[ROM][22 JUN 12] CyanogenMod 9 Alpha Builds [4.0.4][CM]

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Dec 9, 2012


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Apr 8, 2012
Pudding Camera or Camera Zoom are two examples of many.

Just type camera in play store and you will find a lot of third party camera apps.
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Jan 3, 2011
Covering light sensor didn't make them work for me. I also tried 'Soft Button Lights' app (which has helped many other ROMs I've used) to keep lights lit as long as screen is on, but buttons still don't light. Suggestion by DEADWILDER of pressing HOME key while screen is off is only a random fix (lights stop working again when screen is turned off and then back on) AND it only works if phone is in Auto Brightness mode. Should be able to run in non Auto Brightness mode and have keys light up. Is there a fix planned?? Thanks.

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    CyanogenMod 9 Alpha for HTC Desire S

    We are not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear
    war, or the current economic crisis caused by you following these directions.
    YOU are choosing to make these modificiations, and if you point the finger at 
    us for messing up your device, we will laugh at you.
    These are Alpha quality builds and are very much still in development.
    Features may not work, or may crash, they may alternate between functioning
    and non-functioning between builds. Please look over the lists below before
    reporting suspected bugs.
    Please note: Currently only the included kernel is supported. Other AOSP
    kernels may not be fully compatible with ICS and may cause issues.

    Work on CM10 can be discussed here:

    Why are we waiting for HTC to release the ICS kernel source code?
    Click here to read the full explanation
    Click here to see the current state of porting the 3.0 kernel

    Installation (From any other ROM):
    In recovery:
     - Wipe all (system, data, cache)
     - Flash cm-9-XXXXXXXX-UNOFFICIAL-saga.zip
       (where X is date of the latest build)
     - (Optional) Flash Google Apps

    Installation (Upgrade from previous CM9 builds):
    In recovery:
     - Wipe cache
     - Wipe dalvik-cache
     - Flash cm-9-XXXXXXXX-UNOFFICIAL-saga.zip
       (where X is date of the latest build)

    IMPORTANT - Devices unlocked via htcdev.com:
    If you unlocked your phone via htcdev.com, you must flash the included
    boot.img after flashing the ROM in recovery:
     - Boot into fastboot, either by:
       - Turning phone on whilse holding VOLUME DOWN, or
       - adb reboot bootloader, or
       - using an option in your recovery (eg. Reboot Bootloader)
     - Connect your phone to your PC and copy the boot.img from the ROM .zip
        to the same place as fastboot.exe and issue the following command:
       - fastboot flash boot boot.img
    Failing to follow these instructions on a htcdev.com unlocked device will
    cause the ROM to fail to boot, or will cause other issues.

    Known Bugs:
    • FM Radio not fully functional (Hardware should be capable, no CM FM app yet)
    • Random minor corruption on rear-camera stills taken at 5MP
    • Random reboots caused by kernel oops (Under heavy graphics load)
    • USB tethering RNDIS MAC address is randomized on each boot

    Credits & Thanks:
    KanocX for the very generous hosting of these ROMs.

    Also, a big thank you to everyone who has donated and supported our work!
    CyanogenMod 9 Desire S builds by nk111
    Updated: 24 June 2012

    These builds can contain experimental features which may, or may not, ever be merged into
    CyanogenMod 9, or code which is highly untested.


    24 June 2012:
     - Sweep2wake kernel
     - AOKP toggles
     - Customizable lockscreen weather icons (look some pages back for a how to)
     - Switched back to CM toolchain since test builds with linaro toolchain were too unstable
     - Added smartassV2 governor
    11 June 2012:
     - Built by nk111
     - Built using Linaro tool-chain
     - Customizable lockscreen background
     - Latest CM9 code & Gerrit fixes
    31 May 2012:
     - Built by nk111
     - GPS fixed
    30 May 2012:
     - Built by nk111
     - Lock-screen calendar
     - USB mount fixed
     - Latest CM9 code & Gerrit fixes
    17 May 2012:
     - Built by nk111
     - Latest CM9 code & Gerrit fixes
    14 May 2012:
     - Built by nk111
     - Latest CM9 code & Gerrit fixes
    Ok, so I keep receiving / seeing questing regarding the kernel source we're waiting for. Figured I'd write a little bit of info on what it'll do when it's released.

    Firstly, proprietary files for things like the camera, the 3D acceleration and video en/decoding all hook in to the kernel in some way. As we're using a kernel from Gingerbread (2.6.35.x), we had to make quite extensive modifications to the kernel source so that core components needed for ICS worked. The biggest of these was the 3D acceleration, or KGSL as it's known in the kernel.

    Currently we're using KGSL ported over from the HTC Flyer Honeycomb kernel source. The proprietary files for KGSL didn't change much between HC and ICS, but changed radically between GB and HC. They expected an entirely new interface to the kernel.

    The camera proprietary files have the same issue, but we cannot use the interface from the Flyer HC kernel as it changed *again* with ICS.

    With the leak of the HTC One V RUU we have proprietary files for ICS which will work on msm7x30 devices like ours. This means things like a proper ICS camera without a wrapper for the GB libraries, but most of these require a newer interface than we have.

    Here's a short list of what a new kernel, based on a 3.0.xx source, will give us:
    • ICS camera support
    • ICS camcorder support
    • 3D acceleration without crashes
    • USB mounting without a wrapper
    • USB tethering without MAC issues
    These are just a few of the major ones, but the long-and-short of it is we will no longer need any kind of wrappers for anything. We will have both an ICS level kernel, and ICS level proprietary files.

    Unfortunately much of what's left to be fixed in the ROM will require this new kernel which is why development has slowed significantly. If the early days features were being added and fixed left-right-and-centre, but now things are much slower.

    Hopefully HTC will release their kernel source soon. Heck, we don't even need the saga source, the One V kernel would do everything we need (I believe) but no-one knows when that's coming.

    Finally, the Sensation / Vivid source does us no good. Not only is it for a different architecture (msm86x0 instead of msm7x30) but HTC actually stripped code out which would have been helpful to us. I suppose it's possible it never was there to begin with but it sure looks like it's been removed.

    Really, now is a waiting game I'm afraid.

    Hopefully this clears up some questions, but I also wanted to take a quick second to say thanks to you all. Thank you to everyone who has supported both myself and nk111 with kind words and donations. I won't speak on nk111's behalf but for me it means the world to know you enjoy the work I do enough to part with your hard earned money, so again, a huge thank you!

    I finally got the kernel to boot and dump a log. Tracked it down, finally, to CONFIG_PHYS_OFFSET being wrong so the kernel never started.

    Finally, progress =)

    For anyone interested in the epic kernel oops:
    CyanogenMod 9 Desire S builds by Nexx
    Updated: 22 June 2012

    These builds will only contain features which are under gerrit review and planned to be
    integrated into the main CyanogenMod 9 code base.


    22 June 2012:
     - Latest CM9 code & Gerrit fixes
    13 June 2012:
     - Updated kernel touch-screen driver (no more legacy touch-screen needed)
     - Checked Temple Run still works correctly...
     - Removed htc_ebdlog from build, doesn't work properly on non-sense ROMs
     - Latest CM9 code & Gerrit fixes
    14 Apr 2012:
     - Switched to "snapshot" builds (No difference other than name)
     - Integrated fix for ROM flashing issues
     - Integrated fix for security issue regarding USB mass storage mode
     - Latest CM9 code & Gerrit fixes
    09 Apr 2012:
     - Touch-screen fixes (Yup, Temple run works now ^u^)
     - Latest camera work from Twisted + more fixes by me
     - Proprietary v8 library integrated
     - Display tweaks for composition (may help occasional corruption)
     - Updated kernel (minor changes)
     - Latest CM9 code & Gerrit fixes
    29 Mar 2012 - Build 2:
     - Dialer fixed (Thanks CM team!)
     - Panorama mode fixed
    29 Mar 2012:
     - Updated to Android 4.0.4 (IMM76D)
     - OMX video encoding
       - Camcorder working, front + back
       - Video chat working
     - Panorama picture support
     - Latest camera work from Twisted + fixes by me
     - Torch app added
     - Further encryption work
    27 Mar 2012:
     - OMX video decoding work
       - Kernel updated for new OMX code
       - Previously appeared to be working but was decoding in software
     - Latest CM9 code & Gerrit fixes
    17 Mar 2012:
     - FFC work:
       - Face-unlock now works correctly on boot
       - Camera app working correctly on boot with FFC
     - Latest CM9 code & Gerrit fixes
    15 Mar 2012:
     - Updated camera code
     - Fixed camera corruption (hopefully)
     - Added work-around for FFC crashes
     - Fixed OMX decoding (YouTube app / etc)
     - Fixed BootAnimation crash
     - Integrated CM9 BootAnimation
    14 Mar 2012:
     - Updated camera code, now maintained by TwistedUmbrella
     - CM9 Volume wake / media skipping re-added
     - Phone profiles support
     - Native audio libraries (mic working in apps without Quattro libs)
     - In-development OMX support (video decoding)
     - Updated Google Apps
     - Latest CM9 code + fixes
     - USB tethering fixes
    22 Feb 2012:
     - Fixed camera flash
     - Fixed torch support (Still needs an app, but HW works)
     - Camera updates
     - Initial encryption support (kernel + init, still needs fixes)
     - USB tethering fixes
     - Latest CM9 code + fixes
    11 Feb 2012:
     - Updated adreno (gpu) drivers (again!)
     - USB tethering fixed
     - Camera support added to ROM
       - Front cam functional
       - Rear cam functional
     - Updated Google Apps, includes latest updates and face unlock
     - Battery icon configuration added
     - Volume wake / track skip temporarily removed
    30 Jan 2012:
     - Updated adreno (gpu) drivers
     - Bluetooth headset fixed
     - CPU settings now restore on boot
     - Other minor tweaks
    27 Jan 2012:
     - Enabled HSDPA icon
     - Renamed "USB Storage" > "SD Card"
     - Fixed LCD back-light flicker when dimmed
     - Increased virtual-key vibration
     - Temporarily worked around mic issues (Uses Quattro RC3 libraries)
     - Volume Wake + Track Changing from nk111
     - ADB runs as root now
     - Hardware support updates
     - Fixed CM CPU settings
    24 Jan 2012:
     - Camera preview fix from nk111
     - Hardware support updates
     - Integrated CM settings patches
    18 Jan 2012:
     - Key layout fixes from nk111 (Accidentally left out of 17 Jan build)
    17 Jan 2012:
     - WiFi tethering fixed
     - Menu key unlock disabled
     - Kernel updates
     - Newer EGL drivers
     - Highly experimental camera support (Please reflash ROM to remove)
    12 Jan 2012:
     - Updated kernel (USB tweaks)
     - New composition mode (MDP instead of C2D)
     - Misc fixes/tweaks for hardware
    11 Jan 2012:
     - Updated kernel (su kernel oops fix)
    10 Jan 2012:
     - Updated kernel (random restart fixes)
    07 Jan 2012:
     - Home touch-button fixed
     - Webcore crashes / issues fixed (Browser / etc)
     - su fixed
    05 Jan 2012:
     - Initial Release