[ ROM / 2-9 ] Calkulin's EViO 2 v1.8 [ 3.70 l Battery Saver script w/ Profiles ]

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Sep 1, 2005
Disney World
Just wondering, why is this mod usually included in these ROMs?
Disabled search button(Enable zip attached)
What is the benefit? I know that I and many others take advantage of the re-enable zip because I like the ability to search any searchable window. Are accidental key-presses a problem? Do you assign it to something else?


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Sep 3, 2010
Fernandina Bch, FL
Started using this ROM this morning, probably about 5 minutes after he posted it, lol. I have to say its great. Not sure if it really matters to anyone, but Im a fan of the eVdO thing instead of 3g. I was glad to see it in there. Even the internet icon in the dock..

It is also silky smooth. Normally I theme roms, but this one i like just the way it is. I just used the desire flip clock and left it be from there. I love it. no issues with anything, even seem to have a little better reception :)

But yes, overall its worth the flash, or the upgrade if ur already using the previous rom version.


Feb 9, 2010
I live in Durham NC and have always had 4g but i dont get the speeds people are showing on 3g or 4g. I have never made it above 1.5 meg. Is there another wimax zip to use. If i connect 4g, i get connected and i have a really strong signal, but never above 1.5. Please help.

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I work in Durham. Just ran test speedtest.net app to server in Wichita, KS. Download 4001 and Upload 990.

3g speeds are terrible in this area for me. Still using 1.34 and only updated my radio to the latest version. I haven't updated the other components because my phone isn't s-off.
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Sep 3, 2008
Downloading now. Calk, do you use Sense or the ADW launcher? Care to post your homescreen if you use the launcher?


I have both setup but I use Sense more often because of the widgets. If I ever find a hack to use the Sense widgets on ADW or replacement widgets, I would dump the Sense launcher in a heartbeat because I like to have 5x4 icons on this big of a phone, plus the option of customizing the launcher is a big advantage.

As for my setup on ADW, I just have Beautiful clock/weather widget on a 1x4 on top and the rest 4x4 are icons

when you downgrade the PRI do you recommend having the matching NV too or is it ok to have 1.71NV with 1.34PRI?

I'm currently using NV 1.71 but so try with that one or downgrade if you want to test the older ones

Why do a Nexus One port?? Why not a Lexikon port?? Just wondering.

FRG83 is the Froyo base, the Lexikon only has the updated Sense, it still has FRF91 as the base

Just wondering, why is this mod usually included in these ROMs?

What is the benefit? I know that I and many others take advantage of the re-enable zip because I like the ability to search any searchable window. Are accidental key-presses a problem? Do you assign it to something else?

Accidental hitting is the main purpose of the mod because with this big of a phone, I found myself hitting that key almost everytime I used the phone for more than a couple of minutes
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Jun 19, 2010
Boston, MA
As always it looks nice and clean. However, I seem to have a problem in downloading from market, has anyone else tried?
or, is this just another day when the market server is screwed up?


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Oct 14, 2008
As always it looks nice and clean. However, I seem to have a problem in downloading from market, has anyone else tried?
or, is this just another day when the market server is screwed up?

try running the fix_permissions script that's included with rom manager... then reboot and try again.
let me know if it helped.


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Feb 8, 2008
Just load this to my evo and I am getting the error message:

"The application Internet (process com.android.browser) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again."

Any idea how to fix it?


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Sep 3, 2008
1.4 is working great so far

It wont let me install the stock app from the sd card

What app because some require you to use ADB or root explorer to install as they won't install using a file explorer.

Just load this to my evo and I am getting the error message:

"The application Internet (process com.android.browser) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again."

Any idea how to fix it?

Try clearing data for that app in manage applications to see if that helps

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    EViO 2 Series



    Based on rooted 2.2 / FRF91 - 3.70.651.1

    ROM includes:
    HTC #15 kernel(undervolted)
    Most HTC apps
    ADW Launcher
    EStrongs File Explorer
    HTC_IME mod
    Wireless Tether
    and a couple more
    (Removed apps are in the sdcard/Removed_Apps folder)

    MODs included:
    Tweaked system(Very FAST)
    Unlocked 3G USB tethering & Sprint Hotspot!
    Moved dalvik-cache to cache partition
    Reduced auto-brightness range for better battery life
    Disabled search button(Enable zip attached)
    Removed haptic feedback from dialer & stock Android lockscreen(if you decide to use it)
    Notification bar will display TRUE network speeds(2G(1x) when used), instead of always 3G(EVDO)
    Battery % on battery meter(ported from Smooth Icons)
    Removed USB Debug notification
    Removed purple hue from most of Sense
    Colored notification icons
    Rosie app launcher displays 5x5 icons & swapped right button to launch the browser(ported from JsChiSurf's Rosie mods)
    SNQ's 4-in-1 Reboot option mod
    JsChiSurf's Notification Menu Power Widget mod w/ custom icons
    Upped MMS size limit to 5MB(Default is 2MB still)
    Modded Flash Player so Hulu works
    Annoying ads in programs are blocked

    System has also been de-odex'd, apk's have been optimized & aligned

    Notes about Battery Saver script

    Can be used with HTC or custom kernels
    It completely eliminates the need for SetCPU or Overclock Widget
    Easily customizable if you use a text editor(scripts located in /system/etc/init.d)
    It will set Max/Min CPU speed to 245MHz(384MHz if a VDD kernel) and governor to powersave(if available) when a sleep
    If SetCPU or Overclock Widget are detected, the script is ignored, so it will not affect them
    Preset profiles are:
    1.075GHz(custom kernels only) - 100-90%
    998MHz(921MHz for VDD kernel) - 89-51%
    844MHz(uses -50mV less) - 50-16%
    768MHz(uses -100mV less) - 15-0%

    Script is specially tuned for kernels that can set VDD levels(Ziggy471's recent are the only ones that I'm aware that can do this), so you will get the best battery life from those kernels

    If you want the best battery life from a VDD kernel and your phone can handle ultra low voltages, try the -100mV or -150mV zips in the FAQ section

    Using now HTC's #15 kernel(undervolted)
    Battery saver script now includes profiles to save battery when battery levels reach preset levels
    Tweaked voltages for VDD kernels
    Kernel now includes support for Apps2SD
    Unlocked hidden phone settings
    Cleaned up build.prop

    Power Control Widget Settings

    Estrongs File Explorer v1.4.8.8
    Facebook v1.5.1
    Flash Player v10.1.106.16
    Google Map v5.1.0
    Market v2.2.11
    Wireless Tether v2.0.6

    Using now a custom MR3 based kernel by Ziggy471 specifically for EViO Series[SIZE="1"]([B][COLOR="red"]Thanks Ziggy471[/COLOR][/B])[/SIZE]
    Reduced undervolt to -50mV to help those PICKY phones that don't undervolt well
    Created a -100mV for those phones that can handle -50mV but not the -150mV undervolt
    Made notification bar display TRUE network speeds[SIZE="1"](2G(1x) when used)[/SIZE], instead of always 3G[SIZE="1"](EVDO)[/SIZE]
    Removed misc added apps to reduce ROM size
    New low battery power pic & Talk icon
    Estrongs File Explorer v1.4.8.7
    Wireless Tether v2.0.6
    Added Overclock Widget detection to the script[SIZE="1"](v1.7.6b)[/SIZE]
    Made scripts easier to customize, just use a text editor to change the values - Script are located in /system/etc/init.d[SIZE="1"](v1.7.6b)[/SIZE]
    Added governor script, so just set whatever governor you want to 1 to enable and the rest to 0[SIZE="1"](v1.7.6b)[/SIZE]
    Tweaked -75mV script AGAIN to help those phones that do not undervolt well, if you still have issues with random reboots, use the remove undervolt zip in the FAQ[SIZE="1"](v1.7.6b)[/SIZE]
    Tweaked script to make sure script does not run if SetCPU is detected[SIZE="1"](v1.7.6a)[/SIZE]
    Tweaked -75mV & -150mV undervolt scripts again to try to help those that are getting random reboots[SIZE="1"](v1.7.6a)[/SIZE]
    Set min CPU speed to 384 MHz for VDD kernels[SIZE="1"](v1.7.6a)[/SIZE]
    Changed kernel to Ziggy's CFS 1-2 kernel since it supports Rev 004
    Fix camera shutter sound[SIZE="1"](thx to troyboytn for the fix)[/SIZE]
    Added remove Power Wigdet zip to FAQ for those that wanted it
    Wireless Tether v2.0.5
    Ported JsChiSurf's Notification Menu Power Widget mod w/ custom icons
    Created custom CPU scaling script that eliminates the need for SetCPU for HTC & custom kernels[SIZE="1"](unless you want multiple profiles)[/SIZE]
    It will set the powersave governor[SIZE="1"](or leave default governor if not available)[/SIZE] and set Max/Min CPU speed to 245MHz[SIZE="1"](128MHz if available)[/SIZE] in sleep mode and switch back to default governor when awake
    If SetCPU is detected, the script is ignored, so it will not affect it if you want to use it.
    Also if the kernel can set VDD levels[SIZE="1"](Ziggy's latest is the only one that I'm aware that can do this)[/SIZE], it has a special script and voltages for those kernels
    Fixed delete bug that was found in OTA 3.70 Mail.apk
    Changed stock undervolt to -75mV for those that needed it
    Fixed Flash Player for Hulu again
    Removed HTC logger files
    Disabled Perflock on kernel
    Conservative governor
    Powersave governor
    Quick Boot v4.1
    Wireless Tether v2.0.5-RC2
    Tweaked framework files to speed up system considerably
    Ported animations from Desire HD ROM
    Fixed USB debugging label showing in Calendar notification bar
    Tango v1.4.5445
    Wireless Tether v2.0.5-RC1
    Based on OTA 3.70.651.1 update
    Tweaked undervolting voltages
    Estrongs File Explorer v1.4.8.6
    Facebook v1.5.0
    Gmail v2.3.2
    Market v2.2.7
    Maps v5.0.0
    Quickboot v4.0
    Sprint Navigator v5.8
    Sprint Zone v2.1.12
    Tango v1.4.5372
    Titanium Backup v3.6.4
    Voice v0.4.2.13
    Voice Search v2.1.1
    Wireless Tether v2.0.5-Pre15
    YouTube v2.1.6
    Undervolted HTC kernel by .1v using Iscaela's undervolting module so battery life should be better now
    Removed fix permission script during 2nd boot as it may have been causing FC's for some
    Adobe Reader v10.0.0
    Estrongs File Explorer v1.4.8.4
    Market v2.1.2
    Tango v1.4.4937
    Titanium Backup v3.6.0
    Wireless Tether v2.0.5-Pre14
    Removed zip aligning of apks as it was causing issues with some apps[SIZE="1"](v1.6.1b)[/SIZE]
    Restored Superuser.apk for apps that need it[SIZE="1"](v1.6.1a)[/SIZE]
    Created script to fix permissions for added programs once after rebooting[SIZE="1"](v1.6.1a)[/SIZE]
    Using HTC's #17 kernel now
    Removed branding from ROM so it's more [I]stealth[/I]
    Skinned Hotspot notification icons
    Fixed Flash Player & script so Hulu should work again
    Google Voice v0.4.1.26
    Google Maps v4.7.0
    Based on OTA 3.30.651.3 update
    Fixed hosts file to work with 4G[SIZE="1"](thx to palmdude for the fix)[/SIZE]
    Semi-transparent notification bar w/ new icons
    Semi-transparent Sense launcher background 
    New colored Sense launcher icons
    Busybox v1.17.2
    Tango v1.4.4857
    Reduced auto brightness range to increase battery life
    Fixed VoiceSearch FC's when using some of the new features
    Fixed not being able to download & install new Sense widgets
    Downgraded Market to fix ocassional FC's
    New SetCPU settings[SIZE="1"](Be sure to use v2.04)[/SIZE]
    Desire HD flip clock
    More taskbar animations & colored icons
    Flash Player v10.1.105.6[SIZE="1"](Hex'd to show Windows[/SIZE]
    Titanium Backup v3.5.7.3
    Wireless Tether v2.0.5-Pre12
    Based on OTA 3.30.651.2 update
    Removed Qik
    Updated hosts file to remove ads[SIZE="1"](revert attached)[/SIZE]
    Changed the lockscreen theme
    Desire HD notification sounds & wallpapers
    SNQ's disable Browser text reflow mod
    Tango v1.4.4685
    KiNgxKernel BFS #11
    SNQ's reboot mod to include hot restart
    Google Goggles v1.2.1
    Google Maps v4.6.0
    Market v2.0.7
    Sprint Visual Voicemail v5.1.0.48
    YouTube 2.0.26
    Ported over Nexus 1 FRG83 update
    KiNgxKernel CFS #11
    ConnectBot v1.7.1
    DSP Manager
    Google Maps v4.5.1
    Google Quick Search Box v1.1.2.64376
    Qik v0.03.765
    SetCPU Profiles
    Street v1.6.0.6
    Titanium Backup v3.5.3.1
    Wireless Tether v2.0.5-Pre11
    Speed up window transitions a little[SIZE="1"](will only see the difference if you wipe)[/SIZE]
    KiNgxKernel CFS #10
    Based on the OTA 3.29.651.5
    Changed kernel to KiNgxKernel CFS #9
    USB Tethering now works
    Couple more system tweaks
    Flash Player & ADW Launcher are now updateable
    Removed ADB Wireless, ROM Manager & Hulu voice fix
    Sense back into ROM[SIZE="1"](If you want to remove, use the remove Sense zip in the FAQ)[/SIZE]
    ClearDefault Home v1.1
    DSP Manager v1.0
    Google Goggles v1.2
    SNQ's 3-in-1 Reboot option mod
    Adobe Flash Player[SIZE="1"](If you use Hulu, uninstall to revert back to supported version)[/SIZE]
    EStrongs File Explorer v1.4.6
    Gmail v2.3
    Titanium Backup v3.5.0
    Wireless Tethering v2.0.5 Pre9
    Based on the OTA 3.28.651.1 leak
    Made Sense a add-on[SIZE="1"](Flashable zip)[/SIZE]
    Modded Rosie to show 5x5 app launcher
    Removed Astro File Manager
    Increased Dalvik VM size
    Included Stagefright fix for streaming apps[SIZE="1"](Hulu, etc)[/SIZE]
    More system tweaks
    ADB Wireless v1.4.1
    Adobe PDF Reader 9.0.2
    EStrongs File Explorer v1.4.5
    Netarchy CFS Kernel v4.1.9.1
    ADW Launcher v1.1.5
    Connect Bot v1.7.0
    Gmail v2.2.1
    Google Maps v4.5.0
    Qik 0.03.76
    ROM Manager v2.0.2.6
    Sprint TV v1.0.4.32
    Sprint Visual Voicemail v5.1.0.34
    Superuser v2.3.6.1
    Titanium Backup v3.4.5
    Added the battery % on battery meter
    Fixed MMS picture compressing for no reason[SIZE="1"](only ROM to fix this so far)[/SIZE]
    Tweaked ADW Launcher
    Tweaked SetCPU config some more
    Remove a couple apps
    More skinned notification icons
    Astro File Manager v2.5.2
    Titanium Backup v3.3.6
    Kernel to v4.0.2[SIZE="1"](4.0.3a had scaling problems on my phone)[/SIZE]
    BeamWidget to Update 4
    Facebook to v1.3.2
    Superuser to v2.3.1
    Wireless Tether to v2.0.5-Pre8
    Fixed Wireless Tether[SIZE="1"](reverted back to Pre2 as it's the most stable)[/SIZE]
    Fixed camcorder freezing
    Added more HTC widgets[SIZE="1"](to system & SD card)[/SIZE]
    Kernel to v3.7.8b
    Facebook to v1.3.0
    Shazam to v2.0.1
    Updated kernel to v3.7.7
    Changed Wi-Fi scanning to 15s

    Important Notes - Due to how this ROM is setup, a wipe is recommended BEFORE flashing

    You must be rooted to flash this ROM, so go here to learn how to

    Be sure to do a backup before flashing and read the change log

    EViO 2 ROM (v1.8) - Mirror

    Previous ROM versions

    Latest Radio, WiMAX, PRI, NV & HBoot

    Splash - MUST be NAND unlocked(S-OFF) to flash


    Having random reboots or freezes?

    Try flashing the Calkulin's_Remove_Undervolt_for_EViO.zip attached or flash a different kernel

    Want to raise the undervolt to -100mV or -150mV?

    Flash the Calkulin's_Undervolt_*mV_Settings_for_EViO.zip attached

    If you are getting FC's or slowdowns using the -100mV or -150mV undervolt zips, flash the Calkulin's_Undervolt_50mV_Settings_for_EViO.zip to revert back to the one that is included in the ROM or if you want to remove the undervolting completely, flash the Calkulin's_Remove_Undervolt_for_EViO.zip

    What to remove the power wigdets from the notification bar?

    Flash the Calkulin's_EViO_2_ROM_v1.7.x_Remove_Power_Widgets_v1.1.zip

    If your getting FC's trying to use Footprints or Stock widgets

    Be sure to install the corresponding app apks from the Removed_Apps folder location on the SD card through ADB, root explorer, etc.

    Ex. ADB command
    remount rw
    cat /sdcard/Removed_Apps/HtcFootprints.apk > /system/app/HtcFootprints.apk

    How to bring back the hide button on the HTC_IME mod keyboard?

    Settings/Language & Keyboard/HTC_IME mod settings/User Interface and uncheck Smiley Hack

    How do I revert back to the stock Android Lockscreen?

    Flash the remove HTC lockscreen zip attached

    How do I revert back to the stock splash screen?

    Flash the stock splash zip attached

    How do I remove the Sense Launcher?

    Flash the remove Sense zip attached

    Want to see advertisements again?

    Flash the Stock Android Hosts zip attached
    I have my twin nephew's birthday to go to this morning, so I'll post v1.7 based on 3.70 a little early and do the change log this afternoon when I come back. And before anyone ask, yes you can update from my current builds but like always, wiping is always the best option especially when new framework/apk's are included.

    EViO 2 ROM (v1.7)
    The EViO 2 ROMs are definitely my favorite out there but I would love a flashable zip for the non-transparent taskbar as well!

    here you go...
    this is the power control (with smooth icons) flashable zip. NAND backup first:D. This will make your taskbar black again and add the power control widgets we all like and love. the only thing is the curtain will be back to white (you will see) and it will also revert the taskbar icons to default (not the notifications). some animations are also altered.
    I just tested it on 1.7 and works well. hope that helps.
    EDIT: attached my version of widget.txt to add 4g to the power control. here my order:

    EDIT 2: added the power control flashable zip attached to the post.:D

    EDIT 3: ORIGINAL THREAD: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=877003
    Well, instead of sleeping last night, I stayed up and got v1.7 based on 3.70 done, so I'm doing the final testing of it now. Should have it posted before the weekend is up or Monday at the latest
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