[ROM][4.1.2 JB]Ultimate N7000 LT4 JB 4.1.2 v6 |Solid~Smooth~Battery Friendly|15/05/13

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Jul 13, 2011
After being on several roms for many years I have finally settled with Ultimate ROM and no problems anymore.

Slim ROM, PA ROM... all have issues with Whatsapp and Music playback hanging. Such a pain.

Now being on this good old rom has given so much relief. Installed Gravitybox for few things I missed from custom roms. Heck this is even faster than Slim and PA rom.
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Mar 6, 2014
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7
I figured how to re-enable logcat (by commenting last lines in /system/etc/init.d/s73cleaner).
Now I have another issue: looks like, if I update busybox, the old one installs itself on reboot.
Is there a way to prevent this and keep the new busybox?


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May 20, 2016
battery leak after install

Hi i have a problem on battery,no charge install the this V6 rom,,,,,ant one can help ??:(:(


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May 1, 2014
What Manigma said: On newer versions the music player stops and forces me to restart the phone.
This version has the old fasttoggles and I love it. Also the clock on the patternscreen, which is removed from 5.1 and further.
Only drawback: I have Gravity installed and activated the software buttons. No problem at all, except when showing the phone keys to make a call.
The buttonbar isn't below, but through the phonescreen. But hey, I can live with that !!.

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    Hello everyone! :fingers-crossed:

    [ROM][4.1.2 JB]Ultimate N7000 XXLT4 JellyBean 4.1.2 v6 | OTA Available

    The new XXLT4 Firmware for Samsung Galaxy Note (GT-N7000) is finally out.
    ROM with a lot of features, mods, fix and addons!
    Just read the new Changelog below!​

    For donators
    Who want to support with donations please make donation ONLY using Donate Button on the dedicated blog page or on my XDA-Developers signature/profile.

    Do not send donations via UpdateMe app.

    If you like my work you can offer me a beer! :D

    Version 6 is OUT!
    New XXLT4!

    Download Link v6:
    Mirror 1 Ultimate N7000 XXLT4 JellyBean 4.1.2 v6 - Sourceforge - ONLINE on blog page

    MD5SUM: d4f054d4b7d23ddb1d20511943200fe7

    OTA Updates Changelog [15/05/2013]
    Costantly updated! Just click above to see.

    New Changelog v6: [UPDATED 26/04/2013]

    • [*]ROM Based on NEW XXLT4 Firmware
      [*]NEW PhilZ-cwm6 v4.93.6 with CWM based recovery Touch and exFAT Support – Fixed for bootloop
      [*]NEW Modem XXLT3
      [*]Updates Over The Air – OTA UpdateMe added on Settings
    • Jelly Bean 4.1.2
    • SuperSU Added
    • Fully Rooted
    • Fully Zipaligned
    • Fully Deodexed
    • Deleted some useless apps
    • Added and fixed some more Build.prop tweaks for better optimization, battery life, 3G signal and network, camera, media and more…
    • Added some more init.d optimizations
    • Switched to MTP instead of Mass Storage, you can also use Mass Storage
    • CRT OFF Animation added
    • Ultimate 4 Way Reboot Options for XXLT4 (just long press power button and decide what you want to do)
    • Fully working Lockscreen Shortcuts (thanks to eybee1970)
    • Notification Panel into Settings with possibility to change Toggles order
    • Call Recording and No ascending ringtone
    • Multiwindow Hack is available for unlimited apps
    • SMS Hack
    • SmartRotation and SmartStay Enabled
    • Ink Effect Mod
    • Dedicated app to change INK Effect Colours integrated in Settings
    • SNote work also with productivity tools
    • Airview Fix Available
    • Airview in Gallery
    • Airview works on video player too
    • Added working Galaxy S4 S-Voice
    • Added new Android 4.2 keyboard
    • Added some utilities on settings as always
    • …and more and more! Just check it out!

    Screenshots Here!

    How to Flash Video
    Thanks to hamdogg

    How to flash:

    Nandroid Backup before flash is highly recommended!

    • Load *.zip on your SD/EXT Card
    • Restart in CWM
    • Be sure you’re on SAFE KERNEL, then you can wipe
    • Full wipe /data/factory reset /cache and dalvik
    • Format /data /system and /preload
    • Flash the ROM
    • Wait some minute until your phone boot!

    For people who have Unrooted phone and ICS 4.0.4:

    I can show an easy way to flash it.

    Just download GL_NOTECORE_HYDRACORE_v4-3b_STD.tar
    • Flash it with Odin 1.85, (Click PDA, choose hydracore and press Start)
    • After this you will have Root on your phone. Restart it and check if Hydracore Kernel is correctly installed.
    • Now you can go into CWM and flash the Rom.

    (to go in recovery press Volume UP + Power Button + Home Button at same time until the phone is booted into CWM)

    The kernel you're flashing before installing Rom doesn't matter since with v4 will be replaced by PhilZ 3.1 for XXLS7

    ...That's all!

    Bootloops? Problems? Read this post:
    What to do when experiencing bootloops

    Video Reviews Collections

    Who is having problem just take a look at this video made by hamdogg

    Thanks to hamdogg and sorcio46

    That's all. :laugh:

    All feedback are appreciated. :fingers-crossed:

    If you like my work you can offer me a beer! :D


    Thanks to

    All Donators!

    hamdogg for Videos
    mythtrandyr for INK effect colour choose app
    Philz for his Safe Kernel
    Bangsti for Mirrors

    Suggestion to who want to support with donations:

    UpdateMe OTA app that I included on my ROM isn't developed by me so all donation trought it on "Configuration section" on the bottom of updateme aren't sent to me.

    • Donation will arrive to me ONLY if you go on ROM section on the top of UpdateMe on:*
      • Donate to ROM Creator (where the rom updates will usually display)*
      • or my signature in the forum
      • or my blog page.

    • I suggest to all who want support with donations to do it trought XDA or blog page on signature and NOT on UpdateMe!

    This is to avoid wrong donations.
    Thanks for attention and all donators so far! :D

    Okay, so after reading this entire thread since release of v5, I just wanted to post this:

    What to do when experiencing bootloops

    So, you flashed this ROM, had your fun and now you are stuck on the "Galaxy Note GT-N7000" screen, and nothing happens.
    Did you follow the instructions found in the OP TO THE LETTER when you installed the ROM?
    If NO: Wipe and reflash ROM according to instructions.
    If YES: Read on.
    Here is what you can try:

    1. While stuck in bootloop, hold the POWER button for five to ten seconds. The device will reboot, and it might get out of bootloop. If it boots correctly, have fun. If not, try the next step.
    2. Start the device in CWM then go to advanced - reboot recovery. Wait for recovery to reboot, then select advanced - reboot system. If this doesn't get you past bootloop, try the next step.
    3. Pull out the battery for a few seconds. Put the battery back in and let the device boot. Try this a few times before trying the next step.
    4. Start the device in CWM, and wipe Cache and Dalvik. Try to boot the device. If this didn't work, go ahead and try the next step.
    5. Start the device in CWM and create a backup. Reboot recovery, then restore the backup. Nothing will be lost. After restore complete, reboot the device.

    All of the above has been confirmed to work for some users in this thread. It might work for you, or it might not. At least you don't have to roam the thread searching for a solution if you found this post.

    If none of the solutions did work for you after several tries, you might want to consider reflashing the ROM according to the instructions in the OP.

    Some users are suggesting tinkering with partition sizes. I would strongly recommend not doing this, as this ROM is using the correct partition sizes according to Note requirements.

    Also, just a friendly reminder for everyone trying this ROM:
    This rom is an experimental leak. That means that it is provided without any warranty of any kind. Everyone flashing this ROM is doing so knowing that it might crash or worse.

    If you experience problems, you can report them in this thread. If you need help, post your questions here, and you will get all the help you need (after you tried searching first, of course). If you have suggestions, post them! However, you do not have the right to complain about anything. Recommending another ROM in a developer thread is just impolite. Don't do it.

    The developers needs our appreciation to continue sharing their work. They work in their spare time, for free. And everyone benefit from that.
    The trolls whine and complains about everything. No one benefits from that.

    This was just a friendly reminder :)

    Joosh3: If you would be so kind to put a link to this post in OP, I will personally see to that this post is updated with every confirmed solution to the bootloops as soon as other solutions pops up in this thread.
    Working on XXLSC v5.1 :D
    OTA Updates: [16/12/2012]

    • Scrollable Wallpaper Mod on Homescreen for Ultimate LSC v5.1
    • Default SecLauncher without scrollable wallpaper
    • New PhilZ 3.75 Kernel for XXLSC firmware with CWM with PhilZ Touch 3.63 based recovery and exFat support

    Sorry guys, I've been busy these days. More stuff soon! :D

    • Blue Circle Battery with Semi Transparent Notification Drawer
    • Green Circle Battery with Semi Transparent Notification Drawer
    • Default Blue Themed SystemUI
    • Stock SystemUI

    are available on OTA!