[ROM][4.2.2]broodROM AOSP v1.0 (Based on Google Edition AOSP) 17-07-2013 R2 TEST

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Jul 4, 2013
Sry guys have been working on CM10.2 and AOSP 4.3 last days, and since CM10.2 already runs very good, everything works. So I might switch to the open source alternative for continuing my work on broodROM AOSP. So it's kinda like CM Libs + AOSP Apps/Framework (with modifications). But of course 4.3 ;) since that allows custom kernels as well right now. I just hate to do all this reverse engineering.. so I think this is the best option for me

Which means you'll be discontinuing R2 for 4.2.2 and go into 4.3? :confused:
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Jul 4, 2013
Hope so.
Really no reasons to stick with old base.
4.3 pretty good now in all kinds of reality :cool:

I wouldn't mind. I think brood's work are pretty good as he start from scratch based on original source with his own kernel and OC tuners. Everything should be very smooth experience. I've tried Jamal's 4.3 v7, it scored 27,110 against the benchmark 27,810 score. I believe with OC, brood's 4.3 ROM should be able to break it. :D:good:

_frog hair

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Feb 1, 2013
Wondering if this thread, or the cm10.2 thread will be updated. Or both of cause... From my understanding brood wants to keep broodROM alive... and in this thread, which im perfectly fine with. Hopefully we'll also get to see some of cm's project nemesis in this ROM.
Btw whats all this about benchmarking? Honestly thats for noobs.. good for hardware but kinda pointless in software terms imho. Anyway.. good things are comming our way:thumbup:

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    broodROM AOSP v1.0 (JDQ39.I9505GUEUAMFD)


    Short Info
    I decided to build a initial version of broodROM AOSP. the main concept is a slimmed down version of the Google Edition ROM, the core Google apps are all up to date (because you don't want to update ~6-9 apps every time you install a new version). Next to that I added the brood touch to it of course, this means it has unique features compared to other roms and includes built in extra's. I took proper care of the simcard bug (100% unstuckable)

    1. Download latest release
    2. Put zip on internal or external sdcard
    3. Reboot in recovery (from device off: hold volume up + power until you see the blue text in the left corner of the screen) (or 'adb reboot recovery)
    4. If coming from an other rom please do a factory reset for best results
    5. Install the rom zip. once its completed you're done, enjoy the rom!

    - Based on JellyBean AOSP 4.2.2 Google Edition (JDQ39.I9505GUEUAMFD)
    - Rooted
    - Deodexed
    - Zipaligned
    - Init.d support
    - No Adds (hosts file)
    - broodKernel v1.3 (o3) with Fixed MTP, LPM Charge
    - Settings menu hooks:
    -- broodParts Lite (Manage your CPU & I/O Settings)
    -- InstaVOLT (Manage the CPU voltages)
    -- CyanogenMod DSP Manager (Equalizer and audio effects)
    -- Backup Manager (Easy and fast ondemand nandroid backup)
    - Extended Power Menu with 4 Way Reboot (thnx to smaberg)
    -- Combined with my own Special Sim Unstucker (100% success, because of raw "pkill -f -TERM" instead of crashing framework)
    - Terminal Emulator
    - CyanogenMod cLock
    - Redesigned Launcher2 hotseat to match normal layout and replaced clock widget with cLock

    Homescreen, Special Sim unstucker and Settings hooks:

    About menu, Backup Manager & DSP Manager:

    Battery (screen on) and broodParts S4



    Mirror #1 broodplank.net
    Mirror #2 mega.co.nz
    Mirror #3 Newsgroups
    Mirror #4 RammBase.com(Thanks to @flo110)
    Mirror #5 FusionLan.com (Thanks to @svfusion)

    Release 2 test build
    RammBase.com (Thanks to @flo110)

    (The attachment is aka mirror 3)
    Ok I finally got a boot persists governor and min freq, they were reset by /system/etc/init.qcom.post_boot.sh at every boot, that's the reason. the reason for the max freq resetting was because of the cpufreq.c file I used in the kernel, so I solved these (great) barriers, they were the cause of "frozen-like" development next to the sun that burned me alive. I hope to release R2 tomorrow. This time for real!
    Here is the test build of Release 2, it includes the newest broodKernel PreRelease build, which is v1.5 (which also uses a NON SE LINUX RAMDISK). It's still experimental but you get really sick benchmarking scores with it. Anyways, it runs really smooth, but has some issues left (no real issues as in unstable but minor ones).

    Bugs that I know are there, since I didn't code them yet:
    - 50/50 boot persistent values could occur in broodParts S4
    - Vibration Pattern Regulator in broodParts S4 is able to "bug" phone once in a while when previewing
    - InstaVOLT "UV TYPE" Not working yet
    - Backup Manager, All options below the first 2 are not working yet

    I have made a small (scripted) framework inside /system/etc, the scripts work a long with the apps, for devs maybe intresting to take a look

    - Bugs from Release 1 fixed except unlock circle not centered on lockscreen
    - Very awesome circle percent battery added ;)
    - Added my own boot animation :eek:

    - More changes but atm to lazy to name them as this is no official build whatsoever
    - The rom is not in it's final state, so Release 2 could look different


    Shud we wait untill u release a 4.3 version? To flash.. Just downloaded v2 that's y

    Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using xda app-developers app

    No, it may take a while, first R2 will be released which is 4.2.2 then I can continue on a new firmware, anyways, Ill maybe release another test build like R2 test, but my main concern is that there is no kernel source available. I don't like to run stock kernel on my own rom. also the stock voltages make my phone like a fried spring roll. I have to lay down some icecreams (in the wrapper) and put my phone on it to benchmark properly on those voltages

    Wait for it, I just flashed it and it's fast! No battery drain.

    Idd I tried it as well. and it's very fast idd, will samsung keep producing 4.2.2 or 4.3 builds for i9505g :silly:? I have no clue, they seem to release randomly

    oh and ontopic, got the camera from CM10.1 working WITH STORAGE SELECTION
    The stock dialer on 4.3 is the best one I have used so far - very good prediction and slick layout.

    Ok, ill check out if I can port it ;)
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