[ROM][2.3.3] XWJVB Gingerbread [Download]

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Aug 12, 2010
Here is the latest Gingerbread for NEE / XEE CSC. Got them from KIES 2.0 directly.

Make sure you can get your phone into Download Mode using 3-button combo before trying to flash!

Download full I9000 XWJVB NEE with bootloader from MediaFire or MultiUpload

Download full I9000 XWJVB XEE with bootloader from MediaFire or MultiUpload

ro.build.date=Fri Apr 8 16:39:27 KST 2011

Available mem: 329 Mb
Filesystem: RFS
TouchWiz 3

Swype and languages: UK English, US English, Bulgarian (maybe), Hrvatski, Dansk, Nederlands, Francais, Deutsch, Korean, Norsk, Romana, Srpski, Slovenscina, Svenska

PDA Tar contains the new needed bootloader (boot.bin + Sbl.bin) called : Samsung Primitive Bootloader (PBL) v3.0

Use ODIN to flash the full tar or...

...use these downloads where I have split them up into CSC files:

Click here to download XWJVB with Bootloader but no CSC
And then select the CSC you like with your XWJVB:
Click here to download I9000_CSC_XEE_JV3.ZIP
Click here to download I9000_CSC_NEE_JV3.ZIP
Click here to download I9000_CSC_OXA_JVK.ZIP

Are you looking for great XWJVB Themes?
Click here to go to my Gingerbread Themes thread

* Read this great post for an Easy Install Guide for noobs, and everyone!
* Remember to change 'WiFi sleep policy' from 'Never' to 'When screen turns off', its found under 'Advanced' in the Wifi settings.
* I recommend using supercurios kernel : see this ftp site and select Gingerbread-GT-I9000-stock-kernel+hacks.tar. Flash it using ODIN. Install SuperUser and BusyBox.
* I also recommend using supercurios app : Voodoo Control Plus for EXT4 and great sound quality.
* Set Display -> Animation setting to 'Some animations' so you can see the TV off effect in my mods :)
* To get rid of LED always on when screen on See this post!
* How to get into Download Mode if 3-button fails: By flashing bootloader or using homemade JIG
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Apr 22, 2008
Here is the latest Gingerbread for NEE CSC

Click here to download back in a sec... takes a few minutes to upload... hm.. slow network... 18 min still and counting...
Great to see your involvement as well. You have done good things in the batterymod thread. :)


Feb 19, 2009
Download JVB_JV3_JVK.exe or JVB_JV3_JVK.exe [/b]
Double click to extract
To put it like in the image

This update goes boot.bin and Sbl.bin, the same that for kies

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