[ROM][4.0.4][OFFICIAL]CeruleanOS 9.3.x Downloads [OTA 1.9 Added] {Shelved for some time}

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Oct 25, 2022
Tokai, Aichi, Japan
Try this fixed build prop, PA's About ROM page on settings looks for ro.pa.version and it has a hardcoded format (at least the ICS PA version) 'PARANOIDANDROID-pa_device-1.5-DMONTHYEAR-HHMMSS"


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  1. Download the latest Full ROM file and the latest OTA Patch (If available)
  2. Reboot into Recovery using 3-button-combo
  3. Do a Nandroid Backup!
  4. Install CWM Recovery
  5. Reboot into new Recovery using 3-button-combo
  6. Install CWM Recovery
  7. Reboot into new Recovery using 3-button-combo
  8. Install the ROM from sdcard
  9. Reboot recovery again
  10. Install the OTA Update
  11. Reboot system
  12. Done!
I followed this method and ended up stuck at Samsung boot logo. I was on stock rom

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    CeruleanOS 9.3 Download Page

    Galaxy Y GT-S5360

    Thread Log
    Update 1 [29/02/23]:  Added Source Codes
    Update 2 [29/03/23]:  Edited Thread format
    Update 3 [29/03/23]:  Project Name Changed from Optimized CyanogenMod to CeruleanOS
    Update 4 [30/03/23]:  Added Stable 1.1 Full ROM
    Update 5 [31/03/23]:  Added Stable 1.2 OTA Patch and Full ROM
    Update 6 [07/04/23]:  Added Stable 1.3 OTA Patch
    Update 7 [07/04/23]:  Added Nightly 1.3.1 OTA Patch
    Update 8 [11/04/23]:  Added Stable 1.4 OTA Patch
    Update 9 [24/04/23]:  Added Nightly 1.5 OTA Patch
    Update 10 [24/04/23]: Added New Jellybean Screenshots
    Update 11 [24/04/23]: Updated Thread Format
    Update 12 [29/04/23]: Added Wiki Thread Link, Changed this thread to a Download Page
    Update 13 [29/04/23]: Added COS 9.3 Stable 1.6 Full ROM OTA
    Update 14 [30/04/23]: Changed Stable 1.6 download link
    Update 15 [14/05/23]: Added COS 9.3.1 Stable 1.7 LTR
    Update 16 [14/05/23]: Updated Thread Format, added info on release types, channels and release cycle
    Update 17 [25/05/23]: Added COS 9.3.2 Stable 1.8 LTR
    Update 18 [20/06/23]: Added COS 9.3.3 Stable 1.9 STR

    [August 29, 2023]: The project is shelved as of writing this update due to my Galaxy Y living on life support at this point, I will try to release the next updates as soon as I get my Galaxy Y to be working. Don't expect updates for atleast another week or two.

    Release Types

    OTA Patch

    An Update which is released as a patch, it does nothing on its own, it needs to be flashed on a preinstalled release. These are small in sizes and don't require formatting data. Do not flash these patches on any other ROM as it may brick your device.

    An Update which is released as a standalone ROM, it does not require any ROM to be flashed, it requires an empty system partition (that means you will have to remove previous ROM). Flashing these Updates on top of another ROM without wiping the old one may cause a lot of issues.

    Release Channels
    • Stable
      These releases are very stable and can be used for daily purposes.

    • Beta
      These releases are not very stable, these try to bring new features which may cause a few issues. These are usually short term releases. These maybe supported till atmost 7 days.

    • Alpha/Testing
      These releases are not stable, these might not boot and may have a lot of issues. These are usually very short term releases. These maybe supported till atmost 4 days.

    Release Cycle
    this is the release cycle which has been adapted from release 9.3.2 // Stable 1.8
    • Long Term Release (LTR)
      These will be long term releases and will mostly try to play safe, these won't be filled with features but will act as a base to the newer STRs, these will be shipped as full ROM Update zips and not patch. These will atleast be the base for 2 weeks.

    • Short Term Releases (STR)
      These will bring frequent changes, these releases maybe stable, beta or maybe even alpha, but mostly expect it as a beta update with a few stable ones, these releases will be frequent (atleast once a week and atmost 3 a day). These releases try to bring new stuff. These will be atmost last for 10 days if no new release is available, if an update is available these builds will be archived/obsolete.

    • Daily Builds?

    Note: Release naming has changed and now the internal naming will still be the same (1.7,1.8 ...) but the display version names will go like (9.3.1, 9.3.2...)

    Go to the Wiki Thread to get further ROM info

    Source Code
    Kernel Source (bcm21553-common)
    Device Trees (Totoro)
    Device Trees (bcm21553-common)
    ROM Source Code (This ROM is based off of Afaneh92's CyanogenMod 9.2)
    Base ROM Thread


    9.3.2 Stable 1.8 LTR [ROM] [Base]

    Stable 1.7 Full ROM
    Stable 1.6 Full ROM
    Stable 1.2 Full ROM
    (Removed because both did not support OTA, updating would have been a headache)
    Stable 1.1
    Stable 1.0


    Archives (obsolete)
    9.3.3 Beta // 1.9 STR [LATEST] [Patch]
    Archives (outdated)
    1.3.1 (outdated)

    CWM Downloads

    From Stock/CM7/CM9:
    1. Download the latest Full ROM file and the latest OTA Patch (If available)
    2. Reboot into Recovery using 3-button-combo
    3. Do a Nandroid Backup!
    4. Install CWM Recovery
    5. Reboot into new Recovery using 3-button-combo
    6. Install CWM Recovery
    7. Reboot into new Recovery using 3-button-combo
    8. Install the ROM from sdcard
    9. Reboot recovery again
    10. Install the OTA Update
    11. Reboot system
    12. Done!
    Downgrading from CM11:
    1. Download the latest Full ROM file and the latest OTA Patch (If Available)
    2. Reboot into Recovery using 3-button-combo
    3. Do a Nandroid Backup!
    4. WIPE (wipe data/factory reset + wipe cache partition + format /system partition)
    5. Install the ROM from sdcard
    6. Reboot recovery again
    7. Install the OTA Update
    8. Reboot system
    9. Done!
    Updating COS 9.3.x to the latest release (follow if you have CeruleanOS installed):
    OTA Patch Update:
    1. Download the OTA Patch ZIP
    2. Reboot into Recovery using 3-button-combo
    3. Do a Nandroid Backup!
    4. Mount System, Sdcard, Cache and Data (Always)
    5. Install the OTA Patch from sdcard
    6. Done!
    OTA Full Update:
    1. Download the OTA Full ZIP
    2. Reboot into Recovery using 3-button-combo
    3. Do a Nandroid Backup!
    4. Wipe System Only
    5. Mount System, Sdcard, Cache and Data (Always)
    6. Install the OTA Patch from sdcard
    7. Done!

    Format: ###[Version Type] [Version Number] [DD/MM/YYYY] ### Beta 1.9 [09/06/2023] Release Overview: Major Performance update, adds pure performances X (tweaked for better performance), the ROM is now faster than Stock ROM and possibly even CM7 making it the FASTEST ROM for Galaxy Y. Also Introduces AROMA INSTALLER (BETA), a few UI changes too like a new android KitKat (4.4.x)/Jellybean (4.3.x) SystemUI with seperated notifications tab and quick settings panel, Trebuchet is back! (yes for the third time now) this time faster than ever. Updater app has a new grayed out look but its not permanent right now. New default wallpaper. - CodeName: Jelly Pudding - Fairly Big release (The biggest performance/backend release but nothing much new visually) - 11th Release - 3rd Beta Release - Added Aroma Installer - Fixed Apollo Force Closing on playing music - Significant Performance Improvement! (Possibly now the fastest Galaxy Y ROM) - Replaced Kiss Launcher with Trebuchet again - New android KitKat like quick settings and notifications panel - New Default Wallpaper! - Added Pure Performances X (tweaked for even better performance) - Slightly revamped Updates app UI (White-ish accent, KitKat like) - New QuickPanel Settings App ### Stable 1.8 [25/05/2023] Release Overview: The biggest update yet, (I know that I have been dropping big updates for some time now) Many many changes, majorly this release makes all apps in the ROM completely Free and Open Source. Reduced size significantly (again) the rom now stands at a 97mb and system only takes around 50mb that with more features than before! Majorly increases performance and complete app changes. This is also the smallest the ROM has ever been till now, also is the first build which ships with its own default wallpaper. - CodeName: Iced-Donut - Biggest Stable Release yet (Completely changed) - 10th Release - 8th Stable Release - Introduces Release specific Default Wallpaper! (This release its a donut) - Removed Alsa (I know I have been removing a lot of things, I am trying to get Aroma installer to work, once that works, YOU will have the choice for what you want to install) - Replaced CM10 themed Apollo with actual CM10 Apollo (FOSS) - Replaced AOSP Email app with K-9 Mail (FOSS) - Replaced AOSP browser with Lightning Browser (FOSS) - Updated CM File Manager (more features and Dark theme!) (FOSS) - Replaced Trebuchet with KISS Launcher (FOSS) - Added Text Warrior (FOSS Text Editor) - Added back 40int2ext, a script which uses SD-Ext partition as internal storage (can be partitioned upto 4GB) - Added SwapitOn (Enables memory swapping). - Debloated AOSP IME Keyboard (from 12mb to 3mb approx.) - Updated SuperSU - Debloated (102mb to 97mb) - Updated System Settings Changelog - Performance Increase (Again the fastest build yet) ### Stable 1.7 [14/05/2023] Release Overview: Yet another huge update, this is an all rounder and improves in all aspects. Also the biggest update till its release date. The update is based off of a completely different base, afaneh98's LineageOS 9 and reduces the lag significantly, the most stable release yet it fixes browser crashing on search, email crashing on opening and debloats the rom once again! this time all the previous mods which were added are now removed and this is an optimized version which is possibly the fastest cm9 ROM. The ROM removes all the previous features like firewall and adblock, sound booster scripts and is now aiming at minimizing the bloat. The "mods" will now be available as addons. The ROM brings a new release cycle. Continued as it is the latest build. - CodeName: Hummingbird-cake - Huge Stable Release (fully remastered) - 9th Release - 7th Stable Release - Removed the following things - Removed Auto Partition Detection (you can download it via addons section) - Removed JellyBean Theme (you can download it via addons section) - Removed Phone, Contacts, Stk, MMS (3G sims are unsupported anyway so their is no point in keeping these) - Broadcom Booster (made the device slower for some reason) - Nova Launcher (Using trebuchet now, its lighter and foss) - Adrenaline Engine - Pure Performances X - Live Wallpapers and a few wallpapers (will be added back soon, I am trying to do something awesome) - Movies Studio - Speech Recorder - Fixed Browser Crashing on search - Fixed Email crashing on opening - Fixed Bootloops - Fixed Updater Crashing on Update Available - New LineageOS bootanimation - Added new charging animation (thanks to afaneh for that) - Cleaned the ROM (size has reduced significantly, only 102.9mb compared to the earlier 130mb) - Increased Performance significantly (fastest build yet) - Many other minor changes. ### Stable 1.6 [29/04/2023] Release Overview: The Big Update! Probably the biggest Update YET. It brings alot of things and is a release which is released as a FULL ROM and not just an Update/Patch, massive changes like removing stuff, adding stuff and more. This release specifically focuses on cleaning the ROM and puts emphasis to "Sound" adds tons of fine tunings to get that sound out of the ROM! also removes many conflicting mods, adds Auto Partition Detection, adds security features like firewall and adblock and finally is the release which changes the ROM from 9.2 to 9.3. Release Archived since 1.7 - CodeName: Gelato - Massive Stable Release (A lot of changes) - 8th Release - 6th Stable release - Added and Finalized Auto Partition Detection (Automatically detects SD Card Partition and uses it as internal storage) - Added JellyBean Camera and Gallery App - Replaced Stock Launcher from Nova Launcher (Not the paid version) - Updated MiXPlorer - Added More CM Wallpapers - Added Beats Sound Mod Widget - Replaced ROM Manager from CWM Manager - Updated Calendar App - Added Dolby Surround Sound - Added Viper4Android FX - Added DroidWall (Firewall) - Added BuiltIn Ad Blocker (More than 27000 Sites blocked) - Added Xposed Installer - Added QuickSearchBox - Removed the following mods due to conflict issues, kept the best settings in the ROM for best experience, this actually makes the ROM FASTER : - Pure Performances X - Fly-On - XTweaks - Velocity-7.1 - Ultimate Performance V9 - Fluid Engine - Thunder Script - Cosmic Mods - Fixed Bootloops on excess apps - Modified Scripts for best settings - Shipped as Full ROM Zip (yeah these aren't completely discontinued, its just that they won't be released as frequently as OTA Patches) - COS Display Version changed from 9.2 to 9.3 (The changes are so many that its right to do so) - Officially Kills the Release 1.2, this is the new Base Version. ### Nightly 1.5 [24/04/2023] Release Shipment: OTA Patch Release Overview: This is mostly a cosmetic release, it just adds new UI Stuff, so its the biggest Visual change yet but the least backend and performance changes. This version is dead since release 1.6 - CodeName: FruitCake - Major Nightly Release (Many Changes) - 7th Release - 2nd Nightly release - Introduced new jellybeanUI (Merged JellyCreamSandwhich with this one) - Added New BootAnimation to fit the Jellybean UI (CyanogenMod 10) - RE-Replaced Open Camera with Stock Camera - Added Jellybean StatusBar - Added Jellybean Icons - Added Jellybean Easter Egg - No new performance mods, in this release ### Stable 1.4 [11/04/2023] Release Shipment: OTA Patch Release Overview: This is mostly a bug fix and app updates release, it does add a few things, and brings some things but nothing more than that. The release is majorly focused on camera, the camera performance/ quality has been improved. This version is dead since 1.6 - CodeName: Esterházy torte - Major Stable Release (Many Changes) - Sixth Release - Fifth Stable release - Finally Completely Fixed Updater App and slight UI Overhaul - Updated Build.prop - Added New BootAnimation (CyanogenMod latest) - Replaced Stock Camera with Open Camera - Updated Pie Controls from version 1.0 > version 1.4.0 (way more features and customization) - Added Auto Partition Detection - Finalized Bravia Engine 3, it will now be permanent in future updates - New Updater Script while flashing - Minor changes ### Nightly 1.31 [07/04/2023] Release Shipment: OTA Patch Release Overview: This is just a minor release and thats why it did not receive its own dedicated number and alphabet. Adds bravia engine 3. This version is dead since 1.5 - CodeName: Dhondas - First Nightly Release - Fifth Total Release - Minor Nightly Release - Added Bravia Engine 3 - Minor chages ### Stable 1.3 [07/04/2023] Release Shipment: OTA Patch Release Overview: Probably the biggest major before release 1.6, adds a LOT of performance tweaks, changes and stuff, fixes some issues, updates apps, introduces features and majorly this is a Performance Release. This version is dead since release 1.4 - CodeName: Dark Chocolate - Major Stable Release (many changes) - Fourth Relase - Updated the Updater App (Fixed the bug in which it always displayed Update available) - Curated the Build.prop (heavily changed) - Added Pure Performances X - Added CrossBreeder - Added Fly-On - Added Seeder V7 - Added XTweaks - Added Velocity-7.1 - Added XForce Haveged - Added Ultimate Performance V9 - Added Fluid Engine - Added PDB ABST - Added Defiant SwapItOn - Added Thunder Script - Added Cosmic Mods - Added CrossBreeder App - Minor chages ### Stable 1.2 [31/03/2023] Release Shipment: OTA Full Zip/OTA Patch Release Overview: Minor release, majorly fixes and Introduces OTA Updates.This version is dead since release 1.6 (probably the longest running release. Not because of choice but rather no choice, I had no choice but to continue this for so long as the newer releases were not possible to ship as Full Zips.) - CodeName: CandyCane - Minor Stable Release (few changes) - Third Release - Added Updater App! (Now you won't have to view this thread for updates) - Updated/Modified Build.prop ### Stable 1.1 [30/03/2023] Release Shipment: Non-OTA Full Zip Release Overview: Quite a major release, first release with the CeruleanOS name and introduces some changes like adding back email. This version is dead since release 1.2 - CodeName: Bebinca - Major Stable Release (many changes) - Second Release - Rebranded ROM Name from Optimized CyanogenMod to CeruleanOS - Added Exchange Back (Bootloops fixed) - Added Email (Bootloops fixed) - Modified Build.prop - Removed few wallpapers (To reduce storage usage) - Minor changes - Reduced Size Significantly (16.5mb less) ### Stable 1.0 [29/02/2023] Release Shipment: Non-OTA Full Zip Release Overview: Nothing much it is a ROM with a lot of quality of life improvements.This version is dead since release 1.2 - CodeName: Amandine - Initial Release - Added AdrenalineEngine - Added PurePerformancesX - Added Pie Controls - Removed Exchange (Caused Bootloops)* - Removed Email (Caused Bootloops)* - Modified Build.prop - Added Wallpapers - Replaced Stock Apollo Music Player with JB Themed (Faster) - Replaced CyanogenMod File Manager with MiXPlorer - Added Seeder Entropy Boost - Based on Afaneh's CyanogenMod9.2 (Not Lineage9) - Added ROM Manager - Added Alsa Sound

    ROM Info
    Latest Stable Relase: 1.8
    Latest Beta Relase: 1.9
    Latest Stable Codename: Iced Donut
    Latest Beta Codename: Jelly Pudding
    Build Date Stable: 2023-05-25
    Build Date Beta: 2023-06-09
    Build Date Alpha: Null
    Build Type: Official
    Android Version: 4.0.4
    CeruleanOS/LineageOS Version: 9.3.3
    Author: Manav Harsana

    @afaneh92 (For LOS9.2)
    androidarmv6 (for Device Sources)
    broadcomcm (For more Device Sources)
    xda (For everything)
    cyanogenmod (For CyanogenMod)

    @bieltv (For CM9)
    @sohamsen (For Ultimate Performance)
    @LordArcadius (For ABS Tweaks)
    @luqman98 (For BroadCom Booster)
    @Jeeko (For PurePerformances X)
    @ImbaWind[/USE[S]R[/S]] (For Adrenaline Engine)[/B][/SIZE][/S]
    (For Cosmic Mods)
    @fivefour (For CrossBreeder)
    @defiant07 (For SwapItOn)
    @RenzkiPH (For XForce Tweaks)
    @DorianX (For XTweaks V2.0)

    @kaustubh.rockstar (For Thunder Tweaks)

    @Spex (For Project Fluid)
    @slaid480 (For Fly-On)
    @Ne.xt (For Velocity)
    @Android-fany (For SmartFluid)

    It's great to see that galaxy y has a stable android 4.0 version. you are a genius
    Thank you. I gguess someone had to look after CM9.
    It's great to see that galaxy y has a stable android 4.0 version. you are a genius
    Can I port this to DUOS?