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Mar 19, 2010
I just installed and i am really surprised with speed...i'm just wondering is there any way to cut off data usage when i don't want to use it? I know there is option to disable data background, but there is still some applications that sucks my money :D...


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Feb 1, 2010
294 Is the best by far :D (Eclair Wise)

Hoping that the OTA Release of Froyo (From T-Mobile) for the MyTouch will bring us a tad better performance to Froyo for the G1/MyTouch.


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Apr 13, 2010
I just installed and i am really surprised with speed...i'm just wondering is there any way to cut off data usage when i don't want to use it? I know there is option to disable data background, but there is still some applications that sucks my money :D...

Hell yeah, I just installed too and I'm really surprised but speed and performance of this one! Good memory managing also, I just hope it will keep up with this speed for many weeks.


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Sep 21, 2010
I just installed the latest build 4.5 and speed is really amazing... Compared to the ROMs I have used before this one is better than all...

great work chromersmith


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Mar 18, 2005
Czech rep.
www.keengamer.com is the best, none 4.4 or 4.5 is better is the fastest, even it has some lags, it's not so often and loooong as in 4.5. and NO FORCE CLOSE!

System really sleeps if it is supposed to do..

the KERNEL for this ROM, tested and working: root pershoot

found here:


not tested cause of SIGfault USB on 2.1 OS..

Known issue kernel/ set CPU seems to be working, BUT is you feel like systems hangs on lower speed, it's TRUE. It really does! If you run setCPU widget, it shows root privilegies guaranted and after that if U close the setCPU, G1 goes much faster - try to scroll and U will see..

Don't know how to solve this issue, maybe to wait for new kernel with working USB conenction..

Memory management is working, swap is OK. More storage memory compared to 4.5, and Ap2SD is working nice, a lot of programs installed and still about 30Mb free..

RAM keeps dropping to about 18Mb, but it's nothing new and is impossible to solve. Use some killing management and kill from time to time manually what U don't need - U get up to 35Mb ram


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Feb 5, 2010

Anyone know how to OC this rom greater than 576? i have found a thread saying that you can OC any rom up to 825mhz which pretty interesting but deadly on your phone. Here is the link of the thread.



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Feb 2, 2010
Hey Guys quick question:

So I flashed this rom and I was hoping I could keep all my apps. The last time I flashed from CM 4.2 to SuperD and it recognized all my apps from my SD card. I had to redo all the settings but at least I didnt have to redownload them all.

Being that is rom is based on CM I was hoping when I flashed from SuperD that it would still recognize the apps. Or at least it would list them in my downloads in the market so I could re-download (this is not the case, they are not there)

I used chromatic's wipe as he recommended ("

If so, could I restore from my nandroid backup and then flash without doing a full wipe as recommended by chromatic. would I be able to keep my apps that way?

Help would be great- it would be a large headache to re-download everything.. It's already a large pain starting over (although my phone froze last week and I hadnt backed it up for months oops, thus my rational for experiementing with a new rom.)


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Feb 2, 2010
hey hey!

so does anyone know how I can flash to this rom but keep my apps (from SuperD 1.11). They are on my SD card so they should show up but dont.


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Mar 21, 2008
is there a RAM hack for 3.9? i know this was asked before, but there was no hack by then, ive seen some now, but dont know if any would work for this ROM (


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Nov 26, 2009

Well, life gets in the way. I really have 0 time anymore, and wont be messing with Chromatic for D/S until (atleast) 6.1 stable is out. If there is anyone who is able to maintain this ROM going forward. Please shoot me a message on the twitters about this, and we can talk it out.


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    Yes, I'm getting that occasionally as well.

    Thank god its not just me. Yeah its not every single time for me either but it does happen numerous times throughout my day. But hey, its all good....I'll take a look at the logcat.


    Hey again guys. Good news and bad news.

    Bad News:

    I will not be releasing Chromatic ROMs in the near future. I have way too much going on in my personal and professional life right now, to be haxxin on ROMs.

    Good News:

    The Biff Mod Squad is still developing BiffMOD and it is currently on V 2.1 which is based on CM 6.1 Froyo 2.2.1 (latest) ANNNND even better news! Sisterchick has created a Chromatic theme for it, so you can still enjoy the Chromatic flavor!

    Originally BiffMOD was the exact same thing as Chromatic so you guys will be in good hands with those folks. Go check it out, the Chromatic Theme should be up tomorrow (11-10)


    Themes for Biffmod: (including Chromatic Theme)


    Chromatic 4.5 STABLE
    Full ROM (Froyo)
    Google Apps
    Major theming
    Anderwebs' newest launcher (all themed up)
    Compcache upped to 32mb from 12mb.
    OC kernel included (must install SetCPU)
    Swap enabled by default

    Download here


    Out of respect for the dev, I have removed SetCPU; this will also help with some of the update woes people have been having, he offers it up free on his XDA page. 2.0 is out and it is SLICK!

    Download latest version here: http://chromatic.r00t.la/

    Known Issues
    • [*]XML Import and Export is not working on versions prior to 4.3 ITS FIXED!!!(CMParts)
      [+] For the time being right click and save the file here on your computer, and then go into the UI tweaks under Settings>CMParts on your phone, and fill in the corresponding parts as listed on the xml file
      [*] Sometimes Market can go wonky and get hung up on downloads
      [+] Fix for this is to first check your downloads page as Froyo can restore your apps so it may already be downloading the same app your trying to install, or it may just be processing hard trying to restore all of your "known" apps. Just let it work through those restores, it may max out your internal memory and fail a bunch of them, thats ok just let it do its thing. Then re-boot and try again.
      [+] Next, if you are still having trouble, Go to Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>All> Market, And clear cache, Clear Data, Force Stop; Then hit back and go to Market Updater and do the same. Re-boot, and then re-try your install. Still doesn't work? Then something is broken, wipe and re-flash.
    • Battery Issues?
      [+] Let the phone die till it turns off
      [+] Plug it in
      [+] Boot into recovery
      [+] Wipe battery stats
      [+] Let batter charge for 8+ hours, this is good conditioning for you battery as well!


    Don't allow Google to collect anonymous data; It makes your GPS run all the time.

    Un-Check Back up my data to Google

    LET IT SYNC! Its going to do all kinds of stuff like restoring apps etc. just let it chill for a while, go into market and watch the downloads tab once the sync icon disappears! Seriously, leave it alone, go hang out, or setup your settings but leave apps alone!

    If you get into a loop with the setup wizard on first boot, just hit home key after you log in once.

    CM Settings
    Go to: Settings>CyanogenMod Settings
    Application settings> Check Allow application moving (DO NOT CHANGE INSTALL LOCATION FROM AUTOMATIC, IT WILL CAUSE ISSUES WITH APPS2EXT)

    Input Settings>Lockscreen music controls are awesome thanks kmobs!, Menu unlock settings are in here as well.

    Performance Settings> Seriously Dragons...you should only touch Lock Home in Memory (which everyone should turn on!) if you want us to support you in the threads :p Other stuff is functional, but experimental!

    UI Settings> See Known issues section for instructions on setting this up easily :) Setting most things to white or grey will result in fine looks. You need not mess with Notification bar submenu under >Notifications colors

    Spare Parts Setup
    Go to: Settings>Spare parts
    Window animations: Fast
    Transition animations: Fast

    Remember (as with all CM based ROMS) you will need to change the text color for your clock and notifications via Settings>spare parts. It will be black on black when you boot.
    See Known issues list for workaround!

    SetCPU Setup
    Download from here give coolbho3000 some love 2.X is AMAZING!

    Recommended Settings
    Max 576MHz
    Min 245/128
    Scaling ALWAYS on demand
    If you have reboots, scale it back! :)

    Setup Profiles for charging and sleeping:
    Max: 528
    Min: 245

    ADW Suggestions
    Go into Settings>ADW Settings
    Change "Desktop scrolling speed" value to 0-177. (0 is what I use and is silly fast!)
    Desktop Overshoot set to "50"
    I also recommend Under UI settings:
    Checking, Closing dockbar
    Checking, Tint AB
    Checking, Hide AllApps Bg
    Checking, Hide AB Bg
    Checking, Hide Icon labels
    Highlight Press Color: FF000000
    Highlight Focus Color: FF696969
    Un-Check, Scrollable widget support (unless you are using some of the new scrollable widgets like what the Pure line is doing)
    Get in there play around!!!

    If you do have problems wipe and try again :)

    I put a lot into this ROM I hope everyone likes it!!! :)

    Based on CM 6 (Nightly 8-08) (Thanks to Cyanogen and his team of oh so amazing, self proclaimed douches!)

    Change log DOWNLOAD


    Froyo I am using a hacky way of getting apps2ext to work, if you run low on space, reboot, the script will move your apps.
    4.5 DOWNLOAD
    • Gonna take a wipe!
    • CM6 Stable
    • New Gapps
    • Fixed ugly market (replaced with stock)
    • Fixed keyboard background
    • Added back the backgrounds for power widget, if you want transparent, select it in the settings
    • Added all the wallpapers to the wallpaper gallery
    • included slide to answer haxx
    • New Boot animation from DocNinja/chromatic-style

    4.4 DOWNLOAD
    • New Firerat Script
    • New Gapps
    • New SuperUser
    • Based on RC3
    • Added a touch of HTCclay Gapps with Chromatic Style
    • New Music and N&W widget
    • New Voice Commands
    • Themed more apps
    • Much more Stable
    • Will prob need to wipe before flashing, but so worth it!
    • to use Firerat's script manually use:
      sh /system/etc/fr-patch138b.txt <command>

    4.3 DOWNLOAD
    • Based on 8-8 nightly
    • DSP settings moved into CMParts
    • Renice Sctipt updated (hope to fix phone delays)
    • Adjusted Swappiness
    • Removed FB fix since 1.3 works dandy without it.
    • Camera Fixed..at least it, and the gallery feel a lot better!
    • Added Exchange fix
    • Fixed import from XML in CMParts

    It may reboot, even a couple times in a row during the first couple of hours just be calm, More often than not THIS IS NOT A FULL BOOTLOOP, YOU WILL COME OUT OF IT :) These are kernel panics its being worked on!

    • Apps to ext!!!
    • Based on 08012010-003507 nightly
    • Lock home in memory added to CMParts!
    • DSP Manager included
    • Compcache functions now (don't recommend it though)
    • JIT Runs, Linkpack is OK :)
    • Reboot fix in place (ARM haxx) Will prob reboot on first boot, let it settle :)
    • New firerat patch included v.134
      [+] Same location to disable swap from terminal emulator type su <enter> sh /system/etc/fr-patch134.txt rev swap <enter>
    • No live wallpaper (A.K.A. 3D fix)

    • Fixes 3D issues introduced via the auto running of the lwp fix from firerat

    4.1 DOWNLOAD
    • Changed Boot animation to reflect 2.2 OS
    • Based on RC2
    • Lock home in memory still not available :(
    • STAY AWAY FROM COMPCACHE (it's acting funky, reboot city) If you already have it enabled WIPE!

    4.0 DOWNLOAD
    • 3.9 parity (all the deliciousness from Eclair now with *FROYO*)
    • Froyo
    • Not 100% yet, waiting on Cy to put lock home in memory back in ROM, Anders little hack does not work near as well. More optimization to come!
    • Uncheck "Automatic restore" and "Back up my data" under "Menu > Settings > Privacy" *THIS WILL SOLVE THE HOME LAG!*
    • WIPE!

    Eclair DOWNLOAD
    • 3D fix for issues introduced from applying firerat's patch.

    3.9.1 DOWNLOAD
    • Fixed Market issues "Installation unsuccessful" for new folks just joining the party. If you are coming from a wipe use 3.9.1 if you are on 3.9 and can not download items from the market, wipe and install 3.9.1 if you are not having issues on 3.9 no need to flash 3.9.1
    • Can enable swap using included firerat patch
      From terminal ( enter after each line )
      sh /system/etc/fr-patch133.txt swap

    3.9 DOWNLOAD
    • SMS notification and icon changed
    • Phone Phone Setting option grayed out resolved
    • New in-call dialpad, got rid of the green
    • Added 3D gallery back into system

    Cool default ringtone, bring on the suggestions!
    Need a new boot animation, Sean_jensen
    The Orange in folders...

    Battery Issues? Try this first before posting:http://wiki.cyanogenmod.com/index.php/Troubleshooting#Battery_recalibration

    Checkout Cyanogen 5.0.8 change log
    #include <std_disclaimer.h>
     * Your warranty is now void.
     * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
     * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
     * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
     * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
     * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.
    It's important to know that the "DangerSPL" (or DeathSPL or Haykuro's SPL or whatever you prefer) is a prerequisite for Dream/G1 users. Magic (MT3G etc) users do *not* need to do this. Ciwrl has written a guide to installing this bootloader. Flashing this bootloader under the wrong conditions can actually brick your device, so pay attention to the guide. CM releases have always avoided this requirement, but the new bootloader frees up enough space so that no crazy hacks are required for a fully functional system.

    - First time flashing a CM-5 based rom?
    1. Root your device and install Amon_RA's recovery (Dream / Magic)
    2. Do a Nandroid backup!
    3. Install the DangerSPL if you don't already have it
    4. WIPE (I cannot guarantee an upgrade from CM-4.2 to this CM-5 based ROM will work- Titanium Backup may be of help)
    5. Install the ROM

    - Upgrading?
    1. Do a Nandroid Backup!
    2. Install the ROM
    If it is lagging or feeling laggy go into SETCPU chances are the max is set to something stupid low for some reason so it makes this ROM feel like crap.

    ~if you have problems I recommend a full wipe
    1.Wipe>Wipe Data Factory Reset
    2.Wipe> Clear dalvik Cache
    3.Wipe> Wipe EXT partition
    4.Wipe> Battery stats
    4. Partition Sd Card> Repair EXT partition
    5. Flash zip
    6. Enjoy!

    If you want Swype look here: http://forum.cyanogenmod.com/index.php?/topic/11-mod-colored-swype-keyboards/

    Old change log

    3.8 DOWNLOAD
    • This may be the last Eclair based version!! :)
    • New ADW launcher 9.0 (same one in CM6) (new theming) A lot of gesture awesomeness get in the settings and play, also he screwed up with 9.0 stand-alone and so you will see settings in the normal place and menu>adwsetting #BlameAnder
    • Add biffbiffbiff's inverted version of Fancy Widget (weather/clock)
    • More theming on the included apps
    • Moved extra apps to data/app so they can be uninstalled (including 3D gallery)
    • No wipe from and 3.x (But as always, if you have problems WIPE)

    3.7 DOWNLOAD
    • Removed swap - can enable it using included firerat patch
      From terminal:(enter after each line)
      sh /system/sd/fr-patch133.txt swap
    • Cleaned up Chromatic Script for better battery (hopefully)
    • Added Firerats patch will auto run FB Sync fix, LWP fix, Dalvik to ext and fix permissions patch
    • Terminal emulator font fix implemented
    • Can be flashed right over any other 3.x version or stock CM 5.0.8

    3.6 DOWNLOAD
    • Added swap script. If you prefer compcache, just check it in spare parts swap will be disabled *Recommended!*
    • Upgraded kernel to dumfuq's oc825-cm-2.6.34-8final MT is pretty nice now!!!
    • Removed SetCPU (read OP) download here
    • Cleaned up OP/compiled some FAQs and solutions *Please Read*
      You will want to wipe, if anythings fishy!

    3.6-NO SWAP For those having issues with swap bogging down their system. (usually a result of way too much swap!)DOWNLOAD

    • Destroyed all the orange and yellow I could find!
    • Edited white spinners to match black spinners!
    • Did some theming to the phone.apk!
    • New MT and OC kernel (up to 850MHz) This thing hauls butt now!
    • New Battery!
    • added shadow's renice script for phone priority!
    • Edited Chromatic Script for efficiency and (hopefully) better battery.!
    • You should be able to flash this right over CM 5.0.8 or any of my 3.X versions, but as always if you have problems WIPE! :)

    3.1 DOWNLOAD
    • Built off 5.0.8 stable
    • No more Launcher Pro (sorry guys read above for explanation)
    • Added back better phone.apk for us G1 users (all the cool buttons while in call)
    • New Battery Icons
    • Changed music highlights inside player from orange to redish
    • ChromaticScript 1.0 (really just me kanging from firerat and Domenukk) clears cache, and does all the magic of firerats great script)~
    If it is lagging or feeling laggy go into SETCPU chances are the max is set to something stupid low for some reason so it makes this ROM feel like crap.

    2.1 DOWNLOAD
    • 5.0.7 stable still
    • Newest ADW launcher is themed
    • Newest LauncherPro themed up (choose your destiny)
    • Elliot's music prettiness, with white on widget still ~I know I need to kill the orange inside!
    • Added kmobs click menu to unlock app
      ~launch the application, allow SU permissions, do it twice if you have issues.
    • Added wireless tether
    • Removed SuperScript to help with battery woes, muuuuch better :)
    • Bettered long delay from launcher to phone/contacts (less than 3 sec on both launchers)
    • Its awesome!
    Added new spare parts - thanks Wysie!
    Included XML file so you dont have to spend as much time setting each item to a color (see instructions at the top of the post)

    Back to ADW launcher (open source FTW)
    Multitasking MOD added with OC support up to 825MHz *dont do that though!*
    Added SuperSript (clears cache on boot, and cracks it out!)

    1.5.2 DOWNLOAD
    Fixed some of the goofy framework issues
    Gray accents added to music, framework etc.
    added themed LauncherPro 4.0 (crap ton of new features including drop to uninstall see launcherpro.com for more info)

    1.5.1 DOWNLOAD
    Corrected version name in update script
    Fixed weird tabs on folders
    Themed 3D Gallery
    Changed launcher up a bit
    Background really set to clouds ;)
    Power Control Chromatic style
    Confirmed update no wipe works

    1.5: DOWNLOAD - Update without wipe seems fine, you just wont get new background :p **As always if problems, wipe**
    Got rid of orange/yellow framework/Launcher
    Added 3d gallery
    Reverted Settings to fix fc in Settings
    Bootscreen animation (find the easter egg)
    Changed default background to less busy (clouds)..Or did I? If not you can get it here: DOWNLOAD

    Special Thanks:
    Cyanogen, all of Teamdouche, Htcclay, Domenuk, Anderwebs, Firerat, Sean_jensen, and many many more!

    This Rom used to be based on .07 test4 and was called ChromeMOD most comments on the first few pages are from that POS release jump to the end to see whats what!.:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
    You just need to flash a newer 2708 kernel back to back on install (flash the the ROM, flash the kernel then first boot). Ezterry and Farmatito both have good ones - be sure to get a Froyo kernel, not Gingerbread.