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Apr 20, 2012
Fort Worth,TX.


★★ JETT ROM ★★
This Rom is Based off a Early build of
Sophisticated Rom

I did the rest myself took me some time because I wanted to make It Perfect the first time.

krowley3 gave me a Version of one of his First Stable Builds
Thank you krowley3 For the Great base to Start with !!!

All Mods In this Rom Where Done by Davidson3680
I don't mind Sharing please take anything from this Rom you like.
Just Give me Credit in your OP if you use it in your Rom!
For This is what we are here for Sharing With each Other.



Davidson3680 WILL NOT be held responsible for anything you do to your device. This includes but is not limited to flashing this rom or any modifications done by the team/members or any other developer. If you brick your device or anything else in between due to you not reading or creating proper backups, it is your responsibility.

This Rom Is focused on Stability you Can rely on.
Considering we are on our Phones all the time so they should work Correctly.
The Daily Driver with Speed, Great Battery Life, Smoothness, Stability!!!

I am Happy to Present JETT Rom Enjoy!!
insecure boot.img
Zipalign Every Reboot
Removed firmware Updater
Removed Verizon USB Installer files
Build Prop Tweaks
Data Tweaks
Speed Tweaks
Video Streaming Tweaks
Memory Tweaks
Battery Tweaks
1% Battery With Green Battery Circle
WIFI Tweaks for Battery Consumption
Touchscreen Responsiveness Tweaks
Improve the touchscreen for a better responsiveness and user experience
Changed added and modified the Build Prop Tweaks
(for best Performance and Stability)
FULL GPU Rendering
Host File For (Ad block,spyware,Bad Domains Etc.)
Hacked Hotspot No Provisioning
Sound Configuration Louder Sounds (Speaker, Mic, Headphones, Bluetooth)
Custom animation Support with Custom Boot and Shutdown Animation with Sounds
More Ringtones, Notification’s, UI, Pen Sounds (from N3,CM, ATT, S4)
S4 4x5 Home and 5x5 App Drawer Launcher hacked for speed and smoothness
Launcher scrolls Removed bumpers on Pages or App drawer(infinity scroll)
Scrollable Wallpaper/ Create up to 9 Home screens
App Drawer Apps Are in Alphabetical order Auto (Set by Default)
Changed- Stock Toggles But Black Background instead of blue color looks Cleaner
CSC Feature Tweaks
Spen Calender Widget to have blue color writing
Ink Effect stock colors on Ripple Lock Screen
Custom Light Rings white on lock screen if choosing light effect over ripple effect
Custom Default Wallpapers
Removed AM/PM from Status Bar
Added Shutter sound menu to Stock Samsung Camera
Added Exit Browser in Stock browser menu
Added Folder View in MMS
Added Call Buttons in Contacts
This Rom Is SUPER Fast Clean to and Ultra Smooth Maxed out !!!
NO freezes or reboots
Disabled Signature checks in Services Jar
Added- Enabled All languages
Enabled all toggles to show when selected
Changed Toggle Order 24 showing
MMS add as many characters you want and recipients
Stock Browser home page set to google.com
And Much Much More !!

★Apps Added★

Updated Super SU to 1.89
Updated apps
Added- Android Keyboard
Added- Emoji Keyboard
Added- Nexus 5 Music Player
Added- Adobe Flash Player Newest Version
Added- ES File Explorer
Added- Polaris 5
Added- SuperSU No lag
Added- Chrome Popup Browser By Dasko
Added- LMT PIE Controls
Added- Note 3 Keyboard
Added- S4 Launcher
Added- Note 3 Story Album
Added- Note 3 Sketch Book
Added- Note 3 S note
Added- Note 3 Gallery
Added- 0 Wake Lag
Added- Skip Tracks with screen off by volume buttons
Added- 4 Way Reboot Fully Functional

★Removed Apps★

All Amazon Apps
Help Hub
Play Games
Polaris 4
S Suggest
Dual Clock widgets
Digital Clock
Analog Clock Simple
Dual Clock Digital
All Share Apps
Simple Favorites Widget
Favorite Apps Widget
Sec Video Players
Guided Tour
Group Play
Idea Sketch
Paper Artist
Stock live wallpaper
Mobile Print
Stock Music Player
Samsung Hub and updater
Firmware Updater app
Sec Note My Files
Gear Manager stub
Removed a lot of bloat and lib files not needed
Clean, Fast and Stable

Change Log

Version 1.0

Stability is the Key Here I want everything to work so I too out the S4 Launcher and Build a Stock Jett Launcher Just for this Rom! It Rocks I hope you like it.
Added- hacked No Security S4 Exchange Email
Added- Font Installer App Download any Font you want
Added- New Custom Launcher Snappy, and Super Fast
(Note 2 Stock Build From the Ground up by Davidson3680)
Added-More Font Sizes in Menu
Changed Stock Font Looks Sharper
Update SuperSU through Play Store
Updated some Apps
Changed Plug Charger Cable in Sound
Removed- S4 Launcher
Removed- LMT Pie Controls app and Libs
More stuff I can't remember

Version 2.0

Added Chrome Browser
Added NEW Kit Kat (Font Default)
Added Drop box
Added Init.d Full support for every reboot By MikeyXDA
Added Build Prop Tweaks for Stability and Performance / Fixed some too
Added Better Charging Connected Sound
Added Note 3 Swipe
Added New Default Home screen wallpaper
Added New S4 100 % Accu Weather Widget
Updated All apps except for Google plus
Updated Super SU and Binary
Cleaned/Fixed Updater Script
Fixed Swipe Not working some times with Note 3 Keyboard
CSC Features Fix/Changed some stuff and Cleaned house a bit
Removed NOTE 3 S Note and Put stock back one in.
Removed Sketch font (Default Font)
Removed Sqlite optimization and Zip-align every reboot
Changed How many Toggles are shown Even 20 now

Change Log Version 3.0
Added- Zip align in every reboot
Added- Viper Audio Sounds
Updated all apps
Removed Mikeys Init.d Script
Removed Bugs with touch
Needs a clean Wipe To install
NO Flashing over Previous Version.

And Much more will update list when have time

Flashing instructions

Place Zips on SdCard
Wipe -Dalvik Cache
Wipe -Cache
Wipe -System
Wipe -Data
Wipe -Internal Storage
Format Data

No Dirty Flashes (only causes Issues)
Do Not Wipe - Extsd

Must DO if you are coming from 4.1.2
I Would Flash it any ways just to be safe

Place the WIFI/Modem tar in the PDA slot and flash and then it will reboot into Recovery and Flash Rom Reboot and Enjoy!

WIFI/Modem For VRUEMJ9 Must be flashed in Odin 3.07
I have Zipped up a Package Unzip it and it has the Odin and Wifi Official Modem VRUEMJ9
Found Here :
Or if you don't want to use the package I zipped
Here is the original Files to use
Use Odin 3.07 to install MJ9 firmware.

Please do not report bugs if you change the Kernel
Use Mods from Other places on this site they may not be Compatible
ONLY MJ9 Version Note II Mods will work with this Rom.
S4 Launcher Bugs/Compatibility Issues
The only thing the S 4 launcher Doesn't Do (The Wallpaper for the Lock Screen has to be Set through Gallery or Settings otherwise the Launcher will Force close)
Page Buddy doesn't work with S4 Launcher
Other than that the Launcher is Fully Functional.

Fix is to download the Launcher from Post
Unzip file Take the SecLauncher2.apk and Copy it in Root a Explorer
then go to system/app and find the SecLauncher3.apk and Delete that file and paste the Launcher2.apk and Reboot Make Sure you are R/W Not R/O to write to the system Done !

Bug log for Version 1.0
None you tell Me!!
Bug log for Version 2.0
Cleanest Rom in Town
None you tell Me!!

I do have some work to do on the Thread so Please Be Patent!

★Jett Rom Download★

Version Jett Rom:
First Version 1/19/14

Here: http://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=23321874045862003

New Version 1/25/14
JETT Rom Version 1.0 Rock Solid
Here: http://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=23329332407566706
JETT Rom Version 2/1/2014
2.0 Rock Solid
JETT Rom Version 2/24/2014
3.0 Rock Solid


Mirror For Version 3

Legendary ROM
Fast, Smooth and Sable !!!
Great Daily Driver you Will love it !!!

All Mods are on Post#2

Credits and Thanks on Post #2

If I missed anyone Please PM me so I can add you

Testers: NXLTrauma25,
My Wife, Davidson3680

XDA:DevDB Information
★[4.3] Official OTA I605VRUEMJ9★
A ROM for the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note II

ROM OS Version: 4.3.x Jellybean
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
Based On: Verizon OTA Software

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: Jett Rom
Stable Release Date: 2014-01-19
Created 2014-01-19
Last Updated 2/1/14
If you like my work Hit the Thanks Button!!


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Apr 20, 2012
Fort Worth,TX.
All These Mods Will Work Fine with this ROM

These are not flashables Manually Done Mods Work Great On this Rom I tested them all
S4 Launchers With Multi-Grid Home and Apps Drawers From Stock to Fully Modded
The only thing that doesn't work is if you try to set Lock screen wallpaper by long press on home screen TW launcher will Crash and then come back. The Reason is because its looking for the File configuration of the S4 Sorry couldn't find where if anyone knows hit me up.
Everything Else Works Great!!


You Must Copy the Seclauncher3.apk to your ExtSdcard then use a Root File Explorer set to R/W and copy the Seclauncher3.apk and go to the system/app and look for Seclauncher3.apk and then paste the SecLauncher3.apk in the same system/app folder at the same time! Then reboot So the changes can take Effect.

These are not Flashables

If you want to remove the app you have installed Via Flashable download the zip file unzip and look at what it added and then use any Root File Explorer, Antex or ES File Explorer go to the places where the system/app, and system/lib have been added and delete then.
Reboot into Recovery Wipe - Dalvik Cache,Wipe – Cache to rebuild your VM and your done !

Info for All
Please Everyone should Read these
Posts for they are important info for All to know!!

BY : AdamOutler
How to Unlock Your Bootloader - Firmware Version VRALJB
WARNING: Once youre unlocked dont use odin to flash custom ROMs.
By : droidstyle
[VZW Edition]How to Root/Rom/Return to Stock the VZW Galaxy Note II!
Full Info and how to get Flash Player on 4.3
Flash Player info From Lucidmike
If you have any issues should be fixed in Version 2

Tutorials used to Mod the Jett ROM
This tutorial for 4 way reboot
This tutorial for disabling Verizon tethering provisioning
This tutorial for removing am/pm from statusbar
[MOD] TW lockscreen "lens flare" mods
[MOD+GUIDE][V3][10.06]Modified TouchWiz Home&App Drawers
0 Wake Lag From MikeyXDA
All His Great tutorials and Help that have made the way I Mod My Roms
majdinj- http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2038675
To all the Great Contributors, Modders,Themers, Developers
that make all this possible and the Fans and Flashoholics That support my work!!
Thank you all
Credits and Thanks:

krowley3 - for the base and Great Start
icedventimocha - for all the Help you have given me and the Great links
kahvitahra - 4 Way Reboot Menu files
jovy23 - For the 0 Provisioning with Tethering and all his Great work and Help
gharrington - For the AM/PM Removal in Status Bar
kr3g3r - For the Images to make the Flare Effects
Toss3 - For the Great Guide for changing the Grids on the Launchers
mikeyxda- For 0 Wake Lag Mod, Skip Tracks and Great Meanbean Roms
majdinj- For All His Great Guides and Help Learning Android and the Note 2

imnuts- for the .tar of the new OTA
:laugh:If you like my work Hit the Thanks Button!!:laugh:
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Sep 30, 2011
Downloading now can't wait to try it out. I've been on stock MJ9 ever since beans released it and I've just gotten used to the force closes and reboots, lol. Hopefully I can leave all that in the past with this ROM!!

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Jun 20, 2011
Chatsworth, GA
Does this have full color emoji support? I know it says emoji keyboard, but I was about to download meanbean for the emoji and flash it until i saw this one and it looked more clean and stock like. :p


Mar 1, 2013
I'm testing the ROM out right now (it works well!).

Air view wasn't working for me.

I was wondering for the SMS, if it is possible to get the actual name and message instead of having the 'new message arrived' screen.

Sketchbook does not respond when opened.


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Jan 2, 2013
Denver, CO
I'm testing the ROM out right now (it works well!).

Air view wasn't working for me.

I was wondering for the SMS, if it is possible to get the actual name and message instead of having the 'new message arrived' screen.

Sketchbook does not respond when opened.

You can change that in the settings of your messenger app. It's not rom specific.

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Apr 20, 2012
Fort Worth,TX.
How tough is it to remove lmt? Can I just use titanium backup? Or just ignore it?

Sent from my SCH-I605 using Tapatalk

take the LMT pie Flashable from my JellyWiz Post and Unzip it and use root explorer and Take LMT9,somthing.apk and delete it out of the system/app and then go into the lib folder and delete the lib files that are in the Zip I told you to download and unzip what ever is in there find it and take it out off hand I think its the LMT.apk in the system/app and the 1 lib file in the system/lib folder

Hope this helps
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