{ROM}[32B G1 / MT3G] Eclair 2.1 v2.6 w/ Camera 2/12/10

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Aug 11, 2009
Eclair aosp build

............................................................Meet The AOSP EclairTeam.............................................................

http://twitter.com/eugene373 .......... http://twitter.com/TwistedUmbrella ......... http://twitter.com/DJJesterpezz ........ http://twitter.com/barakinflorida ... & http://twitter.com/shafty023 For his Helpful Inputs as Well.

And Finally
-goldenarmZ. Be Sure to thank him @ XDA http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=588162
- http://twitter.com/cyanogen for Building Such a Solid Kernel for the Base of this Rom.

Part. 1.
Things you need to Know before installing
A. You must have the Danger SPL Installed 1.33.2005 or any Eng SPL above.
B. We are Not Responsible for any Damage that may occurs to your Phone
C. If You Post a Bug, For the Love of God. Post your Damn Hardware People

Part. 2.
A. Wipe Data Partition / Wipe Cache / Wipe Dalvik-cache / Wipe SD:ext / To Avoid problems Flashing.
B. G1 User's Need 3 Partitions ( Fat32 / Ext 2 / 3 are Supported / Swap ).
C. Recommend Amon_RA Latest Recovery.

If you like our work check out this link... Eugene373 Donation Link

Base Firmware: 2.1

Radio Required: Latest Radio

SPL Required: Death SPL
DeathSPL For G1's Can be Found here DeathSPL-G1.zip

Works For G1 & MyTouch 3G Phone’s

Thank You NCommander For Putting Source Up For Cam Driver :)

AOSP2.6 With Camera

-Reverted to Cyanogen Kernel till I get all the Patches into my Kernel.
-Settings Fixed
-Sounds & Display Fixed
-Settings Now shows ext Partition space
-Power Control Widget Fixed
-Launcher 2 is Now Sized Correctly, Still has bugs in it though. Use the Scroll Ball for getting to Youtube and Bottom app's.. Still working on fixing..
*When adding App to any Screen in the Launcher2, add by shortcuts & Application from the widget setting control's for now.*
-BT Fixed & working now.
-Reboot Option still Broken atm
-Tethering App added
-Most FC have been Fixed.
-MT Broke till Monday
-Huge Speed Increase After fixing some bug's
* Still has Bug's, but wanted to get a Stable Build out for this weekend*

AOSP2.5 With Camera & MT
Standard Boot: No 10mb Ram Hack download here AOSP_Update.zip

-Kernel By Eugene373 w/ 10MB Ram Hack
- MT working in Browser
-MT working in MAP's w/ Hack for Nav.
-Voice Search via. Keyboard working
-MT working in BB Gallery
-Landscape Working
-Camera Working Thanks to NCommander Posting Source
-Custom Themed Launcher.. Home is set Correctly, But I goofed on the App's Locations
-Launcher2 added w/ Phone & Web Browser working... I know about the Size issue.
-Live Wallpapers working
-Wallpaper Gallery Working
-Deskclock Working
-Geniewidget Working
-Removed MoTo CAL
-Removed MoTo Gal
-Removed Home Portal
-Removed MySpace
-Removed Twidroid
-Removed Media Gallery
-Removed MoTo Weather Widget
-Swap only
-Removed The Nexus Boot
-Few Minor Bugs Fixed
-Carhome Graphical Fixed by Manup456
-*Things I've Might Missed*

AOSP2.4 With Camera

-Camera Working Thanks to NCommander Posting Source
-Added MoTo CAL
-Added MoTo Gal
-Added Home Portal
-Added Facebook
-Added MySpace
-Added Twidroid
-Added Media Gallery
-Added MoTo Weather Widget
-Fixed Busybox Links
-Swap only
-CC is Turned Off
-Moved The Nexus Boot from V.2.2 to Data location
-Few Minor Bugs Fixed
-Carhome Graphical Fixed by Manup456
-*Things I've Might Missed*

Eclair 2.0.1 V.2.2 :AOSP2.2.zip
You must have the Danger SPL Installed 1.33.2005 or any Eng SPL above."Your Fastboot Needs To look like this http://twitpic.com/tmwtn One the G1 For this Version, Thank you to Who ever I stole the image from the Net!
New Boot Startup
-New Ringers
-A2sd Fixed
Few Bugs Fixed.
-Last Update!

AOSPV2.2____----> Yes The Death SPL Is needed, It Changes the Partition mapping to that of a Magic!! Eng. SPL for the G1 DOES NOT DO THIS!!
AOSPv2,2 Is a New Breed!!

AOSP Eclair 2.0.1 v2.1 ( THANK YOU MANUP456 )
Download: Download: AOSP v2.1 Full Sync Working
First and For most, I want to thank Manup456 for porting over 2.0.1 eclair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All Moto Apps have been Removed, I'll Be making an Add-on pack later today!!!!
Here Is the Changes I made to Manup456's Port!

Aosp2.0 - /bin
AOSP2.0 - /lib

*Kernel Edits
-Added Sapphire.rc
-CM init.d For a2sd / CC
-init.rc added to /system ( idea from jac / CM )
-init.rc /data
-Modules loads from ram disk ( idea from CM )

*Rom Base
-Data File added
-Meta edit
-Boot.img has CM Kernel

*Apps Added from Milestone
-Might have missed some?



* Edits / Fix in general
-BT / MT3G
-Orantation / G-sensor
-Edit APN from CM
-Zipaline /bin
-CC /bin
-G1 / Sapphire Detection from CM
-Swap / CC from CM ( Controlled by ect/init.d )
-Auto Cpu Scaling ( Huge Mix of A2SD that I've Merged Together ) CM / Jac-Ski / GoldenarmZ
-Paid apps fixed In both Build.props
-Voice Search Fixed
-Cleaned up the /system/usr folder

Hope this Helps, I don't know If I'm forgeting anything else, but there was a lot to remember.

Glad I got to work with you Manup456!

Part. 5.
*Change Log & Issue's*
Edit's Done by Eugene373 / TwistedUmbrella / DJJesterpezz / barakinflorida
Added in CM-42 Kernel
Edited the Ramdisk for Both Dream & MyTouch 3G Support. InIt. MyTouch 3G BT Would not work, and a few Misc Problems.
-a2sd ext 2 / 3 / 4 - ( cyanogen's a2sd script, Modded by GoldenarmZ )
-Trackball Light Working
-Google sync is broke, be sure to turn off. Don't Worry, the above Fix will Set you right up.
-facebook app from sholes dump
-Wifi working for Both G1 & MyTouch 3G
-BT Working For Both G1 & MyTouch 3G
-WiFi Tether added & Working

-Droid Boot Anim Added, But needs Resized.
-Huge Ringtones edits, LG / Droid / Donut / Milestone
-Cyanogen APN List
-MoTo Weather Widget Added
-Moto Frameworks added
-CarDock Added & Working
-Moto Cal
-Moto Gal
-Media Gallery, Issue's. All Picture & Folder's Only work.
-Support For system/init.rc & Data/init.rc Added in Ramdisk.
-init.sapphire.rc Added into Ramdisk

-Hacked Maps for Outside USA Thanks to Brut.all and TAPP
-join latitude is working
-youtube working It's a 50 / 50 Chance Working or not work. Works for some, and not for Other's
-Light Sensors Working on dock runner
-Moto Frameworks Fix / Correct Permissions
-Themed by DJJesterpezz. Now looks truly like eclair
-Twisted Mod's to Ramdisk implement. Huge Clean-up done by TwistedUmbrella
-barakinflorida HW / Trout & Sapphire / sensor added for working orientation
-Auto CPU Scaling
-TwistedUmbrella init.d implement, Thanks Cyanogen
-TwistedUmbrella Edited Build.props Thanks Cyanogen
-TwistedUmbrella /System/Bin Clean-up and Edit's.

-Full Paid Apps in Market Listed.
-Amazon MP3
-Custom Locals
-Spare Parts
-Dev. Tools
-Voice Search For Google Nav. And
-MoTo Portal, WiFi only works http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QY3UPa8IW_Y
-Defualt Setup wizard fixed
-System Links Fixed
-Busybox system links Fixed
-File Structure Change
-Cache is formatted at end of flashing rom

Not working

Download: AOSP20
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Aug 11, 2009
Eclair AOSP20
Exchange added Back in By Demand
-Moto Cal
-MoTo Gal
* These Apps will Drain You Battery, Which was why they was removed*

Eclair AOSP19
*Must Wipe Before Installing*
-CC / Swap Working
-Youtube Working only By Data. Youtube Will NOT WORK OVER WIFI!
-SU should no longer Hang as before.
-Auto Zipalign, Working in AOSP18, Just forgot to post it.
-Removed MoTO Cal
-Removed MoTo Gal
-Add in myspace
-Fixed a few Config problems.
-Speed tweaks
-Few Other things I can't remember now!
-Trackball Glows with Exchange per new Mail, pending your setup config.

Eclair AOSP18
*Must Wipe Before Installing*
-Fixed Power Issue's
-Ramdisk Edit's
-CPU Scaling Fixed
-Minor speed Tweeks
-Wired Tether Added

Download For Eclair AOSP
First Legal Release
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Sep 2, 2009

Im flashing this right now, report back when im done but i was wondering when e will see gallery in an ecair? or is that something were waiting for like camera, new drivers?


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Jun 23, 2009
wowow great work eugene

just checked out your ramdisk, I REALLY like what you've done.

I will most likely use it in my build and obviously give proper credit where it is due :D


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Jul 18, 2009
Same here, boot loop on the "Droid" logo. I was watching with logcat and I have no idea if this is relevant but it gets to this then starts over just after...

I/PackageManager(  175): No current settings file!
W/PackageManager(  175): Running ENG build: no pre-dexopt!
W/PackageManager(  175): Library not found: /system/framework/com.google.android.datamessaging.jar
D/PackageManager(  175): Scanning app dir /system/framework
I/PackageManager(  175): /system/framework/framework-res.apk changed; collecting certs

Standard answer to usual question - yes full wipe done, even went in to clear out manually just in case.