[ROM] 20111014- lg o2x gb stock mod by topogigi v. 2.0 - Back in black

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Jul 9, 2010
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Your ROM was the first one I used and for a very long time...cant forget those good moments....Nice to hear that your father has recovered....BEST WISHES to him.
Your ROM was a benchmark in O2X community and no doubt you set the ball rolling and made this community growing from strength to strength....we see Carburano,Spica,Stefan,Civato and many others who are doing an excellent job...
In INDIA we say"what starts good runs good". you surely is the one who started this...

Thanks for all the support. Nice to see you back again:)
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Oct 21, 2010
Very happy to hear that all is well Topogigi. I sometimes look back in my ROM folders and I wonder what ever happened to you. I really appreciate you updating us with your personal life.

Sreeprajay is right. I believe you were the benchmark, a Dev who was:
1. Knowledgeable enough to deliver a fast & stable ROM;
2. Humble enough to answer all of the user's questions, even not-so-smart ones;
3. Dedicated enough to keep pushing updates as soon as changes are available.
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Jan 20, 2008
Sounds like you had a tough time, topo, good to hear things are working out for you. One of my friends is still running your rom, today! We still need to do some upgrades :)

Thanks for all the roms!

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Nov 26, 2010
Thank You for everything Topogigi! Your is the first custom I installed on my phone and your is the work I think about when I find something well done in this forum.
In your replies I always found your deep knowledge about what you were doing and your desire of solving and create an amazing bugfree rom for your and ours OX2..

Thankyou and Cerea!

p.s. If you're planning in developping for some other mobile or tablet, let us know here... who knows..maybe I can change mobile too.. eheh Thank You!
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Sep 2, 2011
hi guys, sorry for reupp this old topic, but i remember that this is one of the most stable and important ROM for LG 2X, so i went to download it, but the link are offline...

someone have this ROM and can reupp online this files?



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Jan 25, 2013
If i return from 4.2 tonyp to this gb , my apps i have backed up with titanium backup , can restore it normal or i will have problems because of the old gingerbread version ?


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Jan 4, 2012
If i return from 4.2 tonyp to this gb , my apps i have backed up with titanium backup , can restore it normal or i will have problems because of the old gingerbread version ?

It's better that after flashing this rom you download your apps from playstore, this way you have the correct release for each of them; if you have important data to restore from 4.2 rom you may restore only them with titanium, maybe for some apps titanium couldn't end the job.

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    - Based on Erestor6's O2X GB Flair Lite (Thanks to Erestor6 for V20C leak) - From 1.4 completely rebased on leaked LG v20e
    - Choice between Stock, Neoblaze 14092011 or Swiftextreme 180822011 Kernel (Thanks to Fajarep and Imperticus for custom kernels)
    - Choice between EXT3 or EXT4 filesystem for /system, /data and /cache partitions
    - init.d support (only for custom kernel versions)
    - CIFS (only for custom kernel versions)
    - TUN (only for custom kernel versions)
    - Integrated Voodoo Sound (only for custom kernel versions)
    - Deadline scheduler (only for custom kernel versions)
    - RAM Optimizer script in init.d (only for custom kernel versions)
    - OC up to 1400 Mhz (via SETCPU, Antutu CPU Master or Pimp my CPU) - (only for custom kernel versions)
    - Boot at stock speed (unmodified: 1000Mhz)
    - UV (via Pimp my CPU) - (only for Swiftextreme kernel versions)
    - LG Launcher with UI 2.0 meteo widget (Thanks to Fonsigno)
    - Stock framework with some light mods by me
    - Removed some crap from LG
    - Latest GMAIL app included
    - Latest Adobe Flash Player included
    - Latest Youtube app included
    - Latest Maps app included
    - Circular Battery Mod with percentage
    - Sqlite patch (Thanks to Paul from Modaco)
    - Overclock daemon (Thanks to Sybregunne)

    Long story short, this is a Gingerbread ROM with stock appearance, but with all the Froyo candies we are used to.

    Feedbacks are welcome.

    DISCLAIMER: This ROM comes with NO warranty. If you brick your phone, don't blame me, I'm only experimenting with my phone and sharing the results with you, mates!

    - Choose one of the versions listed below and download it
    - Flash GB baseband as per Erestor6's thread http://www.multiupload.com/4MRUCNQ3NE
    - I assume you have CWM recovery installed on your phone. If not, read one of the excellent tutorials on this site and install it. (Remember to choose one of the latest CWM if you have chosen a Rom with EXT4 filesystem)
    - Copy the file you have downloaded "as is" (don't try to extract the files contained in the .zip archive!) in the root directory of your SD Card.
    - Boot in CWM, select "Install zip from SD Card", then choose the .zip archive you have previously copied and wait until the process ends.
    - Reboot your device and enjoy your new rom.
    - Remember to flash backtoext3 before installing my rom if you have chosen an EXT3 Rom coming from an EXT4 ROM!!!

    P.S. This rom does not wipe your phone (see changelog for exceptions), but depending on the Rom you actually have on your device, you'll need to convert your /system and /data partitions to a new filesystem. If you are on an EXT3 based rom, and you have chosen an EXT4 rom, automatic conversion without wipe is performed during install. But if you actually have an EXT4 based rom, and you have chosen to install an EXT3 based rom, you will need to run the backtoext3 (Thanks to Paul from Modaco) provided utility to convert the filesystem back to EXT3, and this utility WIPES ALL YOUR DATA. Anyway, my personal advice is to backup all your data before installing a new Rom!!!

    - With Swiftextreme custom kernel sometimes the notification curtain does not wrap up with ease swiping the bottom part of the screen. Use the back button to wrap it up (this happens only with Swiftextreme custom kernel, use Neoblaze 15092011 if possible)
    - The device seems snappier with v. >1.6. So, if you don't need the special features offered by the other custom kernel versions, choose v.1.6 at least.
    - Sometimes when you charge the device, the battery indicator becomes unresponsive and battery seems not to be charging. Workaround: Detach and attach the charging cable. (solved in v20e/v20i based releases)
    - With Neoblaze kernel in v. 1.3, you can't use Pimp my CPU to undervolt. Overclock is available via CPU Master.
    - Very long Boot time in some custom kernel releases, due to DEXOPT performed at every boot time (working on it, should be solved ASAP) - Use a release >1.5 if you need shorter boot times!
    - Market works properly on 1.5/1.6/1.7 only after first reboot. Will solve it ASAP. DON'T TRY TO FIX PERMISSIONS OR OTHER WORKAROUNDS LIKE WIPE! A simple reboot is enough to make market work
    - Custom kernels in v20e based version have a dead zone along the right edge of the screen that makes scrolling and typing hard. (solved in 1.6 release)
    - Some people reporting battery drains with 1.7, some other reported that this is the most battery efficient rom available.
    - In v. 1.9 during initial setup language is not changed automatically

    All these issues (besides market issue) seem to be disappeared with v. >1.6 release.

    Good luck!

    1.2a - Stock LG GB kernel with EXT3 partitions http://www.megaupload.com/?d=BNQDJZHT

    1.2b - Custom Swiftextreme kernel with EXT3 partitions http://www.megaupload.com/?d=D8VBT8S0

    1.2c - Custom Swiftextreme Kernel with EXT4 (/system and /data) partitions http://www.megaupload.com/?d=RHY2AOU1

    1.3 - Custom Neoblaze Kernel with EXT4 (/system, /data and /cache) partitions http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LFKQASQP

    1.4 - Stock LG GB v20e kernel with EXT3 partitions http://www.megaupload.com/?d=XJE76U9N

    1.5 - Custom Neoblaze Kernel with EXT4 (/system, /data and /cache) partitions adapted for LG V20E http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7M6Y3BXJ

    1.6 - Custom Neoblaze 21092011b Kernel with EXT4 (/system, /data and /cache) partitions adapted for LG V20E http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5HG5YD1T

    1.7WIPE - Custom Neoblaze 21092011b Kernel with EXT4 (/system, /data and /cache) partitions adapted for LG V20E http://www.megaupload.com/?d=2GRX1ORB

    1.7NOWIPE - Custom Neoblaze 21092011b Kernel with EXT4 (/system, /data and /cache) partitions adapted for LG V20E http://www.megaupload.com/?d=CIR702J9

    1.7 SP1 Service Pack 1 for 1.7 - It contains: The new 28092011 Neoblaze kernel with my ramdisk, a new (I hope final) version of services.jar only with GPS patch, S07cpufreqenabler script that allows monitoring programs such as System Panel to have access to the current CPU frequency and S08volt_scheduler script that allows you to UV and choose one of the available schedulers. http://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=733881&d=1317234854

    1.8 Custom Neoblaze 28092011 Kernel with EXT4 (/system, /data and /cache) partitions adapted for LG V20i http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EGT4A9O1

    1.8 SP1 Service Pack 1 for 1.8 - It contains: - unsecure adbd in ramdisk: now you can run adb shell as root directly and adb remount will also work without issues- back to the original juwee ramscript. The new one caused some issues such as frequent launcher redraws - New services.jar based on GR3 for BBA support but patched by me for GPS instant fix. Quicker than ever - Tweaked volt-scheduler so that undervolting is executed without delay - Terminfo support for editors like nano, etc - Nano editor in /system/xbin for easily editing of text files under adb (Linux supported, Windows "cmd" does not support curses) and with terminal emulator. http://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=741722&d=1317911938

    1.9 Custom Neoblaze 28092011 Kernel with EXT4 (/system, /data and /cache) partitions adapted for LG V20i http://www.megaupload.com/?d=BKN8X751

    1.9SP1 Introduced vsnet patch from CM: now the phone will sleep correctly also when your network supports fast dormancy (better battery life) and switching between wireless data and wifi does not lead to missing routes.- Some adjustements to SystemUI.apk, but no solution to the USB mass storage icon disappearing when you hit the home key. - Attempt to make USB tethering work (need feedback). http://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=746700&d=1318346596

    2.0 Custom SPICA HP RC1 Kernel with EXT4 (/system, /data and /cache) partitions adapted for LG V20e http://www.megaupload.com/?d=C4YQ9RY2

    2.0SP1 - LG IME updated from v20j for better international keyboard support - Reverted some libraries from v20j to the v20e originals. Did not notice any improvement using those and some people complained about worse audio quality - Modified wpa_supplicant for those having problems with wifi - Added BBA support (so I hope, cannot check it as I didn't buy the app, just followed lilhermit's infos found on Modaco) - Removed startup and shutdown sounds as per many requests. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GBVULACA

    2.0SP2 - Reworked and debugged the poweroff menu: now the bug in trapacska's version is defeated - Back to latest Neoblaze kernel: I had some issues with Spica's HP and some people need a stable/not testing rom, but everyone could flash the new HP RC3 kernel over that for testing or benchmarking purposes: I've already tried to flash it on top of SP2 and it works fine. If you want a way back to neoblaze, just reflash SP2 - Regulatory domain setting is back in wifi advanced settings. (Weird enough, it disappears if you set the rom as not debuggable in ramdisk. Spica kernel was not the guilty part....) - Removed overscroll glow - THIS UPDATE IS NOT CUMULATIVE! FLASH SP1 FIRST! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=6DYU9MDR

    2.0SP3- Completely reworked framework to ensure compatibility with UOT kitchen - WARNING: It could be possible that after flashing this update, you'll need to relog into your synchronized accounts (Google, Twitter, etc.) and resync. Probably your wallpaper will be reset to the default one. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=UOPW25LB
    Neoblaze 15092011 - Custom Neoblaze Kernel with EXT4 (/system, /data and /cache) partitions and Pimp my CPU support (UV/OC) http://www.megaupload.com/?d=INI5HOHT (This kernel can be flashed on top of every release based on v20c, BUT it has EXT4 filesystem conversion built-in) - THIS KERNEL SHOULD WORK ALSO WITH FLAIR GB V3 ROM

    CBMOD4V14 - Circular battery mod and other framework mods for v. 1.4 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1FV4IWHO

    CAMERA MOD - Improved camera with higher bitrates (Thanks to AndiCP) forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1268622

    OVERSCROLL/REBOOT OPTIONS - Various options to add nice glowing effects on overscroll and many choices to poweroff menu (Thanks to trapacska) forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1260858 - Here you will also find the easy way to get rid of LG lockscreen

    NEW MARKET - Market v. 3026 for those not receiving the upgrade from google (Thanks to Lucfig) http://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=725115&d=1316503317 - Alternative: Market v. 3113 (Thanks to Striatum_bdr) http://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=725116&d=1316503401

    BGB - Theme made by 75markus - wonderful theme with blue accents http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1270327

    APPWIDGETPICKER - Nice app that organizes your widgets and allows to use LG widgets with third party launchers (Thanks to boombuler) forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=780828

    GPSFIX - For those having problems with GPS with 1.4/1.5/1.6 release, here is my patched services.jar coming from v20c based releases http://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=727844&d=1316714446

    GB ORIGINAL ICONS - For those wanting the original GB icons for notification bar alongside a nice "not circular" percentage battery forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1305437

    ERESTOR6'S THEME MORPHER A really great way to enhance your user experience with an invaluable collection of astonishing graphical mods http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1287846

    Andrev OC Adjuster From TrymHansen, a wonderful GUI for overclok daemon http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=18273457#post18273457

    Myrt Undervolt GUI From TrymHansen, a wonderful GUI for undervolting your kernel [USE IT CAREFULLY!!!!!] http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=18347505#post18347505
    1.0 Initial Release [OBSOLETE]

    1.1 Attempt to fix Wifi, GPS and Tethering issues - Ext3 Filesystem for /data and /system (USE BACKTOEXT3 BEFORE INSTALLATION!) - Stock kernel [OBSOLETE]

    1.2 Multiple choices between stock and custom kernel and/or EXT3 vs. EXT4 filesystem - Removed preinstalled Flashplayer [OBSOLETE]

    1.3 Switched to Neoblaze custom kernel and tweaked EXT4 filesystem for /system, /cache and /data partitions - Removed preinstalled Flashplayer [OBSOLETE]

    1.4 Rebased on LG GB v20e and tweaked EXT3 filesystem for /system, /cache and /data partitions - Removed preinstalled Flashplayer - Removed circular battery mod (see optional downloads for a patch to reinstall it) - This version wipes your data during install [ACTUAL]

    1.5 Neoblaze 15092011 custom kernel adapted for LG GB v20e - Tweaked EXT4 filesystem for /system, /cache and /data partitions - Removed preinstalled Flashplayer - Circular battery mod - Smaller clock on notification bar - Semi transparent notification curtain (Thanks to Kostja_V for letting me use his base) - Added proper support for init.d - This version wipes your data during install [OBSOLETE]

    1.6 Neoblaze 21092011b custom kernel adapted for LG GB v20e - Extremely tweaked EXT4 filesystem for /system, /cache and /data partitions - Removed preinstalled Flashplayer - Circular battery mod - Smaller clock on notification bar - Semi transparent notification curtain (Thanks to Kostja_V for letting me use his base) - Added proper support for init.d - Solved horizontal scroll bug on right edge (Imperticus, you're a wizard!) - added latest Maps app - Reorganized scripts in /etc/init.d - Added overscroll glow and extended poweroff menu - added camera tweaks - This version wipes your data during install - SIMPLY REBOOT IF MARKET DOES NOT DOWNLOAD APPS[OBSOLETE]

    1.7 All the features already in of 1.6 release plus: +20 Mb of ram gained by removing omadmaclient.apk (the LG ota updater) and patching Services.apk - Overclock daemon! Please uninstall SETCPU, PimpMyCpu, CPU Master before flashing the rom, as they are not compatible with the daemon - AD-HOC wifi support: you can now connect to this type of wireless networks - New APNS from latest CM7 Updated Google apps (new Maps, new Market) - Patched services.jar included for instant GPS fix - Appwidgetpicker included - Two flavours: NOWIPE for those coming from 1.6 and WIPE for those coming from other roms. Read the thread to properly set overclocking in this rom. [OBSOLETE]

    1.8 Rebased on v20i with all the usual patches and mods of my previous releases - Back to old market: it will be replaced by the new one automatically after the first access, but this time you will not experiment issues with the "application is not compatible with this device" bug.- Revised deeply the S08volt_scheduler script: I always asked myself why the standard script from pimpmycpu did not help in changing schedulers on boot, now I got the answer and you can freely change the scheduler and it will stick on reboot (if you want to change undervolt settings and scheduler settings, edit the volt-scheduler file in /system/xbin) - Battery drain defeated: still not behaving like v10d but battery consumption is quite good - Cleaned /system/app and removed one file regarding LG remote support I forgot to remove in 1.7 - Deadline scheduler is now the default scheduler. Better than bfq in my tests - Removed extended poweroff menu as it was bugged. Waiting a new release from trapacska before putting it back in. - New Juwee ramscript included - SPECIAL NOTE: THIS IS A NO-WIPE VERSION, SO IT COULD BE USED "AS IS" ONLY BY PEOPLE COMING FROM 1.7. IF YOU ARE USING OTHER ROMS, FLASH 1.6 BEFORE FLASHING 1.8, COMPLETE THE SETUP WIZARD OPEN WIFI SETTINGS AND CONNECT TO ANY NETWORK, THEN REBOOT AND FLASH 1.8! IF YOU DON'T FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS, YOUR PHONE WILL BE PROBABLY STUCK IN A REBOOT LOOP [OBSOLETE]

    1.9 Solved the issue with wifi settings (so I hope) - Theme Morpher (v20i) compatability - Reworked framework and systemui, now they are entirely based on v20i - Solved issues with installation process. Now we can install 1.9 directly (market works after the first reboot as usual) - Patched gtalk video call (need feedbacks, cherry picked from GR3) - Solved issue with poweroff - Reduced battery drain (so I hope, need feedback)- Now the icons on the status bar have the position they have in all other Android phones when wifi is active. - Solved the issue with network settings (need feedback) - THIS ROM WIPES YOUR DATA! BACKUP FIRST! SIMPLY REBOOT IF MARKET DOES NOT DOWNLOAD APPS. [OBSOLETE]

    2.0 Spica 24bpp RC1 HP kernel - SuperchargerV6 update 8 in /system/xbin (the file is called v6sc.sh) - Rebased on v20e with libraries, part of the framework and apps from other releases - Google apps updated - Superuser and su binary updated - Es file explorer updated - Polaris office updated from v20j - Back to the old market: it will update by itself if you follow the installation instructions (reboot after the setup wizard) and it will not give any compatibility problem - Introduced gps.conf for faster GPS fix - THIS ROM WIPES YOUR DATA! BACKUP FIRST! SIMPLY REBOOT IF MARKET DOES NOT DOWNLOAD APPS. [ACTUAL]

    BackToEXT3 - Flash it ONLY if you have chosen an EXT3 rom coming from an EXT4 rom (THIS WIPES YOUR DATA!) http://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=720818&d=1316120010 Thanks to el charlie and Paul from Modaco


    - Zeppelinrox for Supercharger http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=991276
    - Erestor6 for his initial V20C base
    - Paul O'Brien from Modaco for his wizardries
    - Juwee for the first ramscripts
    - AndiCP for all camera mods http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=18321559
    - TrymHansen for his wonderful apps and support
    - Squide for being always here with us
    - Fonsigno for his UI 2.0 widgets
    - Sybregunne for andrev_oc
    - Spica, Imperticus, Fajarep for their unvaluable work on the kernels
    ....and many others that helped sharing their ideas and work for free.
    I'm dropping these few lines here because I had a lot of good time here with all of you during past months and I'm sure you feel the same. I had a great experience with all of people of this forum, including developers and testers, and simple users too. So, firstly I want to thank you everyone for making my work in developing roms so satisfactory.

    My father restored completely and he's beginning to walk in the last week, and I newly have some spare time to go on developing but...

    1) Thing are deeply changed here: new developers have come out and they are really good developers.

    2) LG finally released a stable GB ROM for our O2X (I mean v20Q)

    3) New kernel sources helped very much in ironing the last (few) bugs and some kernels out there are really amazing (Spica, Gueste are pushing kernels to the limit of perfection)

    4) My wife made me a gift for my birthday.... A brand new Motorola Atrix!

    I think my role here is over: I'm currently testing the new Django Manouche 1.2 with Gueste's new 1.5 OC kernel and I really doubt I could make something better than that: all is amazingly butter smooth and all the right things are at the right place.

    I had my v20Q based ROM in my drawer, ready to be published, but I have to admit that Carburano's latest is better than mine and more refined.

    In the end, it's time for a goodbye: I will be lurking for a while in this forum, because I found here very valuable people, and I know that they will push O2X development further and further.

    See you soon.
    Topogigi O2X GB Stock Mod FAQ

    Ladies and gentlemen, guys and gals, experts and noobs, here you will find a F.A.Q. collection for our ROM. Hope it will help.


    Q1. App XXX does not work with YYY launcher. Can you please check and solve this issue?

    A1. Sorry, only the apps and the launcher included in this ROM are supported. I cannot and I will not support other apps or alternative launchers. But you are naturally alowed to try any app and any launcher at your own risk.

    Q2. Can you please add the XXX app (feature) to your rom [Variant: Can you please remove the XXX app (feature) to your rom?] I really love [hate] it and I cannot live without [with] it.

    A2. This rom has a basic set of features available and a standard set of apps installed. These do not change between releases. Take it as it is or drop it if it does not suit your needs. No third way given. You can expect improvements and optimizations, but not fancy addons, widgets, beautiful apps. The Market is there for a reason, use it if you want to add the app you're in love with. Or use Titanium Backup, Root Explorer or similar apps to uninstall unwanted apps from /system/app.

    Q3. GPS does not work on my rom. I'm actually in a room at the first floor of a 45 floor building made of steel and concrete with a narrow street in front of me and I cannot get a fix. Is there a reason for that?

    A3. If you want a quick fix, you have to sit down in an open space with a large slice of visible sky above you. You should have already installed on your phone a really valuable app called "GPS Status". You haven't got it? Fire up the Market, search it and install it: it's free for everyone. Then turn off wifi and turn on wireless data. Ephemeris data download and position data based on cell triangulation are available only with wireless data enabled and they are inhibited by a special setting in the gps configuration file when wifi is on. Tap the app icon, then look at the status bar: is there a small icon radar-shaped blinking on the status bar (upper part of the screen)?

    CASE 1) Yes, I see it! It's blinking continuously!
    CASE 2) No, nothing changed.

    If your fall in CASE 2, there is really something wrong with GPS on your phone. You can try the following workaround, but if it doesn't work there's no remedy other than filing a bug alert in the thread and patiently wait until the bug will be solved.
    - Enter Hidden menu typing 1809#*990# on the phone pad
    - Select "GPS Test"
    - Go to "SULP Settings" and create a new SLP Server with the following parameters:
    name: Nokia
    slp address: supl.nokia.com
    port: 7275
    leave certification file and TLS settings as blank
    - go back, and flag "SLP Auto provision" as enabled
    - select your APN for SLP from "APN Settings"
    - go back 2 times and select "Get position"
    - select menu-> start
    - at this point, you could notice that no satellite appear. Dont't worry, carry on....
    - select menu-> Settings then change some parameters as "Session Type" and "Oper Mode"
    - go back and select Stop and Start again
    - repeat the last three steps until you get a fix and the gps icon in the status bar remains steady after the fix.
    If you fall into CASE 1), look at the yellow bars indicating the number and the signal level of each satellite. When the bars will be more than 4 and the length of each bar will be enough to get a fix (the longer the bars, the stronger the signal), the bars will turn into green and you have got the first fix (how lucky you are, huh?). The time it will take is not fixed, though: it depends on weather, correct download of ephemeris data, radio interferences and so on. So, the bottom line is: BE PATIENT! There is no rule of thumb for measuring the time a fix will take. In some conditions, you will get it in a few seconds, in other conditions it will take minutes. Now that you've got a fix, try to move a little bit around. The radar-shaped icon should be steady now and the bars should remain green. If you see the icon disappearing after the fix, you are falling into CASE 2). Try the workaround mentioned before and if it fails, file a complaint into the thread.

    Q4. What on earth is this overclock daemon you mention on first page? Why I can't go on using PimpMyCPU [Variant: SETCPU, CPU MASTER], by Jove? It has a clean and polished GUI, it works as it should and I'm a happy camper with it.

    A4. Overclock daemon has several advantages over other overclock apps. It sits down in background and it doesn't bother you, consuming a very little amount of ram (70kb, you have hundreds of Mb available on this phone) and a very few clock cycles, as it's event driven. The great advantage of this little daemon is that it wakes up on screen state change, and it allows to switch the frequency governor (only performance and powersave governors are actually available in our old venerable kernel :( ) and the lower and the highest frequencies for the cpufreq daemon accordingly to screen state. If your screen is off, it can be tuned to lower operating frequencies in order to limit battery consumption. If the screen is on, it can be tuned to give you the best user experience raising the operating frequencies to the max available, including overclock on selected kernels.

    Q5.Oh, I see, and now I understand what overclock daemon is meant for. But my actual overclock app already provides profiling abilities, so I can tune CPU performances among different screen states as well if not better than what you can do with your damn overclock daemon.

    A5. All the other overclocking apps available at the time I am writing this answer, will take about 5/6 seconds to switch from sleep profile to wake profile. In this little amount of time the phone interface will be sluggish and slow, depending on the max frequency you have chosen for the sleep profile. If you have chosen a low frequency to save battery as it is reasonable to do, the lag on profile change will look unbearable to you. Overclock daemon is fast as a lightning in switching profiles, as it's event driven. It takes a fraction of a second to switch from sleep profile to wake profile, and you will not experiment lags (or, at least, lags will be minimized).

    Q6.But I'm still experimenting lags with overclock daemon on wakeup: how can I tune it to fit my needs at best?

    A6.One of the best features of overclock daemon is that you can tune it as you like. If you don't want to see lags on wakeup, just raise a little the max frequency for sleep profile. If you want to mock SGS2 owners with astonishing Quadrant scores, raise the frequency to the max for wake profile and your phone will turn into a raging bull. It's up to you. Your interest is raising? Let's see how to do it:

    Fire up ES file explorer (you will find it in my rom beginning with v. 1.6 release), open settings and check "Use Root Mode" and "Mount Filesystem" (you need to do it only once). Then exit settings and hit the highest icon on the left: you will be in the root directory of your phone. Navigate to /etc/andrev_oc, you will find six files there:

    -sleep_gov: indicates which governor to use during sleep mode ("performance" or "powersave")
    -wake_gov: governor for awake state ("performance" or "powersave")
    -sleep(or wake)_max: max frequency to allow during sleep or wake (see frequencies below)
    -sleep(or wake)_min: min frequency to allow during sleep or wake (see frequencies below)

    Here there are the frequency values available on current kernel (Neoblaze 28092011):


    Make your changes to the files listed above and save them.
    Since overclock daemon is already up and running and it monitors these files at every screen state change, it should be enough to hit the sleep button, wait some seconds, and hit it again to wake your phone. Your new settings will be applied immediately.

    You may want to check the actual CPU frequencies by using OS Monitor or SystemPanel App (download the freely from the Market).

    Q7. I still don't understand why I should use an app to lower operating frequencies on sleep time to save battery. There are several tasks running in background in an Android phone, and limiting the CPU clock frequencies during sleep will lower the speed at which background tasks are executed. The lower the speed will be, the longer the task will take to be executed. So, the battery will not be saved, but wasted because idle times between tasks will be shorter.

    A7. That's not true in this world. It can happen in others, maybe, but here on planet Earth energy always behaves in the same way and obeys to the same laws. Think about your car: you have to use it to have a trip from point A to point B. Do you think you will save more fuel going from A to B at 120mph or at 80mph? True, you will be there faster in the first case and your car will rest a little after the race, but fuel consumption will be higher. E=mc2 (how smart I am! :D )

    Q8. I see strange files in /etc/init.d What are they used for?

    A8. These files are tweaks I added to make the rom snappier and faster. If you don't know exactly what you are doing, leave them alone. If you are really interested in what each file is meant for, ask it in the thread.

    Q9. I want even longer battery life. Can I do something to achieve Froyo-like battery life?

    A9. No, all the GB leaks until now are not so battery friendly as Froyo was. You can try different basebands, rils, whatsoever but your battery life will be mediocre. Actual leaks are hungrier and less optimized than their Froyo counterparts, so you will be lucky if you will be able to squeeze an entire day of heavy use from them. Road warriors are warned: wireless data under 3G/HSDPA coverage will be your worst enemy if you really want to phone your wifey coming back home in the evening to check if supper's ready.
    Use wifi when available, use 2G if possible and make sure your car is provided with a battery charger. But there is a way to limit a bit battery consumption with undervolt. What's undervolt? Quickly explained, undervolt has to do with the capability of CERTAIN phones to bear working voltages on different CPU frequencies lower than the default set by phones manufacturer. In our case, you can TRY to undervolt the CPU at some frequencies. Here's how:

    - Fire up ES file explorer (you will find it in my rom beginning with v. 1.6 release), open settings and check "Use Root Mode" and "Mount Filesystem" (you need to do it only once). Then exit settings and hit the highest icon on the left: you will be in the root directory of your phone.

    - Now try to remember the release number of the ROM you're actually using, because it will be important.

    - Navigate to /etc/init.d [/system/xbin for v. 1.8 and later releases], you will find some files there. Locate S08volt_scheduler [volt_scheduler for v. 1.8 and later releases], open it and look into it. You will find a line with the following content:

    'echo 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 .................'

    This line of zeros are the values of undervolt for each CPU operating frequency, ordered from the higher to the left to the lower to the right.

    Carefully edit the values, and be aware that not al phones behave in the same way, so your mileage may vary and in certain cases your phone could refuse to even boot if you lower them too much. Use steps of 25 mV, reboot and if all works fine, lower it a little bit more (values > 50 are not advised).
    In the following example, an undervolt of 50mV is applied to the 4 higher frequencies.
    'echo 50, 50, 50, 50, 0, 0, 0, 0 ..........?
    Reboot the phone to test new frequencies (they are applied at boot) and good luck!

    Q10. I really hate the stock lockscreen. Can I have my AOSP lockscreen back?

    A10. Yes, you can. With ES file explorer edit the /system/build.prop file. Locate the line with the following content:


    and change it to


    Save the file, then reboot. Goodbye LG lockscreen, hello AOSP lockscreen!

    Q11. A friend of mine showed me his phone with GB and he was very proud he could sync time and date with a ntp server. Why on earth your stupid rom hasn't the same feature?

    A11. This is enabled by default on v.1.8 and later releases, but you can enable it on other releases simply adding this line to build.prop:


    Save the file, then reboot. Then go to your friend and make him envious.

    Q12. A friend of mine showed me his phone with GB and he was very proud he could connect his phone to the pc without the annoying sound of USB debug on connection. Why on earth your stupid rom hasn't the same feature?

    A12. This is enabled by default on v.1.8 and later releases, but you can enable it on other releases simply adding this line to build.prop:


    Save the file, then reboot. Then go to your friend and make him envious.

    Q13. My cousin is a freaking great phone expert and he has a LG Optimus 2X just like me. He told me that there is a missing file in all LG stock roms called gps.conf. He told me that with this file he gets always instant fixes with GPS and that if I will not use it, my GPS will be broken forever and I will wait for a fix until the Day of Judgement. Why on earth your stupid rom hasn't the same file already included?

    A13. There is no evidence in all my logs that this file is even read from the system nor during boot nor during runtime. It exists on other phones, but there is a reason why LG did not put it in in all stock releases. Tell your cousin something about adb logcat and smile when his face will turn into an amazed expression. (Logcat? Has this something to do with Felix the Cat?) [UPDATE 20111011] I am a stupid donkey: I found where the gps.conf is read into a logcat. Maybe your cousin is not so bad. I should listen to his suggestions from time to time.... :(

    Q14. I tried to flash your rom and now I'm stuck in a bootloop. F..k the bloody day I had the idea of flashing this stupid ROM!

    A14. Did I call you here? You came here with your legs, so calm down and let's see what can happen. Bricking our phone is virtually impossible, because no ROM I know is overwriting the bootloader. You can try several ways to unbrick your phone:

    a) Flash 1.6 release, then upgrade. 1.6 is safer for many reasons, and it gives good results most of the times
    b) If a) fails, Flash Neoblaze 28092011 over 1.6, then reboot. The last Neoblaze boots at stock speed, while othe releases have a slight undervolt at stock frequency, making some phones to bootloop.
    c) Flash another rom. We are not married, I will not suffer if you choose to go otherway.
    d) Flash 1.4 release and stay with it. It's the release with stock kernel. It should work in any case.
    e) Back to the beginning: do you know smartflash? Have you ever tried to use it to flash a rom from the PC? Got to the general section of this forum and read about it. Then flash v10d. This is the safer option to unbrick a phone.

    Q15. Tell me your truth about schedulers: are they useless?

    A15. No, they have a role in how tasks are switched during runtime, so they aren't useless. Our kernel provides a bunch of different schedulers, and the default one is bfq. In my opinion, the fastest kernel scheduler and the one that copes at best with our phone is deadline. You can try to switch schedulers even during runtime, but there is no reason for not applying changes during boot [ONLY WORKING FOR V.>=1.8] . I prepared a file for your edits: it's the volt_scheduler file in /system/xbin
    Open it with ES file explorer and locate all the 'deadline' word occurrencies and change them with your preferred scheduler. After a reboot, you may want to check if edits are corectly applied, so use your terminal emulator and type:

    su (you will be prompted for superuser access the first time: allow it)
    $ for s in /sys/block/*/queue/scheduler; do v=`cat $s`; echo "$s $v"; done

    and you will see what the actual scheduler is. You will see all available schedulers too.

    Q16. Pimpmycpu allows to change schedulers at boot time too. Why do you lose your time on unuseful things? Give us a good rom and stop adding unwanted stuff. Your ROM is bulky!

    A16. A simple reason would be that pimpmycpu script does not work on our phone. It allows to change undervolting values but it refuses to change the scheduler correctly. The reasons why it happens are two:

    1) The scheduler part of the script has reference to values that simply do not exist on our phone, so it fails to set the correct values where it should.
    2) The script is executed at boot time when the scheduler values are not still ready for userspace editing. So the execution has to be delayed until the boot phase is finished.

    Q17. My cousin (the freaking great phone expert we all know from another FAQ), told me that without overclock daemon my phone is faster, it gains hundreds of points in Quadrant [variant: Smartbench, Antutu, etc] score and that I am really mad if I don't get rid of it.

    A17. Tell your cousin that overclock daemon has no influence on general performance and speed. Benchmark tests are influenced by many factors. If the phone is doing something in background when you fire up the benchmark your results will be lower than expected. This has nothing to do with overclock daemon. And remember that the score you can see in first page at 1.4Ghz with Quadrant was achieved with overclock daemon up and running. So, your mileage can vary.

    Q18. Ok, go to hell you and your overclock daemon: I only want to go back to my normal overclocking app. Tell me please how can I get rid of this.

    A18. There's no need to uninstall it, as overclock daemon is smart enough to sense if you have another overclock app already installed and commits suicide at boot in this case. So, you only have to bear 7 little unuseful files in your rom. They stay there, they do not eat, they do not drink, they do not ask money and they do not make your rom dirty. Please let them live alone and don't even worry about them. I give you a week beginning from now and you'll forget they still exist.

    Q19. A friend of mine told me that you can make your launcher stick in ram, so that the evil Android will not succeed in killing it every time it needs more ram. Why your stupid rom hasn't this setting by default?

    A19. Because if someone is hungry, I cannot think that the best solution would be putting a lock on the refrigerator. If ram is needed, the best thing you should do is giving it to the process that's asking for it in that moment, huh? Limiting free ram is not the best way to go IMHO, but if you want to try, drop a line like this at the end of /system/build.prop


    Launcher will stick in ram and other apps will have less ram to deal with. Bad trade? Good trade? It's a free world.

    Q20. I cannot find all my apps in the Market. Some apps I've always used are now listed as incompatible. Your rom is broken, donkey.

    A20. That's. not my rom, mate. It's the (broken) way the new Market uses to recognize the phones that are compatible with a certain app. But beginning from v.1.8, I found a workaround: if you let the Market upgrade by itself from the old version, the compatibility check is done better and a great amount of apps will be listed as compatible (better does not mean that ALL the apps will be listed, though).

    Q21. I had a bunch of apps installed on my phone, and now the Market tells me that less than a half of them are installed if I select "My Apps". Will you ever be able to build a rom correctly?

    A21. Sometimes the link between an app and the Market goes bananas during upgrades from a rom release to another. Install Titanium Backup and use the Market Doctor feature to relink all your apps with the Market.

    Q22. I used CWM to backup your rom, and now i want to restore it but CWM throws out a message saying that it cannot restore. What can I do now?

    A22. I don't recommend using CWM to backup/restore my rom as it conflicts with some filesytem optimization I used for this ROM. For the same reason, I don't recommend wiping partitions from CWM. Don't be surprised if all benchmark results drop sensibly or if you experiment strange behaviours after that. Use Titanium backup and restore apps and data from there, if possible.

    Q23. We have all the evidences: you are sadic. You've chosen to upload your ROMS to Megaupload when you know for sure that Megaupload can't be used in some countries. Now tell me how can I download your rom from my country, silly boy!

    A23. I use Megaupload because it's the faster service here and it allows to download at unlimited full speed even if you are not registered and not paying a penny. Besides that, if you register (it's free) it allows a reduced delay before download (25 secs for any file, don't matter the file size) and it allows to organize your uploads in directories. Do you know jdownloader? Go and find it, install it and try if that solves your problems. If it doesn't, someone on the board will help you for sure if you politely ask for a mirror (mirrors are always allowed, as I love free sharing).
    My father is slowly recovering but I'm still too busy for now. In a couple of weeks I'll be here with some news items. Thinking about a final GB release and an experimental ICS build.... :)
    topogigi most wait for relaise is version of v20i
    because it is based on pauls kitchen

    and you may relaise your version of v20i what is made with pauls kitchen the moment paul relaise his prebaked version of v20i

    This is partially true. 1.8 exists from the day the leaked v20i appeared on Modaco and I patched the base from the beginning by myself, not even following the kitchen thread because all the issues and bugs found and corrected there were present in all the other LG GB leaks already available, and I already knew how to solve them. So, the truth is that me and Paul are sharing the same base, but I didn't use his work to develop my v20i based release.
    If you want my 2 cents, I don't agree with Paul's policy of not distributing the leaks he receives from his sources with the original content unmodified, because:

    1) He is not the owner. LG owns them at least for the part that is not covered by GNU license.
    2) That is against my own belief in free sharing informations and knowledge

    Not sharing the base for development has several minus points, such as you are forced to develop all alone, and perhaps you lose your time looking for answers that someone already found. Boring and time consuming, in my opinion. Nevertheless, I DO RESPECT Paul's great work on our phone and decided to wait in any case for his prebake release. Opinions are opinions, but they aren't the things that are worth to live for. Respect is one of them. And I will cherrypick some of his mods as soon as prebake will be out for sure. He is really a great developer. :)

    Anyway, here's the changelog for 1.8:

    - Rebased on v20i with all the usual patches and mods of my previous releases.
    - Back to old market: it will be replaced by the new one automatically after the first access, but this time you will not experiment issues with the "application is not compatible with this device" bug.
    - Revised deeply the S08volt_scheduler script: I always asked myself why the standard script from pimpmycpu did not help in changing schedulers on boot, now I got the answer and you can freely change the scheduler and it will stick on reboot.
    - Battery drain defeated: still not behaving like v10d but battery consumption is quite good.
    - Cleaned /system/app and removed one file regarding LG remote support I forgot to remove in 1.7
    - Deadline scheduler now is the default scheduler. Better than bfq in my tests.
    - Removed extended poweroff menu as it was bugged. Waiting a new release from trapacska before putting it in back.