[ROM][19 OCT] Bulletproof 2.2.1 | New MIUI Battery Bar!


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Sep 18, 2009
Bulletproof 2.2 - Sense 3.5 Builds

Find Bulletproof 1.X in post #3!

2.X are based on the 2.08.401.1 LEAK base. These builds are made with the same love as the 1.X builds, but they are not a priority. They are for fun! Every feature I add to it will not be half assed, it will be done correctly and properly using the newest code and not using any old APKs or JAR files from older builds. It IS IS IS a debugging build from HTC, this is why it's not my #1 priority. I am updating my mod code to Sense 3.5 mainly for future releases.


The usual suspects
  • WWE 2.08.401.1 Base - Android 2.3.5 // Sense 3.5
  • Stock kernel included
  • Rooted, unsecure boot.img
  • Zipaligned & zipaligns /data/app, /system/app, /system/framework at boot for you
  • Screenshot enabled with Power + Home
  • Extended power menu
  • Busybox with runparts (init.d support)
  • Bash command & nano editor
  • Only a few APKs removed for now
  • Unlimited browser tabs (well 255 technically)
  • SD readahead set to 2048

Rosie Tweaks
  • Enable/disable Sense unlock animation (carousel effect)
  • 4 column app drawer or 5 column app drawer (configured in Tweaks)
  • CUSTOM personalize button on Sense 3 launcher! (you can choose your own app! Defaults to browser)
  • disable/enable paginated app drawer

Statusbar Tweaks
  • Custom Extended settings with an extra Ringtone slider
  • Ability to hide recent apps in pulldown (hidden by default)
  • Clock options (colors/am pm settings/hide)
  • Signal options (color/dbm text/hide)
  • Battery options (text/automagically colored text based on battery level/hide icon)
  • Choose between showing H or 4G in the statusbar
  • hide any extended settings you don't want!
  • center clock!
  • quick-quick settings option (automatically turn to settings when no notifications to clear)

Other Additions
  • My permissions init.d script (fixes most permissions on each boot)
  • Added mod version to settings display
  • Added tweaks shortcut to settings
  • CRT Animations (with ability to toggle which you want, screen on/off)
  • Overscroll (ability to toggle off/glow/bounce/bounce+glow) - enable in tweaks
  • Toggle screenshot on/off - your choice
  • EXT 4 optimizations
  • Keep your home launcher in memory
  • Improved overall UI smoothness
  • Hardware GUI rendering


I am not aware of any bugs at the moment. Please report any you may find!​

Change Log
[u][B][SIZE="4"]2.2.1 - Oct 19[/SIZE][/B][/u]
[*]fix volume wake not working =D

[u][B][SIZE="4"]2.2 - Oct 18[/SIZE][/B][/u]
[*]added volume wake toggle in Lockscreen settings
[*]added MIUI battery bar option
[*]added screen on SMS (thanks capychip)
[*]added transparent rosie option (credits to capy chip again for this one)
[*]added back paginated app drawer
[*]screenshots now saved to /sdcard/screenshots
[*]removed HTC loggers
[*]added bloater
[*]added titanium backup
[*]added mod version to settings

[u][B][SIZE="4"]2.1.5 - Oct 11[/SIZE][/B][/u]
[*]fixed wallpaper Rosie issue
[*]added rotation animation
[*]added Bloater back by default for awesomeness

[u][B][SIZE="4"]2.1 - Oct 6[/SIZE][/B][/u]
[*]added overscroll options
[*]added rosie unlock animation enable/disable
[*]added rosie personalize
[*]added rosie kill option in sense tweaks
[*]rosie tweaks will now hide if you don't have rosie installed :)
[*]your selected app's name will now show up instead of "Personalize"
[*]added 5 column rosie app drawer
[*]fixed quick-quick settings toggles
[*]upgraded to SU 3.0.2
[*]added HTC Notes (thanks to baadnewz for this)
[*]fixed APM reboot showing "Work"
[*]fixed recent apps not hiding from 2.0.2
[*]that's it I think...
[u][B][SIZE="4"]2.0.2 - Oct 3[/SIZE][/B][/u]
- fix show-recent applications toggle

[u][B][SIZE="4"]2.0.1 - Oct 3[/SIZE][/B][/u]
- fix APM reboot problem

[u][B][SIZE="4"]2.0 - Oct 3[/SIZE][/B][/u]
[*]Redid most mods for Sense 3.5 (mainly so I can have them done for when a non-debugging leak hits
[*]Most mods are working, ones greyed out in tweaks are NOT implemented yet. They may or may not be. 

» This IS a dev debug build from HTC so I am not worried about doing everything hastily. It's fun to play with, not 100% yet.
» I never use old code for a new base. Other ROMs may have CRT and such, only because they're using older jars. That's not good. CRT is a lot more difficult this time around. It will come when I have some more time to hack at it (already spent a couple hours trying to get it to work =[)
» There is TONS of debugging output from the dev build. It may be placebo, but turning debugging off makes the phone seem a little faster to me. I've disabled it by default (on a fresh flash).


Install Instructions
  1. Make a nandroid backup. Losing 10 minutes of your life is easier to cope with than losing a phone ;)
  2. Download, match MD5 tags, copy to SD card
  3. Reboot into recovery
  4. REQUIRED: format /cache (not wipe)
  5. OPTIONAL: wipe/factory reset. I highly recommend doing this when coming from a different ROM, that said it's your choice. Please don't report bugs if you have not wiped.
  6. Install ROM from zip.
  7. Reboot, wait ~20m,


Bulletproof 2.2

md5: e7f2767fe11d954c589a79987930965c

ROM Devs: please read my sharing policy below!

Upgrade 2.1 + => 2.2.1

md5: 1c307815d5a43c2b89ad51a09794746e

My Sharing Policy
If you would like to implement any of the feature I've added in my ROM (that I've created myself), all I ask is that you wait 7 days after I've released a feature and then you may add it. 7 days. After that, all I ask is you give proper credit to all developers. None of this falls under GPL, so to say the least, I think that is fair to ask.​

  • Cyanogenmod
  • snq-
  • baadnewz
  • mike1986
  • faux
  • damo
  • capychimp
  • everyone else who contributes
  • jjdoctor
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Sep 18, 2009
For science!

About matching Hashes
Matching hashes is extremely important, especially with these large Sense ROMs. Basically, it confirms that you downloaded the exact same file I uploaded, without any corruption. You can check your hashes with a few ways. You can download the program called HashTab and it will check them. Or you can check them with ADB. You can run the following command to see the hash (it will take a second, your phone has to process a large file).

roman$ adb shell md5sum /sdcard/bulletproof_02.zip (or your file.zip)

[B]93c0f076256a75e5d871568e1f2e1736[/B]  /sdcard/bulletproof_02.zip
As you can see, the hash returned does not match the hash I posted (053f2146b68618dd1fecaa71bddc0ac5) that means it either didn't copy on my phone correctly or the download was corrupt.
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Sep 18, 2009
good to see you got a sensation birg. any plans for more aosp work?
When the nightlies start (or kmobs makes his device tree public) I try and contribute what I can. I'm not the best with C or C++ (libs & kernel, basically what needs to be done), so that's not really my area. Maybe I'll try and learn though.

That said, when CM7 gets stable enough, I'll be bringing Trigger (my CM7 based ROMs) over to the Sensation. Until then it's Sense hacking :).


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Dec 13, 2010
It's really good to see some familiar devs over here on sensation. I can't wait for trigger on sensation, that was my favorite 2.2 ROM on Vibrant. Is your work hosted up on EDT as well?