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May 6, 2011
Why bother though?
The moment you install 2 new apps, the phone becomes unusable.
Personally, i just installed the first 2.1 firmware and i enjoy using it (rarely) for a few minutes like an antique.
Really makes you appreciate today's smartphones [emoji28]

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    Welcome to DarkyROM.


    [logo made by Rahulrulez]

    // This ROM will make your Samsung Galaxy S blazing fast
    // and add a ton of features which greatly extend the capabilities of your phone.

    // This ROM should be compatible with all SGS variants [not tested with all]
    // If you don't have an international I9000, use the Darky App and skip the kernel and modem (i9000M and i9000T users skip just the modem).

    Enjoy! ;)


    Check out where you get suport for every question and problem.


    Dark Core Kernel Info




    Darky's v9.5 Extreme Edition - Stable

    >> Use the DarkyROM Configurator in the Market
    >> to customize the ROM


    >> If you encounter any issues, reflash the ROM with a WIPE!

    >> [GUIDES] All-in-One Guides Thread [thanks to addicted2088/addi]
    >> [Guide] How to upgrade on Darky's ROM


    Darky's v9.5 Extreme Edition

    >> Not much to say here - it feels and behaves like a real STABLE DarkyROM.



    New Kernel >> Dark Core v1.0 inside! I9000, I9000M, I9000T ONLY (Cappy users choose speedmod or skip kernel)
    Customized and built by ficeto [Team Darky Dev Crew] < Odin < CWM

    Based on supercurio’s latest voodoo sound 6, lagfix and color - thanks a ton, Mr. Supercurio

    Leaner and faster build (a lot smaller too)
    Includes fully working Nandroid Backup and Restore
    Includes BLN support
    Includes Zip and Zipalign
    RAM is set to default 304MB (which is just fine)
    Custom CWM Recovery (mount scripts, logs and battery backup always on)
    Improved battery life

    ROM Features

    Fixed Bluetooth Connection Issues
    Fixed Market Error -18 [Apps not installing]
    Fixed non-installing apps outside from Market [TitaniumBackup etc.]
    Fixed RAM Hack [RAM Booster] permissions & converted from MSDOS to UNIX
    Fixed ascending ringtone
    Fixed phone freezing and Force Close when finishing a call with record ON
    Fixed Issue with earpiece not working during calls.
    Fixed tiny dots in TouchWiz Launcher
    Rewritten update-script
    Rewritten installation and tweak scripts
    Changed ringtone & sms sound to something more neutral, but still awesome
    Changed Modem from JQ1 to JVE (much better - Gingerbread Modem)
    >> Just select JQ1 in the DarkyROM Configurator and it will flash JVE.

    New Interview with

    Another Interview - this time, you can read it.
    You will get an insight about me, how I came to this ROM stuff and more ;)

    Interview with Darky: The guy behind Darky's ROM



    Hi Community,

    I've been invited to TechTalkUK - they do audio podcasts about everything tech related.

    They wanted me to be a special guest in their show - I joined the party. :)
    They made an interview with me :D Was my first one, so don't laugh :p
    Half the time we're talking about my ROM and later we talk about the iPhone, Android Tablets etc.

    The Show is online now and you can listen to it.


    - Joël / darkyy.


    If you like this ROM, it would be nice to donate something to keep this project alive.
    I spent months on this project to make it easy for everyone to use. ;)
    Donate to [email protected]


    Battery 'fixes'

    If you have heavy / strange battery drain, read this thread/post before you post in this thread.
    YABD - Battery Drain - Lets take them to court

    >> MORE IMPORTANT: Instructions for a better battery life [by TechnicR]


    Features (info's not updated since months)

    // Fastest Froyo ROM ever with Gingerbread Look //

    • Based on official XXJPY
    • Integrated Custom Kernel (Support for i9000T)
    • - Integrated ClockworkMod [CWM]
    • - Converts all partitons toEXT4
    • -Startup Tweaks
    • - 339MB RAM
    • - BLN Support
    • Integrated Support for a Custom Boot Animation
    • - Pre-installed Custom Boot Animation

    • Biggest APN file for instant internet / MMS access
    • 4 Lockscreens to choose from [AOSP / Samsung / Puzzle / Epic]
    • Recovery 2e to flash unsigned's like CWM
    • Updated Apps [Flash Player, Maps, Gmail, YouTube]
    • YouTube 'GingerBread' Version
    • Tweaked Settings [Themed]
    • Tweaked 'build.prop'
    • - Fingerprint for Market changed to show all protected apps
    • 2 awesome (Homescreens) Launchers
    • - 3D Gingerbread Launcher
    • - Samsung's TouchWiz Froyo
    • Modded System Apps:
    • - Hacked Camera with Power-Button Mapping & Low % Shooting [by fr4gg0r]
    • - Modded Phone App - no more ascending ringtone
    • - Gallery3D // heavily modded // Stock Samsung Icon [extremly fast // using way less battery than Samsung's one]
    • - Added Screenfilter to go below the standard brightness [saves a lot of battery & is easy on the eyes in the night!]

    • Useful apps added & updated
    • - SuperUser
    • - Spare Parts
    • - SGS Tools
    • - SGS Toolbox
    • - SGS Info
    • - FasterFix

    • 3 Keyboards
    • - Samsung Stock 2.2.1 Keyboard
    • - Latest Swype Keyboard
    • - Android 2.3 Gingerbread Keyboard [working haptic feedback + multi-language dictionary!]
    • Many languages supported, QWERTZ + QWERTY.

    • Various features
    • - Fixed signal bars showing correct reception
    • - Advanced Shutdown / Power Menu [Now with Reboot,Recovery & Download

    • Android 2.3 Gingerbread Look & Feel
    • High Quality Gingerbread Experience // Modified by me (thanks to jim_panse, gtg465x, scheichuwe, vukandric, dwillMuffc and more!)
    • - Redesigned Notification Bar
    • - Sleek Custom Wallpapers
    • - Some Apps have been themed like Gingerbread
    • New "Design Content" [icons & docks] on your internal SD-Card to customize your phone even further.
    • - Windows Phone 7 High Quality Icons
    • - New professional wallpaper
    • - Original Nexus S Ringtones

    • A lot more I forgot to write here;)




    User Feedback

    Razer(x) --> Post
    OMFG i just realized there was no lagfix activated, this is insane!!! Is even faster than Cyanogen Mod!!
    samseud --> Post
    OMG Darky......I just downloaded are a machine.....Thank you. I would love to make a donation....but currently not working....and our exchage rate suck....nevertheless I wil try to borrow some and definitely dontate.....I thought you were a rich programmer or something.....

    Good luck with your exams and thanks again.
    khiyatesh --> PM
    thank are ****ing amazing...

    i have never seen such awesome rom ever in my life...i hv got 9 pages of apps...your rom v5.2...and my phone is 100% fast and no lag at all....first i was can a rom b that much ****ing fast,,best rom ever...ever...and ever....and and ****ing wow...and now i am damn happy with my galaxy s

    and ya less insnt good ;-)(i read your post there ;-) )...more is good...coz i guess our galaxy s is worth more...and more and more...and
    tttttttttttttttthhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnkkkkkkssssss ssssss dude
    ilfaria --> Post
    M8 just wanted to tell you that yours is the best rom i ever used, and belive me i've had more then a few installed over the past few weeks.

    Great job m8 and thank you for making this ! :D
    Jule1k --> Post
    5.5 is so good, there's no word for it, no issue with anything, don't even need to enable lagfix it's super smooth even without.

    Not getting any FC when receiving calls, using barcode scanner, every bugs I've read about here seems fixed... :love:
    mpiercce --> Post
    Having used both Doc's and your ROMs, I have a lot of respect for what both of you have done!

    Monitoring the forum closely, I know why your ROM is now catching Doc's in the number of views and downloads - it's simply the best. Clean, easy and a 1-step install on version 7... unbelievable! (I've been using your stuff since version 4 off and on but have stayed with you since version 5.)

    This is the best ROM in terms of ease of use and stability. It is not the fastest in terms of the quadrant score but that is misleading for it has yet to crash, GPS working perfectly, very good battery life. (There is no need for me to improve the Quadrant score by installing another kernel; BLN does not provide enough functionality for me to want to install another kernel simply to get this feature as everything works harmoniously.)

    Doc's ROM has become too fiddly to install compared to your!

    Thank you and keep up the good work! (You've allowed me to wean my addiction to constantly updating my installed ROM with this version.)

    Have a Happy Holidays!
    jjjpppjjjppp --> Post
    After using this rom for two days, I am very impressed about how much power Darky has squeezed out of the rom, the processing power, smoothness and battery life are nothing but excellent, this killer rom leave no room for other roms! Well done Darky!

    A small tipp from me ;)

    // How to make the animations even smoother //

    > Open the App 'SpareParts'
    > Window Animations >> Very Slow
    > Transition Animations >> Very Slow

    This looks like butter! So smooth ;)


    Video Review by ale0crysis [thanks for this!]

    New Video!

    > (Menu-Home-Back Up Titanium-Angry Birds-GPS-Browser Web-Scrolling-Tapping)


    Additional Extras

    This ROM installs a few extra goodies on your INTERNAL SD-Card to customize your Galaxy S even further.

    > /sdcard/WindowsPhone7_Icons


    Battery report from nanu_x2 and some tipps
    nanu_x2's Battery Life Tipps

    Thanks for this, nanu_x2 ;)


    - Google for this awesome OS!
    - Ficeto [Darky's ROM Developer Crew]
    - DarkMan [Darky's ROM Developer Crew]
    - Markoid [Darky's ROM Developer Crew]
    - Supercurio ;) All the VOODOO work!!!
    - Ateisti (Stock Lockscreen)
    - ChainFire (CF-Root)
    - Kalpik (Original installation guide)
    - sztupy (Universal Lagfix and integrated CWM)
    - stitoo (Recovery 2e hack)
    - Tayutama (Help with framework-res, creating powermenu for JPO)
    - scheichuwe for a few helpful files (theme)
    - ogiogi (modaco's forum) for the CM 6.0 Elegant Steel Theme for Nexus One (Eclair 2.1)
    - DocRambone (help with the statusbar)
    - Geiermann (modded droid x/2 keyboard)
    - untermensch (vibrant forum, for the new powermenu)
    - Fr4gg0r
    - hardcore (SpeedMod kernel)
    - neldar (BLN app)
    - Koush (CWM Recovery)
    - gtg465x (New TouchWiz GTG Launcher)
    - R64 (really great help! he fixed the 3.0 graphical bugs, inspired me with some graphics, helped with the battery icon issue, wrote some very good guides, especially for the SpeedMod Version!) My Team Partner on v8.0!
    - Rawat ;) (battery icon issue helper!)
    - peteski ;)
    - MAMBO04 (my future partner! & FileServe Mirrors! ;))
    - rajeeva (tutorial for fixing the Droid X Keyboard, see the FAQ)
    - Goldieking (great support for other users in this thread)
    - danzgrace(great support for other users in this thread)
    - R64 (Very nice Theme Mod; again, great support for other users in this thread)
    - XDA Community (APN Conf-list and more)
    - Everyone else... (i forgot)
    I can't mention everyone responsible for every little file, sorry! :D
    - jim_panse (good help, funny to chat with and work together on JPU ;))
    He also made the AOSP Lockscreen for JPU!

    - vukandric (gingerbread theme port)
    - dwillmufc (collection of gingerbread theme fixes)
    - scheichuwe (helpful fixes for JPU gingerbread theme! thanks!)
    - ahmedzeeshan (He made the Clean Guide! He also helps a lot in the thread)
    - marshall39 (Responsible for the Torrent Mirror!)
    - Jip-Hop (useful hints and getting me to include the "flyin" animations in v5.2! Thank you!)
    - Stale bread from SDX forums (he made the animations I used in v5.2!)
    - Rahulrulez // my GFX Master [He made the Logo of my ROM and will do much more in the future]
    - madmack, asaf & itsik for the Arabic / Hebrew Support (Thanks a lot!)
    - Knobibrot [thanks for the bootanimation!]
    - appelflapp (Thanks a lot for the great SGS Info App (and sorry that I forgot you))

    - Just PM me if I forgot someone... ;)

    If you like this ROM, it would be nice to donate something to keep this project alive.
    I spent months on this project to make it easy for everyone to use. ;)
    Donate to [email protected]

    German Tutorial / Deutsche Anleitung

    // has to be refreshed.
    // muss noch erneuert werden.

    Click here

    Changelog v9.2

    • Introducing Darky's Resurrection Edition [Odin flashable package // secure base]
    • Supporting all SGS devices now [use the new Darky App options]
    • Fixed WiFi Connection [stable now]
    • Fixed WiFi Notification pop-up [remember that it only scans all 2 minutes]
    • Fixed Samsung Apps [XEU CSC now]
    • Fixed Market [Paid Apps]
    • Reduced the WiFi Scan Interval [now 2 Minutes]
    • Adjusted ROM Tweaks [build.prop]
    • Changed Settings to Green // by Darkyy [use the new Darky App options for the old style]
    • Added Ad-Hoc Driver [optional - use the new Darky App options]
    • Added Eclair Modem (I9000 only) [optional - use the new Darky App options]
    • Added /system/bin/bash [more flexibility & options]
    • Added Italian CSC [ITV]
    • Added Missing Samsung Apps [Social Hub + Feeds & Updates]
    • Updated Voodoo App [v4.1]
    • Updated our Scripts
    • [I9000] Updated Voodoo Kernel to v5.4.1
    • [I9000] Updated SpeedMod Kernel to K12T 500MHz
    • [I897] Updated Kernel to SpeedMod K12T 500MHz

    Kernel & Modem Info

    kernel: Voodoo5.4.1 / SpeedMod K12T 500MHz
    modem: JPY / JM4

    kernel: SpeedMod K12T 500MHz
    modem: JL3


    Changelog v9.1

    // Fixed many major & minor issues //

    • Completely reworked the whole ROM
    • Based on XWJS3
    • Multi-CSC [45 CSC's]
    • Fixed serious database problem [persistent in every ROM]
    • Fixed Auto-Rotation Bug [you need to wipe to apply this fix]
    • Fixed WiFi Bug - was stuck on obtaining address
    • Fixed disappearing Market
    • Fixed Contacts Icon [again]
    • Graphically tweaked Samsung's Music Player in the Dropdown Menu [sleek grey + orange]
    • Tweaked the WiFi Scanning Interval from 1 Minute to 3 Minutes [saves battery]
    • Tweaked the phone behaviour - rings instantly now when calling
    • Proximity Sensor Tweak - Almost no more longer noticable delay when switching (black screen)
    • Scrolling Tweak - Better Scrolling Speed through lists
    • "No Signal" Tweak - Fixed delay for "loss of service" alert
    • Reworked framework
    • Reworked the circle framework
    • Rewritten Installation Scripts
    • New Script Structure
    • Created a new script which will backup your current batterystats.bin file - THIS MEANS: YOU DON'T HAVE TO FLASH WITH 100% BATTERY, THE ROM HANDLES IT AUTOMATICALLY!
    • Corrected build.prop
    • Updated the Darky ROM App Instructions in the App itself
    • Included the newest Darky ROM App
    • Updated some other Apps
    • Corrected Support for the SGH-i897 Captivate
    • Added perfect Arabic & Hebrew Support [connected letters and more features]
    • Rewritten the Gallery Script
    • Updated Kernel for the i9000 [Voodoo 5.3 and SpeedMod K12R 500Hz]
    • Updated Kernel for the Captivate [SpeedMod K12R 500Hz]
    • The Darky ROM App has a new icon ;)
    • Fixed the Vibrate & Alarm Clock Icons [again]
    • Added the new Voodoo Sound v3 App [Control App + Amplifier]

    Darky's v9.0.2 Extreme Edition


    >> Use the DarkyROM Configurator in the Market
    >> to customize the ROM


    >> If you encounter any issues, reflash the ROM!

    >> [Guide] Installation Guide for First Time Users
    >> [Guide] How to upgrade on Darky's ROM


    v9.0.2 is a major breakthrough in many cases.

    >> Introducing a new era of ROMs
    Darky's ROM v9.0.2 is here.
    I worked together with some very creative minds - let me present you Hristo "Ficeto" Gochkov, Andrea "DarkMan" D'Alessandro and Marco "Markoid" Barbera.

    Ficeto is responsible for the new Script Engine since v9.0.
    DarkMan & Markoid coded the DarkyROM Configurator in the Market.
    DarkMan is also the new hoster for - Thanks for this!

    So, before you start saying "Thanks darkyy", thank these awesome men.

    General Note
    Besides the usual bugfixes [we fixed almost every known bug] and new features [a lot of new ones, every single one is tested several times!], Ficeto created a whole new Script Engine, which allows you to customize the ROM before it gets flashed. Read below for the explaination & documentation.

    Completely New Script Engine [by Ficeto]
    The most important and cool part about this new script is that you need to download a single file and chose the way you want it installed and which applications you want included. Surely this will lead to many more goodies, which will include multi-device support, more kernel choices, more modem, themes and anything else you can think of. It’s a kitchen in a ROM :)

    How to customize the ROM before flashing
    First, open the Market and download the DarkyROM Configurator App. Open the App and select the packages you want installed. If you are currently on Darky’s ROM and you are wondering if you should wipe your phone, now it’s a good time :)
    >> v9.0 will clear any problems you might have left from 8.x or earlier.
    If you are already on Darky’s and you remove apps through options before a no-wipe flash, apps that are not in /system (fonts and third-party) will not be deleted.


    The ROM itself will decide if it will wipe or not.

    >> If you are NOT on Darky’s ROM, your data WILL BE WIPED, no matter what!
    >> If you ARE on Darky’s ROM, your data will NOT be wiped, unless you tick 'Wipe' in the Darky App.
    >> If you do NOT use any of the options bellow, ALL applications will be installed (just like the ROMs before)

    You don't have to use the Darky App to install the ROM. It's optional.


    // Introducing a new era of ROMs //

    Introducing Darky's Developer Crew
    >> Joël "Darkyy" Staub
    >> Hristo "Ficeto" Gochkov
    >> Andrea "DarkMan" D'Alessandro
    >> Marco "Markoid" Barbera

    Completely new Script Engine [written from scratch by Ficeto, developed together with darkyy]
    >> The ROM is a kitchen in one single .zip file now
    >> You can customize the ROM before flashing with the DarkyROM Configurator [in the Market]

    New features thanks to the Script Engine [customizable by the Darky App]
    >> You can have a green circle battery instead of the Gingerbread Battery
    >> You can choose between multiple kernels - for now, we implemented the latest Voodoo 5.2 [default] and SpeedMod K12Q T4 500Hz [as an option for the GT-I9000 and default for the Captivate]
    >> Automatic Wipe / No-Wipe Detection
    >>>> if you are on Darky's ROM >> No-Wipe [will keep all apps, settings, SMS etc.]
    >>>> If you are NOT on Darky's ROM >> Wipe [will delete your apps & settings]
    >> Ability to Wipe manually [use the Darky App]
    >> Automatic Detection of the used filesystem - will mount partitions correctly

    >> Multi-Device Support [will be extended further // we need some testers]
    >> Full Captivate Support [flash this zip before flashing Darky's ROM or it won't work]
    >> Multi-Battery Icon Support [Included Green Circle as an option >> with the Darky App]
    >> Multi-Bootanimation Support [Included Nexus S Gingerbread Boot as an option >> with the Darky App]
    >> Removing Apps you don't need [several packages to exclude, like Samsung Social Applications, Swype, Live Wallpapers, Extra Fonts, Third Party Apps (SGS Tools etc.)]
    >> Choosing the fixed Lockscreen Wallpaper which uses the Samsung Gallery [but drains more battery in some cases] or just keep the default >> No Lockscreen Wallpaper [but better battery life // MUCH better standby time]

    >> The ROM detects your current lagfix situation [it will keep it automatically]
    >> The ROM will create a new single install log for EVERYTHING >> /sdcard/Darky/install.log
    >> You can see everything in this log - if it wiped, detected devices, lagfixes on/off, mounted filesystems, copied apks, deleted directories etc.

    >> The ROM will automatically check if all the files are copied correctly and will note it in the install.log

    Completely reorganized file structure [cleaner & more flexibility]

    ROM is speedier / snappier / faster / smoother
    Implemented Support for WiFi Ad-Hoc Networks
    Phone boots a lot quicker than before [of course not on first boot]

    Fixed Market Reboot / Install Issue [Boot Loop]
    Fixed Apps not saving any settings
    Fixed Root
    Fixed Busybox
    Fixed APN for 'Pepephone'
    Fixed Mounting Issues
    Fixed some graphical bugs (thanks R64) / made many other graphical changes [darkyy]
    >> Contact borders are now transparent [fixed squeezed pictures]
    >> Changed the blue date on lockscreen to white( Like epic has)
    >> Changed Extended Power Menu Icons so they all match the same style
    >> Changed the subtext colour from white to grey [same grey as the notification icons]
    >> Fixed Transparency in the Notification Bar Header
    >> Changed Default Wallpaper back to the Black World Map
    >> New Bootanimation [Pulsing Darky Logo // by Knobibrot, thanks for that!]
    >> New Shutdown Animation [Pulsing Darky Logo // by Knobibrot // ]

    Thanks ock for some fixes / new features
    >> New progressbars [green - matches the whole theme]
    >> New volume bars [green - matches the whole theme]
    >> New overhauled Gingerbread-Style Notification Panel
    >>>> Moved Event Times up to the Event Title Area
    >>>> Greyed out description
    >>>> Removed Seperator
    >>>> Notification Panel Transparency has been lowered
    80% black, 20% transparent [looks like smoked glass]
    >>>> Changed the text "Auto-Rotation" to "Rotation" [fits better]
    >> New Animations [pop-up windows // cleaner & more professional]
    >> TouchWiz Clean Lockscreen Mod [removed]

    Updated primary Kernel to Voodoo 5.2 with Voodoo Sound v2.0
    Updated secondary Kernel to SpeedMod K12Q T4 with Voodoo Sound v2.0
    Updated Market to the latest 2.2.11 [Fixed 25MB Size Limit]
    Updated all other Apps

    Added DarkyROM Configurator [needed to customize the ROM]
    Added FasterFix [you can set your location to get a faster GPS Fix]

    New App by DarkMan & Markoid - Customizing the ROM before flashing.
    >> IN THE MARKET (search for Darky)


    // Version 8.0 is a highly polished ROM built with R64's excellent theming skills.
    // So please show your support to him as well and consider a donation to him for his neverending effort / support and fast & reliable bugfixes.

    - v8.0

    • Fixed the battery icon [everything is perfect now]
    Replaced Kernel with Advanced Voodoo 5 Final v69.3 [stable // no OC]
    • Sharpness Fix [fonts are sharper]
    • Extra Tweaks [improved performance]
    • Better Memory Management [less RAM hungry]
    • Kernel Tweaks for better GPS [improved speed & accuracy]
    • Lagfix still disabled [easier updates & less problems]
    • Full BLN Support [ready to use out of the box]
    Reworked the whole theme [fixed a lot of bugs, improved the look] // say thanks to R64!
    • Much sexier Dropdown-Menu [more transparent]
    • Modded some Samsung Apps [Gingerbread Look]
    • Themed Phone Dialer [matches the 2.3 look]
    • Modded Epic lockscreen [changed colours to match the theme]
    • Changed music background and controls [Grey background instead of purple and buttons glow orange, not blue anymore]
    • Modded Tabs in Samsung Apps to fit the Gingerbread Theme [clean]
    • Changed Contacts image [Fits better with the theme now]
    • Changed the SMS Notification Icons [now 2.3 Look]
    • Fixed the progress-bar [now orange]
    • Fixed the loading-bars [smoother animation]
    • Fixed the Contact Icon Borders [Aspect Ratio now correct]

    Other changes
    • Changed Android Version to 2.3.1 [just accept it as it is]
    • Fixed order in SMS / MMS App [modded by darkyy]
    • Added the latest BLN App [BackLightNotifications]

    Added Slim Version [officially supported by darkyy]
    • Removed most Samsung Bloatware
    • Removed all LiveWallpapers
    • Removed all Launchers except the Gingerbread Launcher
    • Removed all extra fonts
    • Removed all extra wallpapers
    • Removed all extra icons
    • Removed some extra apps like the MIUI-MusicPlayer etc.
    • Removed other bloating stuff
    • Cleaned up other unnecessary files

    - v7.8
    • Replaced the Gallery for a much better battery life [Setting a Lockscreen Wallpaper won't work with this Gallery, so stop complaining]
    • Fixed the battery icon [now displaying when charging]
    • Removed GoSMS [install from Market]
    • Fixed Icons [GPS etc.]
    • Easier Widget Management [AppWidgetPicker]
    • Scripts have been rewritten to prevent problems [safer]
    • Fixed APN / MMS for Bell Users [port=80, type="*"]
    • Fixed MMS for Rogers Users []
    • Removed LauncherPro [install from Market]
    • Added new Script [automatically cleans the old databases]
    • Fixed Bluetooth Issues [fixed databases]
    • Removed the "LauncherPro_Backup" [not needed anymore]
    • Cleaned up the Installation Process [Update-Script]
    • Added Chinese Input [HTC CIME, FC Fixed]
    • Changed Standard Notification Sound ["Vega" from the Nexus S]
    • Slightly reduced size [repacked ROM]
    • New Hybrid / Transparent Dropdown-Bar [by R64]
    • New Gingerbread themed TouchWiz Framework [by R64]

    - v7.7

    >> There is just one battery icon - the other one is an app which starts the circular one ;) So you can choose.
    • Reverted back to the Gingerbread Battery Icon [small numbers]
    • Added Circular Battery in the Statusbar [shows the exact %]
    • Provide several Swype packages for every language out there
    • Black Glass Phone Dialer
    • Rewrote the Installation Script to prevent heavy battery drain and gallery problems
    • Wrote a script to delete the defect Helvetica Fonts [prevent FC in Font Selection, even with the [No Wipe] Version]
    • Modded SMS App to show the correct timestamp [by ykk_five]
    • Fixed Force Close on Lockscreen Wallpaper [100% working with Samsung Lockscreen]
    • Fixed CSC to XEU [default now]
    • Replaced Google Quick Search Box with a Black one
    • Added Go SMS [nice & sleek]
    • Added Hacked Gmail [showing all pictures directly]
    • Rewrote the update-script [preventing more errors // tested]
    • Wrote an additional script to prevent LauncherPro not saving settings
    • [No Wipe] Version is more secure now [updated installation process]
    • Full Arabic / Hebrew Support [with keyboards & everything // Download seperated]
    • Fixed Gingerbread Keyboard Force Close [Script]
    • Samsung Apps shows all apps now [32 Apps]
    • Fixed 'Set Wallpaper' [Rectangle Frame now 960 x 800]
    • Fixed 'Photo Frame Widget' [Rectangle Frame now correct]

    - v7.6
    • Reverted back to the Original Samsung SMS / MMS App [Black]
    • Fixed Fonts Force Close
    • Gingerbread keyboard with working dictionaries [tested and working - no vibrate yet // install from SD-Card]
    • 4 Lockscreens [AOSP / Samsung / Puzzle / Epic -//- Settings >> Display]
    • Better looking circle battery icon [still good readable // Revolution-N]
    • Multi-Language Swype [English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Netherlands, Portuguese, Turkish, Polish, Greek, Czech, Slovak, Serbian, Russian, Ukrainian]
    • Simple Black Phone Dialer
    • Updated Screenfilter
    • Updated SGS Tools
    • Added Installation Script to prevent heavy battery drain and gallery problems
    • Fixed Lockscreen Wallpaper Force Close [Use the Samsung Lockscreen]

    - v7.5
    • Introduce Wipe / No Wipe ROM
    • Fixed Messaging Force Close [AOSP MMS App]
    • Much better readable battery icon
    • Black Transparent Dropdown-Menu
    • 34 new fonts to choose from
    • Gingerbread keyboard with vibrate mode / dictionary working
    • Battery Drain Fix [DXJPA WiFi Modules]
    • Fixed 3rd Party Camera Apps FC [replaced Email App with Stock Samsung Email]
    • Progressbars back to orange colour
    • Improved GPS [Fixed for Europe]
    • CSC Fix [XEU - All Samsung Apps]
    • Bluetooth Fix [send / receive]
    • Stock Android Font [DroidSans]
    • New Default Wallpaper [Black World Map - Hi-Tech]
    • New Wallpapers [High Quality]

    - v7.0
    • Based on XXJPY
    • Improved battery performance [JPY Modem]
    • More Languages for Swype [English UK, English US, German, French, Dutch, Korean, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Croatian, Bulgarian, Romanian, SerbianLA, Slovenian]
    • Gingerbread skinned MIUI Music Player [by FlanFlinger]
    • Added the non-increasing Phone App back
    • Changed the Dialer Look back to Standard Samsung
    • Better GPS [JPY Modem]
    • Fixed Microbes LiveWallpaper
    • Newest Market [new categories, bugfixes]
    • New Cleaner Font [MS Zune Font]
    • Fixed Media Scanning Icon [Gingerbread Look]
    • Changed the icon of the Gallery to Samsung's one
    • Added Hacked Camera [Power button shooting & low % shooting]
    • Fixed Market Fingerprint to show all Apps [is 100% correct now]
    • /dbdata will get formatted to prevent errors with apps
    • Made a Bash Script to prevent errors while installing the ROM
    • Modified update-script for more security
    • Replaced the progressbars (like volume +/-) with green ones
    • Fixed minor bugs

    - v6.0
    • Now based on the OFFICIAL XXJPX (Android 2.2.1)
    • All changes from v5.6 are ported to v6.0
    • New Voodoo Kernel [JPX + Voodoo] [by supercurio]
    • Updated Google Apps (like Gmail, Maps, Youtube etc.)
    • Cleaner ROM structure
    • InfoAlarm.apk is back to prevent errors in the alarm clock
    • Fixed most bugs from the JPU base
    • Higher quality PNGs - same size
    • Changed the way the ROM installs - Clean Guide is not needed anymore
    • Disabled Lagfix when installing (now it does really disable Voodoo)
    • New black & transparent Phone Dialer [by Cruznec]
    • Fixed Kies Connection
    • Added Screenfilter to go lower than the standard brightness [very useful for the night]
    • Fixed minor bugs
    • Updated 3D Gingerbread Launcher
    • Added Nexus S LiveWallpaper [by santiemanuel]
    • New Patched 3D Gallery [High Resolution // No Battery Drain // Faster than every other gallery app // Changed icon to stock Samsung Gallery]
    • Updated Market to v2.2.7 [fixed all problems]
    • Faster Performance - Smoother UI.
    • Better GPS - Faster Fix.
    • Faster Browser - Smooth like silk.
    • Fixed USB Mount Bugs [external SD's]
    • Smoother Notification Bar
    • Improved Battery Life [JPX]

    - v5.6
    • Fixed all known graphical bugs [R64's work]
    • Improved Gingerbread UI
    • Original Nexus S [UI] Sounds
    • Original Nexus S Bootanimation
    • Updated Google Maps to Version 5 - 3D, Offline-Caching, Vector-based & much more.
    • Fixed Google Maps FC
    • Re-introduced LauncherPro [Gingerbread Themed]
    • Replaced AOSP Email with Samsung's Email App
    • Fixed Email Force Close
    • Reduced PNG size for more speed
    • Fixed most FC issues after installing (The ROM will wipe cache & dalvik-cache now)
    • Disabled Lagfix when installing (The ROM creates the /Voodoo/disable-lagfix structure)
    • Updated both Guides to be 100% easily understandable [easy & clean]
    • Fixed Lock & Unlock Sounds
    • MUCH faster install & boot time!

    - v5.5
    • Fixed Email Client >> AOSP
    • Fixed SD-Card Issue (replaced vold.fstab)
    • Fixed theme (everything looks perfect like in v5.2)
    • Fixed some other small bugs (like the progressbar)
    • Better Battery Life (small tweaks)
    • Fixed Camera / other FC issues!

    - v5.4
    • Fixed Theme [thanks to jim_panse]
    • Fixed other graphical bugs [notification bar]
    • Again - new notification bar
    • Small bugfixes
    • Fixed one more FC

    - v5.3
    • Updated all Android Apps
    • Battery Percentage [by Rawat]
    • Extended PowerMenu [by jim_panse]
    • Fixed AOSP Lockscreen "Menu Bug" [by jim_panse]
    • Removed LauncherPro
    • Removed Modaco's Gingerbread Launcher
    • Added *Real* 3D Gingerbread Launcher
    • Fixed small bugs
    • Fixed Market Fingerprint to show all Apps and fix Market related problems
    • Fixed Force Close's on some Apps
    • Updated SGS Tools
    • New Notification Bar
    • Even faster performance [even without lagfix]
    • Added new Market [new Design]
    • Replaced Email App with Galaxy Tab Email App
    • Added HomeSwitcher App
    • Fixed MIUIMusic
    • SamsungApps shows all Apps now
    • Increased Smoothness
    • MUCH BETTER BATTERY LIFE! [fixed bug]
    • Replaced Gallery3D
    • More small changes

    - v5.2
    • More Optimizations >> Speed!
    • Added the ClockPackage (LOL!)
    • Re-added Swype XXJPU
    • Added MIUI Music Player (absolutely amazing!)
      [*]Replaced TouchWiz with GTG Launcher (5 icon Dock) << sorry, I forgot this! :p
    • Fixed APN list, is now REALLY complete!
    • Some cleanup in the structure
    • Replaced the "bounce" animations with "flyin" animations >> looks much better!

    - v5.1
    I'm too tired to list all the changes of v5.1...
    XXJPU based
    > fastest ROM ever! proved!
    That's the change. ;)

    - v5.0
    Internal Release


    Old ROMs

    - v4.1
    Many things happened here...
    Fixed all graphical bugs (thanks R64)
    Updated base to XXJPO (not Doc's base)
    Added Backlight Notifications App
    Finally released all 4 versions!
    Added ThinkFree back in
    Removed some unnecessary files
    Newest SpeedMod K1 Kernel 300 Hz
    New battery icon (inspired by R64), custom themed.
    New signal bars (themed)
    Newer & fresher icons (clearer & sharper look)
    Preinstalled DroidX Keyboard
    New Statusbar
    Updated instructions above
    Many more... I can't remember everything


    A lot of modifications:
    Completely new, fresh base (Official JPM)
    The whole UI Design has been perfectioned
    Better visible buttons, clearer text, smoother icons and much more!
    Mix of Elegant Steel with Blue Carbon Fiber Theme (some great UI elements)
    Fixed (hopefully) all graphical bugs (in TaskManager, Notification Bar, LockScreen & more...)
    Added Circle Battery Mod Version E (Steel Design) with 1% steps
    Added the best Multi-Touch Keyboard with QWERTZ support (Modified // Black)
    Fixed the missing T9 input
    Fixed the Samsung Keyboard (3x4 keyboard and QWERTZ + QWERTY Version fixed)
    Fixed Samsung Keyboard Languages
    Fixed Swype Languages
    Fixed the boot sound (didn't have sound before)
    Much better language support!
    Added more CSCs for more localization
    New Shutdown / Powermenu --> Reboot, Recovery and Download mode! (themed)
    Removed the whole Samsung Crap from A to Z;
    - Aldiko Books
    - Buddies Now
    - Days
    - Dualclock
    - Infoalarm
    - Layar
    - Mini Diary
    - All Samsung Widgets
    - Thinkdroid
    - Unified Inbox
    - Write and Go
    I did NOT remove "My Files", "Music Player", "Sound Recorder" and "Memos".
    Fixed signal bars (again)
    Now 4 Versions of this ROM available!
    - Themed // Vooodoo
    - Themed // Universal Lagfix with CWM
    - Unthemed // Voodoo
    - Unthemed// Universal Lagfix with CWM
    Faster System & additional UI smoothness due to fresh base!
    Much more I can't even remember...

    - 2.2
    Cosmetic changes & updated apps

    - 2.1
    New Features

    - 2.0
    Completely new base

    - 1.0
    Internal release
    About my battery life:

    Previously I was on Darky's v5, with that the phone lasted 2-3 days with normal usage.

    After flashing to v7 (with 100% battery) I also got the fast drainage problem. Here is what I did:

    1) Turn OFF phone
    2) Charge till it says it is FULL
    3) Start in RECOVERY (volume UP+Home+Power), here WIPE battery stats (it is in the "advanced" menu)
    4) RESTART android (yes, it might already be on 98% or so)
    5) USE phone heavily. Don't worry if it drops too fast. Use it till the Android system turns OFF automatically (it happens when your battery is below 1% - for me the phone was on 1% for about 40 mins. This is where it heavily miscalculated ;)
    6) PLUG IN your charger, TURN ON android and wait till it is FULLY charged again. (It is better if you don't use the phone at this charging up)

    Now, after you disconnect the charger, you should still have 100% for some time (I've been using the phone for 32 mins - writing this post - and it is still on a hundred percent) and with this, I got back the 2-3 days battery life with normal usage.

    Also, you should set WiFi to: "Never when plugged in" and by default I disable Data Network. But my phone is using WiFi all the time so it doesn't really matter :)

    So to summerize this method, the key is to show the phone the battery's minimal capacity too, by using it till it is on null. Because with charging to 100% than wiping or flashing only introduces the maximum capacity to the system and the minimum is only guessed. THIS gives the faulty reportes and makes us think the phone drains too fast.

    Try this method, than feel free to share your results :)

    Sent from my GT-I9000 using Tapatalk
    FAQ [updated for v5.5 by R64]

    Various information and other notes (like bugs)

    New FAQ for v5 Series!
    [completely made by R64]
    - updated 16.12.2010

    Questions like these are asked many, many times.

    I have made a small faq with the recent issues with JPU roms. I have found these questions and answers in this or other threads. Note that I haven't tested each fix or anwser because I don't have all these problems.

    Most people don't read faqs but these problems are asked soooo many times it is most likely your problem is listed here.

    I'm having weird issues and force closing apps like 3D Gallery.
    Try wiping the cache and dalvik cache. You can wipe these from the CWM menu. Just wipe them anyway to make sure this will not cause problems. Your cache and dalvik will be rebuild at next boot so it will take longer to boot the first time.
    Still doesn't work try to uninstall and reinstall it after wiping the dalvik and normal cache.
    And if it still doesn't work? Then follow the clean guide.

    I am having problems connecting to KIES
    This is a known issue with the JPU firmware. Fix is here: Or if you want to try, download and install a Terminal app from Market, and run the following commands:
    chmod 0777 /dev/usb_mtp_gadget

    I have problems mounting the sdcard on my pc, or it shows as a cddrive
    This is Fixed in V5.5. otherwise use this:
    If it you can acces it but can't write to it from your pc try to disable usb debugging

    Titanium backup doesn't work/ apps restored by it don't work
    This is a known issue, for fixes see this thread

    Battstatt and TJAM don't work
    Those apps won't run on JPU based roms. There is an update for it in the market today (16-12-10) which should fix it.

    I am getting errors when I try to install it or load cwm
    Make sure you are flashing cwm from recovery 2E and NOT 3E. If you get the signature verification failed error you are flashing from 3E. Also make sure you have all the lagfixes disabled and all tweaks disabled. And don't flash the rom from recovery 2E or 3E but from CWM.
    If you have a froyo rom with 3e you can install 2e by following this post:

    Apps that use the camera don't work anymore
    Fixed in V5.5. Otherwise Flash Voodoo 5 Advance:

    Launcher Pro is not saving my settings
    Fixed in V5.5. Otherwise use root explorer and delete /dbdata/databases/com.fede.launcher

    Can I flash other themes on this rom
    Yes you can BUT make sure that theme is made for JPU roms. Custom JPU themes so far all work. If it doesn't say it's for JPU ask the author if or look in the topic if it works. Note not all themes have the extended power menu, if you flash that theme you will lose the extended power menu.

    Can I flash custom kernels with this rom
    As long as that custom kernel supports JPU firmware it should work. These custom kernels are all new so bugs are to be expected. Read their posts/thread to know if there are issues.

    I can't apply a wallpaper for the lockscreen
    This option is for samsungs default lockscreen only. It does not work with the default AOSP lockscreen used in this rom.

    I have terrible battery life
    Charge your bettery to 100%, then reboot into cwm recovery and wipe the battery stats.
    If using wifi you can also adjust the wifi sleep policy to when screen turns off. under settings>wireless and networks>wifi settings>press menu button>advanced.

    When pressing powerbutton instead of getting the power menu phone crashes
    Did you flash a custom theme or battery icon mod? These can give this bug.
    To fix it restore your back-up. Don't have a back-up? Well learn from this to make back-ups. You can alsoe reflash the rom again.

    My phone seems stuck at boot with the glowing S logo
    If it is your first boot after flahsing it can take a really long time to boot, That will be normal afterwards. Even after flashing another theme the first boot can take ages. If something is wrong it will vibrate and eventually go black. Then reinstall the rom or use clean guide.


    Old FAQ & Bugs

    Version 4.1 - Bugs
    The Multi-Touch Keyboard force closes (crashes) when choosing it.

    Install the Multi-Touch Keyboard on the SD-Card.
    Instructions are in the first post.
    The keyboard will remain white ;)

    Version 3.0 - Bugs
    - Popup Menu has a graphical bug (thanks for everyone mentioning this) Thanks R64 for fixing!

    - The Market issue - Download unsuccessful - has NOTHING to do with this ROM.
    I can't download apps on my HTC Desire HD, too.
    It's the Market itself, just wait for Google to fix that.

    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    - CWM = ClockworkMod Recovery (mostly used to install new ROMs)
    - SGS = Samsung Galaxy S
    - lagfix = makes your Galaxy S fly!
    - ULF = Universal Lagfix (by sztupy, integrated in SpeedMod)
    - ULK = Universal Lagfix Kernel (the same as ULF)
    - Firmware = Base System of our Galaxy S (provided by Samsung)
    - Circle Battery Mod = shows your battery in 1% steps
    - FC = Force Close (Crash of an App / Component)
    - BLN = Backlight Notifications

    - more defintions to come, just ask them in the thread ;)

    I'm coming from an Eclair (2.1) Firmware, can I flash this ROM?
    Sure, just follow the instructions above.
    Just download CWM & your desired ROM, enter CWM and install the ROM.

    I'm coming from a Froyo (2.2) Firmware, can I flash this ROM?
    As long as you've got Recovery 2e installed, yes.
    Check the link here (--> CF-Root by ChainFire installs Recovery 2e)

    I flashed the SpeedMod Version but my Galaxy S is slow & stuttering, why?
    You need to "ACTIVATE" a lagfix from the CWM first. To do so, check the installation instructions above.

    Here's a guide by rajeeva for fixing the Droid X Keyboard correctly.
    This is a right proper guide, I used adb shell with su permission.

    1. Goto /sdcard/Multi-Touch Keyboard/x2keyboardblack.apk and rename to DroidX_KeyboardGreen.apk and copy it to root of sdcard

    cd sdcard/Multi-Touch\ Keyboard
    mv x2keyboardblack.apk /sdcard/DroidX_KeyboardGreen.apk

    2. Then goto /system/app/ and copy DroidX_KeyboardGreen.apk to sdcard as a backup just in case.

    cd /system/app/
    cp -i DroidX_KeyboardGreen.apk /sdcard/DroidX_KeyboardGreenBk.apk

    3. Then copy your DroidX_KeyboardGreen.apk in root of sdcard to system/app
    cd sdcard and give permission

    cp -i DroidX_KeyboardGreen.apk /system/app/
    chmod 644 DroidX_KeyboardGreen.apk

    4. Reboot your phone and goto settings -> Locale and Text
    Press Choose Input Method and check "Droid2Keyboard German Black"


    If I installed v4.1 and want to have the stock Samsung look is it still possible to apply this patch "Remove Darky's Raw Steel Edition v2.2 Theme @MultiUpload" on the first post?
    No, don't do that. It will cause your phone not booting up anymore or getting Force Closes everywhere.

    Is there an Unthemed v4.1?
    Just use v4.0, the differences aren't that much, that you'll notice anything.
    I recommend a "Wipe data/factory reset" in CWM before installing v4.0.

    What's the difference between v4.0 & v4.1?
    v4.0 doesn't delete your Apps when installing it over anything else.
    v4.1 is more secure to install and will delete your previous Apps.
    v4.1 SpeedMod has the newest K1 Kernel 300 Hz, v4.0 has the I.1.1 Stable.
    v4.1 SpeedMod has the BLN App integrated by default, v4.0 does not.

    I just flashed Version 4.1 (SpeedMod or Voodoo), and the baseband is XXJPM not JPO (Settings/About Phone -> Baseband) Is this a bug?
    No, that's normal.
    I mixed the JPO Version with the JPM modem because I got better GPS results with it ;)

    How can I enable the Weather Widget from the Homescreen as in the screenshots?
    This is a paid app in the Market: Beautiful Widgets
    I included a Steel Clock which goes perfectly with the whole Steel Design.
    Just switch the skin when you are configuring Beautiful Widgets.

    Where can I download Eclair? And can I flash it with CWM?
    Just head over here and follow the instructions there or here at XDA how to use Odin.
    You can't flash a stock Eclair Firmware with CWM.

    When I flash the SpeedMod v4.1, is the K1 Kernel 300 Hz included by default, or do I have to flash it myself? I ask this because you have a seperate link for the Kernel and the ROM.
    No additional steps needed.
    Just install the SpeedMod v4.1 and you will have the K1 Kernel 300 Hz automatically included.
    I posted the link for the Kernel for people who want to install the K1 kernel over the Voodoo Version. They can just flash this file over CWM.

    When using the SpeedMod Version, can I flash other ROMs with a kernel which has an integrated CWM - without flashing to Eclair first?
    If you installed the SpeedMod Version successfully, you can flash other CWM Kernels & ROMs without any additional steps

    I get an error when flashing this ROM!
    Did you disable any previous lagfixes?
    If you didn't you have to reflash an Eclair Firmware with Odin first.
    When in Odin, choose Re-Partition & choose the 512 pit file.
    I recommend JM8 for flashing, because this includes some important *.rfs files which will prevent any errors when installing my ROM.

    How do I disable the Voodoo lagfix?
    Just use any file explorer to do that.
    For example, use "My Files" and create a folder called "Voodoo" (without quotes) on your internal /sdcard. If the folder already exists, skip this step.
    In this Voodoo folder (/sdcard/Voodoo) you need to create another empty folder called "disable lagfix" (without quotes).

    I'm already on your ROM vX.X, can I flash to the newest ROM without losing any data?
    In v4.0, your apps won't be deleted. I recommend a "Wipe data/factory reset" in CWM before installing v4.0.
    In v4.1, I changed the way the ROM handles your previous data, because there are too many people who had problems with it.
    v4.1 will DELETE your previous data/apps completely.
    However, this ROM will NEVER touch your SD-Card(s).

    SpeedMod Version: Is ext4 better than JFS?
    JFS is experimental.
    I really recommend ext4.
    In the end, it's your choice & phone.

    Is this ROM based on Doc's ROM?
    No, I rebuilded the whole ROM to get rid off his base.

    How can I use the Backlight Notifications?
    You need the SpeedMod Version for this.

    In v4.1 SpeedMod, everything is already prepared to use.
    In v4.0 SpeedMod, you need to download the App "Backlight Notifications" first.

    Just activate the BLN in the CWM (Recovery Mode, see instructions in first post).
    Then open the App called "Backlight Notifications" and configure it for your needs.
    Tested & confirmed working.

    How can I get better battery life?
    Froyo Firmwares have worse battery life than Eclair Firmwares.
    The battery life is something beyond the control of the Dev's.
    The Firmware (from Samsung) is responsible for the battery performance.
    I hope Samsung takes a note of this and works on it.

    Some tips on how to improve the battery life:
    - Deactivate Wifi when you don't need it.
    - Use 2G (GSM) Network mode only.
    - Deactivate the mobile internet connection when you don't need it (long press the Power Button, then turn off Mobile Data).
    - Disable the Automatic Sync (Push), when you don't need it.
    - Turn the screen brightness lower (I always leave it on Auto and get great battery results).
    - Switch into flight mode, when you start playing a game or CPU/GPU intensive application.
    - Disable the Auto Rotation (in the Notification Bar).
    This won't stop the sensor in Games etc.
    - Use the App SuperPower by ChainFire and try to find your best combination.


    Deutsche Anleitung

    Verschiedene Informationen & Bug-Reports

    Version 4.1 - Bugs
    Die Multi-Touch Tastatur stürtzt ab, wenn ich diese auswähle.

    Installiere die Multi-Touch Tastatur von dem internen Speicher.
    Anleitung befindet sich im ersten Post.
    Die Tastatur bleibt weiss ;)

    Version 3.0 - Bugs
    - Das Popup-Menü hat einen grafischen Bug (danke an jeden, der das bemerkt hat) Danke an R64 für den Fix!

    Allgemeine Bugs
    - Das Market Problem - Download fehlgeschlagen - hat NICHTS mit diesem ROM zu tun.
    Auf meinem HTC Desire HD habe ich manchmal das selbe Problem.
    Das Problem liegt beim Market selber, wir müssen einfach warten bis Google das repariert hat.

    FAQ (Häufig gestellte Fragen)

    Erklärungen & Abkürzungen:
    - CWM = ClockworkMod Recovery (wird meist benutzt, um ROMs zu installieren)
    - SGS = Samsung Galaxy S
    - lagfix = macht das Galaxy S rasend schnell!
    - ULF = Universal Lagfix (von sztupy, integriert in der SpeedMod Version)
    - ULK = Universal Lagfix Kernel (das Gleiche wie ULF)
    - Firmware = Grundsystem des Galaxy S (von Samsung)
    - Circle Battery Mod = Zeigt die Battery in 1% Schritten
    - FC = Force Close (Absturz eines Apps)
    - BLN = Backlight Notifications (die Tasten leuchten beim SGS, wenn eine Nachricht da ist)

    - Mehr Erklärungen & Abkürzugen kommen bald, einfach Fragen stellen im Thread ;)

    Ich komme von einer Eclair (2.1) Firmware, kann ich dieses ROM flashen?
    Sicher, folge einfach der Anleitung im ersten Post.
    Lade einfach CWM & das gewünschte ROM herunter, gehe in das CWM und installiere das ROM.

    Ich komme von einer Froyo (2.2) Firmware, kann ich dieses ROM flashen?
    Solange du das Recovery 2e installiert hast, ja.
    Folge diesem Link hier --> (--> CF-Root von ChainFire installiert das Recovery 2e)

    Ich habe die SpeedMod Version installiert, aber mein Galaxy S ist langsam und ruckelt, warum das?
    Du musst zuerst einen Lagfix von dem CWM aus aktivieren.
    Folge einfach der Anleitung im ersten Post.

    Ich habe die v4.1 installiert und möchte den Samsung Standard Look haben.
    Ist es möglich, diesen "Entferne Darky's Raw Steel Edition v2.2 Theme @MultiUpload" im ersten Post zu benutzen?

    Nein, das ist nicht möglich, da die Dateien inkompatibel sind.
    Das SGS wird nicht mehr starten.

    Gibt es eine v4.1 ohne das Stahl Design?
    Benutze einfach die v4.0, die Differenz ist nicht so gross, dass du etwas merkst.
    Ich empfehle einen "Wipe data/factory reset" im CWM, bevor du die v4.0 installierst.

    Was ist der Unterschied zwischen v4.0 & v4.1?
    v4.0 löscht deine Apps nicht, wenn du es über etwas anderes installierst.
    v4.1 ist sicherer zum Installieren, da es alles vorher löscht & "reinigt".
    v4.1 SpeedMod hat den allerneusten K1 Kernel 300 Hz, v4.0 hat den I1.1 Stable.
    v4.1 SpeedMod hat die BLN App standardmässig installiert, v4.0 nicht.

    Ich habe die Version 4.1 (SpeedMod oder Voodoo) installiert, aber die Modemfirmware Version zeigt XXJPM und nicht JPO (Einstellungen --> Telefoninfo --> Modemfirmware) Ist das ein Fehler?
    Nein, das ist normal.
    Ich habe die JPO Version mit dem JPM Modem gemischt, da JPO viel bessere GPS-Performance bringt.

    Wie kann ich das Wetter Widget wie im Screenshot bekommen?
    Das ist ein kostenpflichtiges App im Market: Beautiful Widgets
    Ich habe im ROM eine Stahl Uhr eingebaut, welche perfekt zum Rest des Designs passt.
    Wähle einfach "Elegant Steel" in Beautiful Widgets.

    Wo kann ich Eclair downloaden? Kann ich das mit CWM flashen?
    Einfach hier entlang oder hier bei eine foreninterne Anleitung anschauen.
    Du kannst keine Standard Eclair Firmware mit CWM installieren.

    Wenn ich SpeedMod v4.1 installiere, ist der K1 Kernel 300 Hz schon vorinstalliert?
    Ich frage das, weil bei den Download Links der K1 Kernel noch seperat erwähnt wurde.

    Keine zusätzlichen Schritte notwendig.
    Einfach SpeedMod v4.1 installieren und dann ist der allerneuste K1 Kernel 300 Hz automatisch integriert.
    Ich habe den Link für den K1 Kernel 300 Hz nur angehängt, damit man von der Voodoo Version wechseln kann.
    Einfach die .zip Datei mit CWM installieren.

    Wenn ich die SpeedMod Version benutze, kann ich dann andere ROMs mit einem Kernel, der CWM integriert hat, flashen - ohne dass ich zuerst auf Eclair muss?
    Wenn du die SpeedMod Version erfolgreich installiert hast, kannst du jedes andere CWM ROM / Kernel ohne zusätzliche Schritte flashen.

    Ich bekomme einen / mehrere Fehler wenn ich dieses ROM installieren will!
    Hast du alle vorherigen Lagfixes deaktiviert?
    Wenn du das nicht gemacht hast, musst du zuerst eine Eclair Firmware mit Odin flashen.
    Wenn du in Odin bist, wähle Re-Partition und wähle die 512 pit Datei.
    Ich empfehle JM8 zum Flashen, da diese einige wichtige .rfs Dateien beinhaltet, welche viele Fehler vermeidet, wenn man mein ROM installieren will.

    Wie deaktiviere ich den Voodoo lagfix?
    Du kannst einfach irgendeinen Dateiexplorer für das benutzen.
    Nimm zum Beispiel "Eigene Dateien" und erstelle einen Ordner mit dem Namen "Voodoo" (ohne Anführungszeichen) auf deinem internen Speicher (/sdcard). Wenn der Ordner bereits existiert, überspringe diesen Schritt.
    In diesem Voodoo Ordner (/sdcard/Voodoo) erstellst du jetzt nochmals einen leeren Ordner mit dem Namen "disable lagfix" (ohne Anführungszeichen).
    Dann neu starten und warten bis die /data Partition wieder umkonvertiert wird.

    Ich habe schon dein ROM vX.X installiert, kann ich auf dein neustes ROM updaten ohne alle Daten zu verlieren?
    In v4.0 werden deine Apps nicht gelöscht. Ich empfehle einen "Wipe data/factory reset" im CWM, bevor du die v4.0 installierst.
    v4.1 ist sicherer zum Installieren, da es alles vorher löscht & "reinigt". Einige Leute hatten Probleme mit v4.0, darum diese Entscheidung.
    v4.1 wird all deine Apps etc. komplett löschen.
    Dein interner Speicher wird NIEMALS vom ROM angefasst.

    SpeedMod Version: Ist ext4 besser als JFS?
    JFS ist noch experimental, also in der Beta-Phase.
    Ich empfehle ext4.
    Schlussendlich ist es deine Wahl & dein SGS.

    Basiert dieses ROM auf Doc's ROM?
    Nein, ich habe extra das ganze ROM neu gebaut, um seine Basis wegzuwerfen.

    Wie kann ich die Backlight Notifications nutzen?
    Du brauchst die SpeedMod Version für das.

    In v4.1 SpeedMod ist alles schon vorbereitet.
    In v4.0 SpeedMod musst du das App "Backlight Notifications" zuerst herunterladen.

    Du musst einfach die BLN im CWM aktivieren (siehe Anleitung im ersten Post).
    Dann öffnest du das App "Backlight Notifications" und konfigurierst es nach deinen Wünschen.
    Getestet und bestätigt, dass es funktioniert.

    Wie kriege ich eine bessere Akkulaufzeit?
    Froyo Firmwares haben von Grund auf eine schlechtere Akkulaufzeit als Eclair Firmwares.
    Die Akkulaufzeit ist etwas, was die Dev's nicht beeinflussen können.
    Die Firmware von Samsung ist für die Akkulaufzeit verantwortlich.
    Ich hoffe, Samsung nimmt das ernst und arbeitet daran.

    Einige Tipps wie man die Akkulaufzeit erheblich verlängert:

    - Deaktiviere WiFi wenn du es nicht brauchst.
    - Benutze das 2G (GSM) Netzwerk.
    - Deaktiviere die mobile Internetverbindung, wenn du sie nicht brauchst (drücke lange auf den Anschalt / Power Button, schalte dann das mobile Netzwerk aus).
    - Deaktiviere die Automatische Synchronisierung (Push) wenn du diese nicht brauchst.
    - Verringere die Bildschirmhelligkeit (Ich habe diese immer auf "Automatisch" und habe eine sehr gute Akkulaufzeit).
    - Aktiviere den Flugmodus, wenn du anfängst CPU/GPU intensive Apps wie Games lädst.
    - Deaktivere die Automatische Rotation (in der Benachrichtungsleiste).
    Dies wird den Sensor in Games etc. nicht stoppen.
    - Benutze das App SuperPower von ChainFire und finde deine eigene Kombination.

    More Screenshots

    Version 5.5 Gingerbread Edition

    ALBUM LINK to view them easier


    Now the System & Input (Keyboard) languages!
    (screenshots here still from v5.1)



    Version 4.1

    Album Link --> Press me ;)