is ringing/incall - AOKP
    [*]optimized bootanimation - by anjini
    [*]compact list view mode for Contacts - AOKP
    [*]updated Apex and Nova Launchers
    [*]added WebGL support
    [*]added Host name option
    [*]new proprietary libs from CAF
    [*]updates to qcom_display
    [*]updates to display libs
    [*]updates to dalvik VM - thanks to existz for keeping everything up to date
    [*]alarm clock semi-transparent - thanks to claude96
    [*]added missing Egyptian APN and fixed FreeMobile French
    [*]SystemUI: fix data toggle - AOKP
    [*]IME switcher notification: remove reboot requirement - AOKP
    [*]Lockscreen clean up octo layout - AOKP
    [*]statusbar slider Brightness enabled by default - AOKP
    [*]notification bar counter (option) - AOKP
    [*]updates to A2DP playback
    [*]updates to chromium lib - existz
    [*]fix in lib - existz
    [*]added back SoundRecorder to app list that got lost along the way - existz
    [*]set to 0 as default to smooth some games in build.prop
    [*]Updated new kernel to 9.8.8 BFS
    [*]- all updates from andromadus team, they are doing a great job!
    [*]- optimizations for compiling
    [*]- msm_rotator driver updates
    [*]- OOM_KILL backported from HTC 3.0 kernel
    [*]- msm_fb display updates
    [*]- camera updates - I hope that camera still works
    [*]- removed UKSM
    [*]- updates to gpu driver
    [*]- updates to audio driver
    [*]- tweaks from "a user" regarding CFS
    [*]- urgent fix for ext4
    [*]- compiled with newest Linaro 4.7 2012-05 toolchain
    [*]- updates to kgsl driver
    [*]- some other small patches
    [*]- reverted all BT changes
    [*]- updates to kgsl
    [*]- updated Interactive gov - [url][/url]
    [URL=""]Version: 8.0 AOKP Son Of A ***** Edition (rom name courtesy goes to SoB source and SoB bugs and SoB issues and SoB you name it...)[/URL] - 01-06-2012
    [*]updated ROMControl's Lockscreen - AOKP
    [*]updates to to eliminate errors in logcat - existz
    [*]updated ApexLauncher to 1.2.2beta1
    [*]updated NovaLauncher to 1.1.4
    [*]updated Maps to 6.8.0
    [*]VideoEditor should be fixed now
    [*]reworked Music Controls on lockscreen - AOKP
    [*]webkit: Reduce processing in WebCore thread while scrolling and zooming
    [*]HUGE source rework, almost all based now on AOSP repos, not CM
    [*]update French translation in ROMControl - pnoire
    [*]updated Music app with a lot of patches from CodeAurora and finaly merged to 4.0.4 version - aospx
    [*]updated SKIA from CAF
    [*]added "support GSM AT commands for SMS over bluetooth" - CM
    [*]updated display and video driver - CAF
    [*]new toggle layout selection in ROMControl - AOKP
    [*]added AOKP Clock widget - AOKP
    [*]updated Email.apk
    [*]disabled kernel error checking - existz
    [*]disabled all xt_qtguid checks - existz
    [*]updated Adreno proprietary libs from CAF - thanks to existz
    [*]hopefully fixed soft button lights bug
    [*]reworked repos to try to fix Browser FC - a lot of work, thanks to existz for tips
    [*]fixed music lags with CFS kernel, now finally speed and battery friendly kernel - thanks to ___m0d_ for the tips
    [*]fixed BT mute issue for some users
    [*]added custom theme to theme chooser - by our own TUN_SD
    [*]fixed PIN unlock bootloop
    [*]added Ring Delay function to Phone.apk - AOKP
    [*]Additional fixes for button/keyboard backlight auto-brightness - CM
    [*]added Russian to the supported spellchecker languages - CM
    [*]updated translations trough out the rom - CM
    [*]updates to video and display repositories
    [*]updated GoogleStore to 3.5.19
    [*]added option to select storage location in Camera app - Twisted
    [*]updated Contacts.apk with layout option - AOKP
    [*]added option to chose from sense/stock recent app list - AOKP
    [*]added option to disable boot audio
    [*]added Low Battery level LED blinkinng option to disable it - AOKP
    [*]added t-mobile theme engine from CM - AOKP
    [*]increased Max messages in Email that can be seen to 50
    [*]added Timer Snapshot to Camera - Danesh M.
    [*]some fixes and patches regarding wifi from CM
    [*]added back Tile Rendering line in build.prop and enabled it by default
    [*]added option to Messaging to hide sender or message body in notification - AOKP
    [*]boot audio fixed - requires boot_audio.mp3 in system/media
    [*]updated kernel to 9.8.1 CFS:
    [*]- updates to gpu driver
    [*]- updates to Interactive governor
    [*]- set Deadline I/O data scheduler as default
    [*]- updated lowmemorykiller from 3.4 kernel
    [*]- updated calibrate driver from 3.4 kernel
    [*]- some more tweaks
    [*]- updates to ashmem
    [*]- backported Ultra KSM - courtesy of Andromadus team
    [*]- lowered max stock freq to 1075200
    [*]- fixes by francisco franco
    [*]don't forget on the new bugs I've added.. like netflix.. really sorry guys, don't know how to fix it yet
    [*]also, I must have forgot to add something to the changelog, but can't remember what :D
    [*]if you come to some issues you can try flashing BFS kernel
    [*]Full wipe is not required, but recommended
    [*]I highly recommend Fixing Permissions from recovery after first boot
    [URL=""]Version: 7.4 AOKP Stripper Edition (rom name courtesy of one drunk night)[/URL] - 02-05-2012
    [*]added custom weather condition translaion option (only in strings.xml for every language)
    [*]dded "Kill-all"-button to recent apps - by Rdlgrmpf
    [*]fixed some features in ROMControl
    [*]added new features to Phone.apk settings
    [*]dded lockscreen wallpaper to pattern and pin lc - AOKP
    [*]fix mute volume states always being checked - AOKP
    [*]updated BT support for some players
    [*]updated MMS app with emoji icons support
    [*]added Ukranian keyboard T9
    [*]added more carrier text options - info: [url][/url]
    [*]removed horizontal style switcher from ROManager to eleminate FCs
    [*]weaked UI frame rate and touch response in build.prop
    [*]updated Mms.apk - custom vibrate option fix
    [*]updates to USB tethering
    [*]Add a 'Mark All Messages Read' button to all message lists.
    [*]Message Access Profile (MAP) (Bluetooth and MMS app)
    [*]added Ad-hoc option to wifi settings - CM
    [*]updated NovaLauncher to 1.1.2 final
    [*]new kernel 9.6.1 BFS (lot's of fixes and improvements.. (enabled swap per request))
    [*]some other fixes all around in apps and base
    [*]added more sync times in email app - CM
    [*]added build date to settings/about - by Chezebel
    [*]updated gapps to 20120429
    [*]used stock market app (Phonesky.apk) instead of modded one
    [*]new proprietary Adreno files from CAF
    [*]fixed Browser flash bugs
    [*]modded Mms and Contacts app with inverted colors - by TUN_SD
    [*]added option to disable sound on volume change with volume buttons - CM
    [*]maybe fixed "stuck" statusbar clock - AOKP
    [*]added new options to mobile data linit - CM
    [*]added system volume option to Settings/Sound - CM
    [*]fixes to fonts in Settings/Profiles - CM
    [*]use Holo theme for ActivityPicker Dialog - CM
    [*]a lot of patches to frameworks_base regarding video playback and compatibility
    [*]fixes to dalvikvm - thanks to existz for picking them from CAF
    [*]fixes to sqlite3
    [*]updated Torch app
    [*]updated GooManager
    [*]updated ApexLauncher to 1.1.1
    [*]probably forgot somethig + new bugs added :)
    [URL=""]Version: 7.3 AOKP Foxy Lady Edition (rom name courtesy of alienmind)[/URL] - 18-04-2012
    [*]new kernel 9.4.1 BFS
    [*]added Dithering option to be enabled via build.prop
    [*]some fixes in Settings
    [*]fixed video playback and netflix that broke in 7.2 final
    [*]updated GooManager
    [*]fixed double declaration in build.prop regarding H signal
    [*]updated SU
    [*]updated Torch
    [*]added some cool features to ROMControl from AOKP like statusbar icons and signal transparency
    [*]added text size option for statusbar - AOKP
    [*]Phone.apk changed to different source, so test for known bug is expected
    [*]added some new options for tethering - CM
    [*]added Sense 4.0 recent apps choser - thanks evilisto (let's see if it works and you guys like it)
    [*]Landscape mod for app choser by Robin
    [*]fixed Phone.apk bug when on a call and another call comes in
    [*]updated DeskClock app with flip to snooze option
    [*]updated Contacts 
    [*]added "hundred" patcehs to frameworks regarding video, gpu, etc...
    [*]I hope I haven't forgot anything :)
    [URL=""]Version: 7.2 AOKP Farewell Edition (Click to download)[/URL] - 11-04-2012
    [*]sync overide option added to Profiles - CM
    [*]BT updates
    [*]new camera HAL from twisted (camcorder still doesn't work, use Videocam Illusion from market)
    [*]updated NovaLauncher to 1.0.3b2
    [*]add boot sound option - the boot sound file should be in: /system/media/android_audio.mp3, don't know if it works :P
    [*]added BLN toggle, and in quite hours - by Robin
    [*]custom icons for lockscreen fixed - AOKP
    [*]custom lockscreen wallpaper finally enabled and fixed
    [*]a lot of patches trough out the rom
    [*]updated a lot of apps
    [*]new kernel 9.4 BFS - updated gpu drivers, vidc, msm_rotator, wlan, audio, etc...
    [*]I must have forgotten something :)
    [URL=""]Version: 7.0 AOKP ERROR404 Edition (Click to download)[/URL] - 30-03-2012
    [*]updated android version to 4.0.4
    [*]who knows the 4.0.4 changelog :)
    [*]probably some apps are missing because of big merge, please don't SHOUT at me :)
    [*]camcorder still doesn't work
    [*]added Honeyocmb lock style - AOKP
    [*]a lot of patches from CAF trough out the rom
    [*]updated Trebuchet
    [*]added mobile data option to Profiles - CM
    [*]new kernel 9.3 BFS - little higher some stock voltages, updated gpu driver
    [URL=""]Version: 6.2 AOKP CBR1000 Edition (Click to download)[/URL] - 25-03-2012
    [*]panorama fix included
    [*]improved battery bar mod again - AOKP
    [*]added Bulgarian T9
    [*]added back stock Email and Exchange, removed ones from gapps (rebot maybe required after first boot without full wipe)
    [*]updated GooManager to 1.5.6
    [*]added AppWidgetPicker - let's see if you like it more than stock look (remove it if you don't like it)
    [*]update Trebuchet - Infinite screen loop, etc
    [*]added lockscreen low battery percent toggle - AOKP
    [*]add wifi signal mod option - AOKP
    [*]updated DPI ready GooglePlayStore to 3.5.15
    [*]updates under the hood
    [*]lockscreen Low battery percent toggle - AOKP
    [*]more calendar on lockscreen options - AOKP
    [*]updated Profiles settings - CM
    [*]updated Mms, Music, LatinIME (android stock keyboard)
    [*]internal optimizations - existz
    [*]added a few new wallpapers
    [*]definetly forgot something...
    [*][B]new bugs added for sure :P[/B]
    [*][B]new kernel LorDmod CFS 9.1:[/B]
    [*][COLOR=White]....[/COLOR]updated genlock
    [*][COLOR=White]....[/COLOR]updated ashmem
    [*][COLOR=White]....[/COLOR]OpenVPN works
    [*][COLOR=White]....[/COLOR]BFQ I/O updated to 3.0 (ported from 3.0 kernel) and set as default
    [*][COLOR=White]....[/COLOR]fast battery charging till the end
    [*][COLOR=White]....[/COLOR]a lot of other optimizations
    [URL=""]Version: 6.1 AOKP Twisted Edition (Click to download)[/URL] 18-03-2012
    [*] Used DPI modded Google Play Store
    (you can download apps at any DPI, but buy only at stock 240DPI)
    [*] Disabled Tile Rendering to fix some issues
    [*] Updated finger brightness over status bar - AOKP
    [*] Improved battery bar - AOKP
    [*] Updated Desk Clock - added digital widget option - AOKP
    [*] Improved memory management speed - existz is these man for this stuff
    [*] Sorry, but it looks like panorama is broken in 6.0 and 6.1, will upload a new version as soon as twisted fixes it

    Test Releases
    Click here for test releases
    Test releases run a much higher risk of problems. Run them at your own risk. If you're unsure about them, don't flash them to you phone!

    Thanks to: dh.harald, twistedumbrella, existz, MDJ and Virtuous Team, z4reak, paul-nb, CM crew, cstayton, romanbb and the whole AOKP team, bigxie, community etc etc...
    And special thanks goes to my main beta tester little kitty cat... pnoire!!!
    Thanks to all donators!!!


    What is ICS?

    ICS is Ice Cream Sandwich - Google's latest version of Android (before JellyBean).
    - Some of the very latest phones on the market already have it installed. e.g HTC One series
    - Some slightly older phones will eventually be 'upgraded' to ICS e.g Desire HD, but this may be a number of months away, and promised 'upgrades' have sometimes never been delivered at all.
    - If / when it does arrive for Desire HD it may not happen for everybody at the same time, sometimes it's carrier by carrier, and finally 'retail' (non carrier branded) handsets that get the upgrade last!
    - If / when it does arrive, it will be overlayed with HTC's Sense (some like it, some don't)
    - In the meantime, folks are working on getting ICS on your Desire HD BEFORE it's officially released for the phone, with and without Sense (giving you a choice)

    So why don't some features work?

    Well, the ICS being used on Desire HD is 'taken' from officially released ICS phones like the HTC One range, or 'leaked' ROMS from similar phones.
    However, those phones have slightly different hardware and features than the Desire HD - so they aren't exactly the same. This means that parts of the software have to be 'ported' to work on the Desire HD.

    OK, so why is porting so difficult?

    The Android O/S is 'open source' meaning that anybody can see the actual source code for themselves, and see how it all works. They can modify it and adapt it to suit their needs (good).
    Phone manufacturers USE Android in their phones, but they don't have to make all their own 'extra' software open source too. They like to protect their software by keeping it secret (not so good). There are many reasons why they do this, both good and bad, but it makes porting difficult.

    When developers don't have access to the source code for parts of a phone, they have to write their own!... this means they have to have highly detailed knowledge of the phone, its hardware and other software components. Sometimes they can try things by trial and error, sometimes they have knowledge from a similar phone, and sometimes they just don't know.

    This is the most common issue for 'ported' ROMS. Things like Power Management, Camera, WiFi, GPS etc are the things that make one manufacturer's phone stand out from another, and therefore end up 'secret'.

    This does not mean that they will never work, it only means that they take longer to get working.

    Who does the porting?

    The actual porting is done by surprisingly few people:
    - Some guys who know 'inside secrets'
    - Some guys who are just great developers but who don't have the secrets
    - Some guys who can develop but need a little guidance
    - Some of them are 'great guys' helping the community (and keeping their own skills up to date)
    - Some of them have other motives (good and bad)
    - Some of them form teams to work on different ports

    Why don't all the developers work together?

    Developers are people - they have all the same issues as everybody else:
    - Some like working alone
    - Some feel that other developers standards aren't high enough
    - Some are trying to fix a specific problem that THEY want fixed
    - Some teams have different goals (one team might be aiming for a port that can work on 5 different phones, whilst another team are focused on a single phone. One team may want a totally 'clean' ROM and another want a ROM with lots of customisation options built in)
    - Sometimes, people just don't get along with each other

    I thought the ROM makers did all this work?

    You'd be wrong.

    The ROM developers use the ported code to make their ROMs. Sometimes they can choose different components from the various development teams to build a ROM.
    Imagine a motor car:
    1) The 'developers' make the engine, wheels, steering, chassis etc
    2) The ROM Makers build their car choosing the components they need for their ROM
    3) The 'Modders' add custom paint colours, fancy headlights, custom interior etc

    The 'developers' are not smarter than the ROM makers, and the ROM makers are not smarter than the modders. They just have different roles (and some people do all three roles!)

    FAQ - Specific Problems

    This ROM sucks

    OK, that's possible, but there are 1000's of others who disagree - so maybe you've made a small mistake in the setup of your ROM?
    - Firstly, ALWAYS fully wipe your system before flashing this ROM. If you think you're smart and don't need to do this, fine - but don't complain about a bug afterwards.
    - NEVER restore system settings or apps with Titanium Backup or similar. Again, if you think you're smart, go ahead - but don't complain about a bug afterwards.

    In reality, sometimes it's very hard to avoid a 'restore' with Titanium Backup, and we understand this... it's just important to understand that restoring things to the ROM (even something minor) can really screw things up. So if you have problems, always try testing with a 100% clean system. This is really important!

    How do I know what's working and what isn't?

    Most of the working / not working status is detailed right below the download link.
    These will typically be the BIG items that the developers and ROM makers know about. If something is listed as not working, then please don't clog up the thread by reporting something we already know.

    My camera doesn't work perfectly

    Did you read the above?
    The camera is being worked on. Right now, you SHOULD be able to take great photos at any resolution using the stock camera provided with the ROM.
    If you use a 3rd party camera app, then you MAY experience some problems. For the moment, please only report issues with the stock camera.

    My video cam doesn't work

    The video cam is being worked on. Right now, don't expect much from it. You MIGHT have some luck with a 3rd party video camera app (but unlikely). There's no point in telling us it's not working - we know. If we need mass feedback on a 'test' version of a ROM, we'll make it very clear in the OP (opening post).

    MMS isn't working

    A few users are having issues with MMS, but before you report an issue, please check the following:
    - You MUST have a data connection (not WiFi) in order to download the MMS content. You may receive an MMS notification (telling you that you HAVE an MMS) without a data connection, but you need data to actually download it
    - Your APN configuration may be incorrect, please check it, and if possible include what your settings are when you report an MMS issue.

    The battery sucks

    This can be one of the harder issues to diagnose...
    - Try with a 'clean' system first and see how it performs after a full charge
    - Slowly introduce your apps being especially careful with widgets that use data connections, but widgets in general
    - Try to figure if one of those apps or widgets is running in the background and wasting battery, or preventing your phone from sleeping properly.

    A general rule of thumb is 'you should get about 8 hours worth of battery' with 45 mins of surfing, 30 mins of gaming, 30 mins of music, 10 mins of phone calls and wifi / GPS / Screen switched off at all other times.
    This is a MASSIVE estimate, but it's a guideline.

    How fast can I overclock my phone?

    Every phone is slightly different - just like a car. You get some bad ones, some good ones, and the majority fall in the middle.
    Your Desire HD was manufactured to operate at 1Ghz. If you go over this good luck. It can work.
    If you don't really know what overclocking is - don't do it.
    If you do know what it is, then you should be aware of the risk and reduction in life expectancy of your phone.

    Do I need to add anything to this ROM to make it work?

    NO - you never need to add ANYTHING to the ROM to make it work. The ROM is supplied with everything required 'built in'.
    In the very rare event that a critical bug is discovered, there will be a 'hotfix' detailed right below the ROM download.

    All 'Add ons' and 'Mods' are optional - and you should verify that they are still appropriate for the latest ROM release (because sometimes, a brand new ROM is released after the addon was released and a broken addon hasn't been removed from the list yet).

    Can you change the launcher provided with your ROM?

    Launchers are a matter of taste - everyone has their favourite launcher.
    If you're not happy with the default launcher, it's very easy to install your own favourite from the Google Play Store, or sideloaded via an APK.
    We're sorry you didn't like the defaults, but we do try to provide the best combination of 'free' launcher / functionality / popularity for the majority of users.

    Bluetooth Issues

    - TBC


    Thank you for bothering to read this far down the FAQ. We really wish more people would do the same.
    A lot of work goes into the making of a ROM, and all we ask is that you spend 10 minutes reading this stuff. Well done!

    Add Ons
    Listed Add Ons SHOULD be compatible with the latest stable release. No addon is 'required' in order to use the latest stable release, they are provided as 'extras' for those who wish to use them.


    LorDmodUE ICS 8.6b13 04-11-2011
    LorDmodUE ICS 8.6b14 05-11-2011
    LorDmodUE ICS 8.6b15 - TUN module 06-11-2011
    LorDmodUE ICS 8.6b17 - 2WCR support 15-12-2011
    LorDmodUE ICS 8.7 - gpu drivers update
    LorDmodUE ICS 8.8b1 - fixed 32bit colors and refresh rate
    LorDmodUE ICS 8.8b2 01-01-2012 - some patches and fixes to the gpu and ipv6 -
    LorDmodUE ICS 8.8b3 - 02-01-2012 -
    LorDmodUE ICS 8.8b5 - 05-01-2012 - fixed random reboots, Ondemand as default governor - CFS (default till now), BFS (since
    LorDmodUE ICS BFS 8.8b6 - 08-01-2012 - - some tweaks here and there
    LorDmodUE ICS BFS 8.8b7 - 11-01-2012 - - patched gpu driver some more - thanks Kali-
    LorDmodUE ICS BFS 8.8 final - 27-01-2012 - - new wlan drivers, enabled KSM for twisted
    LorDmodUE ICS BFS 8.9b3 - 09-02-2012 - - reverted to older Wlan drivers, enabled KSM (and patched) support for ROM, first ever DHD kernel with dm-cache support
    LorDmodUE ICS BFS 8.9b5 - 13-02-2012 - - added some patches for genlock and camera drivers
    LorDmodUE ICS CFS 8.9b5 - 13-02-2012 - - same as BFS version
    LorDmodUE ICS CFS 8.9b6 - 14-02-2012 - - fixes a Genlock error in logcat that was introduced with b5 kernel
    LorDmodUE ICS BFS 8.9b8 - 10-03-2012 - - BFS version of the latest CFS kernel that is already included in ROM



    BlackICE Theme

    Blackened ICE UI by johnblundon
    Black and Blue by Pfaffinator
    Back to Default by Pfaffinator

    Splash Screens

    A great set of splash screens by maatsby (graphics by johnblundon):

    Download by choosing the image above and opening the zip file, then:
    - flash the .img file with ADB and fastboot OR flash the with bootloader

    ADB instructions:
    adb reboot bootloader
    fastboot flash splash1 splash1.img
    fastboot reboot instructions:
    Put it on the root of your SD and boot in to bootloader, it will scan for it then install it. follow the instructions, reboot

    New Splash screens, bootanim and LiveWallpaper by anjini

    Bootanimation and Splash


    HTC keyboard for ICS

    4EXT Recovery Themes

    By pondikos -
    By johnblundon -


    HTC keyboard for ICS -

    Proximity Sensor Calibrator

    By leppie -

    High Res Lock Screen Icons

    By cstayton - Universal HiRes Lockscreen Icons for all AOKP versions

    DeskClock mod

    By cstayton - Universal BlueGlow Deskclock for all AOKP versions[/QUOTE]

    MMS (enhanced)

    By cstayton - MMS (enhanced)
    • Maximum message size increased to 1.1mb.
    • Maximum picture resolution increased to 1944x2592px.
    • Uses the Nexus One useragent that matches increased message size and picture quality.
    • Allows "New Line" capabilities when pressing the "enter" key rather than the default which is "Send".

    Kernel Under Voltage Package

    By flappjaxx and alienmind -

    This is a full package of all of the undervolt scripts available for the LordModUE Kernel. It contains -25mV, -50mV, Ultra Undervolt, Pinky Undervolt & Stable Pinky Undervolt by killersloth all activated and deactivated with the LorDmodUV application.

    It also contains a for those that can't boot after undervolting located in /sdcard/resetuv, and a README.txt for guidance in /sdcard/resetuv

    Just flash from recovery & reboot

    Signature bar - thanks to , he also made OP logo

    This one is also great: no SS



    It's best to use this URL: and not save and upload the image because XDA compresses it and it looks blocky.

    thanks to zlamas

    Video review by devicecustomizer:

    Nocturnal edition 8.7

    Resurrected edition 8.6.1:

    Video reviews by Flow-Wolf

    Summer edition review

    Resurrected edition 8.6.1:

    Tablet mod:

    Summer edition 8.2:

    Error404 edition 7.0:

    Women's day 5.1:

    High Def Edition! 4.1.1

    IceColdSandwicu 4.0.AOKP
    Here is my new test about Nutella Edition
    The video is in 2 different part ;)

    IceColdSandwich 3.0.0

    build 1.0.beta1:

    build (beta 6.2):


    by: jameslsmith
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q - Can I flash this on the Inspire?
    A - Yes, flash this InspireMod

    Q - Can I flash this on a Telus DHD?
    A - Yes, flash THIS

    Q - Do I have to full wipe?
    A - If you want to post bugs, yes. Posting a bug without wiping before flashing isn't helpful.

    Q - Camera is glitchy (black screen, artefacts FCs), oh my Lord, WHY?
    A - use a different camera app from market, every one has faults but are better than stock

    Q - Thumbnails are sometimes wrong with taken pictures in gallery
    A - I would say that camera is still in beta, don't you
    I updated first post for new version that is coming in about 25-30mins
    won't have time to update the post later .. I think ;)

    a lot of news.. and I hope this is a winner :)

    let's see if this post gets me to 10000 thanks :)