[ROM][4.2.2][11/04/14] MIUI v5 4.4.7 UPDATE [PORT][A110]

Akhilendra Gadde

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Oct 24, 2012

FEATURES & Changelog:-​
MIUIv5 4.4.7 Full Changelog

[Home screen]
Fix - Sometimes icons on Home screen would overlap (4-1)
Fix - Sometimes app icons would disappear at the Preview Home screen view (4-1)
Fix - Sometimes, apps in the dock would display in the wrong positions (4-1)

Fix - Sometimes, adding an unrecognized number to a contact app would cause FC (4-3)
Fix - In a messaging conversation, after touching a contact's portrait to view their details, touching the back button would bring user to Contacts list (4-1)

New - Added alarm clock reminder mode (4-4)
Optimization - Pop-up calendar notification sound will repeat until user touches 'Snooze' (4-1)
Optimization - Forbid using Back button and Home button in pop-up reminder to prevent misoperation (4-4)
Fix - Pop-up notification format issue (4-1)
Fix - Issue with widget display on Home screen (4-1)

Optimization - Notification for when user touches play when library is empty (4-3)
Fix - Sometimes, music controls were not responsive at lock screen (4-3)

[File Explorer]
Optimization - Filename suffix will not be selected by default when renaming a file (4-3)

[Xiaomi Account]
Optimization - Style adjustment of registration and login pages (4-4)


  • OTG Working using USB OTG Helper App
  • Added Gemini Task Killer for better ram optimization
  • Added Greenify App
  • New MIUI boot logo
  • New vivid color patch
  • Zipaligned all apps
  • MIUI Torch Working On LOCKSCREEN :victory::victory:
  • BLUETOOTH FIXED AND WORKING :good: ( thanks to SuperDroid-BOND and khan_frd2002 for helping me out )
  • GPS fixed
  • FM fixed and working now
  • 500 mb swap activated in /data and in /cache partition
  • OTHER BUG Fixes .....
  • EVERYTHING IS NOW WORKING :angel::victory:
  • Seeder Scripts added, Added some MOD BOOST Tweaks.:highfive:

  • Internal SD Storage doesnt loads after USB Storage Disconnection , Solution :- Reboot your device & its solved ;)
Installation Instruction :-​

Note :- No kernel included , so users flash any 4.2.x kernel you are comfortable with ;)
  • Download and Copy the rom to SD card
  • Reboot in Recovery
  • Wipe Data/Factory Reset
  • Format System in Mount And Storage
  • Wipe Dalvik Cache
  • Install the Rom zip file
  • Wait Till Installation Completes
  • Reboot
  • Complete the Setup and Start Enjoying ;)
  • Dont forget to flash update patches
Download Links:-​
$MIUIv5-4.4.7_a110_Stable_AprilBuild$4.zip ( 296.58 mb )

For Other Version Updates move on to post no.#2

Please NOTE :-​

  • It will take 3-6 mins time for your phone to boot to home screen at first boot, Dont' worry, your device will boot!:good:
  • I myself tried this rom more than 20 times in Several Builds trying to make things easier :highfive:
The Following 4.2.2 Team : -
@Dark4Droid, @SuperDroid-BOND, @icoolguy1995, @sagarwep, @mmxandy, @andiroxu, @thirdzcee, @varun.chitre15, @bsuhas, @superdragonpt, @pratikmore, @akashrt, @mufti.arfan, @Sudeep Duhoon, @tri_zet

@SuperDroid-BOND and @khan_frd2002, For their instant help in fixing bluetooth bug :good: :highfive:

@justmpm ( Forum Moderator )



@==vj== bro for his support and help in uploading my build to d-h.st :good::good: :highfive:

@ JEMISH DHAMELIYA ( my friend ) . He helped me get most of the required files when i didn't have proper internet connection. Thanks Buddy :good:

@srinath2912, He helped me in getting me known to many things in MIUI. And brother your Favourite feature ( MIUI Lockscreen Torch Is Now Working ! :D

@ MY MOM AND DAD. LOVE YOU BOTH.:highfive::highfive:

The whole Droid Vipers Team :victory: :highfive: :highfive:
Disclaimer :-
Flash the Rom at Your Own Risk. I am NOT RESPONSIBLE For Any Damage To Your Phone.......
Please Don't Use Any Files From The ROM Without My Permission.

XDA:DevDB Information
MIUIv5, a ROM for the Micromax A110

Akhilendra Gadde, SuperDroid-BOND, khan_frd2002, THE 4.2.2 Team of A110, pratikmore, Dark4Droid, bsuhas, andiroxu, SuperDragonPT,==vj==...
ROM OS Version: 4.2.x Jelly Bean
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
ROM Firmware Required: Micromax A100
Based On: MIUI ( Ported from ZTE v970)

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: MIUIv5 4.4.7
Stable Release Date: 2014-04-11

Created 2013-10-25
Last Updated 2014-04-11


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Akhilendra Gadde

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Oct 24, 2012
Older Versions Patches


MIUIv5 3.12.21 Changelog

[Home screen]
New - App location function added in Global Search (12-17)
Optimization - Auto-complete search: User doesn't need to enter the full name of the app or file they are looking for to view search results (12-17)

New - New version (new day view and month view, transparent black and full white widgets added) (12-19)
Fix - Fixed display issue with description on calendar details page (12-19)

Optimization - When user is not signed in to Email account, tapping a contact's picture display their Email address (12-17)
Fix - When an unknown number was added t contacts, sometimes the list view would not be displayed correctly (12-17)
Fix - Sometimes, when syncing contacts from SIM card to phone, app would FC (12-17)
Fix - When user had no contacts, the "Select all" button could still be tapped (12-17)
Fix - On contact's detail page, birthday was displayed incorrectly (12-17)
Fix - When contact's detail page had 3 tabs, the triangle indicating the current tab would not align properly (12-17)
Fix - When airplane mode was on, user would be reminded to re-sign in to their Xiaomi Account (12-17)
Fix - When using the +17951 and +86 prefixes to dial the same number, the number would display as two separate numbers in call history (12-17)

Optimization - Updated 2014 holiday info for China ("work days" for alarm settings) (12-19)

Fix - File formats and links to apps were incorrect (12-17)

Fix - Some parts of the dial pad were displayed incorrectly (12-17)

Fix - Outing going message status icon displayed incorrectly (12-18)

New - Horizontal view added for pop-up payment windows (12-18)
New - Details page for user purchase and top-up history (12-18)
New - After top-up card QR code is read, app will complete top-up automatically (12-18)
Optimization - When user needs to enter a password, keyboard appears automatically (12-18)
Optimization - Lock screen hides user account info (12-18)

[MiCloud Back ups]
Optimization - Only apps that have been used on the day of the back up are backed up to cloud (12-19)

New - Sync playlist feature (12-17)
New - Song select feature for Leishi KTV consoles (12-17)
New - Baidu High Quality Music service (pay per month) (12-17)

[Security Center]
Optimization - After check process is complete, new title displayed at Cache Clean Up page (12-19)
Optimization - In Permissions, user can view blank pages display format (12-19)
Fix - After check process was complete, tapping the Clean up button would cause app to FC (12-19)
Fix - After apps were designated as risks or viruses during scan, when user tapped app to view details, the app size would display as "0" (12-19)

Fix - Sometimes when user was streaming content, app would FC (12-19)
Fix - User couldn't delete items in "My videos" list view (12-19]

  • FM fixed and working now
  • 256 mb swap data activated
  • init.d functioning fixed
  • APN fc fixed
  • OTHER BUG Fixes .....
Installation Instruction :-

  • Download the update and just flash using recovery. ( recommemded to be on MIUIv5 3.12.13 )
  • Reboot
@khan_frd2002 for his help in pointing mistakes.
@rakshikashyap for testing this update.


MIUIv5 3.11.15

MIUI ROM 3.11.15 Full Changelog :-
Optimization - Optimized screen sensitivity for glove mode (11-14)

Optimization - Increased compatibility for some types of SIM cards (11-14)
Fix - Sometimes, because of a display error (area too small), users couldn't answer incoming calls (11-14)

Optimization - Users can enter blocklist directly from dial pad (11-14)

New - All notification messages (e.g. messages from the bank) are displayed in a special thread (11-12)

[Lock screen, status bar, notification shade]
New - Wi-Fi toggle can directly show the name of connected wireless network (11-12)
New - Floating notification bar can display system notifications (e.g. When system update is completed). User no longer has to pull down Notification shade to view these types of notifications. (11-13)
Optimization - The option of "drop-down notification bar at lock screen" is enabled by default (11-12)

New - Brand new version of photo selection interface (11-12)
Optimization - New uploading and downloading mechanism for MiCloud album is used to improve stability and efficiency (11-12)
Fix - When Gallery is started for the first time, photos do not display until home page gets black screen for a few seconds (11-12)
Fix - Deleting photos on home page is laggy(11-12)
Fix - Photo albums cover was missing the "Add video" icon (11-13)
Fix - On Mi1 phones, app would FC when trying to scan a QR code (11-13)

Fix - Sometimes, swiping "Downloading" tab to enter "Downloaded" might cause FC (11-12)

New - Cache cleaner, Data usage, Blocklist, Power management, Virus scan, and Permissions manager have been grouped together on a single interface (11-13) (This feature is only released for Xiaomi MI2, MI2S and Mi2A this week, other devices might get it hopefully next week. Sorry for the delay.)
  • Flashable on any miui version
  • GPS Fix - not tested
  • Performance improved
  • Few bug fixes.

Flash on any version 3.10.25 or later,,,,,
Before flashing Clear cache and dalvik-cache!

Reserved For Further OTA Releases ;)
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Oct 24, 2012
MIUIv5 Themes :-

Check OUT MIUIv5 Themes

How to Appy MIUI THEMES :-

  • Download your desired themes from the above link

  • Place the **.mtz files in /sdcard/MIUI/themes/*here*

  • Now go to Themes app in HomeScreen, On Local Tab, Press Menu Button and click on IMPORT themes from SD-Card

  • Choose your location of themes and add them sequentially

  • Make sure your internet Connection is on

  • The themes will optimize automatically and then click on any of the theme and choose Apply
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Dude, I created a Development thread from android development section but it was posted in general section , I pm'd sir justmpm to move this thread to a110 android development section ;)

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Oh_K Bro Tnx

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Mar 26, 2013
I really love the look and feel of miui but after installing miui roms the feel laggy on my device which causes me to revert back .

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Feb 2, 2013
There is already a miui v5 thread in development section, instead of creating new thread work as a contributor for that thread :)

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Feb 2, 2013
I know that, :) .. But it would look better if you both work together and would be able to deliver something awesome :)

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Dec 4, 2012
Full review please if any one installed, i am currently on MIUI v5 3.10.11 and it is fabulous only issue with multitasking and no video call option.


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Feb 1, 2012
We will get official miui update every Friday after installing pratikmore's miui 3.9.13
After installation of update we have to install andiroxu's extreme kernel v3.4.69 to boot
Their is no need to port entire ROM after every update
But we need a small patch to fix the unstable official miui

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Oct 24, 2012
We will get official miui update every Friday after installing pratikmore's miui 3.9.13
After installation of update we have to install andiroxu's extreme kernel v3.4.69 to boot
I think this ROM is complete copy of ota downloaded ROM with addition of some apks

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If u can then prove it , that its a copy paste ....... I have downloaded official ROM from en.miui.com for zte v5(3.10.18) and have ported to a110 using help of other members and a guide. I have never said anything about kernel in this thread . I just gave links for his kernel / thread ! This ROM includes andriox's kernel (3.4.5).
Without any confirmation don't ever post such stuff .

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