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Before you release V9 mr Sotmax allmighty master please can you check something

if you have Wifi On and power saving mode OFF ( and the WIFI sleep policy set to Never when plugged) the Phone Charges Extremelly slow

The multy tasking bar looses the Icon configuration in every Reboot ... Try it move some apps around and remember the Order then reboot

i replicated the scenario 3 times confirming it... amd can you PLEASE please consider AROMA installer so we can restore the system only and not the KERNEL or MODEM

And CRANK the audio UP A Nutch


good week end mate SALUDOS


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Nov 26, 2012
Hey looks that V9 is really close....Thank you sotmax ;)

I am at V8 can I avoid the full wipe? I mean just wipe cache and valvik before installing?

samsung S3 *****rethinking different


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Dec 31, 2008
I tried to do a clean install from stock ics and stock jelly bean then cleared everything from stock recovery. There must be something I am missing. Anyway thank you all for your responses.

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Have you tried checking the router? Does it connects other devices? Maybe the password is really wrong? Try rebooting the router?

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May 26, 2012
Hey..yes..same here my friend..good morning;)

Good morning my friend!

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Hey...no sound!!! Explain more my friend...

i need this link :)
ps. anyone reported "no sound" issue during call ?

Sometimes it happened to me during a call, either I can't hear my friend or the other way around. What I did is clear cache, dalvik, and fix permission, and it solved the problem. Done it twice and works like charm.


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May 19, 2012
Nordhausen, Thuringa
Here it is :)

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May 21, 2008
Tunbridge Wells
Not a router problem

Have you tried checking the router? Does it connects other devices? Maybe the password is really wrong? Try rebooting the router?

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I installed stock 4.1.1 and it instantly connected, it literally did not take more than 2 seconds after entering the password. Thank you for the reply. I will wait for V9.

I also tried stock 4.1.2 from samfirmware and I get the same behaviour... I am giving up, looks like no multi-window for me.


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Jun 7, 2012
Hey guys. Installed v8 a week ago over wanam elk4 with no problems.
Yesterday I had to do a wipe data factory reset for a mod to work.
Everything used to download and save to my external card before inc backups etc. Now everything is going to my internal by default. How can I change this again? Thanks in advance.

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Aug 5, 2010
Use the download link to V8...

- - - - - - - - - - > > > > > > > > > > Download from Android File Host < < < < < < < < < <- - - - - - - - - -

there it is...just downloading :D :D :D

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    Current Build 4.2.2

    sotmax Ultimate stock V23 XXUFME7 (UNSTABLE-BETA FROM LEAK)


    -Based on latest leakedfirmware 4.2.2 XXEMC3

    -Multi csc set to EUR

    -Stock (S4) look-theme free for avoid slowing down device and keep stock look.

    -Stock bootanimation & bootsound


    -Multi Baseband(choose in aroma)

    -Stabilized virtual memory with some scripts

    -Kies Supported (choose in aroma)

    -Pre-rooted deodexed and zipaligned (superSU)

    -Updated aroma installer and binary to latest version

    -Stock Kernel

    -S4 Keyboard in white and grey(thanks to Arsaw)

    -Black and fully transparent statusbar by choice in aroma

    -Ink effect,ripple effect and aosp lockscreen

    -HD Voice configuration from tarzan11. HD Voice now working worldwide on supported networks.

    -Updated 4.2 camera from Nexus 4.

    -Add Google magazines.

    -Very specific ram and speed tweaks for optimal performance

    -Native script to ensure more ram without killing apps(while restarting they drain battery)

    -Add Nexus 4 Clock via aroma installer

    -Add Xperia Z launcher ported fully by ThillinaC

    -Add Xperia Keyboard port by gregbradley

    -Add Playstation app fully working if your region allow it


    -Stock power off animation

    -Data app functionality to let user remove apps that dont like and keep system clean

    -New transparent weather widget and launcher from S4 with correct values(thanks to Arsaw)

    -Sms recipients increased to 200(ability to choose in aroma)

    -No mms conversion(ability to choose in aroma)

    -Multiwindow with all available apps added via multiwindow control app

    -Many transparent multiwindow options mod (thanks to whiskeybro)

    -Native Call Recording Repacked specific to that version (thanks to wanam Guide)

    -Non increasing ring (thanks to wanam Guide)

    -init.d support(although not a single one script inside ;) )

    -Extended 4 way power menu

    -S4 gallery fully working and optimized from official firmware

    -Torch light widget from N7000 (assistive light is ungly but still present for anyone want it)

    - some Live Wallpapers(including earth live wallpapers from sony xperia)

    -flash Player

    -s4 boot sounds

    -s4 touch sounds

    -s4 music player

    - Google Ears ( with transparent widget :cool: )

    -Many more in aroma

    Current Build 4.1.2

    sotmax Ultimate stock V19 XXEMC3


    -Based on latest official firmware 4.1.2 XXEMC3 (Nordic Countries)

    -CSC I9300ONEEEMC1

    -Multi csc set to EUR

    -Stock look-theme free for avoid slowing down device and keep stock look.

    -Stock bootanimation & bootsound


    -Multi Baseband(choose in aroma)

    -Kies Supported (choose in aroma)

    -Pre-rooted deodexed and zipaligned (superSU)

    -New aroma configuration and menu with more options.

    -5 kernels inside

    -NEAK 2.8 from simone 201

    -Boeffla 2.9

    -Yank555 3.3h

    -Latest siyah

    -New Jkay framework (need control app from playstore)

    -Removed note2 keyboard as default in 240dpi version.

    -HD Voice configuration from tarzan11. HD Voice now working worldwide on supported networks.

    -New Snote app from Arsaw.

    -Updated 4.2 camera from Nexus 4.

    -Add Google magazines.

    -Add the ability to choose caontacts and phone open lagfix via aroma tweaks.

    -Add some more fonts.

    -Permanent fix for TW launcher redraw

    -per dpi app and mod for 240dpi mod

    -Very specific ram and speed tweaks for optimal performance

    -Native script to ensure more ram without killing apps(while restarting they drain battery)

    -Add option to make statusbar fully black via aroma installer

    -Add Nexus 4 Clock via aroma installer

    -Add Xperia Z launcher ported fully by ThillinaC

    -Add Xperia Keyboard port by gregbradley

    -Add Playstation app fully working if your region allow it


    -UI sounds changed (not bloop bloop in menus & some others)

    -Stock power off animation

    -Data app functionality to let user remove apps that dont like and keep system clean

    -Full weather in lockscreen via Aroma installer

    -4.2 apps from nexus 4 via Aroma installer

    -New transparent weather widget with correct values

    -Option to choose dpi via installer (thanks to bala_gamer)

    -Sms recipients increased to 200

    -No mms conversion

    -Phone & contacts app lagfix ( while you keep them in job manager but notice that if system need memory will close everything in its way)

    -Multiwindow with all available apps added via multiwindow control app

    -Transparent multiwindow mod (thanks to whiskeybro)

    -Native Call Recording Repacked specific to that version (thanks to wanam Guide)

    -Non increasing ring (thanks to wanam Guide)

    -init.d support(although not a single one script inside ;) )

    -Extended power menu ( thanks to AndiP )

    -Galaxy note 2 gallery fully working from official firmware

    -Paper artist incuded from official firmaware

    -Torch light widget from N7000 (assistive light is ungly but still present for anyone want it)

    -More fonts

    - some Live Wallpapers(including earth live wallpapers from sony xperia)

    -flash Player

    -s4 boot sounds

    -s4 touch sounds

    -s4 music player

    - Google Ears ( with transparent widget :cool: )

    -Add music hub

    -add video hub

    What is working:


    What is for repairing:

    -nexus lockscreen wallpaper
    -Sphere cam

    To add in future:

    -what it comes

    Also want to special thanks to corrsea and mantzaros for their absolutely helpful feedback and also tarzan11 for his hard work on finding mirrors to be all able to join the project.
    Again i want to specially thanks tarzan11 and corrsea one more time for his helpfull answers to other users anytime inside a day.This is to much appreciated

    2nd Post===> Changelog

    3rd Post===> Download links

    4th Post===> Banners


    -This is a non wipe rom but as always a clean installation is more than preffered, choice is yours
    -Just keep in mind that a clean installation is solution to many problems and conflictions
    -If you are not coming from Jelly Bean is recommended

    ------>>>>>> BE WISE AND IF YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO DO IT FOLLOW Q&A <<<<<<------

    If you dont know anything about flashing you can follow this guide thanks to Nick Fury

    Also i saw some ppl that have problems(BSODs)[Kernel Related] when they clocked their devices to 1.8GHz for everyday use.

    You can buy a gamer pc to do that or there is liguid nitrogen in market and corsair have some nice cpu coolers.....come on...think a little...its a phone


    *** you need first to get cwm & root ***
    *** IF you are not Follow this guide here ***

    -Place zip file in your sd card ( internal memory preffered )

    -Reboot into recovery (hold volume up, home button and press power)

    -Make a nandroid backup just in case

    -Wipe dalvik & cache

    -Wipe data factory reset(skip that only if you wish to keep your data.Not recommended)

    -install zip from memory (internal or external)


    -Enjoy ;)


    -My S3 that remains 30 mins stock before i start


    I also want to special thank the current donators for their help:

    John Corr
    george paschos
    Paul Borowiak
    Cafe Media
    Magnus Astrom
    Paul Borowiak
    luis fernando martinez jimenez
    Ivan Karaula
    George Pelekanos
    Liam Donaldson
    Patrick Pankrath
    Dirk Staehr
    Gudni Mar Leifsson
    Gabriel Fica Chamorro
    Sukhpreet Gill
    Jan-Ake Andersson
    Irawan Johan
    Simons Empire
    Cristian Drinciu
    John Corr
    Stephen Farrugia
    Jean-Pierre Rasquin
    Ioannis Panousopoulos
    Mikhail Lim
    Paul Webb
    Pietro Rossin
    CH Vos
    Remigiusz Kowa
    ozhan ylmaz
    james stokes
    Nataliya Grava
    Steve Topping
    antonio gagliardi
    Frank Drieling
    Adam Dobrowolski
    Michaela Buchheim
    Gerd Holzhauer
    Konstantinos Pashalidis
    Dirk Staehr
    Adam Bailey
    Yanai Rubaja
    John Pineda
    Victoria Checksfield
    Manoj Nair
    Thorsten Bonifer
    Joao Romao
    Damir Grgurevic
    Nikos Gallikas
    Antonio Gagliardi
    Pradeep Baradur
    Matheus Castro
    Roman Werel
    Matt Pearson
    Paul Borowiak
    Yakimenko Sergey
    Günther Schultz
    Paul Borowiak
    Andreas Varlamos
    Piotr Dyc
    Dominik Woźniak
    Philip Chard
    Łukasz Głód
    Petros Lazaridis
    sean mccabe
    john stedman
    Anant Patel
    marvelo robel
    mirco di noi
    Federico Santello
    john stedman
    Ivan Karaula
    Anson Chan
    Simon Blakeley
    Mikko Koskinen
    Arie Smit
    Christos Bounas
    Tiago Baruci Ignacio
    John McQuille
    William Brown
    Zsolt Balint
    Nicole Rudolphi
    Zsolt Balint
    Nicole Rudolphi
    Darren Hayes
    Joseph Aguandan
    Fidel Garrido
    Geir Morten Lystad
    Łukasz Sikora
    Pablo Brogger
    Sandor Kiss
    Stuart Mcneilly
    Steffen Aich
    William Brown
    David Grant
    Jorge Cárcamo Ardón
    Steve Topping
    Carsten Sievert
    Geir Morten Lystad
    john stedman
    Robert Craig
    Damian Pietrzak
    james stokes
    Philip Sawyer
    Stuart Cliff
    Rogier Groenendijk
    Lim Hock Shen
    Andreas Maaß
    Martin MUSIL
    Peter Peternel
    John Pineda
    Alejandro López López
    Andres Pacheco
    Jacek Staudt
    Craig Shapcott
    chris attwood
    Stephen Cork
    Сорока Антон
    Robert Troche
    Roy Kretzschmar
    Francisco De Oliveira
    Daniel Rocha Correa
    Leandro Martines Piassi
    Victor Holt
    Marjan Ivanovski
    Michael Mihailou
    Mladen Blagojevic
    Colin Murphy
    samiran bose
    Magnus Astrom
    Roland Kiss
    Remigiusz Kowal
    Christopher Riley
    Marzia Budroni
    Roman Werel
    William Brown--->S4 donation
    Nicole Rudolphi--->S4 donation
    Ludovic Vidal
    Sky Cash Services Ltd
    Matthias Maede
    Paul Gilbert
    edwin solano castillo
    Dirk Staehr
    Tony Kelly
    Lise-Lott Rydberg Windt
    Fabio Dias da Costa
    Lars Kuur
    Stylianos Penteklis
    Stephen Silk
    Daren Ince
    Desmond Newell
    Martin MUSIL
    Andreas Zamvounidis
    Sisko Hosting LTD
    fiore orsini
    Polys Antoniou
    Dirk Staehr
    Chris Grouitsis

    Double entries report multiple donations



    :::::::::::::::::::: Rom Changelog and FAQ :::::::::::::::::


    I will not respond to technical questions via pm anymore. Reason is very simple and is because users just dont read and ask me same old known things again and again.
    Please just read a little. I have spend many times to provide builds and i cannot spend double time to answer same questions again and again especially when they are in Q&A of xda forum
    Noobs are just accepted....lazy people are NOT


    FAQ in generall. list will go on in time..

    1)Do i need to full wipe coming from another rom ?
    Well generally no.First you can do is to take a nandroid backup(backup from recovery),then just wipe
    dalvik n cache and proceed to install rom.
    Normally inside same api level(ex 4.1.2) there is no need of full wipe.
    If for ex next version is 4.1.2 again then you just proceed with only dalvik n cache wipe.
    If next version is 4.2.2 then you proceed with a back up file and try to see if you find any problem.
    If you experienced problems then is time for full wipe.

    2)Full wipe guide.
    Backup your important files(both from internal and external storage)
    Format your sd card(settings/storage)
    Put rom in your external sd card
    Reboot to recovery
    Take a nandroid backup
    Wipe cache partition
    Wipe dalvik cache
    Wipe data(factory reset)
    Go to mounts and storage
    Format cache
    Format system
    Format preload
    Format /sdcard (internal)
    Format data/media
    Install rom

    3)Is there a way to save apps,settings and progress after full wipe?
    Well...yes. There is titanium backup app which i dont trust at all because if there is an error it will come back.
    My personal way is to:
    Under settings/backup and restore tick two boxes: backup this device to google account and automatic restore.
    In google account settings make sure you have tick the option for app data sync.
    In scloud there is a sync option which is able to backup your snote,sms and call log.
    Make a "sync now" before you start.
    After fresh rom install when device boot for first time, after language selection put your wifi code(or not if it is out of security)
    In next page there is a samsung account sign in.Ignore it and press skip.
    After that there is the gmail account sign in. Sign in and press next.
    Ypu ll see a page that inform you if you want to backup this device to google account and if you want to automatic restore it.
    Ensure both boxes are checked and press next.
    Skipp all other setup like dropbox etc.
    Now all your apps and wifi hotspots will start to coming into your device and also your wallpaper.
    Have some patience and all will come except your launcher layout.
    After that go to settings/accounts and sign in to your samsung account and let it sync too.
    Now your call log and sms list and messages will be in your device.
    Thats it.

    4)A random application stop working or giving me an FC (force colose) . What can i do? (known well working app in others phone)
    Well depending on app always the best way is to go to settings/apps/all apps find it
    clear its data and cache and reboot.If problem still there reboot into recovery
    wipe dalvik n cache.If after all that is there re download rom and start all over.

    5)A random application stop working or giving me an FC (force colose) . What can i do? (known NOT well working app in others phone)
    This is a bug and probably i m responsible for that so you have to gendly report it to me to correct it providing a fix
    or in the next rom version.

    6)My battery drains a lot? Why?
    There is an app in playstore called better battery stats. Its worth every penny.
    It will help you and me to solve your problem.
    In general an app is responsible for this so you(we together) have to find this app to stop draining.

    7)Cant find the app that "is there" . How can i find it?
    Check your app drawer. Most times when we are looking for somthing is in front of us and we are unable to see it ;)
    If it is a data app it will be in your downloaded apps.If its not there you re either hide it or delete it by mistake.

    More to come

    Sotmax Ultimate Stock V25 Leaked

    Attempt to resolve heating issues after clean install
    Remove automatic dalvik clean
    Remove automatic cache clean
    Remove virtual memory mod
    Remove ram scripts and mods
    Remove stabilisation scripts
    Revert system to Ultra stock again as is a leak and not every device can handle it​

    Sotmax Ultimate Stock V24 Leaked

    Add ink effect and aosp lockscreen thanks to arsaw
    Add New 4.2.2 camera and gallery to aroma installer
    All heating issues seems to be gone
    Stabilized virtual memory with some scripts
    Some minor fixes to updater script
    Updated aroma installer and binary to latest version
    Add pop up browser
    Stabilized system a little bit more
    Speed it up a little (trying to find the Golden Mean)
    some bug fixes here and there
    some boost scripts

    Sotmax Ultimate Stock V23 Leaked

    Almost whole system folder had changed
    Fix missing S-Voice apk (my fault)
    Some tweaks trying to solve heating issues
    Add some scripts to make apps open faster
    Add S4 gallery fully optimized
    Add story album from S4
    Add S-Travel from S4 thanks to zara86
    Some more scripts to store a little bit more ram
    Some more speed tweaks
    Some even more SIV feeling
    some even more bug fixes here and there and now system is pure butter like

    Sotmax Ultimate Stock V22 Leaked

    Update to latest leak XXUFME7
    Heating issues solved
    Fix some weird stuff in there
    Repair again fake battery stats from sammy as it was a little bit crap.Now battery drain seems normal
    Remove smart options as they need s4 camera to work
    Some speed tweaks
    Some more SIV feeling
    Attempt to tweak system a little bit more to handle ram better
    some even more bug fixes here and there and now system is pure butter like

    Sotmax Ultimate Stock V21 Leaked

    Removed media scanner fix as it caused some heating issues
    Attempt to resolve other heating issues(Precautions)
    Removed lock in memory mod to prevent problems in some devices
    Repair fake battery stats from sammy as it was a little bit crap
    Removed hardware acceleration as no custom kernel is present to boost system
    remove some phone tweaks to prevent answering lag in incoming call
    Attempt to tweak system a little bit more to handle ram better
    some small bug fixes here and there

    Sotmax Ultimate Stock V20 Leaked

    Increase per app virtual memory a little bit more
    Updated SIV Launcher (MEA) thanks to Arsaw
    Updated SIV Weather (MEA) thanks to Arsaw
    Add ink effect thanks to Arsaw
    Fix light effect lock screen sound
    Fix statusbar transparency with stock wallpaper
    Removed old launcher due to conflictions on reflashing.After all this is new build.No need of old apps inside
    Removed old Accuweather apps as it was with old launcher
    Disable a part of scrolling tweak as it cause some lags
    Removed WatchOn (useless)
    Removed group play and put inside groupcast again
    Add some little scripts to make rom faster
    Many small bugfixes
    Unfortunately no time to play with 240 dpi in leaked version (too many future changes)
    Many testing to confirm that is very good to get out of beta. Stable enough for everyday use

    Sotmax Ultimate Stock V20 Beta 5

    Auto dlavik n cache wipe during install(just press install nothing else)
    Increase per app virtual memory
    Updated SIV Launcher
    Updated SIV Weather widget
    Removed semi transparent widget
    Make many preparations to framework to accept smart pause and smart options in general
    Add S-Health app from SIV
    Add option to choose between stock or hacked email exchange security
    Add Watch on
    Remove group play( Replaced by groupcast in main sammy apps)
    Many small bugfixes
    No 240dpi option , it will be available at next version

    Sotmax Ultimate Stock V20 Beta 4

    Add option to choose between unlimited sms recipients and stock
    Add option to remove sms from call log
    Small edits to ram tweaks
    Small edits to system to improve stability
    some more speed tweaks
    some more edits to rendering

    Sotmax Ultimate Stock V20 Beta 3
    As this seems very stable there are major experiments from my side so i still call it beta ;)

    Add options for SIV launcher all thanks to Arsaw
    Add options for SIV transparent and semi transparent weather thank to Arsaw
    Add options for white SIV keyboard N2 style thanks to Arsaw
    Rearrange aroma to be more logical
    Fixed phone app in no call rec option
    Fixed reboot to recovery menu
    Add some ram tweaks (better handling no less usage)
    Add some speed tweaks
    Fix render issue by editing mali drivers
    some more

    Sotmax Ultimate Stock V19

    Based on latest Fw XXEMC3
    Fixed Scloud option not installed in some cases
    Add latest jkay framework and lite app
    Add more options in Aroma
    Add Siyah Kernel as an option in Aroma
    Add ability to avoid kernel installation
    Add some modems to choose (10 total) and the ability to avoid modem installation
    Add New original Playstore 4.0.25 in white and blacked theme
    Add all available multiwindow colour with the ability to choose both 320 and 240 dpi
    Add call recording options both 320 and 240 dpi
    Replace S-Note app with the version 10
    Add again the ability to choose between original and note 2 keyboard with and without auto correct
    Some more performance tweaks
    Some more i cant remember


    Sotmax Ultimate Stock V18

    Based on latest UK FW XXEMC2
    Completely redesigned aroma installer focus on logical fluidity and writed from the very beggining with no more install bugs and dropdowns
    Ability to choose call recording or auto call recording or even not at all
    Ability to choose sound pack from S IV
    Ability to choose between stock sms or unlimited recipients with no mms conversion
    Ability to choose between 3 kernels. N.E.A.K. from simone201 , Yank(no config anymore By Yank request so questions to Yank for this.Apart from that
    i have already pre fix my sotmax default setting on this so generally by default you will dont have problems) , boeffla(control app included)
    and Stock.
    Reduced low memory tweak to make device breath more
    Whitlisting option now it only focus tw as phone and contacts open lag seems fixed by samsung
    Some more speed tweaks
    Some more that i cant remember


    Sotmax Ultimate Stock V17

    Based on the latest UK fw XXEMB5
    One Week Delayed Because of not stoping ETA requests
    Removed all themes sections as make the rom outdated and slow down its development
    Multi CSC (set to EUR)
    Latest Jkay deluxe framework
    Fix for scloud apps not present in settings
    Some other minor fixes
    Last fw at 4.1.2(well maybe one more ;) )


    Sotmax Ultimate Stock V16

    Based on latest firmware XXEMR2 Vodafone Germany
    Completely unbranded
    New Jkay deluxe framework 14.92_9(need control app from play store
    Modem revert back to XXELLA as it reported to be more stable and battery friendly
    Removed Vertumus AOSP theme as it is outdated
    New Blue Theme By Orangerot( thank you my friend)
    Add sound menu in camera to be able to turn of and on shutter sound
    Removed software update from settings/about phone
    Add emonji support both in browser and framework
    Some more ram tweaks
    Some stability tweaks
    Less agressive "keep in memory" tweak to make system breath better


    Sotmax Ultimate Stock V15 HD Voice Implemented

    Based on new firmware XXEMA France(XEF)
    Multi csc set to EUR
    New aroma configuration and menu with more options.All credits to Yank555 for this.
    New Kernel V3.1i From Yank555(changelog in kernel installation)
    Rom now can installed as light,full or customized installation.
    Add the ability to give AOSP look in both 320 and 240dpi. Big thanks to Vertumus for the Domination theme(AOSP Look).
    Add the ability to choose AOSP look in 240dpi and AOPS 240dpi with Jkay mod.
    Jkay mod added and working both resolutions 320 and 240dpi.(need deluxe settings app from playstore to control it)
    Add note2 keyboard as default in 240dpi version.
    New HD Voice configuration from tarzan11 than make mod working worlwide.
    New Snote app V3 from Arsaw.
    Updated 4.2 camera from Nexus 4.
    Add Google magazines.
    Add the ability to choose caontacts and phone open lagfix via aroma tweaks.
    Add some more fonts.
    Some more than i cant remember.

    NOTICE: As Jkay update his mod, latest update cannot work with Vertumus theme.Vertumus said he will proceed to update his theme.
    So far if you flash aosp 320 or 240 Jkay you have to know that the deluxe settings app will half working.(need reboot to take effect etc)
    Also as resault of this non aosp look users that want Jkay framework, have to flash latest jkay update.This is because we cannot include 2 jkay mods
    as this will make final zip even bigger.
    Also in aroma beaware that if you choose something and go back again once you have to start over from first page otherwise some parts may not installed.This one is from installer.
    All those will be solved in next rom update

    Also please stop eta requests.We give many nights on this especially with Yank and finf oursselfs to sleep on keyboards
    Big thanks once again to Yank for his hard work in aroma an big thanks to tarzan and corssea for providing as many feedback as they can.


    Sotmax Ultimate Stock V14 HD Voice Implemented

    New kernel by Yank555 V3.1b with many more options
    Permanent fix for phone and contacts opening lag
    Permanent fix for TW launcher redraw
    Dialer fix for 240dpi mod
    Add per dpi app and mod for 240dpi mod
    Implement HD voice on many Networks a mod by tarzan11 so all credits to tarzan11
    Very specific ram and speed tweaks for optimal performance
    Add option to make statusbar fully black via aroma installer
    Add Nexus 4 Clock via aroma installer
    Add Xperia Z launcher ported fully by ThillinaC
    Add Xperia keyboard port by gregbradley
    Add Playstation app fully working if your region allow it
    Remove ink effect as it caused problems to some users
    Some more hidden ;)


    Sotmax Ultimate Stock V13

    -New Samsung updated version XXELLA UK
    -Multi CSC set to EUR
    -Add New Kernel from Yank 3.0a with Soft-patch MoviNAND VTU00M (16GB) eMMC failure
    -Add the ability to choose between 320 and 240 dpi in device system thanks to bala gamer.Is in experimental phase but working well.
    I will work further on this
    -Add option to choose lockscreen from Nexus 4>
    -Add option to choose Nexus 4 sounds
    -Add Google Play Music via Aroma installer
    -Add Google Wallet via Aroma installer
    -Add New Accuweather Widget thanks to KIMBASINGER
    -Fixed Google bookmarks bug
    -Fixed Exit button in stock browser
    -Some other small fixes
    -Some more tweaks
    -Some more changes inside


    Sotmax Ultimate Stock V12

    -Fixed Sotmax default settings(not flashing kernel)
    -Fixed non transparent sidebar option
    - Fixed sms to mms conversion
    -Multi CSC
    -More Features like call button in contacts and some others
    -Some Ram tweaks
    -Some build prop tweaks
    -Many apps removed to add by option in Aroma such as:
    -Nexus 4 camera
    -Font Package
    -Google Book
    -Google Videos
    -Game,Music,Video Hub
    -Live Wallpaper Package
    -Samsung Apps S-Suggest and ChatOn messenger
    -Some others that i dont remember


    Ultimate Stock V11​

    -New kernel from Yank555 compiled with old ramdisk and secure from latest root exploit on exynos found by alephzain
    -Based on latest Uk Firmware XXELL4
    -Add option to choose non transparent weather widget
    -Add TW landscape rotation option
    -Add multiwindow control tweak thanks to [email protected]
    -Add option to choose non transparent sidebar
    -Add option to choose keyboard from Note 2(not having 3rd page so no smilley code)
    -Enable true no converting to mms after 4 sms
    -Add Snote App as an option in Aroma to handle more system space if someone dont need it
    -Add some more features in system
    -Add some fonts
    -Add some tweaks to make system snappier


    Ultimate Stock V10

    -Stock kernel original XXELKC
    -Fix device fingerprint in build.prop

    Ultimate Stock V9 F+

    -New kernel from Yank with ramdisc from 4.1.2 instead of 4.1.1
    -New re arrange of some tweaks responsible for performance.
    -Delete one of them that at the end hangs system causing it to slow down after an hour or two and this by chain reaction produce more battery drain.
    -Re arrange of lib files to make camera fully working and as result best face low light etc are working
    -Hot reboot working now
    -Black status bar
    -Exit button in stock browser
    -Sygic removed
    -Re arrange some other stuff inside that in co work with kernel there is no need to change modem to DLID

    Some other minor fixes....


    Ultimate Stock V9F

    -Aroma installer implement with Yank555.lu latest kernel thanks to Yank555 who makes also the installer
    -Data app functionality to let user remove apps that dont like and keep system clean
    -Even more build prop tweaks
    -Native script to ensure more ram without killing apps(while restarting they drain battery)
    -Ink effect from Note II via Aroma installer
    -Full weather in lockscreen via Aroma installer
    -4.2 apps from nexus 4 via Aroma installer
    -New transparent weather widget with correct values
    -Full caller picture via Aroma installer
    -Add some fonts
    -4.2 sounds from nexus 4
    -Green eye smart stay icon via Aroma installer
    -Gmail updated to 4.2 official
    -Resizable popup browser
    -Exit button in stock browser
    -Sms recipients increased to 200
    -No mms conversion
    -Sygic navigation added
    -some more ;)


    Ultimate Stock V8:

    -Based on leaked fw Middle Asia XXELK4
    -Multiwindow future from official fw
    -Transparent Multiwindow sidebar
    -all apps added in sidebar
    -lagfix for phone and contacts app
    -native call recording specific for this version added
    -non increasing ring specific for that version added
    -modded nfc app to run at lockscreen
    -gps fixed
    -add some ram tweaks
    -add some build.prop tweaks
    -extended power menu added
    -SNote premium app from note 2 added



    ::::::::::::::::::::::::: Download Post :::::::::::::::::::::::::

    this is my opinion at the end about xxella and everything about sudden death at this time based on reports.

    sammy have release an update with including bootloader that says sudden death is fixed while not yet confirmed.
    We can agree that have fixed exynos bug while we have it too.
    Ok till now.

    I have receive plenty of emails from ppl ask me my opinion about it or if my rom is safe or even from ppl affected from that.
    3 devices till now die with my rom.9 with stock rom and plenty of others mixed with other roms.
    there are also other sammy models died.

    As far as i can see this have nothing to do with the rom itself or the fw generally and this is true.
    So to continue this i start asking several things like date of purchase or region or even time and date to see if there have something to do with solar activity(funny for some but still true,i m a tehnician anyway).
    So asking more and more i realize that the only common between died devices was only the bootloader.
    From 4.1.2 ota update and later on if you try to root your device you will get an exlamation mark upper left while you not get that before.
    The reason is that after 4.1.2 the bootloader was changed during update to this.
    All devices at least with the ppl that i spoke to have the recent bootloader in their devices as it comes with the update.i also saw that in many devices inside my store.
    So maybe sammy messed up a little with this in its try to record binary count and now repairs that with the new update.maybe bootloader messed up just with the latest fw 's after pol roll out.
    So xxella is nothing more than xxell4 with new bootloader and 4-6 more apps.
    The attention here is that if you flash official fw you will loose the ability to go back to old bootloader as this is not possible for the moment,
    so at the very end of this i m suggesting to download and flash an old bootloader(just be careful) and then flash an official 4.0.4 wiht all 3 files(pda,pit,phone) and root with cf root and then flash custom rom (mine or whatever if you like something else).
    You will get rid of the updated bootloader and also from exclamation mark and you will be mind free from the sudden death bug at least till those lines written and from my reports....
    If i have further news i will inform you all.
    I m stuck searching this, thats why i only answer to specific questions ;)

    choice is absolutely yours...

    If you want to revert back to old bootloader pick sudden death fix by reverting back to old bootloader from the attachment

    Also please READ CAREFULL this one ..... it will solve many questions.
    All Credits to corrsea for this.
    Specially thank you my friend

    This ROM continues to go from strength to strength and as a consequence has attracted many users. I have decided to put together a guide to installing and getting the best out of it.

    Sotmax spends much time and energy on producing the ROM, as does Yank555 on his kernels. Please remember that for both of them this is only a hobby. They both have lives outside of XDA with the same real life pressures as the rest of us - work, family, relationships and social lives etc. I know that they both feel a sense of responsibility for their followers on XDA and as a consequence both put a lot of effort into sorting out our problems. But most of the time that is exactly what they are - our problem. So please before asking for help read, read, read :) usually the answer is already there. Let our Dev's do what they do best - building ROM's and Kernels. That way we all benefit :)

    I'm not suggesting that you don't ask questions - just read back a bit, do a search or think a bit before you do.

    Now that I've got that off my chest here goes :)

    1. Make a nandroid backup of your current setup! You can restore this if you run into issues. Save it on your external SD card or even keep a copy on your computer. Use the .tar format. If you use the blobs system you will run into issues with media scanner.

    2. If you are new to the Rom. ie coming from stock, another ROM, CM10, AOKP etc then the first thing you need to do is a full wipe. If you are unsure of how to do that then I would suggest that you use this tool.

    Now before you rush off and wipe everything on your phone BE CAREFUL

    DON'T use MEGAWIPE unless you are facing unresolveable problems and need a completely clean phone from which to start from scratch. SUPERWIPE or FACTORY RESET should be sufficient.

    DON'T put the ROM zip file on your internal SD (ie internal memory) and then wipe -you will be left without anything to flash! Please, please, please put the ROM on your external sd card

    If that all looks too confusing then I would suggest you learn your way around recovery before doing anything :)

    If you are a total noob then I would suggest you read this thread - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=32664054

    IF you are upgrading from an earlier version of the ROM then it is sufficient to simply wipe Cache and Dalvik cache in recovery. Of course you will already know this because you have done it before. But sometimes in the heat of the moment we all forget :)

    3. Flash the ROM
    This ROM is flashed from recovery.
    I would highly recommend that you use one of the following recoveries.

    a. Philz recovery

    b. TWRP.

    Use Philz recovery if you intend to flash themes to the ROM or need to access your sd card from recovery. I would recommend it to noobs as the layout is similar to CWM and having access to your sd card from your computer may come in handy if you get into problems.

    TWRP has some advantages over Philz and the user interface is a thing of beauty :) but you cannot, as yet, mount the sd from recovery.

    4. In recovery select install zip from external sd card. Find the ROM Zip. Flash it.

    5. If you have got everything right so far you will be presented with the aroma installer.

    This is a simple interface that lets you make a number of choices about set up by ticking boxes for what you want.
    If it's your first time flashing the ROM don't tick anything. Have a look, become familiar with whats there, but leave everything at default the first time around. You can always go back later and reflash the ROM adding anything you want. Don't worry, you won't lose any of your setup by doing this, as second time around you will only be wiping Cache and Dalvik.

    If you have flashed before I would urge you to ignore all the new goodies Sotmax may have provided. Flash it first with your existing setup. make sure everything is working as you would expect. Only once you are satisfied then go back to recovery and reflash adding the goodies you want:D
    That way if issues appear you will have a starting point for both identifying the cause and resolving them.

    6. Once the phone has booted don't do anything. Don't even unlock. Have patience. Go and make a cup of coffee. Things are going on in the background. Don't ask me what they are, I'm not knowledgeable enough for that:silly: but I'm pretty sure that things like the Dalvik cache are being rebuilt. After 10 minutes power off using the power button. Reboot and you should be good to go.:)

    7. Flash the latest version of Yank's kernel. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1949904
    read his OP
    He has spent a lot of time explaining all the settings. Read! and anything you don't understand just leave at default until you do. He has a number of presets you can use if you are not confident. Do not use Yanks own settings usless you are using Swap.
    At the end of the kernel setup make sure that you have selected for the kernel to take care of init.d - don't leave it for the rom to take care of

    8.To change any of the ROM or Kernel settings you can simply reflash, remember to wipe Cache and Dalvik:)
    In Yank's kernel installer you can choose to flash configuration only at the end of the installation process in aroma.
    To change sound engine settings on the fly install the Boefla application


    To change other other kernel settings use, setcpu, system tuner, jrummey's rom toolbox or similar.

    9. Problem solving.

    Many problem's can be resolved by a simple trip to recovery, wiping the cache and dalvik cache and rebooting.

    FC's can often be fixed by fixing permissions in recovery.

    Problem apps can sometimes be helped by clearing their cache and data in settings/applications.

    Similarily sometimes uninstalling and re installing an app can rectify problems.

    The applications Sotmax has provided as extra's can be reinstalled by navigating to data/app folder and tapping on its icon. This sometimes helps if they are playing up.

    If you are installing HD Voice you must do a full wipe for it to work. Your network also needs to support it. You only need to do this once as in future ROM installations you will only need to wipe Cache and Dalvik (-:

    Dialer and contacts will work perfectly if you keep them in memory by using the home button as opposed to the back button to close them.

    Sometimes reinstalling the ROM or the Kernel will solve issues. Please try this if you have tried all the above without success.

    If you have tried all of the above feel free to direct questions to some of the other users of this ROM. We are all friendly. You will soon work out who is most likely to help with a particular problem.

    Sometimes the only awnser is a full wipe and a fresh start :(

    Unexpected battery drain? All 4 cores firing on max. Check that media scanner is not causing a wakelock. If it is a. Get rid of any nandroid not on .tar format. If that does not work b. Reformat external sd. and if that does not work c. fresh start as above.

    There is always a mad rush to download the ROM with new releases. Be patient many of us will provide Mirrors. You will also avoid any early problems.







    V25 Download Link

    md5 :::::::::::::::::::::: fac8dbf5a0b6e4403024ee7c5628f914

    V24 Download Link

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Android Filehost <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    md5 :::::::::::::::::::::: 17f4e075ae6b0fc43f491c7b81b0035d

    Because of a typo settings showing V23.
    Flash this through recovery to fix it

    **NEW** V23 Download Link

    md5 :::::::::::::::::::::: e138e3b00bb7047d864f726a558ba61f

    Some fixes due to device differential


    ::::::Themes & Mods::::::


    Also really thanks @savadam for making the following videos
    Quick Review:

    Installation Guide:

    Antuntu Benchmark:

    Great video from fabe0705

    And one more from invinciblecc


    Banners/Signature pics
    Thanks tarzan11 ;) you re really did a great job




    Any one asking about ETA from now will find they have a 1 Day's Ban from XDA.

    And if you create a Puppy Account you will get a Perm Ban.

    Please just give him time to iron out the bugs it will be released when it is ready asking about ETA does nothing but create useless posts.