[ROM][32A][6.35] SFM 3.0.2 Magic|Android 2.3.3|Sense 2.1|kernel

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Apr 24, 2010
Hi all.

Trying to get this to work.

Have Amon ra 1.6.2
Correct radio, HBOOT.

I have a problem with the sdcard. It is hard to mount in recovery. But I managed to get it work but toggled USB on/off while inserting / removing the sdcard. Suddenly it then accepts the sdcard.

Then I could flash the ROM (successfully)

Restart the phone, but the "htc MAGIC" logo just shows up and nothing happends.

What is wrong? What should I do / try?


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Jan 5, 2010
hello everyone, it is possible to add Advanced Power Menu on this rom?
and other cool stuff in the status bar? such as brightness and sound?
with this, this rom was perfect
thank you


Jul 17, 2010
Hi all,

I have installed this rom after the link update and now, I am not able to overclock the CPU anymore. I have tried with all versions. It seems that all the link are the same build (with a kernel without overclock.)
I also dont know if is a SETCPU issue. I am using the last one.



Jul 17, 2010
yes I have installed.
I am able to change the frequency and disable the preflock.
It seems the kernel doesnt have more high frequencies and I tried all roms...

I installed this rom before the link update and I was able to change the frequencies. This is the reason of my previous question...


Apr 28, 2009
I can't run this ROM. I wiped it all, then flashed the ZIP through the recovery screen, then booted it up. It shows the "HTC Magic" screen, takes a little while and then reboots into recovery mode.

What am I doing wrong?


Jul 16, 2010
Hi, Sebastian,

This SFM is indeed the best gingerbread with sense ROMI've ever tried.

The only reason why I drop this is, it is getting slower and slower as it progresses.

I know it's hard to strike a balance between snappiness and multiple-functions.

Since I'm pursuing stability, I changed to Hintay Magic and Froyo Dragon, but I really look forward to your new work that gains back the stability and responsiveness.



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Jan 16, 2010
In front of you!
Hi, Sebastian,

This SFM is indeed the best gingerbread with sense ROMI've ever tried.

The only reason why I drop this is, it is getting slower and slower as it progresses.

I know it's hard to strike a balance between snappiness and multiple-functions.

Since I'm pursuing stability, I changed to Hintay Magic and Froyo Dragon, but I really look forward to your new work that gains back the stability and responsiveness.


I just popped in this yesterday and its amazing work done by dev but as you said its not a snappy ROM for everyday use. Too heavy for our phones.. even with 710 kernel (it was even worse with that one)
Keep up the good work though ;)


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Mar 30, 2012
Sup? Here I am... I've been using this ROM for two months now and I'm ready for give my opinion.

The rom itself is pretty heavy, the first days was a charm, very smooth and all that...

but... after a week, is started to being slow, the access to htc HUB was imposible, and there was always a notification telling me "You need to allow HTC Salsa to connect to fb" if i clic yes, then it started downloading something that never ends...

the notifications bar is very laggy, takes like 2 or 3 seconds to being opened even w/OC

Everything is really nice, the launcher sometimes crashes (I don't know why) music app is smooth, also as the gallery and everything inbuilt

The calls are a pain because you cant answer them! when someons calls you, it appears on the screen, but when you drag the answer button, the screen turns black and the phone still rings (same with fisical buttons)
I reduced this by OC, but still is a pain!

If someone has doubts, yust ask, i can help with anything you want, this is a very nice ROM, but is very tricky!
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May 9, 2011
A friend of mine has just bought a pre-owned vodafone branded magic.
He has asked me to de-brand it and install a new rom (preferably 2.3)
Is there an easy walkthrough for this and what important things do I need to look out for. I know that I have to root the handset and I have decided to follow the unrevoked method.
Any hints and tips to get this phone up to its potential would be great.

many thanks in advance.


Maybe the problem can be fixed by using a script such as this...

for i in \
`find /data -iname "*.db"`
do \
sqlite3 $i 'VACUUM;'; 

to defrag files, but you will need to add libncurses.so and sqlite binary.


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May 13, 2010
I had flashed this ROM and every thing was fine n smooth.

But using after 1 week performance went down n freezes a lot even I dont have not any heavy apps installed:confused::( its heavy

Pls upgrade that may fix performance issues.

Sent from my HTC Magic

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  • 101

    SFM 3.0.2 Magic
    • Based on the HTC Salsa ROM
    • Android Gingerbread 2.3.3
    • Sense 2.1
    • New HTC Salsa LockScreen and Messages app
    • HTC applications: Friend Stream (Facebook, Flickr, Twitter), Mail, Peep, Quick Lookup, Weather, News & Weather, HTC Likes, HTC Hub
    • Google applications: Gmail, Google Maps with Navigation, Youtube, Market, Talk, Network Location, News (RSS reader), Google Search
    • Facebook
    • Busybox 1.18.4
    • Languages: Simplified Chinese, English, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, Spanish, Finnish, French, Croatian, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish, Thai and Vietnamese
    • Fast, stable and fully functional
    • 3D games and applications works fine (e. g. newest Google Maps, iGo, SpeedX 3D, Quadrant)
    • 155MB free space on data partition
    • Camera face detection

    • Wi-Fi Hotspot



    SFM 3.0.2
    • Correct lowmemorykiller settings
    • Issue with sending messages fixed finally (I hope so)

    SFM 3.0.1
    • Updated kernel & OC'ed version
    • Key backlight fixed
    • Superuser 3.0.3 binary added

    SFM 3.0
    • Kernel
    • Increased performance
    • USB tethering and internet pass-through
    • Text-to-speech fixed
    • Camera fixed, face detection, original HTC libraries and driver, better image quality
    • Updated graphics and audio libraries

    SFM 1.2
    • Bluetooth fixed
    • New carz12 kernel June 05, default frequencies: 245MHz - 528MHz, overclockable to 710MHz
    • Included Gmail, Google Maps with Navigation, Youtube, Facebook
    • Camcorder FC fixed
    • No sound after taking photos bug fixed
    • Useless Mirror activity removed
    • HTC Hub downloads widgets and apps with correct signing
    • Busybox links added
    • Jogball notifications fixed

    SFM 1.1
    • Base: HTC Salsa Europe 1.12.401.1, HTC Salsa Asia WWE 1.12.707.1
    • Kernel: 710MHz
    • JIT disabled
    • HTC Hub fixed
    • 3D bug fixed, all the system libraries with functions that use floating-point instructions (not supported by Magic HTC hardware) have been replaced
    • LEDs fixed
    • Hardware video encoding added
    • Camera fixed, video recording at resolutions 480x320 and 352x288

    SFM 1.0
    • Base: HTC Wildfire S ROM for Canadian Virgin 1.37.351.1, HTC Wildfire S ROM Asia WWE 1.35.707.3
    • Camera fixed
    • Camcorder fixed
    • Dalvik fixed and patched (150MB available for apps and games on internal storage)
    • Wi-Fi fixed
    • Audio fixed
    • Hardware video playback fixed
    • GPS fixed
    • Sensors fixed
    • Power off menu fixed
    • Software EGL, SKIA optimized and fixed
    • Gralloc and Copybit modules fixed
    • Mount sdcard as disk drive fixed
    • Screen backlight and trackball light fixed
    • Sense reloading issue fixed
    • APNs fixed
    • Youtube HQ mode fixed
    • Video playback fixed


    1. Go to recovery mode
    2. Do Nand backup
    3. Wipe data/factory reset
    4. Flash ROM
    5. Reboot phone

    New radio ( or and SPL 1.76.2007 is required.
    Wipe data partition is recommended even when you have installed SFM 1.2. Remember that you lose all data from your phone.

    Superuser installation

    You need only to install Superuser application from Android Market.


    My new kernel, HTC Chacha based.
    • Updated on 7 Nov 2011
    • Blur panel and gamma correction issues fixed
    • OC added
    528 MHz
    Default kernel with stock config. CPU frequency is set to 528 MHz. Perflock enabled (don't change manually CPU frequencies).
    710 MHz
    Overclocked kernel with stock config. CPU frequency is set to 710 MHz. Perflock enabled (don't change manually CPU frequencies).
    OC'ed version
    Default CPU frequency is set to 528 MHz. Maximum CPU frequency is 710 MHz. Perflock disabled. Powersave, interactive and conservative governors added.

    ROM, updates and fixes

    SFM 3.0.2 Magic


    Google Maps & Street
    Packages intended for install from recovery mode, all apps and keyboards will be installed on the data partition.


    havlenapetr for sensors module and ezTerry for tweaks
    Ricardo Cerqueira for GPS wrapper module
    donators: Matheus Cunha, Simone Richardson, Luis Guedes, Carlos Nossa, Cheryan Glasgow and all anonymous
    Update available.

    Is this ROM still in development?:confused:

    I just upgraded my Magic 32a to the new radio :p and downgraded from android 2.3.3(Ginger yoshi) to andrdoid 2.1(SuperHero) :eek: .

    I Really like HTC Sense on my magic but it does feel weird to be running such a old version of android.

    I will jump to this ROM the second LEDs are working.

    So I am not asking for ETAs just wondering if new releases are coming at all.
    I'm waiting for the final HTC Wildfire S ROM (should be released soon). Currently I'm working on getting a camera (yesterday I shoot first photo). I will also work on fixing the Bluetooth and LED's.
    Not yet, only Camera (with video recording), new ROM (faster) based on Virgin release, and few other things ...
    GPS is working! I will prepare update soon.