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Apr 10, 2013
hi, some 3d games (like Beach Buggy Blitz and springfield) freeze on mysterious 4.2 and even on 4.3 version.
I'ts possibile to fix this issue like carbon rom's?

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    [ROM][4.2.2][5/4][RC 2.3] LiquidSmooth

    OP changed to Mysterious-ROM.
    Mysterious AOKP


    AOKP 4.3.1

    Google + Community here

    The Mysterious ROM is a ROM based on Android 4.3.1 Jelly Bean. It exists on Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 and Samsung I9100 and Samsung I9300 and Maguro and Tilapia and Hercules and Toro and i9100g and Manta.

    Features :

    • Added Linaro
    • So fast !
    • Added Bionic optimizations :
      morfic said:
      bionic is the "libc" of android, there are hardware optimized memcpy/memset and a few others for cortex-a9 and/or armv7-a, but also others specifically for krait, using those instead of stock bionic versions perform the same job a lot better than the more generic versions in aosp.
      That affects memory throughput significantly and anything where you move data and need memory throughput using those functions will benefit from it.
      there are other (math) functions that can be optimized more for the particular hardware

    Screenshots :


    Installation :

    1. Recommended: Full Wipe for a Clean Install
    2. Root your phone
    3. Boot into recovery
    4. Wipe Data / Factory rest
    5. Wipe Cache
    6. Wipe Dalvik-Cache
    7. Flash ROM
    8. Flash Gapps
    9. Flash Kernel of your choice (optional)

    Enjoy Mysterious AOKP 4.3.1 !

    Review :

    Changelog :


    • Thanks to AOKP team : http://aokp.co/
    • Thanks to Diddly3000 ! Diddly3000
    • Thanks to Banks, Faux, etc...
    • Press Thanks if you like my work !
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    • Google + Community here

    Please leave feedback in our new Google drive document so our developers can carry on improving mysterious rom
    Hello everyone, I ask you a hand because I have a lot of work and I am all alone in this project. Some to share on forums and on social networks. Other development to help me if you have environment. Then if you have a server to create mirrors. I do my best every day, but can not necessarily forgotten my real life to free dev '.

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    New build is up on goo check op with new theme chooser inside !

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    So much new things come this week! Liquid, mysterious aokp and rootbox!

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