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Nov 7, 2013
Dear XDA members,

We at Team SkyDragon always strive to provide XDA users with the best custom Rom experience. Using the latest and greatest offerings from HTC, we follow the XDA mantra to develop and deliver an awesome custom Rom for the HTC One M8.

In porting the latest Sense 7 software to our SkyDragon custom Rom, we have elevated the XDA user experience and the custom Rom benchmark!

Our Team has spent the past week working 24 hours a day putting this Rom together, and any experienced developer can appreciate that this is not a simple task. We have sacrificed time with our families to work on this project in earnest because of the passion we all share here on XDA, to develop the best!

Yesterday, our Rom was shared with an extended group of team members for final testing and unfortunately someone leaked it. We are presently dealing with this issue internally.

We did not plan to release this SkyDragon Sense 7 Rom prior to the official HTC release of the M9. However, because of this leak and the possibility of it being copied (Kanged) to other custom Roms, we feel that we must release it immediately.

Please note: any attempt to copy our Rom or parts of, without written consent from Dragonesdenano will be reported to XDA as "Kanging"

To our team members: we will be a little busier than usual with this release, and we expect SkyDragon team members to support all XDA members with courtesy and respect, and provide the friendly help on this thread that we are known for. Regardless of how many times "someone asks the same question" team members will not be rude or belittle other XDA members. Any violation of the above will be cause for expulsion from the team.

To XDA members: please take the time to read this OP in it's entirety including FAQs and any other notices. If you are on the latest Sense GSM Lollipop firmware you won't need to flash anything other than the Rom. If you have any issues, please download the Rom's corresponding firmware listed below. Thank you all in advance, and enjoy SkyDragon Sense 7!

XDA:DevDB Information
Sense 7 Port, ROM for the HTC One

matitorres07, dragonesdenano
ROM OS Version: 5.0.x Lollipop

Version Information
Status: Stable

Created 2015-03-10
Last Updated 2015-03-09
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Nov 7, 2013

SkyDragon M7 Sense 7
First, I want to thanks my Girlfriend for her support!
Friends,skydragon team,and all xda !

Made From Scratch again!
Ported Most if Not All From Sense 7 M9 / Hima
With the collaboration of..
*Thanks All SD Team For Testing!
*Thanks all SD Users for Constant Support!

Android Version: 5.0.1
Sense Version: 6.0
Software Version: 4.16.410.10

- Customization(themes, icon packs, wallpapers etc etc)
- Smart widget(out, home, work)
- All new camera UI
- All new picture editor fx
- 4th button option
- Dolby Audio surround
- TouchPal keyboard and new tv app Peel Smart Remote
- Restoran suggestion in blinkfeed
- Peel Smart Remote - Control All
- Among Others

Aroma was modified due to New Sense 7 Features
Full Or Dirty Flash - First Time Full Wipe Mandatory
GpeDialer Mod
Harman Kardon Sound, replaces Dolby-Boom Sound
HTC Apps Removal Options
HTC Widgets Removals
Others Removals
Keyboard Languages
Unsecured Stock Kernel
SkyDragon Kernel V-3.1.5 CpuQuiet
SkyDragon Kernel V-3.1.5 No CpuQuietuiet
SkyDragon Kernel By @HolyAngel
Multi Rom Support via SD Kernel
Rooted with SuperSu powered by Chainfire
Tweaked for more Battery without loosing Performance
Deleted HTC Spywares
Updated HTC Apps
Updated Oem Apps
Updated Google Apps
Init.d Built-in
BusyBox Built-in
Latest Titanium Backup
Speed Optimizations
Battery Optimizations
Removed and/or disabled all Logging apps & Files
External SD-Card write support
A lot More I forget due to Unlimited Flashes!
Were Days Of Hard work with the Only mission to make you Smile!

FIRST M7 Sense 7 Port ROM

2WildFire x2
Paul Mitchell
Nicolas Jeker
shrijeet mukherjee

Donations are using for Piggybank that help me with a lot of stuff...thanks to all donators for helping me out to keep cooking!

Donations are greatly appreciated if you want to buy me a beer or contribute to me,you will make me happy :D

If you like OUR work and Dedication don t forget to press Thanks, and Give Us a Five Star Rating!!!!
All will have the same kind of love here, there is no such thing as noob or silly questions, just be yourself!!!

SkyDragon M7 ROM
v1:Initial release!
And finally an Update is here !
-Applied Paccatack patch,thanks to him.
-Added some missing QS tiles, including flash light
-Removed flashlight from power button, It cause button bounce (power on then off). includes s2w issue
-Added 2G option to Data Setting.
-Fixed bockeh camera
-Added app to control volume buttons for those that couldnt use them when the screen was off.
-Deleted unnesesary apks from system partition.
-Added Sense6Toolbox that works like a charm.
-And many more that i can remember cause i sold my m7 LOL!!
- Ported all necessary framework from 9,it will give you
a totally sensse 7 look and feel.
-Fixed RadioFM issue
-Fixed Camera issue
-Fixed mising sense7 Dialer
-Fixed com.qualcomm.timeservice FC.
_Added big pic mod by Requeline
-Added NFC incon mod by Pacattack
-Added Battery % mod by Pacattack
-Added Transparent Clock Widgets by Pacattack
-Added Xtended Settings thanks to Richmondouk
-Added Xposed Framework
-Added Oem missing apps
-Added Wake Gestures ( needs elementalX)
-Added SDkernel to SDhub (Supports flick to wake and flick to sleep and
also all wake options )
-Updated Capps
-Updated Gapps
-Cleaned System Partition
-So many more!

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Nov 7, 2013

Dragonesdenano -Leader- XDA RC
HolyAngel -Dev- XDA RC
Ram09 -Tester-Backups-
V1rk -Tester-Backups-
2WiLfIrE -Themer-
MauryDes -Themer
joefrank -Themer-
kelvin216 Themer-
jeryx -Tester-
GraveDigger176 - Tester- Mirrors- Futbol
exocetdj - Tester- XDA RC
HC4Life - Tester
PhillyFlyer - Tester - Graphics
badboy47 - Tester - Graphics
jureca - Emotional Support - Social Networks
kalimpula1 - Tester
touchy - Who knows?
Fer Alvaro - Tester
matiasTorres - Dev
Supervisor - Tester
Joshua - Tester
joni2012 - Dev
thunder007 - Dev
Pkoper - Graphics
locklear308 - Tester

HolyAngel and me for Aroma Magic!!!
Flar2 For The Kernel.
Xcesco and Thunder07 for working hard in Our SD HUB
Zeppelingrox For Supercharger-V6 and Crazy scripts. H
Ducn001 For APM Advance Power Menu.
he_stheone64 For Autobrightness Patch.
Lesscro For Logo, Banners and image host http://imghost.lesscro.com/ Football For Leak Test Roms Click Me
ruqqq for XThemeEngine
rovo89 for Xposed Framework
ZeroInfinity for his Amazing Sound Mod
SD Team
Jeryx, members with HTC One Phone. Our Testers
Team Virtuous VTS Kitchen
Rayford For Different Tutorials!!!
Xda, Xda Users and Mods
jeeko for Permformance Mod!!! @thicklizard for sprint base !!! his thread : http://forum.xda-developers.com/sprint-htc-one/development/rom-sense-6-4-4-3-stock-t2848102

*If I forgot You pm me
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Dec 11, 2009
Mmmmm thanx, reason to flash again - you are enabling our addiction :highfive::D

Ola Mati, I think you have some copy/paste oversight in 2nd post:
Android Version: 5.0.1
Sense Version: 6.0
Software Version: 4.16.410.10
Can't be right :cyclops: