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Sep 19, 2011

Hi guys,
I installed the CM 10 and Gapps. Plus a few apps that I don't think they have services running (I use them and close).
I noticed that after installing Viber and WhatsApp, phone is extremely slow. Sometimes seems like it's frozen... take several seconds to respond to touch. Do you guys have the same problem? I don't know if there is something you can do for it to work faster.
I searched and don't see people complaining much about the performance... so I'm wondering why I have this problem. To start one application it takes a loooooong time and response time from touches are awful... :(
Any help is appreciated.


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Jul 26, 2007
Today Google Maps came out with an update that looks to have some very nice new features. For one, it will suggest a new route during navigation when this new route is faster then the original (similar to Waze).

The new Maps wasn't available through Google play yet for me (being rolled out), so I downloaded an APK and installed it. The performance was very bad graphically and it rebooted my device once.

Has anyone downloaded and had success with it?

I reinstalled the old version and all is well again. I don't know if there was an issue with the APK or if it is a problem with our device/CM10.


I got the APK from this link: http://www.androidpolice.com/2013/0...interface-refresh-functionality-enhancements/

[update] Maps was rolled out to my device. The official version worked much better, but I still saw graphical issues with the screen stitching (?) in a strange way. Not all the time, but sometimes. I suspect it should be fine and that it is indicative of a Maps problem and not an issue with the ROM/device.

I had video issues with the new maps also. Fortunately I had a Titanium backup of the old Maps.


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Sep 11, 2012
Its not maps. It's because our phone isn't running stock 4.2 I used maps in an s3 and 4 and it Wyeth's fine, no issues at all.

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Jan 28, 2011
Its not maps. It's because our phone isn't running stock 4.2 I used maps in an s3 and 4 and it Wyeth's fine, no issues at all.

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There is a small forum on this issue: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2361462

The best I saw from that is that the poor performance is due to our kernel's lack of Ion which is related to memory management and was introduced with ICS. All native ICS and greater phones should be able to run Maps with no such issues.

I will use the old version of Maps (6.14.4) and use Waze when I expect that traffic conditions could change while in mid-route.


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Sep 3, 2011
can someone upload the last pre 7.x maps
i'm thinking of switching back due to performance

also, maps is taking up idle battery life again
i forgot what settings to put to stop it, and there isnt much setting to play with in the new maps
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    Cyanogenmod 10

    Working: on 4.1.2
    Camera (with some minor annoyances)
    Wifi and USB tethering

    Not working
    Please let me know and I will update

    Latest Build 2.6 Kernel:

    CM 10 Build Date 04/15/2013
    *2.6.35 OC Kernel built from arco's ics-2.6.35 source with cherry-picks from Christopher83 for OC and using his Linaro GCC 4.7.-2013.03 (4.7.3) toolchain
    *Sync with latest CM sources

    Latest Build 3.0 Kernel:

    CM 10 Build Date 04/02/2013
    *Sync with Arco's latest kernel source 3.0.71
    *Hopefully WEP is working with ivendors fix
    *Sync with latest CM sources

    CM 10 Build Date 03/09/2013
    *Sync with Arco's latest kernel source
    *cars camerahal fix
    *Sync with latest CM sources

    CM 10 Build Date 02/25/2013
    *New kernel 3.0.66 built from arco's JB3.0
    *New Exhibit splash screen
    *Camera Flash is working
    *WIFI Tethering is back
    *Sync with latest CM sources

    CM 10 Build Date 02/17/2013
    *New kernel 3.0.64 built from arco's JB3.0 pmem branch
    *4.2 gesture keyboard
    *Sync with latest CM sources

    CM 10 Build Date 02/11/2013 Features 3.0.62 Kernel with working camera! (Huge thanks to Arco68)

    CM 10 Build Date 11/26/2012 MD5 Sum: db905c0a84bb5a57be944af8cc2fc668
    Mirror Thanks Bloodflame
    WIFI and USB Tethering
    Dim behind statusbar mod
    RIL (911) fix

    JB Gapps for 4.1 20121011
    SwapSD by Jocala for JB
    Bloodflame's battery mod
    4.2 keyboard (gesture typing) & Gmail for 4.1
    CM9 CameraHal for CM10 based roms to include RootBox, SlimBean, MiUi, etc....
    Thanks lunerceli

    These are forked from Arco's Thread (Many Thanks!) May be useful for those with many apps

    Install AppBak from Market, run it and save a list of all your apps.
    Install SMS Backup and Restore from Market, run it and backup your SMS history.
    Install Call Logs Backup and Restore from Market, run it and backup your call log history.

    WARNING: Many apps will Force Close crash if you restore data from a previous ROM.

    Special Thanks:
    Cyanogenmod Team (Donate)
    Root-Box Team (Donate)
    AOKP Team (Donate)
    Paranoid Team (Donate)
    Arco (Donate)
    Jocala (Donate)
    ivendor (Donate)
    crybert (Donate)
    BPear (Donate)
    Smartguy (or as I like to think of him Super Penguin) (Donate)
    and anyone else my feeble mind may have forgotten!
    ok guys so i got a oc kernel working and although i dont read much into benchmark scores my antutu scored 700 pts higher with my kernel....im also gonna work with camcory to add bln support to a lib file so itll work on his roms
    PACman ROM Custom Boot Animation

    Alright, first of all, I apologize for not releasing this sooner. Long story short, I've been very busy these last few days (I've hardly even been on XDA at all!) But anyway, I completely scrapped the first two boot animations I started working on a few days ago, and started out fresh this morning on this one. I may or may not make another. I do still have ideas, but we'll see if I have the ambition to go through with them. No promises at this point.



    Download: http://d-h.st/B7T

    1. Copy zip to your phone. DO NOT attempt to flash in CWM (I can make a flashable version, if requested)
    2. Open a file manager with root permissions (such as Solid Explorer, ES File Explorer, or the new CM File Manager)
    3. Rename the file to bootanimation.zip
    4. Copy to either /system/media or /data/local (either is fine, but both is pointless)
    5. Set permissions to -rw-r--r-- (CHMOD 644)
    6. Reboot!
    7. Click the Thanks button on this post :cool:

    This will work with any ROM for any phone with an HDPI screen (800x480), however it was made with the PACman ROM in mind.
    Note: Some ROMs and/or devices have a different filename and/or location for boot animations. If you wish to use this elsewhere, it is your responsibility to figure out how to apply it.

    *** Disclaimer *** Same stuff as everyone else says... I won't be held responsible if you brick your phone because you were too ignorant to read directions. I am not accountable for your actions - only you are. Boot animations are a fairly simple thing to change, and I can't even think of any way to mess up your phone by changing it, but if you somehow do, you can only blame yourself. If you whine to me about it, I will laugh at you.