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Feb 3, 2011
[ROM][2.3.5][4.67] · ۰ • Nitrous 1.6.3 - Speed at your finger tips.™ [ UP ] • ۰ ·


_ Welcome to the Garage! :D

  • force launcher in memory (faster switching)
  • render UI with GPU (GPU UI rendering)
  • decreased dialling delay (faster dialling)
  • improved scrolling responsiveness (faster scrolling)
  • tweaked Browser (7) windows capability
  • dalvik-cache to SD (to free up internal memory)
  • Wi-Fi scan set to 150secs (saves battery)
  • enabled sleep mode (will not turn off cellphone)
  • disabled USB debugging icon notification
  • increased overall touch responsiveness
  • 3G Tweaks (increased 3g network speed)
  • Net Speed Tweaks (increased wi-fi network speed)
  • disabled phone wakeup on volume buttons
  • tuned up JPG quality to 100%
  • heap size is (48m)
  • increased photo and video recording quality
  • other tweaks for speed added


  • Android 2.3.5 - Gingerbread
  • Sense 1.0 + OTA 4.67.651.3 (security update)
  • Nitrous Kernel v0.4 - Developed by ca1ne
  • Baseband Version: 2.15
  • Nitrous ROM is Deodexed
  • A2SD Ready
  • Flying Windows Transitions
  • Busybox Built-in
  • Removed Sprint Ad Apps
  • Transparent Lock Screen
  • Transparent Rosie
  • Transparent Statusbar
  • CRT ON/OFF Animation
  • Extended Quick Settings
  • Extra Power Off Options (4in1 Boot)
  • Native Screenshot (POWER + HOME)
  • Overscroll Glow
  • Blue Neon Popup Windows
  • Rosie Left/Right Button Remap
  • Rosie 4+ App Rows
  • Google Talk Audio/Video Calling Surface
  • Swiping Statusbar Notifications
  • Hacked 3G Hotspot
  • Nitrous Tweaks App
  • Transparent App Drawer
  • Customizable Rosie (Dock)
  • XE Beats Audio™
  • Right Side LED for SMS Notifications
  • Increased MMS Size Limit

*2 in dialer FC - Normal (due to SprintZone apk removal)
if you are having FC with Swiping Statusbar on v1.4.1 notification flash this update


You are downloading and installing Nitrous Rom at your own total responsibility. This ROM is intended to help others to continue the development of a great platform=Android. Download and do whatever at your own risk!

  • Download ROM from the link below, and save it to your sd-card ie: /downloads/
  • Go to your recovery and FIRST make a nandroid backup in case something gets messed up..
  • First Time Flashing? Make a -> FULL userdata/factory reset.
  • Wipe Wipe & Wipe -> cache, dalvik-cache
  • Browse and Flash the downloaded ROM file in this case in sd-card/downloads/
  • Enjoy Nitrous ROM!


  • Q: Why aren't new apps being moved to SDCARD?
  • A: Make sure you have your SDCARD partitioned, also upgrade your SDCARD extension to ext3 or ext4.
  • Q: Why is my camera not working as it's supposed to?
  • A: You have probably flashed another Kernel other than the Stock, make sure the Kernel is fully compatible with this OTA version..
  • Q: My Battery is draining like crazy, why?
  • A: There could be many reasons, but make sure you calibrate you battery after installing the ROM, Battery Calibration app is a good way to go. Also disable Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth when not in use. Learn more here.
  • Q: I have made a request and did not see the it done, what happened?
  • A: Unfortunately I only have my free time to develop the ROM, please be patient and you will see it eventually.
  • Q: How can I help you develop the ROM?
  • A: Send me a PM talking about that subject, and I will respond ASAP. If you like my work, consider a donation to help me keep up with this project.
  • Q: Why my Rosie Right Side Button doesn't work?
  • A: You must assign a Launcher Shortcut, do so by opening LaunchKey in the App Drawer.



Would you like to help in the development of the ROM? click here
Please post your requests here
For Theme Developers: If you would like to contribute in this ROM by making a theme, click here
ROM Reviews: goodandevo by Sam Sarsten, click-dev by rdhqcpro, YouTube by zedomax

Contribute to this project:
Thanks everyone of you that have donated, it's greatly appreciated.

Thanks: xda, knzo, uot-kitchen, tommytomatoe, swagstr, gruesomewolf, ca1ne, gears1979 and others to come..

keywords: ota 4.67 download nitrous rom fast supercharged tweaked updated sense 1.0 best roms top blue theme android 2.3.5 gingerbread root


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Feb 3, 2011


[B]v1.6.3[/B] - MD5: c45be8cd38cab140827d28d9fc286e2e - [URL="http://www.click-dev.com/forum/downloads/?sa=view;down=85"]Download[/URL]

- [B]removed icons text bubble[/B]
- removed Sprint Settings widget icon text bubble (GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth..etc.) 
- [B]removed MMS compression[/B]
- [B]increased maximum MMS size to 4MB[/B]
- updated Sprint Visual Voice Mail (VVM)

[B]v1.6.1[/B] - MD5: 6cba68065d7d5cf1bea40a2a519925de - [URL="http://www.click-dev.com/forum/downloads/?sa=view;down=79"]Download[/URL]

-[U][COLOR="Red"]removed[/COLOR][/U] Sony Bravia Engine (due to laggness)
-added init.d tweaks
-added new Rosie
-added back old SystemUI.apk
-new default wallpaper
-added ram tweak
-added auto calibration

[B]v1.5.7[/B] - MD5: 738455d029c2de2a03d039eb43fb82ef - [URL="http://www.click-dev.com/forum/downloads/?sa=view;down=77"]Download[/URL]
Full wipe required.

-updated [B]Nitrous Kernel v0.4[/B] SBC - Thanks [COLOR="Red"]ca1ne[/COLOR]
-added [B]Sony Bravia Engine[/B]
-made notification area dark
-changed quick settings font color
-modded Nitrous Tweaks App
-changed Rosie back to original (with some changes)
-changed Settings Icons
-added [B]Right Side LED for Notifications[/B] (tested with SMS/MMS)
-tweaked BatteryBar options
-changed Rosie icons area

[B]v1.5.5[/B] - MD5: db2dd33ebe13557866b81d11c2cd4009 - [URL="http://www.click-dev.com/forum/downloads/?cat=6"]Download[/URL]
[B]Full wipe required.[/B]

-[B]Nitrous Kernel[/B] v0.4 is up - Thanks [COLOR="red"]ca1ne[/COLOR]
-changed default Wallpaper (someday i'll stop :])
-added [B]XE Beats Audio[/B]
-modded Rosie (dock) 
-modded Settings
-fixed menu button in Phone Dialer
-fixed Nitrous Banner on Loading
-fixed string in RosieUtility
-updated Maps
-updated Street
-updated ES File Manager

[B]v1.5.3[/B] - MD5: fb5ee80947bdaf8966cc534b04923e89 - [URL="http://www.click-dev.com/forum/downloads/?sa=view;down=73"]Download[/URL]

-[B]ROM added to ROM Manager App[/B]

-modded Nitrous Tweaks App (easier to understand)
-removed LaucherKey
-added RosieUtilityv1 Thanks [COLOR="Red"]romanbb[/COLOR] & [COLOR="Red"]tommytomatoe[/COLOR]
-app drawer customizable
-changed rosie(dock) ; left/right button remap available. 
-added new icon for Nitrous Tweaks
-added [COLOR="Red"]Underworld Kernel v0.7[/COLOR] as default (not overclocked by default) - Thanks [COLOR="Red"]ca1ne[/COLOR]

[B]v1.5.1[/B] - MD5: 0c5a0a9b260f18c495d84627eee31b64 - [URL="http://www.click-dev.com/forum/downloads/?sa=view;down=71"]Download[/URL]
[U]full reset required![/U]

-changed window transitions
-added powerboost mode
-added Nitrous Kernel [SBC] - 1.15Ghz Default - Thanks [COLOR="Red"]ca1ne[/COLOR]
-added new wallpaper
-minor tweak changes

[B]v1.4.7[/B] - MD5: b7ef25f548f339d15fe976fadc4b9987 - [URL="http://www.click-dev.com/forum/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=70"]Download[/URL]

-added ICS ringtones, notification sounds etc..
-added new default wallpaper
-added new wallpapers
-changed right side rosie icon
-added latest version of Google Maps
-added Streetview

[B]v1.4.4[/B] - MD5: 3ac6ef0eb80f4b4184975f609a2d90b2 - [URL="http://www.click-dev.com/forum/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=59"]Download[/URL]

-fixed browser random reload
-added Nitrous Tweaks app
-memory tweak conflict fix
-updated es file explorer
-optimised overall speed
-toggle on/off CRT animation
-removed LauncherKey from app drawer(config from Nitrous App)
-removed BatteryBar Settings from app drawer(config from Nitrous App)
more toggles should be available soon.

[B]v1.4.1[/B] - MD5: 302e7090f4071a429cc51315d2d0d16a - [URL="http://www.click-dev.com/forum/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=58"]Download[/URL]

-fixed some phone.apk .9 images
-added 3G HostSpot Hack
-fixed Superuser not updating issue
-some tweaks optimisation
-some images optimisation
-updated YouTube
-updated Market(now Play Store)

[B]v1.3.7[/B] - MD5: f48e05127414664517824e0d52666e16  - [URL="http://www.click-dev.com/forum/index.php?action=downloads"]Download [/URL]

-moved more apps to SD by default 
-added more tweaks to build.prop 
-fixed some browser issues 
-added direct link download (no more mediafire)

[B]v1.3.5[/B] - MD5: bfd6235207c6aa46f510b03a02e8d539 - [URL="http://www.mediafire.com/?1t000m37420be1n"]Download [/URL]

-[B]changed bootanimation[/B] - Thanks [B][COLOR="Red"]gears1979[/COLOR][/B]
-changed default windows animation to ICS
-decreased heap size again to [B]48m[/B]
-added[B] Silent mode [/B]to notifications sounds
-removed keyboard tutorial at Setup
-added [B]DSPManager[/B]
-added [B]BatteryBar[/B]
-updated [B]es file explorer[/B]
-added [B]HTC Footprints[/B]
-added [B]Gmail[/B]
-added [B]Flickr[/B]
-build.prop tweaks
-settings tweaks
-moved a few apps to SD
-more blue buttons added
-battery & performance tweaks applied
-fixed permission issues
-removed some bad init.d scripts

[B]v1.3.3[/B] - [URL="http://www.mediafire.com/?t5x2ab76hszbojb"]Download[/URL]
-added mode blue buttons
-tweaked widgets
-tweaked settings
-changed default ringtone & notification sound 
-changed heap size to [B]64m[/B]

[B]v1.3.1[/B] - [URL="http://www.mediafire.com/?28u7711hhe69u7d"]Download[/URL]
-image bug fixes
-removed line in rosie
-added [B]swipe to clear[/B] (statusbar notifications) - Thanks [B][COLOR="red"]gruesomewolf[/COLOR][/B] &[B][COLOR="red"] ca1ne[/COLOR][/B]
-added new default wallpaper
-added more blue buttons
-set google as default browser homepage
-tweaked clock widget

[B]v1.2.7[/B] - [URL="http://www.mediafire.com/?yhaygokcxkogkqb"]Download[/URL]
-[B]updated[/B] Google Search.apk (
-[B]updated[/B] Sprint Visual Voicemail.apk
-[B]updated[/B] YouTube.apk
-added back Swype.apk 
-modded Google Talk (Talk.apk) - [B]Audio/Video[/B] Surface Call - Thanks to [COLOR="Red"][B]britoso[/B][/COLOR]
-tweaked network speed
-added more blue buttons

[B]v1.2.5[/B] - [URL="http://www.mediafire.com/?lhos9hrgiffooky"]Download [/URL]
-bug fixes in mms (bad image on new message button)
[B]-added Rosie Right Button Remap (LaunchKey.apk) - Thanks [COLOR="Red"]appelflap & tommytomatoe[/COLOR][/B]
-some ram tweaks - Thanks [B][COLOR="Red"]Juwe11[/COLOR][/B]
-sdcardspeedfix script added
-battery calibration on boot (easy way) - Thanks [COLOR="Red"][B]seo[/B][/COLOR]
-zipalign on boot - Thanks [COLOR="Red"][B]Wes Garner[/B][/COLOR]
-default autobrightness set to [B]off[/B]
-default haptfeedback set to [B]off[/B]
[B]Removed Apps: [/B]
-AdobeReader.apk - AppSharing.apk - Facebook.apk - Flickr.apk - Gmail.apk - QuickOffice.apk

[B]v1.2.1[/B] - [URL="http://www.mediafire.com/?cezoerqza9n1e58"]Download[/URL]
-various bugs fixes (smoother than ever)
-more blue buttons added
-performance increase

[B]v1.1.2[/B] - [URL="http://www.mediafire.com/?0a5m66xbjz9iiok"]Download [/URL]
-changed ROM name (previously [B]Blue Gene ROM[/B])
-added Native Screenshot (thanks tommytomatoe) 
-added tons of new Blue Buttons
-tweaked for performance
-wi-fi N fixed
-bug fixes
-voice search added

[B]v1.0.7[/B] - [URL="http://www.mediafire.com/?sqt0l93iwxzr3o7"]Download [/URL]
- Increased JPG Image quality to 100%
- Added Over-scroll Glow (Blue)
- Added ES File Explorer App ( requested )
- Removed Unused Files
- Added More Blue Buttons
- Redefined Status-bar/Quick Settings Interface
- Added Blue "Neon" to Popup Windows
v1.0.3[/B] - [URL="http://www.mediafire.com/?axn8x65u6lx5te5"]Download[/URL]
- Changed Heap Size to 48mb
- Removed unused files
- Added a few other Gene'us Script Files

[B]v1.0.1[/B] - [URL="http://www.mediafire.com/?6u908basox8a4sh"]Download[/URL]
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Feb 3, 2011

Nitrous Kernel [SBC] - Developed By ca1ne - Download
Nitrous Kernel [nonSBC] - Developed By ca1ne - Download

Window Animations:

NOTE: Not flashable zips, use Metamorph from market to install them. Compatible with Nitrous v1.4.1+.

Blur | Bounce | CM7 | Derp | Eternity | Flip | Flyin | Fold | MIUI | MIX | Myn | Photon | Riptide | Rudolph | Slide | Stock | Twist | Up'nDown


  • Original Clock Widget - Flashable - Download
  • White & Transparent Background Flip Clock - Flashable - Download
  • Rosie without Icons - Flashable - Download


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Feb 3, 2011
So maybe ill break away from my ics obsession for a while. I've been experimenting with fast mods and so far I'm good with stock roms. Lol. Thanks for giving me something to do tonight guy my only question to you is how is the messaging speed on this Rom for sms and mms?

$$Durarara!! $$
Messaging speed has more to do with your carrier and how many bars you have. The ROM does it job to "ping" your carrier to get the message.

Edit: Nitrous ROM handles pretty good when it comes to rendering text and images.
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Dec 3, 2010
Looks good so far. Downloading now, I'll post again once I get it flashed and I have a chance to play around with it.
Nice to see more people working with this new update.