[ROM][32A][Nov07] MyHero 2.0.5 with Official SenceUI on HTC Kernel 2.6.27

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Jul 4, 2009
First of all, give credit to our Heroes:

This rom is for "HTC Magic" or other 32A devices only.
Please remember to backup with nandroid before making changes on your phone.
No need to flash SPL before flashing this rom (normally)

MyHero rom bundle with kernel 2.6.29 on v1.x.x, HTC kernel 2.6.27 on v2.x.x
HTC kernel-2.6.27 and kernel 2.6.29 with BFS release as extra patch.
You can choose your favourite kernel now!


MyHero-2.x.x difference from 1.x.x
  • Official SenceUI for HTC Magic with HTC 2.6.27 kernel
  • No Japaness input method
  • No Voice Search (v2.0.4 or under)
  • fully working bluetooth, GPS, wifi, camera, LEDs, glowing Trackball and anythings that should woking on stock ROM.
  • uninstallable KKBox
  • uninstallable AKNotepad added

MyHero-1.x.x Features :
  • root access
  • kernel 2.6.29 or HTC kernel-2.6.27
    • netfilter
    • cifs (for mounting windows share)
    • fuse
    • IP tunneling (for openvpn) v1.0.x or above
  • Hero rom 1.79.482.3 or Hero rom 2.73.405.5 from modaco
    • Multi Touch support
      • Browser with Flash Lite
      • HTC Album
      • PDF Viewer
    • HTC Camera with touch to focus *NEW in 1.1.x
    • Wap Browser *NEW in 1.1.x
    • Business Card Reader *NEW in 1.1.x
    • Plurk *NEW in 1.1.x
    • Jbed (for running Java apps) v1.0.x or above
    • Footrpints v1.0.x or above
    • Twitter
    • HTC Sync
    • Facebook contacts integration
  • Multi Language
    • English
    • Portuguese
    • Czech
    • Polski
    • Français
    • Deutsch
    • Italiano
    • Nederlands
    • Español
    • Danish * 1.1.2 or above
    • Russian * 1.1.2 or above
    • Korean
    • Japanese
    • Chinese
  • Multi Input Method
    • HTC_IME
    • HTC_CIME (Chinese)
    • iWnnIME (Japanese)
  • Added :
    • Busybox 1.14.3
    • Spare Parts
    • Superuser
    • Wifi Tether
    • Voice Search
    • Market Enabler
  • Removed App:
    • Learn More
    • teeter
  • CPU Maximum set to 528MHz

Things not working well on myhero v1.x.x :
  • notify color LEDs
  • bluetooth
  • manual network searching

There is no compcache, A2SD relative support for this rom.

I use linux swap by entering command "swapon /path_to_my/swap_partition" in GScript or download swapper from android market

My Apps 2 sdcard patch: (no ext2/ext3 partition required, it using your sdcard's vfat partition.)
It work for the apps you install from android market or by "adb install".
The "app2sdcard" patch will create a "app" folder in your sdcard. Then copy apps from /data/app to /sdcard/app and make a symbol link to there.
The "app2phone" patch will copy apps in the sdcard "app" folder back to your phone and delete from your sdcard.
Or you may want to do it yourself in recovery mode with following commands :
mount /sdcard
mount -o rw /data
mkdir /sdcard/app
cp -a /data/app/* /sdcard/app/
rm -rf /data/app
ln -s /sdcard/app /data/app

Download version 2.x.x :
FULL ROM: myhero-2.0.5 (MIRROR[China] 1) (MIRROR[China] 2) (MIRROR 3) MD5: 81268a15bc5338192c71597a4c73eda9
PATCH: myhero-2.0.4-to-2.0.5 (MIRROR[China]) (MIRROR) MD5: 0be46a5178ebc14579ae1abc906169d9
FULL ROM: (STABLE) myhero-2.0.4 (MIRROR[China]) (MIRROR) MD5: b41f13d4af4abeb7c8bc9da85553e9b9
PATCH: myhero-1.1.x-to-2.0.4 (MIRROR[China]) (MIRROR) MD5:
(for both v1.1.x and v2.0.x, You may wait a little bit long on first boot.)

Download version 1.x.x :
FULL ROM: (STABLE) myhero-1.1.3 (MIRROR[China]) (MIRROR 2) MD5: d8cc260bb5e9eefddca7f979b02b5ed9
PATCH: myhero-1.1.2-to-1.1.3 (MIRROR) MD5: c77120afd80484817b40e2b46ff0c933

Extra download :
PATCH: myhero-wipe-data (Replacement of "wipe data" option in recovery mode)
PATCH: myhero-app2sdcard (MIRROR[China])MD5: e06c43c47ae8990311fc8b9f1026aa67
PATCH: myhero-app2phone (MIRROR[China]) MD5: 2c4dc889f5ed3965aff170a95e5e2b5b
** kernel listed below will not run on version 2.x.x **
PATCH: myhero-kernel-2.6.29 (without BFS) MD5: eafc75ab48210ca37315f75841a48737
PATCH: kernel-2.6.29-bfs (MIRROR 1) (MIRROR 2 [China]) MD5: b0faf592c3e6039b61a22eb7cedad8ff
PATCH: HTC kernel 2.6.27 MD5: f726b3f329c04075192881870b07224c

*FULL ROM means you need to wipe data and install.
*PATCH means you do not need to wipe data, just apply it.

  • Version 2.x.x
    • 2.0.4 to 2.0.5
      • kernel config changed
      • fix HTC_CIME force close on other language
      • add back VoiceSearch and VoiceDialer plus libspeech.so
      • replaced libmediaplayerservice.so from myhero-1.1.3
      • add back libpagemap.so
    • 2.0.3 to 2.0.4
      • edit build.prop to htc_wwe
      • cpu ondemand 384mhz - 528mhz
      • fix some apps problem: spareparts, htc ime, htc cime, wifi tether
      • fix busybox path, busybox moved to /system/xbin now.
      • replaced HTC_IME with danish charecters supported.
      • add back BizCardReader and Wap Browser
      • Market Enabler move back to app_s (Please uninstall it, if you got duplicate.)
    • 2.0.2 to 2.0.3 fix gps
    • 2.0.1 to 2.0.2 fix app folder permission
    • 2.0.0 to 2.0.1 fix camera
    • 2.0.0
      • Base on official release add back basic apps
  • Version 1.x.x
    • From myhero-1.1.2 to myhero-1.1.3:
      • LEDs fixed by this thread
      • replaced libA2DP.so
      • updated busybox 1.15.1 and Market Enabler 3.0.2
    • From myhero-1.1.1 to myhero-1.1.2:
      • added 2 language: Danish, Russian
      • clean up unused library (libext2*)
      • added QuickOffice 1.0.1
    • From myhero-1.1.0 to myhero-1.1.1:
      • change version number on build.prop (Settings -> About Phone), now showing 2.73.405.5
      • fix bluetooth audio (music only) by adding liba2dp2.so
      • force close on contact search fixed.
      • updated libhtc_rli.so, H icon is back.
      • notification area background transparency now
    • From myhero-1.0.1 to myhero-1.1.0:
      • upgrade hero rom to modaco's leak
      • flip clock widget do not flip down anymore...
    • From myhero-1.0.0 to myhero-1.0.1:
      • kernel compile with IP Tunneling support
      • add back libA2DP.so
    • From myhero-0.1.0 to myhero-1.0.0:
      • upgrade to Hero rom 1.79.482.3, all the things back. (HTC Camera, footprints, GTalk...etc)
      • clean up system/xbin, only busybox and su now.
      • clean up system/bin
  • Version 0.x.x
    • From myhero-0.1.0 to myhero-0.1.1:
      • using same kernel as myhero 1.x.x
      • added: Market Enabler, wifi tether
      • add back: RingtoneTrimmer, GTalk
      • clean up system/xbin, only busybox and su now.
  • Extra
    • 2009-09-23 my app2sd method release as patch.
    • 2009-09-16 Compile kernel 2.6.29 with BFS patch
    • 2009-08-28 Compile HTCs kernel with netfilter, cifs, fuse and IP tunneling.
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Jun 13, 2008
Is this build bugged by the wallpaper bug and cannot change lockscreen?
and also is this optimized?


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Jul 4, 2009
Before I install, is bluetooth working as well as before?

I was able to listen to music via bluetooth, is that still working?
I think it just same as before. Please try it and let me know.

With my nokia BH-104 bluetooth headset, i can pair up and adjust volume by headset. It is same as before for me.


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Jul 4, 2009
I'm currently using Amon_RA's ROM (no more Hero for now :p), but back then I remembered trying myhero0.07 or something and it was awesome! Hope it continues on :D. Thanks redglasses!


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Jan 5, 2009
Krakow (Poland)
I'm currently using Amon_RA's ROM (no more Hero for now :p), but back then I remembered trying myhero0.07 or something and it was awesome! Hope it continues on :D. Thanks redglasses!

I never tried before an hero ROM due to many reports of issues. Since the I read the comments on the v0.0.8 I dig in on that. And is probably one of the only ROM's who has the HTC Sync running!

I'm at work and I'm downloading it as well.. I'll be waiting a bit longer as due to all the things slowing down the network here that I can do nothing about it ;)


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Aug 8, 2009
Yet no "H" for HSDPA connectivity in the task bar.

So far the speed is still superb, wallpapers are selectable by default as Red already described.
Will be testing BT tomorrow otw to work, x-ing fingers that it works as well as in v0.1.0.

Java works.
Market enabler is on by default.
Footprints on by default.
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Jun 3, 2008
Oke then switching my Magic to this hero Rom..i'm really glad that redglasses creating his own thread..yihaaaa...

Oh..btw..somebody please mirror this to rapidshare..
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Jan 5, 2009
Krakow (Poland)
One bug.. seems like even the green led is not working..

Mine is working the led hihihihih :D I just flash the ROM!!

Second update.. on the myhero v0.1.0 I'm able ear music on my BT (Dell BH200), on this one it pair and connects, but no sound at all! I reseted the BT, the device several times and no luck.. Any one with different results?
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