[ROM][4.2.2][A6][PA3.60][AOKP-MR1][CM10.1RC5] JellyMystery v3.0.1 [02/07/13]

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Mar 15, 2012
Hi friends,
I am thinking to flash this ROM but want to know if all the features (WiFi Direct, BT, HW Composer) of Dhiru's alpha 6 are working fine in this ROM ?
Thanks !


Mar 19, 2013
Now I'm on mystery but old version,Can I flash this rom directly, without kpe, I don't want to miss network imei etc. because of different modem

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Dec 14, 2012
Thanks Lola for the update.

I have some suggestions for the next release:

-please add overclocking option for the CPU

-task manager is missing in Trebuchet launcher

I am looking forward for the next releases, you are a great rom-porter :good:
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    Welcome to jellymystery, the most complete Android operating system that combines inside all the features of the most famous Android Open Source Project ROMs like CyanogenMod, AOKP, ParanoidAndroid, SlimROM, Root-BOX, JellyBAM and CarbonROM.


    Some Features

    Hybrid Framework

    CM10.1 RC5

    AOKP MR1

    AOSPA 3.60

    Per App DPI

    Per App Color

    Pie Controls



    Open Source Camera HAL


    Hardware Key Control

    Any Widget on lockscreen

    CM Profiles

    Lock Screen Shortcuts

    Lock Screen ring target

    Init.d Support


    Credits & Thanks

    Dhiru -- without them nothing possible consider a donation toward this goal
    The PACman Team -- without them there wouldn't be this great rom to use and make for us.
    AOKP, Paranoid, Slim, RootBox, JellyBam and Carbon TEAMS
    All membres xda'ers for contribution


    Making some​
    I offer a beta test I'll edit the topic in the day
    there are a ton of features and it does that begin Mouhaha? §!
    I worked like crazy to bring you a powerful and stable rom
    I added a lot of tweaks the rom is based on the 2.6 kernel
    Reminder! BT does not work and wifi only with the proper SSID or restoration with gapps

    I ask you your opinion and printing improvements
    I received a max private message to continue to produce X-GamerZ

    I will present MYSTERY based on android 4.2.2
    I hope that you enjoy what

    I needs screenshots of your best personalization ^^
    Take the time to go around all the Rom

    Beta Test Open !!!
    and flash slim gapps 4.2.2 after first boot MYSTERY http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2240652

    Sincerely your friend

    Edited Beta link deleted
    important information !!!

    made a donation to our unquestionable god Dhiru to improve our Rom EVERY day

    Donations will use to purchase an official ics device omap to help fix galaxysl and follow the evolution and survival of our device
    I recall you the link for new users > http://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=2875964

    Alpha 4 is out with a lot of changes. :)

    Since 3.0 Kernel for OMAP3 was experimentally released by TI, there have been a lot of issues pertaining to the kernel and drivers that I had to deal with. LG Optimus Black P970 was the only phone to get an official ICS+ support on OMAP3 and inorder to investigate with the HWComposer and other stuff, I thought it would be better to buy a P970 so that I could test some stuff on both the phones. For example, I could test the performance of P970 and based on that I could easily know where SL lags behind. I could make an apple to apple comparison and since P970 has official CM support, this would be an added advantage too.

    I have bought the phone for $130 on Ebay which is fairly cheap. However, apart from being useful with SL development, there is no much I could do with that phone. I am formally requesting you guys to consider donating a small amount if you like my work so that I could cover the expense.

    Long live Galaxy SL! :good:

    mod edit: download links removed
    Changelog Mystery v1.0.1

    Based on CM10.1 A4 Dhiru :victory:

    Fix some pictures
    Add Taskmanager
    Add data/app functionality in updater-script
    Add FlashPlayer.apk hidden
    Add Super SU
    Add SwapSD
    Updating last PA 3.60
    And many others fix...

    Official link
    jellyMystery-v1.0.1-GalaxySL-JDQ39E-Alpha4.zip - 187.32 MB


    First Install From a base CM 10 A4 only !!!

    - Wipe data factory reset
    - Mounts and Storage > Format /System
    - Flash MYSTERY flash Gapps
    - Wip Cache and Dalvik Cache


    Flash first clean for mandatory starting
    On CM10 Alpha 3 and all other basic Froyo, Gingerbread, ICS, JB

    - drivers samsung.rar - 5.58 MB
    - Open Odin 1.85 only !!!

    - KPE FULL (do not forget the PIT) (Froyo only ! no forget bootloader)
    reset odin then remove cable and battery after samsung logo

    - LF2 (PDA only with Odin)
    reset odin then remove cable and battery after second samsung logo

    - CF Root LF2 (PDA only with Odin)
    reset odin then remove cable and battery after samsung logo

    - Wipe data/factory reset
    - Mounts and Storage > Format /System
    - MYSTERY in recovery (remove battery after flach kernel because bootlop recovery)
    - MYSTERY in recovery and boot it
    - Reboot recovery and flash Gapps
    - Wip Cache and Dalvik Cache​
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