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Nov 3, 2010
Vinkeveen, Netherlands
Well I know that we not suppose to compare roms but i've already tried all roms available for unsupported cid devices like mine.All i can say so far that ARHD 9.7.2 has the best look and performance but i didn't try a viper rom which i know for sure is really good.
So what's a major difference between these roms?

Viper has way more customisation options. The speed is comparable with ARHD. The only real difference is its not deodexed (ARHD is).

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Jun 26, 2006
I'm looking forward to a jellybean viper experience.
This Rom has been super stable and usable for me . Like the good old days of leedroid on my desire hd.
I've never had issues aside from the occasional niggle where the phone won't come out of standby if the charger is plugged in. Have to force a reboot. But that's no biggie.
My stock sense Rom had more problems.

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Nov 22, 2011
A little help please

Hello everyone, I'd like to change the font and so since the hub is down I go to Venom tweaks > Advance > Use costum font.
Then I get the screen with 'HTC Files'. So how do I put my favorite font in one of these files/maps, they're all empty ? :confused:


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May 13, 2012
Hello everyone, I'd like to change the font and so since the hub is down I go to Venom tweaks > Advance > Use costum font.
Then I get the screen with 'HTC Files'. So how do I put my favorite font in one of these files/maps, they're all empty ? :confused:

I just use font installer from play store

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Mr Hofs

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Sep 10, 2011
sorry to ask im using venom flasher for bricked kernel ive got as far as download kernel package do i just sit and wait or is they something else i must do :eek:

No just follow the instructions, put your phone on your homescreen launch the venom flasher and choose your options

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Dec 3, 2008
Is there anyway I can increase the capacity of apps inside a folder as I have been searching awhile for this. could anybody point me in the right direction and no i dont want to use another launcher I love htc sense too much to doo that


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Nov 22, 2011
Hello everyone, I'd like to change the font and so since the hub is down I go to Venom tweaks > Advance > Use costum font.
Then I get the screen with 'HTC Files'. So how do I put my favorite font in one of these files/maps, they're all empty ? :confused:

I just use font installer from play store

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Ok, thanx for that tip. Though my curiosity remains om how to put files there. :D

Prof Peach

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Sep 14, 2011
Morpeth UK
Ok..... I've messed up here somewhere. Any helpful input would be much appreciated.

Messing about with some new TWRP themes..... went to reboot my phone and it loads past splash, bootanimation and I get the lockscreen.
When I unlock the screen it goes to load sense then i get a black screen and the phones off.

I've tried wiping cache and dalvik, same result.
Tried restoring a recent nandroid..... same result.
Tried another nandroid then wiping cache.... same result.

I'm thinking reflash the kernel (bricked 0.7)...... any thoughts.?
Its nothing to do with the TWRP theme i was testing as I mounted usb and went back to a tried and tested theme.

tropical cactus

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Jan 18, 2009
clock weather animations

Just noticed home screen clock weather animations not showing up after checking option when launching widget. Searched but no solution offered. Not a biggie but only one am I?

Edit: reflashed rom and it's back.
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    This is the custom Kernel Flasher for the ViperX Rom.
    With this script you can easily flash custom kernels.
    Make sure you are on the home screen and connected to your computer and have usb debugging enabled.

    After that run the script for your OS.

    Mac: start_mac.command
    Windows: start_windows.bat


    [*]Add Boot.img (it's located under the extra menu)
    [*]Add NCX 2.17 13 Sense OC (CAUTION OVERCLOCK KERNEL!)
    [*]Add Franco Kernel R21
    [*]Add Faux 011 Mainline
    [*]Add Faux 011 Ultimate (CAUTION OVERCLOCK KERNEL!)
    [*]Add Faux 011 Variant Free (EXPERT ONLY EXTREEM OVERCLOCK)
    [*]Add Franco Kernel R20
    [*]Add Alex-V sweep 2 wake 0.1 (Try this version if wifi doesn't work)
    [*]Add NCX 2.17 7.3 Sense OC (CAUTION OVERCLOCK KERNEL!)
    [*]Add Franco Kernel R18
    [*]Add Bricked v0.7 Sweep to Wake
    [*]Fixed typo on the linux script (Thx LordDarlymple)
    [*]Add NCX 2.17 6 Sense OC (CAUTION OVERCLOCK KERNEL!)
    [*]Add Alex-V Menu
    [*]Add Alex-V sweep 2 wake 0.1
    [*]Add Franco Kernel R17
    [*]Add Faux 010 Mainline
    [*]Add Faux 010 Ultimate (CAUTION OVERCLOCK KERNEL!)
    [*]Add Faux 010 Variant Free (EXPERT ONLY EXTREEM OVERCLOCK)
    [*]Fixed bug on windows that's keep running the ADB server
    [*]Add NCX 2.17 4.5 Sense OC (CAUTION OVERCLOCK KERNEL!)
    [*]Add menu for the NCX kernels
    [*]Add NCX 0.99a
    [*]Add NCX 0.99a (caution Overclock kernel)
    [*]Add Franco Kernel R16
    [*]Add Franco Kernel R15
    [*]Add Franco Kernel R14
    [*]Fixed windows script bug now you see that you kernel is flashed successful
    [*]Removed Faux 7b1 Ultimate (He wants me to remove it so dont ask me or him why!)
    [*]Add Changelog to package!
    [*]Add Franco to download menu(omg forgot to add it :eek: sorry franco!!!)
    [*]Add Franco Kernel R12
    [*]Add Franco Kernel R13
    [*]Add Faux 7b1 Ultimate (Caution its the overclock beta)
    [*]Add HTC Stock Kernel Use this for the new Rom 2.x.x ;)
    [B]Main Flasher[/B]
    [*]Rewrote the GUI
    [*]Only download the kernel you need
    [*]MD5 Check before flashing the kernel
    [B]Extra Menu[/B]
    [*]Boot to Fastboot
    [*]Boot to ClockworkMod Recovery
    [*]Flush Cache


    Ok update,,,

    RC4 hopefully last, is in testing, if all good against beta testers expect a release quickly!

    Short but sweet as tired :)

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    Just a heads to take the taste of suspense our your mouths.

    I would say ViperX 3.0.0 is 95% complete.

    From the tests conducted, only vertical EQS, status bar and EQS theming and other cosmetic imperfections make up the remaining 5% that is needed for a public release.

    The ROM is out of beta and in RC status, I've been running it under heavy testing for the last 7 days and even with the "bugs" remaining, in my opinion, it can be released publicly....

    But that isn't how Team Venom does things, I speak on behalf of the entire team, we want to deliver a custom ROM experience that is BAR NONE.

    Themers are theming, testers are testing, devs are developing and the guys are up until 03H00AM in the morning working on ViperX 3.0.0

    When this goes public, all y'all need to extend sincere gratitude to Richmondo in what ever way possible, a one man smali/baksmali coding machine, he comes home from work, gives up precious time with his wife that can't be regained to work on a project for YOU GUYS.

    A ETA is undefined but a release is imminent...

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    ...presents you viperX rom!

    If you didn't try this ROM yet, you will regret it! It's the most featured and most innovative Sense ROM for the HTC One X.
    Some user comments:

    I have been pretty silent on the the 'ROM Scene' as of late, but I feel obligated to say that this ROM is BAD ASS!!!
    If you are a doubter or have been faithful to any other chefs ROMs...

    ...This is the ROM that is worth jumping ship and worth giving a test drive. Since I flashed, I have not had a desire to flash back or the desire to flash another ROM!
    The latest 4.1.0 version has been perfect to me and beyonds my expectations! Before ur rom I have tried ARHD LEEDROID and many other local roms, none has given me the “wow, it's amazing, how he did it” feelings.
    But I told my self to read a little here in ONE X Section to see how the development and theming are going for this new device...

    And I saw this Thread and I have to say one thing:

    That is what I call REAL DEVELOPMENT...

    Not just taking a stock rom and add/remove some things....

    These guys here have made your life really easy and beautiful...

    These guys Rock...

    It's one the best development Thread in all xda...

    WOW best rom I have ever had on any of my many devices!! :D
    Sorry I don't have anything more constructive to say but I felt that I better say something.
    the tweaks are unique, u will never find that on any other HOX Rom out there

    You my friend have outdone yourself. I don't need nothing more. This Rom is amazing.
    This rom takes customization to a different level! I am very much impressed!
    Really big thanks to you guys, you all really push the HOX custom ROM to a whole new level. It shouldn't be just one step, but should be few steps ahead. Never imagine you can customize Sense in such a new way


    Youtube rom review:

    credits: Flow-Wolf

    Based on 2.17.401.2 release-keys
    Aroma Installer v2.51
    Deodexed & Zipaligned using SDK r20.0.1
    Supercharged services.jar
    Init.d support
    Memory optimizations
    Ramdisk Tweaks
    Venom Tweaks - HUGE collection of customizable tweaks
    Venom HUB - download themes/read news/send feedbacks directly from your phone
    Venom OTA - receive automatic over-the-air updates
    Venom SuperUser
    Venom File Manager
    Custom Venom Package Installer
    Custom Venom Download UI
    Extended Quicksettings
    Advanced Power Menu
    All Market apps updated to the latest version available
    Latest hosts file (AdAway)



    • Horizontal and Vertical Quicksettings
    • Rearrange and hide Quicksettings
    • Quick quicksetting
    • Statusbar theming support - theme each icon individually!
    • Hide specific notifications icons
    • Battery Tweaks/MIUI Battery bar with charging animation
    • choose customclock color
    • center/hide clock
    • hide am/pm
    • custom app for clock/weather click on Sense Clock widget
    • Carrier logo for statusbar
    • Replace the HSDPA icon with one of you choice. H+/4G/LTE...
    • choose transparancy or background for notifications pulldown
    • CM brighntess control
    • Hide date from notifications pulldown
    • Customize your carrier label

    • - custom app on pressing carrierlabel

      - custom carrier caption

      - show carrier icon

      - show cpu info or other stuff on carrierlabel

      - hide settings icon

      - run custom app when pressing settings icon
    • choose between AOSP and Sense Recent apps dialog

    Rosie Launcher:

    • Ultra/smooth Rosie toggles
    • Enable unlock animation
    • Enable landscape rosie
    • Enable infinitive looping on Home
    • Lock/unlock workspaces
    • Transparent navbar
    • Disable wallpaper scrolling
    • Hide app lables on homescreen
    • Choose icon packs for Rosie - Works also for most ADW Icon Packs!
    • Increase rows/colums in app drawer to 5x6 and 7x3
    • Use custom background image in the app drawer

    • to downloads tab​
    • Transparent clock toggle
    • custom app for press on clock of htc clock widget
    • custom app for press on weather of htc clock widget


    • ICS AOSP Lockscreen
    • Toggle to immediatly unlock aosp lockscreen on incoming call
    • custom carrier lockscreen text
    • Hide time on lockscreen
    • Hide apm/pm on lockscreen
    • Hide date on lockscreen
    • Hide operator on lockscreen
    • Custom shortcuts, independent from Sense shortcuts
    • Block notification pulldown on lockscreen
    • Choose back/home/menu to unlock
    • Slide 2 unlock: swype from back to menu key to unlock yor device


    • Custom 3 finger swype gestures! Remap 3 finger swype up/down right/left to 8 custom action or a custom app of your choice
    • Configure long press delay of buttons
    • Different capacitive backlight options to control when the leds shall turn off
    • Toggle for 3 dot soft menu
    • Remap longpress home/back/recent to TEN different actions
    • Longpress home on lockscreen toggles flashlight or camera
    • Music control with volume buttons
    • Disable volume keys on lockscreen
    • Use volume up to wake the device
    • Use volume down to shut screen off
    • use volume buttons to take a picture + headsetkeys
    • use capacitive buttons to take a picture
    • Disable volume sound when pressing volume buttons


    • Access hidden phone menu
    • Lock GSM Auto PRL
    • Enable Cube animation
    • 10 Different overscroll colors
    • Highly configurable autobightnesssettings, witth manual config of each sensor value
    • Hide different items on the APM
    • Mms screen on
    • Custom HTC Car apps for Navigation, Phone and Music
    • Fast dormacy toggle
    • Disable HTC SmartSync
    • Hide arrows on htc ime

    Advanced Tweaks:

    • Minfree configuration in tweaks
    • GPU rendering toggle
    • Fix permissions
    • zipalign apks
    • Mount system rw/ro
    • Disable logcat
    • Wipe cache/dalvik
    • Use custom fonts
    • Use custom bootsound
    • Use custom boot/downanimation


    • IO Sheduler
    • SD Read Ahead
    • Governor
    • Core control - choose max count of cpu
    • Undervolting
    • Bootloop protection


    Get support at #venomroms


    Donate, if you want to give us something in return for the hours spent on providing you that rom.​

    Team One X:

    Donate to me, RichmondoUK:

    Donate to m0narx:

    Donate to shnizlon:

    Donate to iximages:


    • My whole team, all awesome guys!
    • Beta tester team that found a bunch of small glitches!
    • amarullz for his Aroma Installer
    • Romanbb for the original tweaks mod idea
    • lyapota for his media control mod on Desire HD
    • cyanogen for the brightness mod idea
    • Hamdir for his work on the Rosie mods - ultra/smooth rosie
    • mwr666 for his original themes, most themes in the hub are based on his.
    • Fdb8231, mayfield, jeff, fisha and patensas for the or red venom theme
    • jotha for the original battery mods
    • vegetaleb for his findings on transparent htc clock widget
    • Meltus for the core control idea
    • zeppelinrox for this supercharger mod for better multitasking
    • brut.all for apktool - <3 (-:
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