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[ROM][4.1][Kernel][Linaro][Aroma][Odexed]Triumph HD V3 EternalPeace out[7.9.13]

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Jan 19, 2013
Loving my Xperia themed Triumph HD V2

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May 19, 2013
Triumph HD V3 800 MHz OC Kernel Sense 5 themed.. :cool:


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Dec 29, 2012

ROM IS SOO DOPE DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Edit: is it recommended to partition my ad card?

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And by the way is this rom good for gaming? :D


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Apr 13, 2013
Camera broken !!!

I am on v2 and facing severe issue with camera after flashing the fix for WiFi and Bluetooth...
On opening the camera app it says...
'Can't connect to the camera.'

And restarting the phone doesn't helps...
Please help...


Senior Member
Jun 12, 2013
Redmi K20 Pro
I am on v2 and facing severe issue with camera after flashing the fix for WiFi and Bluetooth...
On opening the camera app it says...
'Can't connect to the camera.'

And restarting the phone doesn't helps...
Please help...

in that case..u hav to reflash the rom..wipe evrything excpt sd card...flash v2..slect non oc...flash fix...flash gapps... :good:
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Jun 12, 2013
Im on V2..soundrecorder doesnt works.......google now,whatsapp,.....thirdparty sound recording app also doesnt works...any help? or fix?...V3 notification bar is too much laggy...


Senior Member
Dec 29, 2012

Guys i found a couple of bugs on v3.. First the flashlight in the drop down menu aint working , second there is heavy lag even in games like brother in arms 2 even though i hav flashed a lot of gaming scripts and im running my phone with an oc of 800 MHz , digital clock dosent work!! It displays widget could not load that's it!! Btw: what are those mdpi thingees? And is there a fix for lag? :good:

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    Hey folks! Here we present to you the Triumph HD ROM, it's just gonna leave you spellbound. This is NOT a port. This is a result of what I and @rishabh.raj37 have learnt at our time in XDA till now. It has got everything you ever wanted. Stunning Features, Amazing battery life, loads of tweaks, Full Aroma UI with options for every single thing and it is the one that you will love to keep as your daily driver. So, here we go


    Based on CM10 beta 6
    Full Aroma UI Installer
    -Launcher|| Apex. Xperia Z ultra Honami. Holo. Nova. Trechbuchet
    -Kernel|| Default 600Mhz. Triumph Kernel 3.0.82 with 800Mhz OC (in v2)
    -Music Player|| Apollo. Apollo light. Google Play Music. Fusion
    -Fonts|| 4.3 Condensed Roboto. Ubuntu Font. Choco Font
    -Music Mods|| Viper 4 droid. Clear Audio +. Beats Audio
    -File Managers|| OI. Root Browser. CM file Manager.
    -Keyboard|| Latin IME. Xperia Keyboard.
    -Boot Animation|| Google. Batman. Tesseract. Xperia
    Triumph HD Settings
    Triumph HD Wallpapers
    Full Odexed Framework
    4.2 Toggles
    S4 Google Edition BootAnimation
    SunBeam LWP from HTC One Google Edition System dump
    Optimized for superb battery life
    Htc One google Edition Camera
    4.3 Sounds
    4.2.2. Clock
    Int2 ext via terminal emulator
    Adrenaline Engine
    Init.d Tweaks
    Lots of build.prop Hacks.
    Rom Control Settings
    Swag Papers

    Why Use TriumphHD ?
    So, if you were not sufficed by the features list, here's some more reason as to why you should use this. This ROM is the first of it's kind with all the choice in your hands from which kernel you want to what music mods. Every Damn thing works including camera, video recording, video decoding, wifi toggles. Every single thing (not the legacy ones). That's why we based it on 4.1. So that you can use this as a daily driver.

    • #Define
    • Sakindia123
    • ImbaWind
    • mike1986
    • @ayushrox
    • @Red Devil for always helping
    • Le google
    • zhuhang, ViPER520
    • Zeppelinirox
    • Neko95
    • Amarullz
    • Leopossas
    • Stopa46
    • jhotmann
    • lambgx02
    • RockoDev
    • Adi Aisiteru Reborn
    • chinmay_7d
    • marcomarinho9
    • @yackovsky for awesome icon
    • Le History Period :p
    • dgrules
    • And Everyone else who helped (PM me if i missed you)

    Want to Thank us for our work?

    If you like this ROM then please support us and this project by doing any of the following things if you can. It isn't compulsory at all, it's just if you want to contribute :)
    • Rate the thread 5 stars
    • Hit thanks for me and rishabh.raj37
    • Recommend this ROM to everyone else
    • Donate us if possible
    • Post your reviews and suggestions :)
    • NO ETA's please.

    This ROM took a hell of a lot of hard work and time so please do not port it without our permissions.​
    Download Link and Changelog

    Download Link (Always Latest)

    V 1.0
    V 1.10
    V 2.0 (If you want Default Background in Apps, then Flash this View attachment Apps_background_fix.zip after flashing the ROM.)

    1. Flash this for Wifi and BT toggle Fix on V2. This is NON OC and DOES NOT require any partitions. Do not ask about partitions again.
    2. In V3 you CAN'T use int2ext. So, use link2sd or Mount2sd.
    3. For OC in V3 You can flash this
    4. None of the above kernels require ANY sort of partitions. So, please do not comment asking about it. You will not be replied.
    Thanks. I think that everything is clear now..

    How to Install?

    Note: Use of CWM is recommended and clean wipe is necessary and do not select 4.3 Condensed Roboto Font in Aroma while installing the Rom..

    • Download the ROM and from above
    • Transfer the ROM and Gapps to the root of your SD card.
    • Go to the main menu of your recovery
    • Go to mounts and storage
    • Format boot
    • Format cache
    • Format data
    • Format sd-ext
    • Format system
    • Go to main menu and perform a factory reset
    • Select install zip from SD card
    • Choose ROM zip and flash by following the Instructions in Aroma
    • Choose Gapps and flash
    • Reboot Like a boss.. :victory:

    Video Of Triumph HD

    Video Review by Aswin08

    [*]Fixed Wifi  
    [*]Fixed BT toggle
    [*]Fixed wifi htospot problems
    [*]Base changed to CM10 (flies faster )
    [*]4.2 toggles added
    [*]V3 Final Codenamed Eternal Peace
    [*]Added Xperia Boot Animation option in aroma
    [*]Added Center Clock
    [*]Reduced boot time significantly
    [*]Added new tweaks
    [*]Removed kernel option in aroma since it was causing confusions
    [*]Added new wallpapers
    [*]Odexed from sratch
    [*]Added Honami Xperia Z ultra launcher Option in aroma.
    [*]Modded Framework and Settings.
    [*]V2 Codenamed BlackPegasus :victory:
    [*]Added BeatsAudio on popular demand. Its awesome
    [*]Added Condensed 4.3 Roboto font
    [*]Added 4.3 sounds
    [*]Added Ultimate Dark Knight rises boot animation. 
    [*]Added Option in Aroma to choose between 3 Awesome boot animations (Dark Knight, Google and Tesseract).
    [*]Added Seeder
    [*]Removed some Tweaks which were causing problems
    [*]Boot time optimized
    [*]Added some Build.prop tweaks.
    [*]Some new wallpapers
    [*]Improved stability.
    [*]Improved smoothness and performance.
    [*]Updated some apps in Aroma
    [*]Other little Fixes here and there
    [*]Fixed WifiHotspot.
    [*]Fixed Data toggle.
    [*]Fixed Gallery FC's.
    [*]Added Awesome Google Edition boot animation
    [*]Added HTC One google edition Camera App.
    [*]Added GoogleEdition Sunbeam LWP.
    [*]Added more tweaks.
    [*]Improved stability.
    [*]Improved smooth and performance.
    [*]Added New wallpapers and resized old ones.
    [*]Added New Cool TriumphHD Icon
    [*]New and faster kernel compiled by linaro
    [*]Other little Fixes here and there
    [*]Initial Build
    Experiences Of Triumph HD Users

    Experience of Triumph HD Users:

    using this rom from independence day...perfect for daily use ...i have installed more than 140+ apps and games........

    Great work buddy, Thanks for developing roms for the little pico. Hope to get the improvement. All the best.

    Really awesome,smooth,cool rom...keep gng guys...:thumbup::thumbup:
    Yur hardwrk and effort has shwn gr8 in dz rom... Thnx fr dz rom.... ..
    Best 5/5 stars...


    Thanks alot for you BOTH Seriously love the ROM and especially the lock-screen opening i.e. Circles too good

    Anyways let me see after flashing build 2..
    But a big thanx for being my messiah i was so fed up with that internal memory issues was abt sell the phone..Although retaining it only for the GPU and the love for HTC... U solved all my problems..


    Let me tell u one thing dear,,, u hav really done a extra ordinary job... hats off to u! Awesome rom both the versions.
    Some screenshots of Upcoming Triumph HD V3:



    Working on V2 guys and its turning out to be awesome. This is the initial stage right now.
    • Added Honami Xperia Z ultra launcher option in aroma.
    • Modded framework and settings.
    • Added Seeder.
    • Added BeatsAudio on popular demand. Its awesome
    • Added Condensed 4.3 roboto font
    • Added 4.3 sounds
    • Added ultimate dark knight rises boot animation.
    • Boot time significantly reduced.
    • Brace yourselves :D There's more to come
    Here are a few screenies :)