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[ROM][27JAN10]Gen.Y PX-D R0 with XDANDROID (Standard|Core)

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Jun 21, 2008
First of all, check out the XDANDROID team. Please support them because they are the ones that made android possible on the diamond. Another big thank you goes to the creators of HaRET, which allows us to boot into Android and shutdown WM


Bringing you the first all-in-one, dual-boot diamond rom with XDANDROID. This ROM features a very light & optimized Gen.Y WM 6.1 core (which is accesible, more about that below) & the latest version of XDANDROID v2.1 (27.01.2010 at the launch of R0). The WM Core has all the basic stuff included (e.g. gps, bluetooth, phone, sms, alarm, camera).

This is an all-in-one ROM, meaning it already has XDANDROID cooked in, which is installed and configured during the first boot.
The second boot, u get the custom Gen.Y DualBOOT (made by myself), which allows u to boot into windows (to update the android build, testing, etc.) or boot directly into android using haret. (more info below)

I know XDANDROID is not yet perfect, but this is more of a proof-of-concept ROM, showing that it will be possible to replace WM on the Diamond.

Anyway, more info coming soon, i just wanted to make the announcement since the first tests have been succesfull, and booting etc. already works. Will post screenshots very soon..




more screenshots

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can I sync my WM contacts, appointments etc. to Android?
Sync them to google account (hardly any point in using Android if you don't have one), then when you set up Android, you'll be asked for your google account, which will automagically sync everything.


Q: How does this work? Do they both (WM & Android) work at the same time?
A: Nope, to boot Android we use HaRET, which is a tool that completely shuts down Windows Mobile, and boots into Android.

Q: Is this a multilanguage ROM? Which languages are supported?
A: The WM Core is WWE, however, Android supports multiple languages: Cestina, Deutsch, English, Espanol Français, Italiano, Japanese, Korean, Nederlands, Polski, Russian, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)

Q: Why don't I have any ringtones, notification tones etc?
For people who have problems with no having no ringtones, notification tones or general music problems look here:
Or you can always set a custom mp3 as your ringtone if the problem persists.

Q: After I press the power button, the screen sometimes lights up but stays black?
This is a known issue, just press the power button a couple times and the lockscreen should pop up.

Q: Turning WiFi on/off freezes/reboots my devices? What can i do?
Add the "Power Control" widget (long press in the home screen > Widgets > Power Control), and use the widget to turn on/off WiFi

Q: How are the hardbuttons configured?
Check out this post to learn how to control your device in Android.

If u like my work and would like to thank me for the time spent, you can always donate
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Jun 21, 2008
There are a couple things u MUST do before u flash this ROM:

1) Disable the PIN Code

Some bugs are yet to be resolved so to make sure you won't have to reboot again, make sure under Windows Mobile you have:
-Enabled the GPRS Connection (it works for me without this step but sometime not)
-disabled the airplane mode (if you activated the GPRS you should't be in this mode ^^
-disable whatever special state you put your phone in.

2) If u already have a copy of XDANDROID on your internal storage, it's strong recommended u delete all these files before flashing

3) U need to have at least ~300-400MB of free space on your Internal Storage before flashing this ROM.

4) And last but not least, Disable the PIN Code, just in case u forget

5) Be advised that the first boot of Android takes a while (~10 minutes), but subsequent boots are alot faster (~2 minutes)

Gen.Y DualBOOT User Guide

* Enabling FastBoot requires AutoBoot to be enabled

Check out this thread, to see what's working / not working & follow the latest developments

Not working (as of 27.10.2010):
  • Camera
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth
  • Opengles hardware acceleration

* U might get an FC (Force Close) on startup concerning the keyboard, just close it and ignore it, keyboard works just fine


Standard version: includes the full XDANDROID package, and XDANDROID is installed automatically to the Internal Storage
Core version: does not include the XDANDROID package, requires XDANDROID to be manually installed to the Internal Storage

Standard version ~118 MB
Gen.Y PX-D R0 Standard

Core version ~35 MB (for Advanced Users only, must install XDANDROID manually with this one!)
Gen.Y PX-D R0 Core
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    I installed this ROM a few weeks ago, but now I wish to change it again to another ROM.
    What my problem is = It won't boot into Windows, and I can't find any drivers to make it work in Android mode with my PC via USB, so I simply don't know how to be able to switch ROM again?
    Please help me!:(

    if you want to change ROM again, try to shutdown your device, when tuning it on quckly hold the "volume down" button, you will see colour on your device, then plug in to your usb, and flash it with Custom RUU

    (Uf this what you mean)