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[ROM] [20APR][XXEMC3] ~ XperianZe 0.9.9 ~ [Xperia Z inspired][AROMA][JKay][Elegant]

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Paresh Kalinani

Senior Member
Apr 28, 2012
On EFS v2 and I don't have a backup

I'm on EFS v2 now.. and I don't have my EFS v1 backup as I rooted my phone when it was updated to I9300XWUGML4 which had EFS v2.. The thing is.. I've flashed 25+ ROMs on my phone and never happened to mess with the EFS partition! I have a backup of EFS v2 but still I wanna ask.. Is it completely safe to flash this ROM? It won't corrupt my EFS? :confused:


Senior Member
Apr 19, 2011
I think im going to try and make a 4.3 version of this, a XperianZe 4.3 edition....what you all think????? will be lighter, but still having a xperia UI

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Going to Try and get permission from OP to work on this....... it will be based on sammy 4.3 rom
will be a light rom, with a elegant Xperia UI , a few options removed from the original rom (outdated ones)

please note : I will only release ONE version of this, I am not a full time dev, just a person who does lots of personal builds........

it would be good but not 4.3 based. 4.4.2 or 4.4.4 roms are really stable now.


Sep 19, 2014
1) How looks the emoji on this rom? The ugly green one?

2) Works this rom with the sixaxis app?

3) Did anyone use this rom with a navi like tomtom. Are there any bugs?


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    Presenting my first ROM:


    This is my first ROM that I'm releasing. So be gentle, but I've done my best on this rom.

    The rom is inspired by the amazing new Sony Xperia Z phone.
    I've ported many apps and media directly from the Xperia Z system dump (10.1.A.1.434)

    You will get, as close as it can be, the real Xperia Z experience on your Galaxy S III (i9300)

    Rom Details:

    - Based on the latest Samsung STOCK XXEMC3 firmware
    - Stock XXEMC3 Kernel (with init.d support)
    - And Much more kernels to choose in the Aroma installer!
    - AROMA installer (since v.0.9.7), You can choose many add-ons / Samsung apps in the Aroma installer.
    - VERY lite rom, removed all the Samsung bloatware, Base rom (without selecting add-ons in the Aroma installer) is only 416 MB including 33+ MB of original Sony Xperia Z Wallpapers)
    - The ROM is fully Deodexed & Zip-aligned
    - Latest JKay Deluxe Framework by _JKay_
    - Various system init.d tweaks
    - Larger APN list (to support more carriers) (the original APN list is also included in the Aroma installer, if you aren't having a working data connection)
    - Lite Camera-MOD (HQR) by AndroidGX (Great Samsung camera mod, to get higher quality filming)
    - Various build.prop tweaks:
    • Bravia engine v.2
    • Lowered the proximity sensor delay
    • And many more...
    - Hosts Ad-block
    - Media Scanner wakelock fix
    - Modded Phone APK (from Mythtrandyr)
    • (higher quality) (auto) Call recording
    • Option to turn increasing ringtone On/Off
    • Customizable end call delay
    • The ability to turn the record button On/Off
    - Great integration of FaceBook in the following Sony apps: Album, Calendar, Walkman & Contacts sync
    - Includes original Samsung Camera app, latest Play Store, latest Superuser app & binary and BusyBox
    - Multi Window Control mod by LegendK95 (Multi Window support for EVERY app that you've installed)
    - This will turn your Samsung Galaxy S III nearly into a Sony Xperia Z :laugh:

    Rom Features:

    - Latest Elegant v.6.0 system/icon Theme by ThilinaC
    (I made it compatible with XXEMC3, and Safe0716 added the Xperia Z statusbar icons to it)
    - Sony Xperia Z Launcher (With many extra options, by Ra3al)
    - Xperia Z Keyboard (with swipe support)
    - Xperia Z Statusbar icons (by Safe0716)
    - Xperia Z Lock screen (by Arsaw)
    - 28 Xperia Z original Wallpapers
    - Xperia Z Boot screen
    - Xperia Z UI Sounds, Notifications, Alarms and Ringtones
    - Xperia Z System Fonts
    - 2 Xperia Z Live wallpapers: Enchanted forest and Photo slideshow
    - Original Xperia Z system app icons

    - The following Sony Xperia Z Apps:
    • Calendar
    • Calculator
    • Album
    • Movies
    • Walkman
    • Notes
    • Torch
    • TrackID (Sony's Soundhound alternative)
    - The following Xperia Z Widgets:
    • Calendar
    • Clocks
    • Weather
    • Photos and videos
    • Tools (switches)
    • Walkman Widget
    • Recent calls
    • Top contacts
    • Notes
    • Torch
    • TrackID (Sony's Soundhound alternative)

    Red text = Ported directly from the Xperia Z dump
    Violet text = Ported from the Xperia T (4.1.2 Final firmware)
    Light Blue text = Ported from another Sony phone

    Choosable add-ons in the Aroma installer:
    • Repacked Stock XXEMC3 Samsung kernel or Siyah, SpeedMod, Boeffla, Perseus, Shark or Adam kernel
    • XXEMB6 Modem
    • Samsung All Share
    • Google Talk
    • Samsung Clock app or Android 4.2 AOSP Clock (Original and Inverted white versions)
    • Samsung E-Mail app (with Exchange security removed, and original Xperia Z app icon)
    • Sony E-Mail app (original Xperia Z E-mail app, Exchange not working in this one)
    • Samsung Paper Artist
    • Polaris Office Viewer
    • Samsung App Store
    • Samsung Music Player
    • SVoice
    • Samsung keyboard
    • Samsung Video Player
    • Sony Xperia Z Calculator or Samsung Calculator
    • Hide the direct call buttons in the Contacts app
    • sCloud
    • SMemo
    • SPlanner or the Sony Calendar app
    • STK (Sim Toolkit)
    • WiFi Di-rect
    • ra3al Advanced Xperia Z launcher OR the original stock Xperia Z launcher
    • Stock Android 4.2 Camera/Gallery app with PhotoSphere
    • Original APN List (Choose this add-on if your 3G is not working)
    • 2 Sony Xperia Z Live Wallpapers
    • Sony Social Media Plugins (for the Sony apps)
    • Multi Window control mod app
    • Track ID
    • Sony Torch app
    • Samsung My Files
    • (resizable) Pop-up browser
    • Circle battery statusbar icon mod or 2 other Blue battery icons (1 with an percentage in it, and 1 without)
    • Google and Samsung TTS voices
    • Latest Google Maps (with Street view plug-in and Navigation)
    • Latest Google Now / Search (with Search bar widget)
    • TouchWiz Launcher (XXEMC3, Xperia themed version)
    • Original Xperia Z system app icons or the Xperia Z Like (rounded) app icon pack by 'Why so serious?' Screenshot
      or the Elegant app icons (by ThilinaC)
    • Kies support (also via WiFi)
    • Sony DLNA (Throw function in the Sony Walkman, Album & Video apps)
    • Samsung Boot sound or Custom Xperia boot sound

    Green text = Also in the Lite version of XperianZe included
    Black text = Not included with the Lite version (but most of them are available as an flashable add-on in post #2)



    - It's STRONGLY ADVICED to BUY the JKay Deluxe Settings app from the Play Store with this ROM!
    (I won't earn anything from the app, since its made by _JKay_, and not by me)

    You will get MANY extra features/options with the JKay deluxe settings app! For example:
    • Choose between 6 different lock screens (including the Samsung ripple/ink and AOSP lock screen)
    • Enable Multi-Window for 3rd party apps
    • Make the statusbar transparent
    • Change the battery icon to the one that's in the screenshots
    • Enable the toggles you want or even add a 2nd row of toggles to the notification panel
    • And MANY MORE!!
    The JKay Framework is already integrated in this rom, so don't flash it by yourself (you will LOSE the Elegant theme)
    You only need to download the JKay Deluxe Settings app from the Play Store!

    - If there's an newer JKay framework out (that isn't in this rom yet) then you can follow this guide to update to the newer JKay framework: Click Here!

    - If you wanna have the Samsung lockscreen: Open the JKay Deluxe Settings app -> Select 'Circle'
    And disable this: Set common options -> de-activate 'Transparent status bar'

    - The Jelly Bean lock screen in the JKay settings app is the Xperia Z lock screen.

    - You can only change the lock screen wallpaper for the Circle (Samsung) lock screen via the usual method... Or you can use this method to change the lock screen wallpaper for the Xperia Z lock screen:
    For XperianZe Use the 'Lock Screen' shortcut in your app-drawer to change the lock screen wallpaper, and make sure you use the Sony album app to crop your image, when it get asked.

    - When you use the Xperia Z lock screen, you will see 0.3 - 0.5 second your original lock screen wallpaper when you unlock, this is the fix

    - For the people who can't change the lock screen wallpaper for the Circle (Samsung) lock screen:
    Make sure this option in JKay deluxe settings app is de-activated: Under 'lock screen options'; set common options -> de-activate transparant status bar.
    Now set a lock screen wallpaper with the Samsung Gallery. The Sony album app won't work.

    - Standard you will have a Blue Xperia battery mod icon by ksr007 in the status-bar, not the one in the screenshots:
    Can be fixed using the JKay Deluxe Settings app from the Play Store: Statusbar options -> de-activate 'Hires battery icon'

    - You can find an Circle battery mod in the Aroma installer, to get the old Circle battery statusbar icon back (which was in XperianZe and older)

    - If you wanna fix the gap between the data arrows and the data icon in the statusbar, then enable this option in the JKay app: Statusbar options -> activate 'AOSP data layout'

    - If Multi window mod doesn't work for 3rd party apps:
    Fix: Activate the 'All apps support multi window' option in the JKay Deluxe Settings app, reboot after that.

    - If you use one of the Xperia Z launchers; then make sure that you set the 'Window animation scale' in Developer options at least at .5x,
    when you select 'Animation off' then you will have problems with launching apps in the Xperia Launcher.

    - If you are having problems with Phone calls, make sure you have a recent Modem/baseband installed! A few good modems are: XXELLA, XXEMB1 & BUEMA1
    You can find them in the General modem thread: Click here!
    Since XperianZe 0.9.6 I deliver the newest modem (XXEMB6) with the rom.

    - If you did choose for the Boeffla, the Adam or the Shark kernel in the Aroma installer, then you can use the Boeffla sound control app from the Play Store, to tweak your sound. See post #2 for a link to the app in the Play Store.

    - You can Backup/restore your JKay Deluxe settings in the JKay app with the Menu key! (don't forget to restore it after a wipe / ROM upgrade)


    - for his amazing Elegant theme
    - for the inverted white AOSP Android 4.2 clock app
    - Torch app/widget
    - Boot animation
    - Xperia Z Sound picker

    _JKay_ (for his great JKay mod)
    Ra3al (for the great modded Xperia Z launcher, and all the Xperia Z widgets)
    Auras76 (for porting the Walkman app)
    Arsaw (for porting the Xperia Z Lock screen)
    ksr007 (for the new Aroma installer (, the blue battery statusbar icon and the Setup Wizard background image)
    Safe0716 (for porting the Xperia Z statusbar icons)
    LegendK95 (for the Multi Window Control mod)
    Wanam (for the rom base, and the great Adam Kernel)
    Perka, Hardcore, AndiP & AndreiLux (for the great included kernels)
    mythtrandyr (for the modded Phone APK)
    AndroidGX (for the great Lite Camera-MOD (HQR) mod)
    TekaVC (for making the official signatures and the new opening pic in the first post)
    Korumera (for the XDA File server mirror)
    Silitek (for making the screenshots in post #1)

    [B]v.0.9.9[/B] XXEMC3 Re-base (Full Aroma and Lite versions)
    - Updated the rom base, kernel and all corresponding apps to XXEMC3
    - Replaced the XXEMC2 modem with the XXEMB6 modem (which is included in XXEMC3)
    - Updated JKay to v.14.93.4 (XXEMC3)
    - Updated Adam kernel to v.2.3
    - Updated Shark kernel to v.A-15.1
    - Updated SpeedMod kernel to v.K-13
    - Updated Lite-Camera-Mod HQR to the XXEMC3 version
    - Updated Play Store to v.4.0.26 (Black/Blue inverted)
    - Added the Samsung Calculator app as an choice in the Aroma installer
    - Integrated the Multi-window theme and White AOSP Clock fixes that I posted for
    [B]v.[/B] (Full Aroma and Lite versions)
    - Fixed the Walkman widget in the Stock Xperia Z Launcher
    - Removed the possibility to do an Full-wipe and EFS partition backup in the Aroma installer (was causing some problems for some)
    - Optimized the Aroma installer a bit, and changed the background, start picture & fonts of it.
    - Updated Play Store to v.4.0.25 (Inverted Black version)
    - Added the Shark kernel v.A13 by Perka (with Boeffla sound engine)
    - Updated the Perseus kernel to v.35
    - Updated the SpeedMod kernel to v.K2-12
    - Included the White version of the Android 4.2 AOSP Clock app (by ThilinaC)
    - Included the Elegant XXEMC2 fixes (by ThilinaC)
    - 4 new Xperia Like rounded app icons (by Why so serious); Clock, Downloads, Voice Recorder & Svoice
    - The Blue Circle battery icon is now the default one
    - Fixed the Walkman visualizer (did crash when you did install the Sony social media plugins in previous versions)
    - You can choose now the old blue battery icon in the Aroma installer (the one that was in the 0.9.7.* series)
    - Removed the Chinese Xperia Z Keyboard, since it was not working
    - Restored Sysro & Sysrw support
    - Added Mobitel (Sri-Lanka) to the APN list (on request for ThilinaC)
    [B]v.0.9.8 (XXEMC2)[/B]
    [B]- Total Rebase on Stock ROM XXEMC2[/B]
    - Replaced the stock kernel and modem to the XXEMC2 version of it
    - Updated JKay framework to 14.93.1 (XXEMC2)
    - Updated Elegant Theme to 6.0
    - Added Siyah kernel 1.9.1 by gokhanmoral
    - Themed the 3 new toggles that are in JKay 14.93+
    - Changed the default blue statusbar battery icon, to one with an percentage in it
    - The Circle battery is blue now (was green in previous versions)
    - New Boot animation (Added 'Xperia' text at the beginning) 
    - Added custom Xperia Boot and shutdown sounds option in the Aroma installer
    - Updated Xperia Z Like rounded app icon pack by 'Why so serious?'
    - Added original Xperia Z Chinese keyboard with themes
    - Updated some Sony lib/framework/resource files
    - Updated Google Search / Now to v.
    - TouchWiz launcher is Elegant themed now
    - Made the Gmail app choosable in the Aroma installer 
    - Added back the Dual-clock Samsung widgets
    - Fixed some graphically glitches / text that's un-readable in the Dialer and S-Planner apps
    - Updated Lite camera-mod to the XXEMC2 version by AndroidGX
    - Optimized the Aroma installer
    - Rom's zip file is now signed
    - Maybe a few things more that I forgot...
    [B]v. Update[/B] (Update: 54 MB)
    - JKay Framework 14.93:
    [LIST][*] Now 32 quick toggles to choose from (Added: GSM only, USB tethering and Bluetooth tethering)
    [*] Re-factoring Deluxe Settings (split status bar options up into status bar and notification options, added support translations)
    [*] Added option for transparent notification background
    [*] Added option for transparent quick settings background
    [*] Added option for transparent brightness slider background
    [*] Added option for transparent quick launch background
    [*] Added option for transparent notifications (only apply to new notifications)
    [*] Added option for black quick settings background
    [*] Added option for black notification titles
    [*] Added: Option to launch custom application when headset (mini jack) is plugged in.
    [*] Added: Option to kill the above application when unplugged.
    [*] Added: Option to run above app even when phone is secured with pin/pattern.
    [*] Added option 'Remove app' to Deluxe Settings above 'Kill app' so you can select if you want back button to remove, kill or both
    [*] Added options to include/exclude tab lock screen, ics lock screen apps and home btn apps from led notifications
    [*] Added a toggle to show/hide the 'Running services' button on the recent apps page
    [*] Changed background graphics for quick toggles
    [*] fixed back btn kill from lock screen bug
    [*] fixed bug where music would stop when set as secure app
    [*] fixed a bootloop bug on deluxe lockscreens when trying to launch app right after boot.
    [*] Fixed SystemUI FC when doing several screenshots (bug in JB)
    [B]v. AROMA and LITE[/B] (755 MB and 412 MB; Whole new, much better Aroma installer!)
    [B]- A whole new, much better sorted Aroma installer (made by ksr007 and me)[/B]
    - Added the [B]SpeedMod kernel (K2-11)[/B] by Hardcore
    - Added [B]Boeffla kernel (v. 2.10 beta 2 Linaro)[/B]
    - Added [B]Pereus kernel 34.3[/B] by AndreiLux
    - Updated [B]Adam kernel to v.2.2.1[/B] (includes the S-Tweaks & Boeffla sound control apps now)
    [B]- Tweaked the build.prop & init.d scripts a bit more (rom feels a bit faster/smoother now!)
    - Also fixed some problems with the Boeffla kernel (usb file copying etc.)[/B]
    - Fixed the Play Store app icon (it keeps the themed app icon now)
    - Added a few more rounded Xperia Z Like app icons (by 'Why so serious?')
    - The Google Search, Track ID, Sony Live wallpapers & Multi window control apps are now data apps (un-installable)
    - Added a shortcut in app-drawer to change the Xperia Z Lock screen wallpaper
    - Added the original Samsung boot sound option in the Aroma installer
    - Updated Gmail to 4.3.1
    - Removed the Exchange apk from the Sony Mail app option (since Exchange isn't supported with the Sony Mail app)
    [B]v. AROMA and LITE[/B] (736 MB and 412 MB; from now on there are 2 versions: 1 Full / AROMA version and 1 lite version)
    - Lite version is the same as the 'base rom' in the full rom, it only doesn't include all the Aroma choosable options
    [B]Added the following things to the Aroma installer:[/B]
    - It's now possible to do a full-wipe in the Aroma installer, so you don't have to do anything in CWM anymore!
    - It's now also possible to make a back-up of your EFS partition in the Aroma installer 
    - Replaced the Boeffla kernel with the Adam kernel by Wanam (Boeffla was still giving some problems)
    - Added the latest Google Maps (with Street View & Navigation)
    - Added the latest Google Search/Now app, with the search bar widget (enables also voice input)
    - Added the TouchWiz Samsung Launcher as an option
    - Added Xperia Z Like (rounded) app icon pack by 'Why so serious?' [B][URL="http://stelleplas.com/screenshots/rom/roundedicons.png"]Screenshot[/URL][/B]
    - Added Kies support files
    - Added Sony DLNA option, to enable Throw function in the Sony Walkman, Album and Video apps (for Sony TV's)
    - Made the Sony Calendar app choosable, so that you can flash it back if you don't want the SPlanner anymore.
    - Stock kernel is now selected by default in the Aroma installer
    [B]Base Rom changes:[/B]
    - Fixed Google TTS in the Google/Samsung TTS option.
    - Updated the Sony Walkman app to the latest Xperia Z version (6.0.A.1.0)
    - And added Wikipedia & YouTube Extensions to the Walkman app
    - Updated the Sony Calendar, Mail, Video apps to the latest Xperia Z system dump
    - Updated also the Xperia Z Stock launcher to the latest Xperia Z system dump 
    - Updated some Sony Framework files to the latest Xperia Z system dump
    - Fixed the AOSP Clock app crashes when setting up an alarm
    - Added the GroupCast.apk to the AllShare option, to fix the not working Groupcast AllShare screen share function.
    - Fixed the Smart Alarm function in the Samsung Clock app (included the pre-alarm sounds now)
    - The rom includes now the newest Play Store (3.10.14)
    [B]v.0.9.7 AROMA[/B] (Complete ROM, 721 MB; All the add-ons are now choosable in the Aroma installer on your phone!)
    - The rom has an Aroma installer now, so that you can choose ALL the add-ons from post #2 right in the installer on your phone. That’s why the rom did grow to 721 MB
    - The rom base is still the same size (420 MB)
    - Read the instructions in the Aroma installer carefully before going to the next step in the installer.
    - Added also some new add-ons in the Aroma installer:
    [*]Modem is optionally now
    [*]Added Boeffla kernel 2.9 Final (didn’t have any mic issues with this version yet) 
    [*]Stock kernel is also still choosable in the Aroma installer
    [*]Added Android 4.2 stock camera app (including Gallery) with Photosphere.
    [*]Added a new Google / Samsung TTS add-on, also included the SamsungTTS.apk now, so that the SVOX TTS voices are working now! (I think this fixes the Co Pilot problem)
    - Included the SamsungTTS.apk also in the SVoice add-on now. (forgot that in the previous add-on that was in post #2)
    - Made the Sony Live wallpapers, the Sony Social media plugins, Multi Window control mod app, Track ID, Sony Torch app, Samsung My Files & Pop-up browser choosable in the Aroma installer.
    - You can also only install extra add-ons with the Aroma installer, without installing the rom again. (de-select ‘Update Rom Base’ in the Aroma installer)
    - The Preload partition is now also wiped by the installation script automatically (So, you only need to do a Data/factory reset now if you want to do a clean install)
    Changelog of the previous versions: [B][URL="http://www.stelleplas.com/oldchangelogs.html"]Click here[/URL][/B]
    First release (see the Rom details & Features)

    - Sometimes the Aroma installer freezes... You need to reboot in recovery again then (Long hold: Vol+, Power button and Home button till Samsung screen comes up) and try it again.

    Some porting 'bugs':
    - You can't edit the song info with the Sony Walkman app.
    - The Walkman FaceBook 'Like' function doesn't work

    How-to Install:
    - Do a Data/Factory reset first in CWM (if you come from another rom, or XperianZe and older)
    - Start the installation
    - Read the instructions in the Aroma installer
    - Choose carefully the packages you want in the Aroma installer.
    - Install the rom (the installation script of this rom will wipe the following partitions automatically for you: Cache, Dalvik Cache, System and Preload.)
    - Enjoy the Rom! :D

    - Do NOT restore app data or system apps with Titanium backup, this can cause many problems. (applies to any rom)

    Install extra add-ons after installation:
    - If you want to install some other add-ons after you've installed the rom, then just start the Aroma installer again, just select the option 'Only Add-ons' in the Aroma installer and select the add-ons you want to install.

    Download links:

    (check the MD5 of your download before flashing)

    Full-Wipe is always advised, and needed if you come from another rom or XperianZe or older.


    FULL Aroma version of v.0.9.9:
    773 MB
    (MD5: b26dab9c16ad26d2b29560642fafbf4c)

    Rom Hut:



    XDA-Torrents (needs account there):


    LITE version of XperianZe 0.9.9 (Non Aroma)
    413 MB
    (MD5: 3a8fdb48bacf425317ed8b031cee0d5f)

    Rom Hut:



    XDA-Torrents (needs account there):

    Thanks to Privat75 for the Uploaded.net mirror!​

    If you like this rom, feel free to donate. (use the Donate button in my signature)

    See post #2 for extras and screenshots...

    Detailed review by DroidViews.com blog:

    XperianZe Review (v.0.9.9) and Review of the Advanced Xperia launcher (by MohammedAzi)

    Review video by Droidlabsca (v.0.9.7)

    Installation (v. and Review video (v.0.9.3) (by Devicecustomizer)
    Extra's and Screenshots


    - Download the JKay Deluxe Settings App in the Play Store by _JKay_

    (to get MANY extra features/settings, like: Choose between 6 different lock screens, change the battery icon as it is in the screenshots and to enable Multi window for 3rd party apps, AND MANY MORE!!)

    - Xperia Unread app by ra3al; To enable an unread counter for missed events on the Phone, Messages, E-Mail and Gmail (and more) app icons.
    Play Store: CLICK HERE!
    (€ 0,85)

    - Boeffla Sound Control app to control the sound engine in the Boeffla, Adam or the Shark Kernel (FREE, Play Store link)

    - XperianZe Signature pack (User, Donator & Supporter): DOWNLOAD
    (by Tekavc)

    - XperianZe signature (by Rusiru):

    The original Xperia Z Lockscreen wallpapers:

    (not a cwm zip, just extract them)


    The following add-ons are ONLY needed for the Lite version ( or for the older XperianZe versions ( or older):

    App icons:

    - Original Xperia Z System app icons: DOWNLOAD (flashable CWM zip)

    - Xperia Z Like rounded system app icons: DOWNLOAD (flashback CWM zip) (Updated: 05/04)

    - New Blue battery icon (with percentage in it) for v.0.9.8 and newer: DOWNLOAD (flashable CWM zip)

    - Old Blue battery icon (without percentage in it) for v.0.9.8 and newer: DOWNLOAD (flashable CWM zip)

    - Blue Circle battery mod: DOWNLOAD (flashable CWM zip) (Updated: 05/04; Now in Blue!)

    Other mods:

    Stock Xperia Z launcher, with compatible Xperia widgets: DOWNLOAD (flashable CWM zip)

    Original APN list (flash this if you aren't having a working data connection): DOWNLOAD (flashable CWM zip)

    Disable quick Call button in the Contacts and Phone app mod: DOWNLOAD (flashable CWM zip)

    Apps add-ons:

    - Gtalk add-on: DOWNLOAD (flashable CWM zip) (Updated: 20/04)
    (the rest of the Gapps you can find in the Play Store, like; Google Now/Search, Google Maps & YouTube)
    - Un-themed Play Store 4.0.26 (If you don't like the Blackened Play Store that's in the last version of the rom): DOWNLOAD (flashable CWM zip) (Updated: 20/04)

    - Original Xperia Z Mail app add-on: DOWNLOAD (flashable CWM zip) (clear app data first if you flashed the Samsung mail app before)
    - XXEMC3 Samsung Mail App add-on (Exchange support, with security disabled): DOWNLOAD (flashable CWM zip)
    (Updated: 20/04)

    - XXEMC3 Samsung Keyboard add-on: DOWNLOAD (flashable CWM zip) (Updated: 20/04)
    - XXEMC3 Samsung SPlanner add-on: DOWNLOAD (flashable CWM zip, This will overwrite the Sony Calendar!!!) (Updated: 20/04)
    - XXEMC3 Samsung VideoPlayer add-on: DOWNLOAD (flashable CWM zip) (Updated: 20/04)
    - XXEMC3 Samsung SMemo add-on: DOWNLOAD (flashable CWM zip) (Updated: 20/04)
    - XXEMC3 Samsung Music Player add-on: DOWNLOAD (flashable CWM zip) (Updated: 20/04)
    - XXEMC3 Samsung Clock app add-on: DOWNLOAD (flashable CWM zip) (Updated: 20/04)
    - Android 4.2 Clock app (non-themed version) (for those who are on the lite rom, and don't like the white version of it): DOWNLOAD (flashable CWM zip)

    - XXEMC3 Samsung AllShare add-on: DOWNLOAD (flashable CWM zip) (Updated: 20/04)
    - XXEMC3 Samsung WiFi-Direct / DirectShare add-on: DOWNLOAD (flashable CWM zip) (Updated: 20/04)
    - XXEMC3 Samsung Apps (store) add-on: DOWNLOAD (flashable CWM zip) (Updated: 20/04)
    - XXEMC3 Samsung sCloud add-on: DOWNLOAD (flashable CWM zip) (Updated: 20/04)
    - XXEMC3 Samsung PaperArtist add-on: DOWNLOAD (flashable CWM zip) (Updated: 20/04)
    - XXEMC3 STK app add-on: DOWNLOAD (flashable CWM zip) (Updated: 20/04)

    - XXEMC3 SVoice add-on: DOWNLOAD (flashable CWM zip) (Updated: 20/04)
    - XXEMC3 Samsung and Google TTS add-on: DOWNLOAD (flashable CWM zip) (Updated: 20/04)
    - XXEMC3 Polaris Office Viewer add-on: DOWNLOAD (flashable CWM zip) (Updated: 20/04)
    - XXEMC3 Samsung ServiceMode apps add-on (to enable the secrect service menus): DOWNLOAD (flashable CWM zip) (Updated: 20/04)

    - Stock XXEMC3 kernel with init.d support (for those who flashed another kernel, but want back the stock kernel)
    (flashable CWM zip) (Updated: 20/04)

    Uploaded.net mirror of all above add-ons (by Privat75) CLICK HERE!

    Xperia Z wallpapers: http://uploaded.net/folder/wlfatu













    This will be the changelog for XperianZe

    - Replaced the stock Xperia Z launcher with ‘Advanced Xperia Z Launcher’ 2.0.5 by Ra3al,
    which will add the following things to the launcher:
    • Support for any resolution and any DPI setting
    • Menu key is finally working in the launcher!
    • Added many launcher options like:
    • User selectable desktop and App drawer grid size (from 3x3 up to 12x12)
    • User assignable swipe, pinch and double tap gestures and button actions
    • Infinite scrolling
    • Hiding apps on the app drawer
    • Support for Go Launcher/Apex/Nova/Launcher Pro icon packs
    • includes already a selectable Xperia T icon pack
    • Personalize individual shortcuts' icon and label
    • Backup & restore launcher settings
    • Adding shortcuts to launcher actions and to any activity (no 3rd party app needed anymore to change the Xperia Z lock screen wallpaper!)
    • Others
    - Replaced all the Xperia widgets with the ones that come with Ra3al's launcher (all are now Xperia Z versions also!)
    - Replaced the calculator by the original Xperia Z Calculator
    - Standard you will have now a black status bar (was dark grey) (for the people without the JKay Deluxe Settings app)
    - Integrated the Call recording fix
    - Changed the Alarm app icon to the Xperia Z one
    - Fixed the Walkman Facebook 'Like' function again
    - Added some more Walkman bin/framework/lib files and corrected the permissions of some.
    - Tweaked the build.prop a bit more:
    • removed the Google DNS servers from the build.prop (some were having problems /slow internet connection)
    • lowered the proximity time (the screen goes quicker back on after a phone call)
    • some more little tweaks
    - The Multi Window Control mod app, TrackID and the 2 Xperia Z live wallpapers are now un-installable. (made them ‘data’ apps, instead of ‘system’ apps)

    And also possible Xperia Widget color themes, if ra3al integrates it (in 2.0.5 of his launcher).
    Just made a first test build with an Aroma installer... it installed successfully! :D
    So... XperianZe 0.9.7 will have an Aroma installer with all the add-ons integrated! ;)
    XXEMC2 just released by Samsung... (also XXEMR7)
    Seems I've to rebuild XperianZe this week! ;)