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Jun 9, 2016
3.5 wasn't for me OTA, I couldn't see there! I downloaded it It with mega. flashed it over 3.3 with dalvik and cache wipe without problems

Okay yep its getting worse haha im wiping and reinstalling it again. I got an update yesterday...weird....but i think you was right its a fault in the update thanks pak.:D


Sep 21, 2009
For problems with screen retention I use sFilter, but it doesn't apply filter to nav bar buttons, @xpirt is there any possibility to get mod in fulmics tweaks to change color/intensity/or-some-one-else to personalize them and solve that problem??

Enviado desde mi LG-H850 mediante Tapatalk
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Nov 23, 2014
Is this a ui Bug ?


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Mar 14, 2013
You need to open Magisk Manger > Settings /enable Systemless Hosts under Magisk

It helps, thank you!

I uninstalled Magisk by using magisk uninstaller and rebootet... Now my phone only boots to fastbootmode
No recovery no more booting up... its bricked i think
any advice for unbricking?

I found a solution for this. I unziped Fulmics and found a proper boot.img. I flashed it by fastboot and I installed magisk again and it work great :)
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    Donations help A LOT during development, buying me a coffee you will keep me awake at night so I can add more tweaks and mods :)



    - @Cloudyfa, @renzetti.s, @guitardedhero, @gharrington
    - @loserskater, @Goldie, @MattBooth, @tdunham, @venkat kamesh, @serajr
    - @baadnewz, @lyapota, Team Venom
    - @metalboy94, @hoangnova, @darkera13, @Morningstar
    - AOSP, CM Team, MoKee, Euphoria-OS

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Fulmics ROM for LG G5, ROM for the LG G5

    Source Code: http://opensource.lge.com

    ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 5.5
    Stable Release Date: 2017-12-27

    Created 2017-01-02
    Last Updated 2017-12-27
    Full ROMs
    Old downloads:
    • Fulmics ROM 3.2-3.3 - Download (MD5: 485b066f2dbd9bd8f00ec47f2a2e828f)
    • Fulmics ROM 3.1-3.2 - Download (MD5: 16e5825c220a3673084314c976e70727)
    • Fulmics ROM 3.0-3.1 - Download (MD5: 0eacacd08f6532b24c6fcc0795a697b6)
    • Fulmics ROM 1.6-1.7 - Download (MD5: 074151adedcd1dcd1e916a22474745f6)
    • Fulmics ROM 1.5-1.6 - Download (MD5: 48f409b762ea87023308047982bb79fe)
    Old downloads:
    • ..

    Uploadboy and Upera mirrors kindly of @viking_vp3, Google Drive mirrors thx to @DenyDarko


    • You are NOT allowed to use any part of the tweaks files, scripts or proprietary Fulmics apps!
    • You have to ask my express permission if you intend to use any code/file from this ROM. If you get the permission you MUST post proper link to this thread and mention me (@xpirt).
    • Not respecting these simple rules will lead to reporting to XDA Administrators.
    • Mirrors are not allowed except when expressly asked.


    Fulmics ROM 5.5 (December 27th)

    • Updated to latest LG H850 v20S base
    • Updated to latest Security Patch from November 2017
    • Updated Magisk to latest 15.0 version
    • Updated Magisk Manager to latest 5.5.1 version
    • Updated Google apps to their latest version

    • Various fixes and stability improvements

    Fulmics ROM 5.1 (December 5th)

    • Fixed all issues on H850 variant (bluetooth, sdcard, etc)

    Fulmics ROM 5.0 (November 26th)

    • Updated to latest LG H850 v20Q base
    • Updated to latest Security Patch from October 2017
    • Updated Google apps to their latest version

    • Various fixes and stability improvements

    Fulmics ROM 4.5 (September 14th)

    • Updated to latest LG H850 v20K base
    • Updated to latest Security Patch from August 2017
    • Updated Magisk to latest 14.0 version
    • Updated Magisk Manager to latest 5.3.0 version
    • Updated LG QuickMemo+ to latest 6.0.17 version

    • Added 4K Video support for YouTube app

    • Fixed Google syncing on latest LG QuickMemo+ app

    Fulmics ROM 4.0 (September 1st)

    • Updated to latest LG H850 v20I base
    • Updated to latest Security Patch from June 2017
    • Updated all LG apps to their latest version

    • Added Immersive mode (on/off, hide status bar only)
    • Added Immersive Mode quick tile in notification panel
    • Added LTE only & LTE/WCDMA options in network mode quick tile
    • Added ability to hide music album art in lockscreen
    • Added tweak to force show google assistant home button animation
    • Added tweak to show carrier label in status bar
    • Added tweak to hide NFC icon in status bar
    • Added two new options to longpress home button tweak:
      • turn screen off
      • expand volume panel
    • Added 5x6 grid option to LG Home launcher
    • Added and increased volume steps tweak from 20 to 30
    • Added ability to enable/disable VoLTE support in Tweaks app
    • Added Evernote app optional during installation

    • Fixed double clear all recent apps buttons after reboot
    • Fixed some mismatched spaces and colors in Settings app
    • Fixed battery icon visibility resetting every reboot
    • Fixed LG QuickMemo+ not syncing with google account
    • Fixed VoLTE options visible even when not supported by carrier
    • Fixed and updated not working AdAway
    • Fixed, updated and synced all codes with Fulmics G6 ones

    Show old changelog:
    Fulmics ROM 3.5 (July 14th)

    • Updated Magisk to latest 13.1 version
    • Updated Magisk Manager to latest 5.0.4 version
    • Updated SuperSU to latest 2.82 version
    • Updated Home & Menu to latest 4.90.23 version
    • Updated Video Player to latest 6.1.19 version
    • Updated LG Smart World to latest 6.0.5 version
    • Updated Cloudhub to latest 5.0.30 version

    • Added tweak to force allow fingerprint unlocking (even after reboot)
    • Added ability to see full kernel information in settings

    • Fixed Google Assistant system-wide support from G6
    • Fixed notifications not filling up the proper space
    • Fixed Qualcomm High Perf Audio tweak not sticking after reboot
    • Fixed Voice Recorder FC when editing recording files
    • Fixed various GPS issues on T-Mobile variant
    • Fixed software version info not showing properly in settings
    • Fixed and updated to secured GPS server URLs
    • Fixed few Fulmics Tweaks hardcoded strings, now fully translatable

    Fulmics ROM 3.3 (June 3rd)

    • Added ability to set timeout period for Always-on display
    • Added tweak to disable landscape fullscreen keyboard layout
    • Added tweak to disable power on and power off sounds
    • Added back stock live wallpapers support in lock screen

    • Fixed recent apps double clear all button in some situations
    • Fixed disable fingerprint vibration tweak not working
    • Fixed and re-added missing led options in Settings
    • Fixed mms group messaging not enabled on T-Mobile variant
    • Fixed missing languages in keyboard and lockscreen settings
    • Fixed SIM Toolkit app force closing

    Fulmics ROM 3.2 (May 29th)

    • Fixed system crash when starting some games
    • Fixed lockscreen notifications overlapping custom label
    • Fixed changing DPI not working from Fulmics Tweaks app
    • Fixed assertive display switch not working in Fulmics Tweaks
    • Fixed missing Miniview option in Settings app
    • Fixed hide upcoming alarm notification tweak not working
    • Fixed missing translations in some LG apps

    Fulmics ROM 3.1 (May 28th)

    • Updated LG Gallery to latest 6.1.24 version

    • Fixed Fulmics Tweaks FC when opening launcher hidden menu
    • Fixed some languages missing inside Settings app
    • Fixed lockscreen notifications overlapping custom label

    Fulmics ROM 3.0 (May 28th)

    • Updated to latest LG H850 v20D base
    • Updated to latest Security Patch from April 2017
    • Updated T-Mobile carrier patch to latest LG H830 v20F base
    • Updated Magisk to latest 12.0 version
    • Updated Magisk Manager to latest 4.3.3 version
    • Updated all LG apps to their latest version

    • Ported full LG UX 6.0 from latest LG G6 v10D base
    • Ported built-in Google Assistant from LG G6
    • Ported Manual Video mode & GIF camera encoder from LG G6
    • Added tweak to enable rounded display corners
    • Added Always-on display tweaks:
      • hide battery icon
      • hide battery percentage
      • use old UX 5.0 style
    • Added tweak to enable High-Performance mode of Qualcomm audio DAC
    • Added support to widgets in Smart Bulletin (home with app drawer only)
    • Added back LG Application Manager in Settings-About

    • Fixed Settings FC with Magisk 12.0 version
    • Fixed changing DPI not working from Fulmics Tweaks app
    • Fixed assertive display switch not working in Fulmics Tweaks
    • Fixed external quick settings tiles initialization
    • Fixed wrong size of QS Night Mode tile icon
    • Fixed Fulmics Tweaks FC when opening launcher hidden menu
    • Fixed icon of Fulmics Tweaks app supporting LG squared shape
    • Fixed missing sqlite3 binary in system /xbin bath

    Fulmics ROM 2.0 (March 27th)

    • Updated Magisk to latest 11.6 version
    • Updated Magisk Manager to latest 4.2.7 version
    • Updated all LG apps to their latest version

    • Added full Magisk & MagiskSU support
    • Added ability to select old SuperSU root mode during installation
    • Added Night Mode QS toggle in notification panel
    • Added tweak to set custom longpress volume keys action on screen off:
      • enable/disable
      • volume up and down actions (no action, toggle torch)
      • custom longpress timeout
    • Added tweak to always force expanded notifications
    • Added ability to change selinux mode in Advanced tab of Tweaks app

    • Fixed apps FCing after setting Selinux to enforcing mode
    • Fixed and resized Tweaks and Network Mode QS notification tiles icons
    • Fixed wrong thread link in Fulmics Tweaks app

    Fulmics ROM 1.7 (February 17th)

    • Added tweak to enable floating clear all button in recents
    • Added ability to set custom position of floating clear all button:
      • Top right
      • Top left
      • Top center
      • Bottom right
      • Bottom left
      • Bottom center
    • Added ability to close empty recent apps view via tapping
    • Added ability to disable homescreen double tap to turn screen off
    • Added tweak to swipe down on homescreen to expand notification panel

    • Fixed quick unlock tweak for PINs longer than 4 digits

    Fulmics ROM 1.6 (February 9th)

    • Added tweak to choose battery icon style (hidden, stock, 3Minit)
    • Added quick PIN unlock option in Tweaks app
    • Added tweak to enable full caller picture in dialer app

    • Fixed missing one hand Miniview option in settings
    • Fixed mismatched lockscreen Weather effects
    • Fixed ability to change DPI not working in Fulmics Tweaks app
    • Fixed SystemUI reboot not working in Fulmics Tweaks app
    • Fixed Google Play Services issues for some users

    Fulmics ROM 1.5 (February 5th)

    • Updated to latest LG v20C base
    • Updated to latest Security Patch from December 2016
    • Updated all LG apps to their latest version

    • Added T-Mobile H830 variant support
    • Added support for global VoLTE
    • Added tweak to change navigation bar height
    • Added Network Mode (2G/3G/4G) QS toggle in notification panel
    • Added VoLTE QS toggle in notification panel
    • Added Fulmics Tweaks QS button in notification panel
    • Added tweak to enable all Weather effects on lockscreen
    • Added tweak to set the number of main QS tiles in statusbar
    • Added tweak to remove QS sync confirmation dialog
    • Added ability to hide more status bar icons:
      • hide airplane icon
      • hide alarm icon
      • hide bluetooth icon
      • hide mobile data icon
      • hide volume icon
      • hide wifi icon
    • Added quick message button to call log in contacts app
    • Added ability to remove more LG apps during installation:
      • LG Health
      • LG Friends Manager
      • LG QHelp
      • LG Remote Call
    • Added more Advanced Power Menu translations
    • Added translations to "Application killed" message
    • Added latest LG Home & Menu app version 4.90.11

    • Fixed some icons not themed properly in Settings app
    • Fixed longpress home to open Torch not working
    • Fixed network traffic not hiding properly in some situations
    • Fixed LG Israel hack that resets hebrew language at boot
    • Fixed LG Backup app force closing
    • Fixed ViPER4Android driver not working
    • Fixed /system trimming optimization on install
    • Fixed Facebook force closing on first boot

    Fulmics ROM 1.0 (January 2nd, 2017)

    • Initial release

    ROM Info
    • Android 7.0 (NRD90U)
    • Security Patch from November 2017
    • Based on LG v20S
    • Full UX 6.0
    • Magisk & MagiskSU
    • Fully deodexed
    • System-less
    • Battery life, performance and memory improvements
    • Improved ART verification and compilation
    • Sqlite3 support
    • Disabled logging & removed bloatware
    • Google Assistant built-in
    • YouTube 4K support
    • Knock ON with 3 taps minimum
    • Miniview from LG V20
    • LG Home with 4x5, 5x5, 5x6 grid options
    • Fulmics Tweaks - tons of tweaks!
    • Fulmics OTA - keep up to date with latest fixes!
    • APM (Advanced Power Menu: Reboot, Hot Reboot, Recovery, Safe Mode)
    • Manual Video mode & GIF Encoder from LG G6
    • Camera: 60 FPS (FullHD), 64Bit (4k), 100% Quality (jpeg)
    Aroma Installer
    • Model selection (H850, H830)
    • Custom LG apps removing
    • Custom Google apps removing
    • Custom addons installation (V4A, Headphones Sound Boost)
    • GPS Server and Region selection
    • Custom apps removing
    • Immersive mode (on/off, hide statusbar only)
    • Enable rounded corners
    • Enable qualcomm assertive display
    • Power saver color
    • Always-on display
      • hide battery icon
      • hide battery percentage
      • use old UX 5.0 style
    • Notification led pulse length
    • Notification led pulse speed
    • Notification led color
    • Custom screen density (DPI)
    • Enable all rotations (0, 90, 180, 270 degrees)

    Status Bar
    • Show carrier on status bar
    • Battery icon style (hidded, stock, 3Minit)
    • Hide icons:
      • Hide airplane icon
      • Hide alarm icon
      • Hide bluetooth icon
      • Hide mobile data icon
      • Hide NFC icon
      • Hide volume icon
      • Hide wifi icon
    • Clock
      • Show clock
      • Show seconds
      • Clock font size
      • Clock color
      • Clock font style (bold, italic, light, thin and combinations)
      • Clock position (right, center, left)
      • AM/PM style (hidden, small, normal)
    • Date
      • Show date
      • Date position (right, left)
      • Date style (normal, lowercase, uppercase)
      • Date format (lot of formats, custom java format)
    • Network Traffic
      • Incoming or Outcoming
      • Custom color
      • Display unit (bytes/bits)
      • Update interval
      • Auto-hide
      • Inactivity threshold
    • Battery Bar
      • Show battery bar
      • Battery bar height
      • Battery bar color
      • Auto color while charging
      • Enable charging animation
    • Enable/disable heads up notifications
    • Custom heads up timeout

    • Force expanded notifications
    • Persistent notifications removable
    • Notification icons:
      • Hide IME notification
      • Hide volume mounted notification
      • Hide upcoming alarm notification
      • Hide power saver notification
    • Quick Settings
      • Hide sync toggle confirmation dialog
      • Hide airplane toggle confirmation dialog
      • Number of main QS tiles (3-8)

    Recent Apps
    • Enable floating clear all button
    • Floating clear all button location:
      • Top right
      • Top left
      • Top center
      • Bottom right
      • Bottom left
      • Bottom center
    • Enable blur recent apps background
    • Dynamic blur recent apps background

    Navigation Bar
    • Navigation bar height (hidden, 24, 28, 30, 32, 36, 40, 42 dp)
    • Longpress Back
      • None
      • Kill App
    • Longpress back to kill timeout
    • Force Google Assistant home animation
    • Longpress Home
      • Disabled
      • Recent apps
      • Google Now (default)
      • Take screenshot
      • Take partial screenshot
      • Open menu
      • Toggle torch
      • Voice assist
      • Turn screen off
      • Expand volume panel

    Volume Buttons
    • Volume panel timeout
    • Play sound when changing volume
    • Volume keys move cursor
      • disabled
      • UP: left | DOWN: right
      • UP: right | DOWN: left
    • Disable safe volume warning
    • Increase volume steps (30 for media, 7 for others)
    • Volume controls
      • volume up action (toggle torch, none)
      • volume down action (toggle torch, none)
      • longpress timeout
    • Music controls
      • volume up action (next/previous track, pause)
      • volume down action (next/previous track, pause)
      • longpress timeout

    • Quick PIN unlock
    • Hide album art while playing music
    • Show weather effects:
      • Show rainy weather effect
      • Show snowy weather effect
      • Show thunder weather effect
      • Show clear weather effect
      • Show cloudy weather effect

    • Wake phone when unplug
    • Enable call recording button
    • Disable fullscreen keyboard layout in landscape
    • Disable airplane dialog (classic APM only)
    • Enable VoLTE support
    • Fingerprint
      • Force allow fingerprint unlock
      • Vibrate sensor on success
      • Vibrate sensor on error
    • Camera
      • Enable camera sounds
      • Disabled flash battery level
    • Music effects
      • None
      • LG Effects
      • LG Effects with Custom
      • LG with Dolby
      • Full Dolby
    • Qualcomm DAC high-performance
    • Disable power on sound
    • Disable power off sound
    • Power Menu style
      • Classic
      • LG UI (no advanced options)
    • Advanced Power Menu
      • Show/hide reboot
      • Show/hide airplane mode
      • Show/hide sound profiles

    • Hidden Menu
    • Launcher Hidden Menu
    • Fix internal/external sdcard
    • Wipe Cache
    • Wipe Dalvik Cache
    just a quick preview at what 3.0 version should be..

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