[ROM][4.4.2][5-26-14] PowerUser Edition V2.5- Modifed Stock - Custom Recovery Enabled

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    D80220d - KOT49I

    Web Presence:

    THIS IS FOR D800 only. Please do not ask if I will make it for another device. If I have time and feel like it I will or you can use this ROM as a model to create your own. I am doing T-Mobile next and will try to do a model a day for the next few days.

    Please follow instructions step by step. This method is a hacked together method to get a different ROM on device and not paying attention to instructions may result in you wasting time restoring to stock. Complete instructions will be listed and PLEASE do not clog thread by asking questions that have the answers in this first post. If you do ask questions that already have answers in this first post then you agree to PayPal me $100 within 24 hours of asking your question ;)

    ROM Info:
    MUST HAVE KITKAT BASEBAND (MODEM, RADIO or whatever you want to call it)
    Allows use of custom recovery.
    Working Google Wallet.
    No CarrierIQ.
    No AT&T bloat.
    Modified LG Stock firmware based on D80220a - KOT49I. Almost all Google Apps and LG Apps have been removed. You may find a list of removed files HERE. Below in Download section you can find a zip file that is NOT flashable with all removed files. You may use ADB to push files to device and set proper permissions or you may use a file explore with root privileges. Please do not clog thread with questions regarding ADB, root file browsers or setting proper permissions. There are many guides already available.

    Custom recovery - It is not a new recovery, it is the current version. The ROM is a mix and match of 4.2.2 images and 4.4.2 images with 4.4.2 system image. The kernel and the mix bag if images allows use to use 4.4.2 while maintaining custom recovery.

    Besides the bloat removal this ROM is pretty much stock and looks stock. This is for the user who wants to use a stock ROM without all the crap and customize how user would like.

    LG Keyboard is removed and Google Keyboard is default. Google Home Launcher has been added along with Google startup and shutdown animations. View removed file list for other files that have been removed.

    YOU MAY NEED TO USE THE CUSTOM DLL FILE BELOW FOR WHEN/IF YOU USE TOT FILE TO RETURN TO STOCK!!! The reason for this is because some D80220a references needed to stay in build.prop and LG Flash will not flash D800 firmware on device when it thinks it is D802. After you return to stock using TOT method you can use the regular DLL file or keep using the custom DLL file. The download for it can be found in the download section below.

    New ROM discussion starts HERE. Page 66 of thread.

    Change Log:
    V2.2 --> V2.5
    Updated base ROM to international to D80220d build. Includes knock on.
    Remove Google Keyboard since the PlayStore version is causing conflicts with the LG Keyboard.
    Some clean up...

    V2.1 --> V2.2
    Fixed GApps issue.
    APN file updated to have preset APN settings for more providers. Tethering still working.
    V2.1 --> V2.2
    Fixed Tethering issue

    V2 --> V2.1
    Custom recovery will now be maintained when flashing ROM.
    APN file has been updated so if you are using D800 on another service besides AT&T it should place the correct APN settings.

    Download files
    Place files on phone
    Boot into recovery - I am using TWRP so if you are using something different and have issues then please use TWRP before posting any questions.
    Advance wipe
    [X] Dalvik Cache
    [X] System
    [X] Data
    [X] Cache
    ROM File <---Must be first
    Conversion file <--- Must be flashed after ROM file. Will add root, busybox, modified build.prop to reflect D800 better and delete all LG and Google bloat.
    This will take some time so be patient. If you receive Loki error that is OK and phone will boot.
    Wipe Cache/Dalvik Cache
    Reboot System

    Main Server:
    ROM HERE - File Name D80220d_ATT.zip - MD5 - b86098b5442cca3b787401b91fc2bb08

    Conversion File HERE - File Name 802_conversion_800_v2.5.zip - MD5 - a1a64162c892205f306b9fba6a67b831

    Removed File HERE - File Name 80220d_removed_apps.zip - Coming Soon!

    DLL File for LG Flash ToolHERE - File Name LGUP_8974.dll - MD5 625dcdd57bff1aa5b8c3b7e6f104defb

    Mirror: COMING SOON
    ROM HERE - File Name D80220d_ATT.zip - Coming Soon

    Conversion File HERE - File Name 802_conversion_800_v2.5.zip - Coming Soon

    Removed File HERE - File Name 80220d_removed_apps.zip - Coming Soon

    DLL File for LG Flash ToolHERE - File Name LGUP_8974.dll - MD5 625dcdd57bff1aa5b8c3b7e6f104defb

    To those who have donated so far.
    @Savoca for creating the boot.img and helping coming up with method to keep custom recovery.
    @JackpotClavin for finding what needed to be modified in kernel to work with custom recovery.
    @garyd9 for helping figure out way for a custom recovery and testing.
    @bullghost for his awesome firmware extract tool.
    @Chainfire for SuperSU.
    I'll be updating this ROM to KitKat today or tomorrow.

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    Guys we will have KitKat with custom recovery in a little bit, once I update the zip files. Thanks to @Savoca. I am so beat and tired but I will push through to create nice flashable zip for all you users.

    Sorry but you will need to downgrade to 10d and start the process all over again :(
    Crap I just sent my phone into bulk mode! Too tired to fix now.

    Will have to wait until tomorrow. Had such a long day at work and cant deal with this crap now.
    Give me an hour and I have update for this ROM that lets you retain custom recovery.