[ROM][2017/11] S.Team M8 | S5.2-X10.8 / SL-2.0.1 | Sense9.6 | Dolby/HK/JBL

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Mar 27, 2010
Hi guys

Im searching a link for S.Rom JW 7.5.0
Yes i found it on AFH but seems that host not really active...for 3 days i tried to download the speed only between 100-250kbps only...estimate 5 hours or maybe more...

Can anybody point me other link for that?
I really need it.
thanks in advance ya...


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Jun 14, 2013
Thanks for your help.

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My sync contact is errorr. Anyone can help me

hello there, thanks for the updated link. can u please tell me which of android is in this
0P6BIMG-S.Team-M8-End....? coz im already in 7.1.2 and dont want to go back.
Reboot to recovery
Flash the unsu signed.zip
Then this
Flash magisk
Then flah the permissive module for magisk
Enjoy Magisk

You need the permissive boot.img, u can get that using a magisk module
Don`t work for me! Stuck on logo... Waiting for 20 minutes. May be somebody provide backup of just boot with magisc intalled?
I need working G Pay, but don`t want use fully stock ROM. And it doesn`t work with SuperSU...
Which is last rom? 0P6BIMG-S.Team-M8-S5.2.8-X12.2.zip? Or there are smth later?
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Sep 15, 2019
not working ... the script was executed successfully, but root and super su did not go away

After installing the firmware, you can immediately, you can then, when you want.
To do this, you need to flash the UPDATE-unSU-signed archive in the recovery.zip,
Reboot and uninstall the SuperSU app.apk (or check that it doesn't exist).

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    PS: S.Team does not only has the ability to port a ROM, we also have our own exclusive features. For example: support for both single and dual sim models in one ROM; support multiple sound effects (H/K, JBL and the latest HTC Boomsound with Dolby. All the audio effects are directly extracted from hardware drivers, completely authentic and support dual sim models.

    Some developers think S.Team's S-ON audio effects are fake, I won't do more explanation here. In my opinion, Evolution of human beings is restricted by conventional concepts. That's the reason why some monkeys have evolved to human, and others are still monkeys.
    1. The upcoming update hopefully will be available tomorrow
    2. The next update (not the upcoming one) should come with the Sense 8. I'll buy the HTC 10, and sun_dream will do his magic :)
    3. Several people joined together and grouped as "S.Team", and I shall be one of the main maintainers on XDA. We hope to give all of you a better experience :)
    Update!! S.Team-S4.1-30.0 & JW-7.0.0

    World's exclusive HTC 10 BoomSound
    No need to say more, just enjoy :)
    EGL Patch included in both version, no need to flash again.

    S.Team-S4.1-30.0 / S.Team-JW-7.0.0
    • Added support for 'Swipe down to turn on voice dialing' in Motion Launch
    • HTC 10 Settings app with matching icons
    • Added HTC 10 Dolby BoomSound (Exclusive only in S.ROM)

    S.Team-JW-7.0.0 : AFH Link
    S.Team-S4.1-30.0 : AFH Link


    S.Team Lead Developer: sun_dream

    JW Version/XDA Support/Thread Maintainer: topjohnwu

    Guys, it's done :)
    Only thing left is final touches and uploading.