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[ROM] 20/07 | ViperOneM8 6.1.0 ◦ Tweaks | HUB | OTA ◦ ALL Carriers

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Oct 24, 2016
Anyone experiencing stutter, crackling with screen off, while playing music, please flash the attached BoomSound (GSM) ADSP - I also attach the HK (Harman Kardon) ADSP as flashable zip in case you want to test with both. Please report back.

These zips are TWRP flashable zips which use by-name flashing method. Very safe. However, since this is firmware, you need to be S-OFF.

Both ADSP's are taken from the 6.xx versions (6.12.401.4 and 6.xx from Sprint HK, not sure which version exactly).

By the way: the GSM ADSP fixed the sound stutter for me using HTC Music Player. However, SoundCloud still stutters with screen-off. No idea why. It might really need a manipulated kernel for some reason. The issue is a bit weird and not the same issue as we used to have on earlier HK/BS Switcher versions. Dunno why.

Tested a few music apps and found the following:
- HTC Music Player - no issues (local)
- Deezer - no issues (Streaming)
- Solid Explorer Music player - no issues (local)
- Spotify - no issues (Streaming)
- TuneIn Radio - no issues (Streaming)
- SoundCloud - "SlowMo Sound" (Streaming)
- MX Player - no issues (Streaming) (local)
- Total Commander Player - no issues (local)

Ma Man, Sound back again


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Jul 24, 2008
Ma Man, Sound back again

You do realize this phone is way beyond its lifespan and there won't be any fixes coming anymore, right?

By the way, the Harman Kardon mod needs a specific alteration in the kernel to get rid of the audio stutter, but this is not true to all versions, some work with a stock kernel.

Since development and maintenance on this has long ceased, I'd rather not use that modification anymore. Just my two cents.


Sep 12, 2016
I had to use adb with my m8 (s-on).
But I always had device unauthorized and no prompt when I connect the device.
Tried to uncheck many times + reboot but no luck
Does anyone could help me ?
Many thanks


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Feb 28, 2012
Is there any Problem known with this rom?

Known issues are on the first page, however I'll mention what the two biggest issues for me were with this ROM (which I still miss sometimes, but had to move on)

1. This ROM isn't actively developed anymore, so don't expect updates.
2. If the phone shuts off abruptly due to low battery (even though it may read ~20%) it stands a chance of randomly losing data, which might only be one or two apps, or in my case was almost the same as a factory reset :eek:


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Mar 9, 2017
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Dec 9, 2013
So guys why the M8 Roms Community is so dead i see phones like the One Plus One and the Z3 which have the same Processor as the M8 and they have plenty of roms and support for their phones why the m8 is dead?
It's a 4 years old device, electronics age quickly, so it's pretty much ancient by today's standards. People have moved on or their devices have died, no surprise the forum is "cooling down". M8 has got many roms to chose from.

The development for M8 isn't dead, it's just that many of the roms are final, with everything devs could fix fixed. There is some active development for few roms, like xenonhd or los15.1.

Z3 development seems pretty similar and oneplus one is a rather special device, like samsung galaxy S II - it's just so good, affordable and people like it so much it will have custom roms for really long time.
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Apr 16, 2010
I have installed this rom on my old M8 so its a bit newer for my daughter. But I have a problem with all sound whether its a ringtone notfication or music I get
"Unable to play this file"
I have tried reinstalling but no change. Any help would be great.

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    j to the 4n | m0narx | ivicask | shnizlon | topjohnwu


    1. Download the latest rom from our venomroms download page
    2. If you got an external sdcard place the downloaded zip there. In case you haven't, wait for step 6 to copy it to your internal sdcard.
    3. Backup your internal sdcard if you got important content on it. Unlocking bootloader will wipe all your data, including your internal sdcard. Your external sdcard will stay untouched.
    4. Register at HTCdev if you dont have an account yet and follow the instructions there to unlock your bootloader
    5. Boot up your phone and copy the rom to your internal sdcard in case you didn't in step one to your external.
    6. Download the lastest TWRP Recovery version on the TWRP Download Page
    7. Flash it with fastboot with following command: fastboot flash recovery recovery.img (replace recovery.img with the actual filename it got downloaded with)
    8. To boot into recovery use 'adb reboot recovery' or press and hold power + volume down and wait till it booted to the bootloader. From there you can navigate with the volume buttons and confirm with the power button to boot to the recovery
    9. If you are coming from stock: Make a backup of your stock rom in TWRP recovery. Include System Image and Boot. Now you have a full stock backup, except recovery, in case you want to return back to stock one day.
    10. Ensure you allow system modifications in TWRP when asked.
    11. In TWRP click Install and pick the rom either from internal or external sdcard to install it.
    12. The installer will start and will guide you through the installation




    XDA:DevDB Information
    [ROM] 20/07 | ViperOneM8 6.1.0 ◦ Tweaks | HUB | OTA ◦ ALL Carriers, ROM for the HTC One (M8)

    topjohnwu, j to the 4n, ivicask, m0narx, shnizlon, Kratos90
    Source Code: http://htcdev.com

    ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
    Based On: HTC Sense 8.0

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 6.1.0
    Stable Release Date: 2016-07-20

    Created 2014-04-04
    Last Updated 2016-07-20

    All downloads on:

    ViperOneM8 6.1.0 (20 July)

    Additions & Updates
    • Update to HTC 10 base 1.80.401.3
    • Add proper HTC Camera and HTC Gallery for the M8 in the Aroma section (choose to install Sense 7 apps in Aroma)
    • Notification ScreenOn List
      • Works the same as ambient display, just that it turns the screen completely on and that you will be able to open the notifications
    • Flash and Buttons blink notifications
      • On incoming notifications either your flashlight or capacitive buttons start to blink on selected apps
      • Additional settings
        • Blink speed
        • Repeat timeout
        • Blink timeout
        • Intercept mode
          • Screen on
          • Flip device (required when you use it for incoming calls)
    • Seperate Left, Right and Full Width Quick Pulldown
    • Two fingers Gesture Quick Pulldown
    • Hide quicksettings expand/collapse button
    • Full width header, quicksettings panel and notifications
    • Remove padding between notifications
    • Color options for notifications
      • Background
      • Title
      • Text (colors, the notifiation text, time, action icons and text)
      • Icon circle background
      • Icon
    • HTC Connect HEQS
    • Notification and LED tweaks got their own tab now in VenomTweaks

    Fixes & Cleanups
    • Fixed traffic indicator being visible even is data connection is not available
    • Fixed battery text not displaying correctly
    • Fixed traffic icon showing even when data was off
    • Fixed traffic indicator not showing on lockscreen

    ViperOneM8 6.0.0 (14 July)

    Special Thanks and Credits
    • @sun_dream for giving me permission to use his camera libs and audio libs. Thanks to this man, you can enjoy HTC 10 Dolby BoomSound and HTC 10 camera features (hyperlapse, slow motion). Also his guidance to fix several functionality issues to achieve a full HTC 10 port
    • @xXminiWHOOPERxX for the navigation bar fix, and helping out various things during development

    Additions & Updates
    • Intial HTC 10 port for M8 release
    • Based on HTC 10 1.80.401.1 and HTC M8 6.21.401.1
    • Carrier / Device support
      • Verizon (100% working)
      • Sprint (100% working)
      • T-Mobile / AT&T (General support, no special carrier features yet)
      • Desire EYE
      • Butterfly 2
    • New VenomHUB, including a web frontend!
      • Front-end URL
      • Reworked FAQ section
      • Expandable items
      • Added search
      • New Categories
      • Themes
      • Bootanimations
      • Navbar Themes
      • IRC Support
    • Venom Tweaks Backup and Restore (It takes a while the first time to show app - Patience!)
      • Internal SDCard
      • VenomHub Server or Google Drive
    • ROM / Installer
      • Android Pay tested and works on all carriers
      • AdAway now works systemless (in order to make Android Pay work)
      • Added SuperSU compatible mode option in Aroma (WILL BREAK ANDROID PAY!!)
      • Updated aroma installer graphics, menus, and removal/install options
      • Added missing 7 sense Apps & Widgets as aroma install option
      • Add custom bootanimation option
      • Add custom downanimation option
      • Add custom bootsound option
    • SystemUI
      • New Tiles
        • Tweaks and HUB NEQS Tile
        • Powersaver NEQS Tile
        • NFC NEQS Tile
        • Caffeine Tile, Credits Cyanogen
        • Sync Tile
        • Sync All Tile
        • SilentMode Tile
        • VibrationMode Tile
        • ADB Wi-Fi Tile
        • Screenshot Tile
        • HTC Connect Quicksettings Tile
        • Glove Mode Tile
      • Quicksettings custom tile size
      • Added NEQS Hide Reorder to VenomTweaks
      • Statusbar traffic info with up and down
      • Added option to swap up/down traffic info
      • Hide slow charger notification
      • Hide low battery notification
      • Hide search in recents apps
      • Recents apps with RAM Display
      • Hiding quicksettings now gives the space free
      • Ability to make Wi-Fi and BT Tile taking same space as other quicksettings
      • Custom Quicksettings Column Size 4-12
      • Quickpulldown Left, Right, Both
      • Hide vzw connected wifi notifcation
      • Show External SD-Card in Infoline
      • Hide Bluetooth Disconnected Icon: Hides the icon when no device is connected. Once one is, the Icon will appear
      • Option to quickpulldown quicksettings on full width of the statusbar
      • Horizontal Quicksettings Sync All and Toggle Sync button
      • Added 'Keep collapsed header' option when expanding the quicksettings
      • Added toggle to disable headup notifications
      • Added Headsup notification control
        • Black and Whitelist
        • Blacklist allow all
        • Whitelist ignore score
        • Prevent headups on specific apps (e.g. youtube, when you watch a video)
        • Headsup timeout
      • Contextual Header and Recent Apps
        • Set time based backgrounds (morning, afternoon, evening, night) images for your header and recent apps
        • Use predefined or custom images
        • Random mode
    • Sense Home
      • Added Hide Dock on blinkfeed
      • Added 5x6 Appdrawer
      • 5 or 6 columns in folder
      • Center folder
      • Homescreen 4x5 layout
      • Allow all rotations
    • NavBar
      • Changing navbar styles work on the fly without rebooting
      • Venom and Stock Navbar
        • Custom Navigationbar height on the fly
        • Auto Hide Navbar after a specified time
        • VenomNavbar Background colors
        • VenomNavbar Activation area colors
        • VenomNavbar Custom Activation area size
        • VenomNavbar Activation Type (Touch or Swipe)
        • Touch anywhere to hide
        • Press Key to Hide
        • Longpress Key to Hide
      • Extended Navbar - add different panels to your navbar, swipe left/right to switch
        • Available panels: Music controls, quicksettings, quicklaunch, extended buttons, brightness slider
        • Infinite swiping
        • Swipe and animation direction
        • Swipe distance
        • Setup Extended buttons, quicklaunch and quicksettings
      • Added option to keep home button working when using Navbar
      • Added option to select default view for extended navbar
      • Added extended navbar for venomnavbar
      • Added Recents Task Hide Clear All Button
    • Others
      • Volume cursor control
      • Blink LED while charging
      • Notification LED Blacklist: Select the apps you don't want to flash the LED on a new notification
      • Ambient display
        • Whitelist: Enable Ambient Display just for specific apps
        • Pulse Once
        • Pulse Visible Duration
        • Pulse Fade In Duration
        • Pulse Fade Out Duration
        • Pulse Schedule
      • Enabled Call Recording
      • Fade out Page Indicator on Homescreen
      • Added "Always/Just Once" Option to native USB Configuration Dialog
      • Added customizing color of the volume dialog
        • Background
        • Icon
        • Expander
        • Active and Inactive Slider
      • Pulldown Gestures
        • Change Gesture color
        • Use shortcuts to start custom activities, direct calls, etc.
        • Draw gestures to peform different actions
        • Reveal with quickpulldown, three finger gesture or button mapping
      • Allow home button during calls
      • Invert Volume Cursor Control Keys
      • Keep Display off when unplugging charger
      • Custom Ambient Screen Brightness (255 steps)
      • Custom volume steps (45 max) - Makes it easier to fine tune the volume with your volume buttons
        • STREAM_RING
        • STREAM_MUSIC
        • STREAM_ALARM

    With Viper10 we introduce our new VenomHUB with great new features, including a Web-Frontend!


    Manage your account:

    Change your username, avatar and password


    View and manage your devices:

    You can view the attached devices to your account and detach them from your account if needed


    Add own content:

    You can even add own content. After you do it will appear in VenomHUB for all users when the item for approved by us.
    Users will be able to rate and comment your content in VenomHUB. There's even a reply feature for you to the user comments.

    P.S. don't forget to set Donation URL in your account settings ;)


    ViperOneM8 4.0.0 (Februar 15th)
    • Re-based on 4.16.401.10
    • Aroma installer material re-design
    • Sprint supported, no WIFI calling
    • Verizon fully supported!
    • T-mobile fully supported!
    • ATT supported
    • Up to 25 eqs tiles, column count/text size increases/decreases automatically
    • Ambient notifications
    • Hide lockscreen notifications (e.g. persistent ones, like gsam)
    • Integrated venomroms.com ticketsystem into VenomHUB
    • Improved notification pulldown gestures
    • All known VenomTweaks goodies, over 300!!!! modifications possible

    New base = no OTA
    Fullwipe required

    Download and mirrors as usual on: